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Background: Going through a cave and finding a giant 150ft metal plated stone door with Celestial on the door. Me, a gnome cleric who knows celestial, and the human bard, and the dragonborn rouge are trying to figure out the riddle written on the door. 

Me: *Reading the text on the door to the group* The riddle in says, “When you have me, you want to share me. When you share me, you don’t have me. What am I?” *whole group thinks for a while* 
Rogue: *shrugs* I dunno 
Bard: I know what it is! The answer is a secret!  
Me: Wooooow, just because we can’t figure it out and you did, you don’t want to share it with us. RUDE. 
Bard: No no no, I’m saying that the answer’s a secret! 
Me: I know you know, geez, then why don’t you tell us! *getting irritated* 
Rogue: *snorts as she understood what was going on a while ago* 
Bard: *After approx. 5 minutes of trying to tell me the answer he gives up* Sigh.. what I’m trying to say is that the answer is, quote ‘a secret’ end quote. 
Me: OH. Why didn’t you say so earlier? *says ‘a secret’ in celestial* 
DM: The door swings open and lights flicker on inside past the door. 

Later we barely pass the skills challenge (we only passed because of the bard) and was one fail away from dying after trying to loot the chest we found in the room past said door. We proceeded to roll amazingly for the loot we found in the chest.  Bard: That was more trouble than it was worth I swear. (As the bard took most of the damage from traps and everything else in the cave in general). 

Tyranid Hive Ships are the massive Bio-ships that form the heart of the Hive fleets, acting as nodes for the Hive Mind to direct the swarm around them and serving as starborne factories that churn out the endless Tyranid swarms.

Rumors abound regarding Hive Ships. Some believe that though most swarms have multiple Hive Ships, there is still just one ship that maintains a central control of the entire swarm, allowing it to coordinate its fleet’s assault, though this can not be confirmed. There are also unsubstantiated reports of indescribably huge Hive Ships that arrive in the final stages of a world’s consumption, which would explain how the Hive Fleets can consume the vast quantities of material represented by a planet’s life, air, and oceans. Whatever the truth, the Hive Ships that have been observed tend to share some similarities, despite their otherwise significant physical variety. Stone-like armor plating and densely-clustered weapon growths are common among Hive Ships, and though slow and ungainly, a Hive Ship is almost invariably akin to a Battleship in the magnitude of the threat it poses on the battlefield.

The Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Emperor

Western Germany 2nd half of the 10th century. The cross is an addition from the early 11th century; the arch dates from the reign of Emperor Conrad II (ruled 1024-1039); the red velvet cap is from the 18th century. Gold, cloisonné enamel, precious stones, pearls Brow plate: H 14.9 cm, W 11.2 cm; cross: H 9.9 cm


✨ Magic in Soaked Oats Smoothie Bowls ✨

 (These pictures are all mine) 

 There’s ways to incorporate magic into everything in your life. It took me like a while to realize I should maybe make a post about this cause I do this almost every single day (unless I’m craving something savory in the morning). The key to this is preparing and in the preparation is magic!!  ✨

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“At that moment they heard from behind them a loud noise—a great cracking, deafening noise as if a giant had broken a giant’s plate…. The Stone Table was broken into two pieces by a great crack that ran down it from end to end; and there was no Aslan.

"Who’s done it?” cried Susan. “What does it mean? Is it more magic?”

“Yes!” said a great voice from behind their backs. “It is more magic.” They looked round. There, shining in the sunrise, larger than they had seen him before, shaking his mane (for it had apparently grown again) stood Aslan himself.

“Oh, Aslan!” cried both the children, staring up at him, almost as much frightened as they were glad….

“But what does it all mean?” asked Susan when they were somewhat calmer.

“It means,” said Aslan, “that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time. But if she could have looked a little further back, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, she would have read there a different incantation. She would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward.” ~The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis

Title: Spectrum

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3 /

Ratings/Warnings: T

Summary: Humans weren’t meant to have three colors. Fushimi deals with the consequences of the choices he’s made.

Notes: So, um, remember that power overflow fic I mentioned a million years ago? Yeah, finished it ^^ Sort of incidentally Sarumi but that’s not the focus, and a bit of a divergence from the end of ROK for necessity’s sake. Happy birthday, Saru.

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anonymous asked:

Karma and Okuda? People holding hands in chapter 179? If you look, there is Karma waiting for the train, so that means that the two people are Karma and Okuda. I think they were already a couple in the 'Class E', but thet kept this secret. In fact in the previuos fanbook is stating that they have a relationship out of the Class E. Okuda is a pretty girl, but she hides her appearance and only Karma noticed this. On the other hand Okuda noticed that a Karma isn' t a simple human being.

Well, hi anon.

So let me start by saying that you’re incorrect. Karma wasn’t waiting for the train at all. He was standing in front of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) headquarters, which is where he’ll be working after graduating. You can tell by the stone plate at the front entrance with the words engraved onto it.


The manga

and the actual METI building

It’s not the train station.

Another thing: keep in mind that both Karma and Okuda didn’t make it to the reunion/clean-up. In the panel with the two people holding hands, one of the people mentions that everyone has already gathered – “everyone” being the Class E students who made it out to the cleaning session. If the two people really were supposed to be Karma and Okuda, wouldn’t it strike you as odd? It doesn’t make much sense that Karma or Okuda would be talking about everyone already arriving at the school if neither one of them is actually going to be there.

One other point about the hand-holding panel that I want to point out is something that’s lost in translation. In Japanese, both speakers speak using plain speech.

That means neither of these people are Okuda since, in the original Japanese, Okuda speaks in distal (-desu/-masu forms), otherwise known as “polite” speech. People that are of equal standing or rank (e.g. students in the same grade in school) tend to use plain speech with one another, and this is also how the Class E students speak to each other. The only exceptions to this are Ritsu and Okuda. For Okuda, this is true even with the people she’s closest with; whether it’s Kayano or Karma, she speaks to them using polite-style speech. You could make a theory that time has passed and Okuda has dropped the formal speaking pattern with her friends, but there’s no solid evidence she’s done this.

We can all speculate till the cows come home, but we’ll probably never get 100% confirmation on whose hands those were. Honestly, I don’t care whose hands those were because Matsui did it to mess with us and it’s never going to be revealed.

Karma and Okuda are really close, but buddy, I highly doubt they were dating each other while still in Class E. That goes for everyone else too. They had more important things going on, like, you know, assassinating a super being that might blow up the world. Hell, Karma ignored everyone’s messages over winter break after Korosensei revealed his past to them because he wanted to think things over on his own – whether Korosensei should be killed or not. That’s quite telling of how focused Karma was on his objective. I hardly think being in a relationship was on his mind at all throughout the entire year.

If the previous fanbook you’re referring to is Roll Book Time, then no, there’s nothing stating that they have some kind of “relationship outside of Class E.” It gives us a good sense that they’re actually quite close, but it never implies they’re dating or that they have romantic feelings for one another.

As for Okuda’s appearance, the implication by canon is that she’s not exceptionally pretty. Just look at the “Girls You’re Interested In Ranking” that the guys did during the school trip (chapter 19). The votes all went to Kanzaki (4), Yada (3), Kurahashi (2), Kayano (2), and Kataoka (1). Karma casting a vote for Okuda was met with surprise by the guys.

There’s a lot of info from the manga and official supplementary material that suggests Okuda is easily left out of conversations because she’s shy and has weaker language (and social) skills. She also has a habit of being so focused on her hobbies that she forgets the world around her. Okuda’s not a head-turning natural beauty like Kanzaki who, although also quiet like Okuda, attracts attention because of her looks, even if it’s unwanted at times. So, I don’t agree with the idea that Okuda is secretly a bishoujo behind her braids and glasses because everything suggests that she’s somewhat plain and often forgotten. Basically, Okuda’s a bit of a wallflower.

But like I said, Okuda is charming in her own way. Karma never noticed her for her looks, but her talent in science. To be honest, I’m happy that Karma’s initial interest in Okuda was because he saw her scientific knowledge as an asset to his mischief-making and not because of conventional attractiveness. It shows how childish Karma can be, but also how he sees beyond people’s appearances and most importantly, although it was coincidental, he took an interest in Okuda for something about herself that she’s proud of.

Okuda has never made any friends prior to joining Class E because she’s been so engrossed in her little scientific world and neglected honing her social and communication skills. Her overt honesty along with her inability to lie were also presented as simpleminded and foolish, pointed out as weaknesses right from her introduction (chapter 7).

Okuda’s love of science has never helped her make any friends, but given Karma’s love of pranks, he took an interest in her precisely because of her aptitude in the subject. Not only that, but Okuda’s kind yet honest-to-a-fault nature is, conversely, a positive for Karma. He feels at ease telling her anything precisely because she’s so ridiculously honest. If anything, I think a guarded person like Karma who finds it hard to trust others would appreciate that kind of honesty more than most people.

I think it’s sweet, in a way, that the things about Okuda which might have hindered her in forming friendships (whether it was being too focused on science, or shortcomings like being honest to a fault) are actually some of the main reasons why Karma shares such a good relationship with her.

As for what Okuda sees in Karma, I’ve gone over it before.

I honestly do think Karma and Okuda are each other’s best fit and that the nature of their friendship translates well into a relationship. It’s hard for me to even entertain the idea of pairing them off with anyone but one another because to me, that feels inherently OOC. That sounds extreme, I know, but I am that stubborn about them and that serious about character interpretation.

That said, let’s be reasonable here. The only pairing that is canon is Karasuma/Irina. All the implied student pairs were left in limbo. That goes for Nagisa/Kayano and Maehara/Okano, much less Karma/Okuda. The first two are at least framed in a potentially romantic light, with Kayano having feelings for Nagisa, and Okano for Maehara. But Karma and Okuda? Their relationship has never been portrayed as explicitly romantic in nature. They’re friends just like Karma is friends with Nagisa and Sugino.

I’m going to end this long-winded answer by saying be supportive of what you like, but be logical and reasonable. Don’t disregard facts or make up new, illogical ones – no matter how much you ship something.

In Which a T-Rex Eats Laoghaire...

This is without a doubt entirely the fault of @outlandishchridhe who sulked and pouted over BBTW being in my fic yesterday, and had to bleach her eyeballs. She DEMANDED that I write a fic where Larry gets eaten by a t-rex. @snurkenach joined in. Simple math proved that, as it was 2 against 1, I was outnumbered and had no choice but to write their story. It’s their fault and I don’t apologize. There are NO SPOILERS, because this story is ridiculous.

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It was a prosperous community, as far those things went. Everyone worked cooperatively, and the food was plentiful enough, most of the time. The men hunted daily while the women did everything else, from minding the children to mending the dwellings, gathering fuel, harvesting fruits and edible roots, getting water, making clothing, tending the fires, producing the tools needed to accomplish all of this work, and on and on and on. Honestly, the men kind of sucked. But, they were big and strong, and provided meat, so the women agreed it was wise to keep them around.

Originally posted by roseydoux

The Alpha-female, CavewomanClaire, was a great healer and much revered for her knowledge and special powers. She kept mysterious leaves and barks in her hut, which she ground into powders and steeped into teas, providing healing and nourishment to the community. Everyone looked to CavewomanClaire as the leader, and her word was law. She held special councils where she dispensed justice, blessed the women’s choices in a mate, and told the men to sit down and shut up when they got too loud and boisterous.

Originally posted by gameraboy

CavewomanClaire had not chosen a mate, and all the men in the village hoped that one day she would choose them. They hunted with great skill in an effort to please her. It was hard to get them to do anything else, because they were hairy louts, but the hunting was dangerous and hard work, so she was happy to let them prove their worth in this way. She had no intention of choosing any of the men to be her mate, because then the delicate balance she had created within the community would be disrupted and the men might not be as compliant. Cavewoman Claire was no dummy.

Originally posted by danfoxed

One day the men returned from hunting with a wooly mammoth for dinner. How lovely! CavewomanClaire adored wooly mammoth steaks. She would be bestowing some favors tonight. It didn’t take CavewomanClaire long to notice that something was amiss with the men, so she called CavemanDougal to her. He was a great hunter, a leader amongst the men, and not too bad to look at, but he was kind of a slime bucket, so she kept him on a short leash. CavemanDougal told her of a stranger they had found whilst hunting. He had been injured and alone, so the men brought him along, thinking that CavewomanClaire probably didn’t have anything better to do with her time than heal strangers, because they were always hunting, and never really paid attention to what went on in the village. It’s like the food just magically appeared on their hand-carved stone plates, seriously!

CavewomanClaire was happy to attend to the stranger. If he proved to be strong and smart (for a dude) she would encourage him to stay. A sabre tooth tiger had taken out poor Caveman Angus just last week, and she needed a replacement.

CavewomanClaire went with CavemanDougal to the site, just outside the village, where the men had left the stranger. He was badly wounded in the arm. He had been gored by something with a germy, gross tusk most likely, and his shoulder was also out of joint. CavewomanClaire assessed the damage and made caveperson small talk, which sounds like a bunch of grunts and snorts, but translates to, “Bummer about your arm. I’ll bet it hurts.” “Yep, it do.” “Want me to fix it for you? I’m kinda the bomb when it comes to healing.” “Welp, I don’t have any other options, so have at it.” “Try not to cry, pretty boy.”

Originally posted by rhinocorn

CavewomanClaire was serious about the pretty boy thing. This stranger was one hot cup of steeped leaves. She likey. She did her thing, and in no time, the stranger, who’s name was CavemanJammf agreed to spend the night in the village so that CavewomanClaire could continue to tend his arm and watch for infection. The upside was that she could look at him a lot, because he really lit her fire, if you know what I mean, and seriously, fire was hard to come by, so it was a win/win.

He eventually healed, and by the time he was well enough to go hunting, it was obvious to the whole village that CavemanJammf would be staying on. He was smart and strong and super hairy – an obvious sign of caveman superiority. He out alpha’d CavemanDougal in no time, and soon became CavewomanClaire’s trusted advisor. She was ready to claim him as her mate, knowing that when she did he would be able to maintain order amongst the men, and keep them compliant through his forceful personality, and his great ability to kick butt and take names as needed. CavewomanClaire was beginning to think that there might actually be a caveman who was her equal, and she was exhilarated by the thought.

Originally posted by depressedrachel

She had jumped the gun just a little bit, though, because the next day she went down to the water and found CavemanJammf with a nasty, scabby, pox-ridden hag named CavewomanL’Hoor. He looked grossed out, but CavewomanL’Hoor was a big girl, and she was spoiling for a fight. CavemanJammf could obvi take her, but he was supes nice and didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Originally posted by jellygummies

CavewomanClaire saw CavewomanL’Hoor reach out and take CavemanJammf’s hand, and place it on her scabby, nasty bewb. CavewomanClaire was all “Ew. No.” and decided she’d better help CavemanJammf out of this icky situation.

Just then, she heard a terrible, thunderous rawr, and a T-Rex came out of the primordial sludge intent on CavemanJammf. “That’s weird,” CavewomanClaire thought, “I could have sworn the dinosaurs all died out eons ago. Clearly DinoDude didn’t get the memo. Well, no matter.” She pushed CavemanJammf to safety just as the Rex was about to eat him whole. Grabbing a spear, CavewomanClaire thrust and jabbed at the creature, driving it towards scabby CavewomanL’Hoor. This chick had been a problem for a long time. She was on CavewomanClaire’s last nerve and it was time for her to go. 

Originally posted by citystompers

It didn’t take long for the T-Rex to set his sights on the scabby package CavewomanClaire was presenting, and the resultant carnage was abundantly gory and limbs flew everywhere. When the T-Rex had done what he came there to do, CavewomanClaire hi-fived him and thanked him for taking one for the team. She told him (because she could speak dinosaur – seriously, this chick is a BAMF), that there were loads of people just sitting around as easy pickings in a circle of standing stones a few miles away.

Originally posted by through-the-thorns-to-the-stars

“That takes care of that.” thought CavewomanClaire, feeling pretty fly.

CavemanJammf was totes hot for her in that moment and lost all his chill. He bashed her over the head with his club, and dragged her back to his place for some old-timey caveman jiggy. All was going according to plan, thought CavewomanClaire.

Originally posted by gifnews

As cavemen are wont to do, CavemanJammf’s secksy times were short and brutish. While CavewomanClaire appreciated the technique, she knew he could do better. He was about to tie up his flies and head over to the furs for a little shut-eye, when CavewomanClaire told him to hold his horses, she wasn’t finished yet, thank you very much. She dragged him out back behind the wood shed and proceeded to teach him a thing or two about love. When CavewomanClaire was finished with him, CavemanJammf saw stars and rainbows and unicorns. CavewomanClaire did too, because she knew the importance of getting yours.

Originally posted by kittenplaylist

In the end, CavemanJammf agreed to be CavewomanClaire’s mate, because he knew a good thing when he saw it, and was only sort of a hairy dumb caveman. CavewomanClaire continued to be the leader of her people, and they prospered in peace and harmony with the land.

The day another stranger stumbled into the village, CavewomanClaire and CavemanJammf had him come to their hut so they could interrogate talk to him. He was a weird dude who wore sweater vests, which were totally not even in fashion yet, and said he was writing the history of the T-Rex and proceeded to tell them all about his research. They quickly set him on the trail of the last known T-Rex, conveniently in the direction of the standing stones, because, honestly, this guy was so boring. Like mind-numbingly boring.

Originally posted by geillisduncane

No one want’s to hear your story, CavemanFrank. It isn’t about you. Get a grip.

And they all lived happily ever after.
The end.

Pale Skin and Onyx Eyes [10]

[Throne of Glass] [Elide x Lorcan] [W.I.P.]
Chapter Word Count: 2849 words

Summary: Set after Empire of Storms, Elide Lochan and Lorcan Salvaterre are traveling with Rowan and Gavriel in search of Queen Aelin. Will Elide ever be able to forgive Lorcan for betraying her and her Queen? Where will they go next?

Part I: The Search - Chs. 1-8
Part II: The Journey - Chs. 9-???
Part III: The Mission

Chapters: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [13 ] …
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While she had been asleep, Lorcan had quickly chopped down some firewood and hunted down four rabbits. After they reached the cave, he began skinning and skewering the rabbits to roast over the fire pit. Elide untied her packs and rolled out her sleeping mat. Night had fallen, and innumerable stars flecked the sky. She immediately found the Lord of the North, the stag of Terrasen, shining bright so that she could always find her way home… The smell of the roasting rabbits wafted to her nose, reminding her that she was ravenous.

Lorcan almost laughed when he handed Elide the stone plate with a perfectly roasted rabbit. Her eyes were like dinner plates as she stared fixedly at the meat, waiting impatiently for it to cool enough to eat.

Elide devoured both of her rabbits unashamedly. She licked the juice from her fingers and sighed, sated and content. Lorcan was watching her from across the fire. As night fell a cool breeze picked up, a direct contrast to the beating sun earlier, and Elide was sitting right by the cave’s entrance. She shivered.

“Come to this side,” Lorcan suggested, his expression unreadable. He was sitting towards the back of the cave. Elide cocked her head at him, but complied wordlessly.

Oh, it was warmer on this side! She let the delicious warmth of the fire lick her toes for a moment, and then she hugged her knees to her chest. They sat there silently for a few moments as the firewood crackled and creatures of the night rustled and chirped.

She was thinking about earlier, about when she had been meditating… She still wondered what compelled him to go on this near-suicidal mission with her. It feels like… that time Lorcan stole the barge and we set forth for Eyllwe together…

Elide pursed her lips and blew air from her nostrils. So much had happened since then.

Lorcan was thinking about her damned lips again, about that time they were painted blood-red when she was dressed up as a fortune-teller. Gods, everything about this nearly-human woman was so distracting, he would make sure to take his time learning and appreciating every, fucking –

“Did you ever have a mate?” Elide asked unexpectedly, refusing to look at his face. Her cheeks flushed as she inspected her toes closely instead.

Lorcan snapped to attention, replaying her question in his mind.

“Where did that come from?” His growl was defensive. Once again, she had caught him off-guard. He couldn’t forget that those soft lips hid a razor-sharp tongue. Lorcan tried not to let his mind wander back into the gutter as he trained his gaze on her.

“I- I was just wondering,” she replied softly, her voice barely a whisper. Lorcan wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard a faint longing in her voice.

No one had asked him about a mate in a long, long while… And if she had asked him that question a couple of months ago, he would have snorted and simply answered, “No.” It wouldn’t have been a topic up for discussion.

But now… He had thought it was possible, once, lifetimes ago… Gods, when was the last time her name had even floated into his head?

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Part 3 - Seiga

Option D - @freshholeinthewall

With an answer set Miko opens the stone doors, allowing Seiga and Rinnosuke to enter first as she sinks back. “You know the plan, if I appear too soon she’ll be on to me. Seiga, you will be alone for part of this. I can’t risk leaving Rinnosuke with either.” With that the hermit wraps her cape, blinking and vanishing before the two as the doors set in place to reveal the inside.

Inside the roots and twisting greenery is replaced by another sight, what feels like stone plated floors and a vibrant blue sky above. Standing in the oddly open space are the two puppets, Meiling and Nobunaga. Behind them what appears to be stone steps can be seen but at this time its unsure if its all an illusion.

Whatever plan Seiga had she best be getting it started, both notice the two and begin to take position. Nobunaga in behind with all her guns and Meiling charging forward, towards which had yet to be seen but it was clear she was going in for a quick kill. If anything her forwardness left her open for now to be whisked away.