stone portfolio

Hey! So as the title suggests, im opening commissions early to do them over winter break. But there’s a catch, unfortunately.

Extended Info:
  • Base prices
    Bust (digital) $20
    Full Body (digital) $40 +$10 for an additional character
    Watercolor (+gold/silverleaf if requested) $60
  • NSFW/Gore is not allowed, bruises/cuts/nosebleeds/small amounts of blood is allowed
  • You must be okay with me using your commission as a part of my senior portfolio
  • Character must be original, poc, fantastical/mythical or even a warrior. These are required so it fits with my concentration/artist statement.
  • Payment is via paypal only. Payment will be made once the initial sketch is drawn and won’t progress any further until received.
  • Please provide as many references as you can! It’ll be easier on me to make your character look just the way you imagine them to look.
  • Frequent correspondence is encouraged. Once the work has started, I’ll check in and show you the drawing, ask for feedback and if any changes are required at each stage.
  • Please check my art tag for examples!
  • If you commission for a watercolor or ink piece, i can mail it to you in the summer, free shipping, anywhere.

I will open just four slots, once all four slots are filled i will close the commissions.

1. blackasacrow
2. nirnrootnoise
3. yappapaa
4. arcadiiabay

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Golden Sheen Obsidian Double Flare Plugs for the Ever Lovely Jessie at Braindrops in San Francisco, CA!

Jessie sent me this material to make the jewelry out of, and it was a pleasure knocking these pieces out!  It only makes me wish I had more of it, so I could keep making more!