stone rollers

Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg in Performance directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, 1968

“Whirlpool Coaster” John Stone, 1989

Today’s post is a bit of an exciting find, albeit one with scarce information. Apologies in advance for the lack of high-quality photos! Seen here in concept work by Imagineer John Stone, we see a roller coaster-type attraction that seems to be a precursor to Journey to the Center of the Earth. Guests would have made their descent beneath the earth’s surface via a stormy whirlpool. From there, they would careen through all sorts of caves, caverns and fantastical locales, experiencing icy areas, subterranean waterfalls and lost shipwrecks. The top right image also displays what appears to be a giant squid, so perhaps a climactic creature finale was in the cards too! These pieces were displayed in a 2015 Van Eaton Gallery auction. If any of our readers know further information about this very intriguing attraction, please feel free to share!

Art ©️Disney

Brian Jones and Mick Jagger by Linda McCartney, 1966

anonymous asked:

Hi do you know anything about that jade roller?

Well that jade roller was from Herbivore!

Jade rollers and any form of facial massaging releases tension in your muscles and build up of tension in your facial muscles leads to wrinkles and even causing your face to bloat and hold onto water. It just lets your face relax, like how your body feels better after a massage. Stone rollers (usually jade or quartz) are cool to the touch, adding that extra depuff factor. Try putting it in the fridge before using, amazing. Facial massages are anti aging and depuffing.

Similar items are the Uplift Facial Massage Roller by Nurse Jamie, apparently what Kim Kardashian uses. 

You could give yourself a facial massage for free though! All you need is your clean hands and a good tutorial like this one here.

A lot of people like to use facial massage tools, jade rollers, and their hands to massage in facial oil. Oil takes a bit of time to massage into your skin so you can give your facial massage some slip so you aren’t pulling on the skin. This method also helps your oil really sink and and absorb and your skin looks soo depuffed and moisturized. 

Speaking of which, i’m going to go do this right now and go to bed.