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Nothing like a hard deadline to really get the art wheels turning! (In this case, it’s the CTN portfolio submission deadline. Anyone else going this year??)

Anyway, I updated one of my old thesis pieces to match some of my more recent portfolio pieces. I loved designing this chair, but I think the original rendering fell flat, and I wanted to exaggerate the shapes a bit more.

After reading Rolling Stone’s interview with 5 Seconds of Summer, I decided to write my own article, mainly full of questions for the interviewer Patrick Doyle and the magazine itself. If you’re interested, go ahead and read. Please note that I am a fan of 5SOS (if you couldn’t tell) and I will admit, I might be reaching for a reason to believe these boys are not the assholes they’re painted as in the interview. But as a writing student myself, I’m also questioning the content and tactics from a professional standpoint. 

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Hey! So as the title suggests, im opening commissions early to do them over winter break. But there’s a catch, unfortunately.

Extended Info:
  • Base prices
    Bust (digital) $20
    Full Body (digital) $40 +$10 for an additional character
    Watercolor (+gold/silverleaf if requested) $60
  • NSFW/Gore is not allowed, bruises/cuts/nosebleeds/small amounts of blood is allowed
  • You must be okay with me using your commission as a part of my senior portfolio
  • Character must be original, poc, fantastical/mythical or even a warrior. These are required so it fits with my concentration/artist statement.
  • Payment is via paypal only. Payment will be made once the initial sketch is drawn and won’t progress any further until received.
  • Please provide as many references as you can! It’ll be easier on me to make your character look just the way you imagine them to look.
  • Frequent correspondence is encouraged. Once the work has started, I’ll check in and show you the drawing, ask for feedback and if any changes are required at each stage.
  • Please check my art tag for examples!
  • If you commission for a watercolor or ink piece, i can mail it to you in the summer, free shipping, anywhere.

I will open just four slots, once all four slots are filled i will close the commissions.

1. blackasacrow
2. nirnrootnoise
3. yappapaa
4. arcadiiabay

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