stone ruination ipa

Stone Ruination 2.0 (8.5% abv)

Stone’s original Ruination was, rather fittingly, my first experience with a bottle of imported American double IPA, and ‘twas lurve at first slurp of its relentlessly dankalicious insides. So can this big budget sequel recapture the magic of the sublime original hop bomb. Y'bet y'r prized dangly bits it can! 

Punchy tropical fruits and various green stuff flavours batter my taste buds, with pineapple, mango, gwaaarva, tangerine, grapefruit, spruce, and lush windswept grass the most aggressive, sweet caramel malts get a look in towards the middle, with mildly spiced pine and grapefruit returning for the big bitter finish. The seductively soft and smooth mouthfeel is a delight, the booze unnoticeable. 

For my particularly peculiar set of taste buds this bottle of wonder juice absolutely lived up to expectations, a dank, resinous, hop attack of the most beguiling kind, and a fine way to see off a Friday. Cheers m'dears!

Did you think Arrogant Bastard was a man’s beer? Well, yeah it is. But if that’s a man’s beer than Ruination if made for Chuck Norris. This is not for the faint of heart.It pours out a clear golden with slight amber hue. It was a nice white head with respectable retention and slight lacing. It looks like a good beer. Justifiable because it is a very high quality brew. It has a strong aroma of hops but you can also smell slight citrus and floral notes throughout. Be sure to savor the aroma as you drink this beer. The flavor is just as strong as the aroma, if not stronger. This is an IPA through and through. You can definitely taste the hops throughout the beer and finds its footing early in the drink. Medium carbonation holds itself very well and is very refreshing. If you like IPA, then this is a must have.

Stone: Ruination IPA

Grade: Excellent!

A gift from my pops (what a mench).  I like beer, alot… and i like IPAs, alot. This one is in my top 5 list, for sure.  i dislike gargoyles, but wtf do i know about graphic design of beer bottles?  i wasn’t going to have a beer tonite, since i only rode about 25 miles today (30 miles or greater is my beer trigger threshold) but this one was staring at me longingly from the fridge.

Tasting Notes: Camping, Pacific Coast Beach Air, Honey, Happy Animals


My husband is home, and he brought me goodies from San Diego!

12 new Copic Sketch markers, 14 Copic Multiliners, a storage wallet, and (the best part) two growlers of Stone Ruination IPA, my favorite beer. Yummmm! Good beer is hard to come by on Guam, so he brings me 2-3 growlers each time he goes on travel. He rocks.

I made a new color reference sheet for all my markers, showing what one layer vs three layers looks like on a lunch bag.

Stone Ruination IPA

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 7.7%

Reviewed: 4-17-2012

“A liquid poem to the glory of the hop.”

100+ IBU’S!

This pours an absolutely perfect orange color and reeks of hops and citrus in the best way possible. Love at first taste. Leaves mouth watering for more. Very bitter, creamy, and hoppy. Lots of pine presence as well.

Rating: 10/10