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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (3)

[A/N: Last chapter for today! If you go to my page you’ll see that I’ve left a little question asking what you’d like to see in the following chapters! (I don’t want to spoil anything but the chapter after this one will have kind of Jughead POV scene or scenes)

I’m really enjoying writing this one but obviously I want you guys to enjoy it too and I want to write the kind of stuff that you want to see! I hope you enjoy this one guys! Also I love it when you guys leave comments, it really makes my day (read that as: I need constant validation to ensure that I am happy). 

Also see if you can find the Fall Out Boy lyrics in this chapter! (Hint: It’s not very subtle)]

Word Count: 1870

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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And another thing

love love love the -punk part of solarpunk, the rebelliousness that fights against the fossil-fuel-funded oligarchy and plants guerrilla gardens between pavement stones and invents cold fusion in grubby basements and wears silicon jewelry and tags walls with moss graffiti and forces green into spaces that have been black and grey and sooty for too long

Like, art-nouveau utopia is great and all, but that’s the solarpunk of the elite. Give me the solarpunk everyone else makes for themselves and claws back from the hard concrete to give back to the earth

Unbreakable (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction, Fire
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. I can’t believe how long this thing bloody took me! Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated it, but here is part 4 for ‘Unbreakable’!

Bucky’s POV

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Bucky replied, head tilted up to the night sky as him and Nat began to stroll back towards the tower.

“Good.” she smiled, green eyes glinting slightly as she glanced up at him, “Y/N deserves someone who’ll fight for her.”

“Well, I’m gonna damn well try.” Bucky said, eyebrows furrowing as a fire engine went speeding past, sirens blaring.

Mindlessly kicking at a stone on the pavement, Bucky let out a shaky breath as he shoved his hands deep in his pockets. Even now, your look of fear and betrayal was painted across his eyelids, flickering in his vision every time he blinked. If it was the last thing he did, he would make sure you never looked like that ever again.

“Hey Buck?” Natasha asked quietly, “Is that coming from the tower?” Nudging Bucky to point out the pillar of smoke that was starting to billow into the sky.

“Shit.” Bucky said, the pair immediately breaking into a sprint as a couple more fire engines zoomed past.

About a million thoughts went racing through Bucky’s head as him and Nat ran towards the spiral of black smoke. Bucky knew all about your pyrokinesis, yet he couldn’t help but worry. If the tower really was on fire, and you couldn’t control it, then something was seriously wrong. Feet pounding against the pavement, Bucky couldn’t stop the way his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. As the two neared the tower, they spotted a huddled group of people, being able to pick out a few of their teammates in the gathering.

“Steve!” Bucky yelled, running up to his blond friend, black soot smudged across his cheeks and dusting his hair.

“Bucky, thank god!” Steve said, blue eyes filled with worry as he clutched at Bucky’s shoulder, “We’ve been looking all over for you… it’s Y/N…”

Without another word, Bucky sprinted into the building, ducking around anyone who tried to stand in his way. This is all my fault, he couldn’t help but think, jaw clenched and eyes wild. He didn’t know what he was going to do once he got to you, he just knew that he had to. As he weaved through the many corridors, often crashing into walls in his haste, Bucky didn’t even notice as the smoke became thicker around him. As he neared your door, he began to feel the heat licking at his skin, the flames crackling around him.

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice suddenly called out, the sound of his pounding feet coming up behind him.

“Steve?” Bucky said, covering his mouth as he let out a string of coughs, “What are you doing in here?”

“You think I’d let you come in here on your own, no chance.” Steve replied, clapping Bucky on the shoulder, “Besides, I have a plan…”

“Oh god.”


As the fire burned on around you, smoke filling your lungs, and flames licking against your bare skin, you couldn’t contain the sobs that continued to break past your lips. You never wanted this, this ‘gift’ as Steve kept referring to it. All it had ever done was cause you pain and suffering. Your father was right to give you up, you put everybody around you in danger. Digging your nails into the burning skin of your thighs, you barely registered the distant sounds of voices, instead only focusing on the sounds of the fire slowly destroying everything around you. So far it had burnt everything in your room, and the rooms either side of you, blackening your walls and creating a blockage in front of your door.

“Y/N?” Can you hear me?” Steve’s muffled shout could barely be heard over the fire, the sound of his voice only causing you to burrow further into yourself, “We’re going to get you out of here, okay?”

The sounds of debris shifting, and the fire spitting out accompanied two murmured voices. Suddenly, the sound of your door groaning filled the room, before it seemed to fall off its hinges, crashing to the ground.

“Doll?” Bucky’s hoarse voice coughed, his flesh arm thrown up to his face and his metal one laying limply at his side.

Grey eyes flickering around the room, they quickly locked onto your cowering figure, gaze filling with both relief and fear. That look on his face felt like a stab to the heart. It was such a familiar expression, the look of fear as someone realised what you were truly capable of.

“Y/N…” he said, inching around the fallen debris to get to you, “Doll, everything’s going to be okay, I’m gonna get you out of here.”

Pushing past a fallen beam, Bucky hissed as the smouldering metal contacted with his bare flesh. Screwing his eyes shut, he carried on towards you, barely flinching as a chunk of debris fell onto his metal shoulder.

“Doll, I’m here.” Bucky murmured, fingers brushing against yours as he crouched in front of you.

“Bucky…” you whispered, feeling the fire ebb at his touch.

“Come on.” Bucky said, carefully hosting you up with his flesh arm alone, “I’m so sorry Doll.”

Walking back through the destruction, Bucky hunched over your body as the building continued to crumble around the two of you.

“Buck, you got her?” Steve asked, shield propping up the largest piece of debris that had previously been blocking the door.

“Yeah. Yeah, I got her.” Bucky said, gripping you close to his body as the three of you navigated your way out of the burning building.

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Things I associate with the galaxian alignments
  • solarian: dust catching in the sunlight, camera flares, doing the right thing when no one is watching, laughter, candlelight, freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, the warm, musky scent of coffee
  • lunarian: seaglass, the scent of rain, creamy desserts, petting soft animals, soft whispers, power outages, a moonlit café, biting into a flaky pastry, balconies overlooking the ocean
  • stellarian: sparkling stones stuck in the pavement, wind chimes, hearing a piano playing faintly in the distance, whale calls, faerie circles
  • solstellarian (novarian): freckles, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, listening to your favorite song on repeat
  • stellunarian (nebularian): skating across smooth ice, fairy tales, listening to someone else's heartbeat,
  • sollunarian (eclipsian): fireflies, shadow puppets, thunderstorms, drawing smiley faces on steamy glass, sudden eye contact, lightning strikes, echo chambers, black pearls
  • solstellunarian (galactian): finding a new passion, staring out the passenger's window of the car, tangled curls, seeing your reflection, folk songs
  • singularian (voidarian): sarcasm, brain freeze, tongue teasers, paradoxical logic, riddles, winning at a game you've never played, watching scary movies under the blanket, waking up at 3am with no explanation
Ficlet Series: Secrets (Jimin X Reader)

Rated: M (smut, swearing)

Word Count: 2552

Masterpost: Ficlet Series - Secrets

Our Masterlist :)

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

You stand at the side of the massive, mirrored room watching your sister and her partner move gracefully across the floor. When the music stops you cheer loudly, clapping so hard that your palms begin to sting.

“Ugh, mom, you’re embarrassing me,” Una says, rolling her eyes theatrically as she walks towards you.

“I’m sorry,” you say with a loud sniff, holding out a towel for her. “My baby just grew up so fast.”

Una laughs and takes the towel from you, dabbing her sweat away tiredly. “You guys look amazing,” you say earnestly. “You make a good pair.”

Una’s new partner, Jimin, is on the other side of the room and she calls him over.

“It’s been a couple of months and he still seems so shy,” you murmur as he comes nearer.

“Nah, he’s okay,” Una responds. “I think it’s just when you’re around that he gets a bit weird. He must sense the way you undress him with your eyes.”

You aim a kick at Una but she slips out of reach with a light laugh.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 13 Full translation.

Marriage Registration


pages 138-148

6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion.

On the morning of the day they were to head to the Kinin Noble Assembly, Renji passed through the Kuchiki clan’s huge main gate with a nervous expression. As he advanced on the stone pavement that had been swept clean, he was greeted by an old man with white hair wearing a pair of round spectacles - Seike Nobutsune, an attendant attached to Byakuya.

“Abarai sama, we have been expecting you”

Calmly bowing, he opened the door of the (genkan) entryway, “please come inside”

“Nah, I’ll meet her in front of the entrance……”

“I have been informed to tell you that you are to join Byakuya sama for breakfast”

“With the captain!? U-understood”

Renji became increasingly nervous, moving awkwardly, he followed behind Seike.

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A Good Time (3/4)

SUMMARY. College AU. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. As a joke, your friends wrote your phone number on a graffiti wall for anyone who “wants to have a good time.” You didn’t expect someone to call. But someone did.

WARNINGS. Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader. Cursing / swearing. A little angsty, but still fun. Don’t be an awful friend, kids!


AUTHOR’S NOTES. I’m sorry Pietro, Wanda, Clint and Nat aren’t great friends HAHAHAHAHA. But they do their best. ❤️ This came out earlier than expected, bc by tomorrow until Tuesday, I’ll be too busy to even look at Tumblr. So, the final update may take a while, lol. And of course, I appreciate all your thoughts!

#1 // #2 // #3: you are here // #4

They were so dead. You put your phone down and shoved it in the pocket of your jeans, sneakers slamming down against the stone pavement as you switched directions. Instead of heading up to your apartment, you stomped straight towards the cafeteria building. Lunch began half an hour ago. All of them should be there already.

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Plot: You and Loki have been together for years. Despite the things he has done, you have stuck with him. This time, it was his turn to stick with you. You were imprisoned in Asgard for a crime you didn’t commit after he “dies” and Loki ends up storming the place to release you.

Blog Tag: suggested by @pixierox101, thanks so much!

A/N: I need some hardcore, badass, gentle Loki in my life. Asgardian lady!reader, as suggested.

Warnings: Reader has been tortured for information, a fighting scene with guards as you are escaping

Word Count Total: 1681

Long Imagine #14

Title: Jailbreak

Originally posted by lulurandomness

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I see red and green - traffic lights, floating, slightly blurry in the late twilight.
I see people swooshing by, leaving faint traces of their existence on stone pavements.
I hear noise, embedded in their rapid footsteps, their hushed voices, and my thoughts.
Silence drapes over me like a thick cloak, as all noise fades away.
And then, I see yellow lights.
I’m home.
Greenhouse (Leonard Snart x Reader) - Fluff/AU

AU - this takes place in an alternate universe…

Aside from his sister Lisa and partner Mick, you were the only other person Leonard cared for. He promised he would come back for you, after his trip to the future with Team Legend; but, it’s been years and you were starting to lose hope…



Everything was cold.

Pulling the thick wool-padded coat closer to yourself, you closed your eyes and inhaled the scent of powdered snow and cigarette smoke. It was nostalgic, a mixture of comfort and intoxication that reminded you of your boyfriend, Leonard Snart.

Two years ago, Leonard had decidedly gone off on an adventure with his best friend, Mick Rory, to save the world from a psychotic, time-travelling tyrant and possible armageddon. Quite easily, it was the most dangerous gig that he’s ever been offered.

And it worried you.

Though he knew the risk associated with his mission - including the unnaturally high probability of death - Leonard still agreed. He didn’t really tell you why; nor, did he comment much on the matter, aside from, “I’ll be back…”

And so, without much of a choice, you had to stay faithful and pray that your love would return safe to your arms.

Leaning back on the wooden bench - the special one that Leonard had stolen from Central City Park for you - you looked around the small greenhouse and admired its scenery. 

God, I miss Leonard, you thought, the sense of yearning deeply embedded in your heart. And I bet he misses this place too…

This greenhouse was your secret spot, your sanctuary.

It was a safe place where you and Leonard went on dates, watched movies and cuddled on the ground while he was on the run from the law.

Although small, the greenhouse sheltered a number of flower beds. Most of the garden was composed of Sweet Alyssums; but, there were a select few of Winter Pinks and Honeyworts - all of which flourished in cold temperatures.

Behind you, the door creaked open.

The sound of shoes clopping against the stone pavement resounded in the small planthouse and stopped behind you. Although they didn’t speak a word to you, you had no doubt as to whose identity it was.

You smiled gently.

“Hey, Lisa,” you greeted your boyfriend’s younger sister, refusing to meet her gaze. “I know you hate it when I say this, but you really should knock before coming in…”

“Well, you really should lock the door,” they drawled. “Don’t you know it’s not safe to be out here alone?”

Your heart stopped.

You knew that deep, gruff voice anywhere. Ten years could’ve passed and you still could’ve recognized it amongst others.

Eyes wide, you immediately spun around.

There, standing inches away from you, was Leonard. With his short, cropped hair, steely gaze and  five o’clock shadow, he looked as if he hadn’t aged a day.

Quite shakily, you stood up from your seat. 

“Leonard…” you whispered. 

A bittersweet smile tugged on his lips.

“__________,” he nodded, making his way around the bench in a lackadaisical manner. “Long time no see…”

A cross of happiness and anxiety stirred in your stomach, and you couldn’t help but feel sick.

For many nights, you have thought about this moment - what you would say, what you would do to Leonard - once he had returned home from his mission; yet, with your mouth opening and closing like a muddle-minded fish, you found it difficult to form a coherent sentence or thought.

With shaking fingers, you slowly extended your hands to him and grasped the sleeve of his shirt. Multiple times, you released and tightened your grip - testing to see that he was actually there.

That he wasn’t a simple illusion that could be blown away by the wind or erased in a blink of an eye.

“Leonard…” you repeated once more, completely breathless. “You’re finally back…”

“Of course, I’m back,” he drawled in his naturally sarcastic, it’s-so-obvious tone. “I did make you a promise…”

He took a step forward and snaked a confident, secure arm around your waist, pulling you close. Standing several inches above, he forced you to look up at him

“…And if you remember correctly,” he dipped down and rested his face on the side of your neck, letting the short whiskers of his beard graze against you. “…I keep my promises…”

You breathed. “I know…”

With those final words, Leonard forcibly slipped his tongue inside your mouth, barely giving you a moment to register his actions. He was needy and demanding, exploring every nook and cranny that your mouth had to offer, claiming you as his own.

And though he knew there was little he could do about the time lost in the past two years, Leonard would make sure he would create new memories and celebrate the new future he had secured for you both.

Dorm Disorder (Chapter 1) 🌙

A/N: I’m going to put a trigger warning on this entire story because this series isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. It’s about mental illnesses, abusive parents, cigarettes and alcohol, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! x

Character Appearance: OCs, Kris, Kai, Chanyeol, Luhan, Baekhyun, Amber

Warnings: Mentions of bipolar disorder, cigarettes, alcohol, self-harm

Word Count: 10,215

Soundtrack: Let Me Stay By Your Side // Luhan


Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Illnesses aren’t a joke. Mental illnesses, especially. Take it from someone who is actually suffering from it. I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask for my dad to leave us, I didn’t ask for my mum to be an ex-junkie, I didn’t ask to be claustrophobic and I especially didn’t ask to suffer from bipolar disorder.

My name is Ciara and I’m nineteen years old. To be blunt, I’m a fuck-up. Period. I was never a perfect little ass-licker like every goddamn girl out there in the world. Instead, I’m the exact opposite; I have cuts on my wrists, I smoke, my family is in a mess and my head is spinning round the globe with so many thoughts. Oh, and my best friends are my violin and my mum. I was a floater for the longest time, always spending time with my mum who is an ex-junkie like I said. Now don’t point fingers and start calling her a bad influence and shit. Sure, she’s the woman who went through so much and turned to drugs when it got so rough that she just wanted to kill herself. But, she’s also the woman who raised me up from nothing and kicked her drug addiction just for me and taught me how to live without anyone, a lesson learnt after my father left. My life was pretty messed-up for a long time…until one day, I walked into my therapist’s office and saw him sitting in the waiting room.

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Fugientibus-Part 3

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Angst, starving, not much. Fluff and implied smut at the end!!

Word Count: 1027

Summary: Y/n and Draco make their way to their safe house. 

A/N: Ok, third part!! Not much except bit of angst followed by fluff!! There won’t be any major drama for a few parts…but when the drama arrives, it’s gon motherfucking arrive!! Hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

It was difficult, navigating your way to the safe house Professor Snape had set up.

The woods were difficult to get through, the cold and rain and wetness, just bringing your moods down.

With no magic to warm you up, you never managed to get too far before you both had to stop and camp out.

It was in those moments Draco and you found comfort in each other.

Sure. You knew you had more important things to focus on.

You’d risked your lived and the lives of your families.

You should’ve be focussing on finding your way to safety and making sure nothing would happen to you.

But you only had Draco to rely on. He only had you.

And when you’d just sit in the tent, warming the other up, you often realized you were each other’s comfort.

You were each other’s safety.

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Free Will Vs Fate

Word count: 1000

Early tags: Klance, Altean!Lance, Galra!Keith, Altean Prince!Lance, Galra Prince!Keith

For Klance week 2017, day 1!

Something that always bothered Keith was being betrothed to someone. As the Galra crown prince, he should have accepted it, but something always bothered him about it. It gave him no freedom.

He would always be told to accept it, even if he didn’t like his suitor, it was for the better. He didn’t even know who they were, something about meeting them when the time comes. His advisor told him to not worry and that they’re beautiful and that he’ll love her and she’d make a great queen. Keith never liked the sound of that, it didn’t give him any answers.

So when he snuck out of the castle, he had no regrets. He never got answers and slowly, he became impatient. He wanted to know, to plan his own fate, make his own decisions. So when he met the Altean Prince, he was instantly swept off his feet, literally. The prince purposely tripped him. Keith only knew him from the multiple pictures and mentions from history books.

Keith thought it was because he was Galra, they weren’t really welcomed in Altea - something about rivalry. “Who are you?!” The prince screeched afterwards, backing away from him. The prince in front wasn’t really well disguised, he was just wearing commoners clothing and the only thing giving him away was the distinct markings on his cheekbones and his white hair.

The crowned prince got up, his hands scraped the stone pavement. He was wearing a large cloak, one he got from Altea. He didn’t really think he would be found out this easily, his ears weren’t really that big and his face was fully hidden from it. Keith didn’t even know what he did to aggravate him, he was just walking.

“Are you here to kill me? Kidnap me?” The street was empty, not a single Altean in sight besides the prince in front of him. Keith removed his hood slowly. It was getting too hot anyways.

The Altean’s blue eyes widened in fear. “I should have listened to her, I should have known something like this was going to happen.” Keith looked at him confusedly,  it knowing what he was talking about.

“I’m not here to harm you… or kill or kidnap you…” he told him. He was here because he wanted to get away from his confusing life. He didn’t want to marry someone he didn’t know, or rule a kingdom. It wasn’t his style.

The prince looked around helplessly and then back at the Galra in front. A sigh of recognition crossed his face. “Wait, aren’t you that missing prince from the Galra?” he said, calming down instantly. Keith froze. Lance looked at him more closely, taking a few steps forward. “You are, aren’t you?”

Keith didn’t respond, not knowing how to respond. The Altean’s eyes watched him, scanning him as well. “Follow me. And don’t ask any questions.” The two princes walked along an empty street, finally arriving in front of an old building.

The other prince looked at him. “Oh yeah, I’m Lance by the way. But I’m guessing you already knew that?”

Keith shrugged and responded with, “Keith…” Lance nodded and walked inside the building, motioning Keith to follow when he realized he wasn’t behind him.

After Keith followed, he closed the door and turned towards him. “Why did you leave?” Lance asked him.

Keith scratched his neck. “I grew impatient, you know, marrying someone. I didn’t even know who was supposed to marry me. And just castle life is full on stressful.”

Lance rolled his eyes. “You can leave with me? I didn’t really want to deal with any of these princely procedures or proper etiquette so I readied a pod to leave.” That much was true, back at the castle, Lance had gotten busy and was almost done packing essentials.

“I don’t even know you,” Keith told him. Lance scoffed.

Lance sat down on a seat. This building looked dirty from the outside but on the inside it was well furnished and clean. “You’ll get to know me better if you leave with me? I would like the company anyways.” Keith was worried, what was he getting at?

Keith leaned against the wall, meeting Lance’s smug stare. “Fine,” he said after putting together pros and cons. He looked up and sighed, he didn’t know how long they would be gone.

Lance smiled. He had honestly asked him because he looked hot and now he was going to have to deal with him for awhile. He wondered how long that would take.

The two got the pod ready and by the next day, they left no traces of their leaving. First small talk and soon the two were sharing secrets. It was only them there so there was barely any choice. The two tried to not get into arguments since it would go on for as long as possible.

And yet soon, the two fell for each other. Both knew it and had acted on it and soon, they were together, inseparable from each others side, sharing kisses ever so often. The only thing here other than them was the ship and the vast endless space. Neither of them thought that either of their kingdoms would notice.

Lance had told Keith the real reason on why he left, he was prince but his older sister would take the throne. He was just there for show and he never liked it. The throne wasn’t important to Lance but just being there for the sake of entertainment for the citizens and being used to form alliances wasn’t really something Lance had in mind for his life. So he left.

He never liked it there anyways. Keith understood slightly, he was there for show for the citizens even if he was heir. He was told his marriage was to secure an alliance. He just hoped whoever was supposed to marry him would be fine with him doing this, leaving them.

Because he didn’t regret it at all.

Not You

He sat on his knees on the floor in front of the great hall, her body cradled in his arms, head against his chest. A bottle was held in the hand he was not using to support her breaking form.
“Drink it,” he said, pulling the cork out with his teeth, and spitting it out onto the floor beside him.
He held the small vial up to her chapped lips, and even with her foggy eyesight she could see the pleading in his eyes. Her eyes narrowed back down on the bottle in front of her, taking in a gentle whiff of the liquid. It smelled far too sweet for a normal potion, and it had a metallic shine to its dark shade of gray.
“It’s…it’s…,” she mumbled, furrowing her brows upon the black haired man.
“Yes, I know, but you must. Please, drink it,” he said, and it was then that she noticed the single tear starting it’s decent down his cheek, threatening to fall to the cold stone floor of the pavement.
“Severus, you know… I can’t drink it… not… not unicorn blood.” She was, at this point, only able to spit out words between gasps of air, and as they looked into each other’s eyes, Severus Snape knew it would be the last time he ever looked into her enchanting (e/c) eyes.
“Severus I… I love…”
She did not finish her sentence, and the potions professor did not get his chance to give his response before her eyes became cloudy and dull. Upon witnessing her life leave her, Severus found himself no longer caring about his appearance, and let the silent tears fall freely.
“Please…please drink it,” he cried, dropping the bottle and letting it shatter against the ground. He clutched her breathless body close to him, and tucked her head into the crook of his neck.
“Please, not after everything, after 11 years of… oh god not you too… not you…”
He continued to cry, and for once, he did not care about the gathering group of people. He didn’t care about the students wondering what had gotten their potions master all riled up, he didn’t care about his fellow teachers that were contemplating their coworker’s sudden display of affection, and he certainly did not care about nor appreciate Dumbledore’s suddenly sympathetic hand that found a home on his shoulder.
Laying her down on the floor, he planted a gentle, but lingering kiss on her forehead. Before sitting back up and composing himself into his usual stoic self, he allowed himself one brief, intimate moment, and gently held her cold cheek in his hand.

Sliding the ring that matched his own off her finger and into his palm, he pressed his forehead against hers, and mumbled, “I love you too.”

Originally posted by rockestqueen

                     what were you looking for in front of ashes
or in the rain in the fog in the wind
even when the lights were growing dim
and the city was sinking and on the stone pavement
the Nazarene showed you his heart,
what were you looking for? why don’t you come? what were you looking for?

— George Seferis, Mythistorema

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic where it's Snape who meets when the Dursleys are staying in Cokeworth?

Uncle Vernon stopped at last outside a gloomy-looking hotel on the outskirts of a big city. Dudley and Harry shared a room with twin beds and damp, musty sheets. Dudley snored but Harry stayed awake, sitting on the windowsill, staring down at the lights of passing cars and wondering…

Like shootin’ fish in a barrel, son!  

His father’s words rang in his head as he strolled from the pub.  He hadn’t intended to fleece the group.  Not like when he was younger, and was cajoled by his desperate father. This time, mired in guilt, he threw the last few hands, and pretended his winning streak was over.  

The men commiserated his loss with good humour and camaraderie, but Severus didn’t need to use Legilimency to read their relief.  There had been at least a fortnight’s wage on the table, and he wasn’t entirely convinced that any of the men were still working.  Gambling was no laughing matter in a backwater pub in Cokeworth.

And him, a well-paid teacher.  He could afford to lose ten times over.  He should’ve known better.  

But old habits die hard, and he could almost hear his father’s greed hollering in his ear.  He never threw a hand back then, not when losing a hand could mean the household starving for the rest of the week.  He still couldn’t eat stew as an adult, no matter how upmarket the offering was.  Gourmet stew, indeed.  He could almost feel the oily, watery broth that had coated his fingers as he scooped a bowl from the cauldron; no chunks of meat to be found, and merely vegetable peel for flavour.

No.  He never threw a hand back then.

It was only the time his father had seen any worth in magic.  Comin’ down for a pint, eh, son? I’ll stand yer one.  And then he’d lower his voice to a whisper so Eileen wouldn’t hear.  And bring that witchy mind readin’ brain of yers with yer.  Don’t think yer just goin’ to sit quiet in the corner with a bleedin’ book.

He kicked angrily at a stone on the pavement.  “Why d’yer do this to yerself, Sev lad?” he muttered.  His accent was stronger in these streets.  He shouldn’t have had that last pint.  He always got maudlin after one too many.  He always got maudlin in Cokeworth.

He turned a corner, and followed the main street out of town.  Spinner’s End was in the other direction, far from the train station, far from civilisation – but Severus always walked to the outskirts, and then Apparated to his house.  He preferred to arrive directly in his bedroom when he’d had a few pints; he could collapse straight into bed, and it saved exchanging trivialities with the neighbours.  It took all of his effort to remain polite during the day – with a few Muggle pints in his system, Severus wasn’t quite sure of what he might say.

He glanced up.  The stars weren’t visible – too much light pollution.  Too much pollution full stop.  

And then he saw him. Four storeys up, his face pressed against the glass of a dirty window.

James fucking Potter.

Severus stopped, and turned. His spin was rather less impressive without his voluminous teaching robes, but despite his alcohol intake, the movement was smooth.  He took several steps back and peered at the window, where a small boy with glasses, and messy black hair was peering right back at him.

He wasn’t going mad.

It wasn’t James Potter.

Not with that distinctive scar.

Severus’ heart thudded in his chest.  He stared at the boy for a long moment, and eventually, timidly, the boy raised his hand in the slightest of waves.  

After a few seconds, Severus nodded, and continued on his way.

Harry silently watched as the thin man with long, straight hair hurried down the street.  He glanced back over at Dudley, who was still snoring loudly, and sighed.


“I thought he lived in Surrey,” Severus shouted, banging the door as he strode in, incongruously dressed in his Muggle attire.

“All right, Severus,” Minerva said, sharply.  “I’ve heard quite enough.”  She opened the log of which letters had been sent to which student, and her jaw dropped as she flicked to Harry Potter’s record.

Most children had a single entry next to their name:  Draco Malfoy – letter sent by OWL, RSVP received.

Harry James Potter didn’t have just one entry.  He had thirty nine pages.  

Severus stood behind Minerva, and peered at the pages with her.  “Don’t you check these?”

“At the weekend.  It gives families chance to send confirmation,” she said, defensively.  “There’s usually no need to chase anyone up.  These are all pureblood and halfblood families, Severus, remember?”

“Halfblood he might be,” Severus harrumphed, “but he lives with Muggles.”

“Muggles who know fully well what he is,” Minerva corrected.  “Dumbledore did suggest he’d send Hagrid to retrieve him if there was any trouble,” she added, but Severus wasn’t really listening.

“The address keeps changing,” he said, pointing at the page.  “What does this mean?  Cupboard under the stairs?  The smallest bedroom?”

Minerva gave him a horrified look.  “The addresses are automatic.”

“Hundreds of these,” Severus said, flipping the pages.  “And now, look!  Tomorrow’s entry – Railview Hotel, Cokeworth!  That’s where I saw him.”

“Perhaps they went on holiday?”

“To Cokeworth?” Severus snorted.  “Nobody goes to Cokeworth on holiday.”

“You were there.  This is your holiday.”

Severus gave her a scathing look.  “I had the misfortune of being born there.”  He tensed. “They’re running from it.  They think they can outrun the owls.”

“Whatever for?” Minerva polished her glasses on her sleeve.  “You don’t seriously think those awful Muggles would keep Harry from attending Hogwarts?”

When she put her glasses back on, he’d gone.

They ate stale cornflakes and cold tinned tomatoes on toast for breakfast the next day. They had just finished when the owner of the hotel came over to their table.

“’Scuse me, but is one of you Mr. H. Potter? Only I got about an ’undred of these at the front desk.”

She held up a letter so they could read the green ink address:

Mr. H. Potter
Room 17
Railview Hotel

Harry made a grab for the letter but Uncle Vernon knocked his hand out of the way. The woman stared.

“I’ll take them,” said Uncle Vernon, standing up quickly and following her from the dining room.

Vernon’s heavy footsteps stomped down the hallway, and Severus slipped in through the door.  He’d sat in Vernon’s place before anyone even realised he’d entered the room.

“Mornin’,” he said, cheerfully, and picked up Vernon’s half-finished cup of tea.

Petunia was so horrified, she couldn’t speak.  Her mouth kept forming the same strange ‘o’ shape.  Dudley clouted her on the back, assuming she was choking on a cornflake.

Harry’s eyes widened. “You’re the man I saw last night,” he said.

“I am,” he said, leaning his head down to Harry.  “And I have a very special letter for you.”

“Oh!” Petunia finally spoke, and Severus straightened up.

“Where’s my letter?” demanded Dudley.

“You don’t want one of those horrid letters,” Petunia snapped.  “And neither does he, Snape!”

Harry didn’t think it was possible to be more shocked.  “You know this man, Aunt Petunia?”

“Off to your room, Harry,” Severus said sternly, passing him an envelope.

“You know my name!”

“-and keep that letter safe.”

Harry gave a sharp nod, and fled to his hotel room.  Dudley moved to go with him, but Severus’ slender hand gripped his upper arm.  He dropped his Cokeworth accent, and slipped back into his most impressive schoolmaster tone.  “And where do you think you’re going?”

Dudley swallowed hard. Ordinarily, he’d scream and shout, and stamp his feet – but the man’s black eyes were unnerving.  He slid back onto his seat.

“Not my son, Snape,” Petunia whispered, horrified.  “You can take the other one, but please, not my Duddy.”

“Nobody wants your Duddy,” Severus sneered.

“Fine,” she snapped.  “You’ve-”

“Obliviate.  Stupefy.  Muffliato.”

Petunia’s scream was high pitched, and she lunged for the thin man.  “What have you done to him?  My Duddikins! Duddy!”  She looked around helplessly, amazed that nobody else had moved an inch. “What have you done?”

“No-one can hear you,” Severus said, in an almost bored tone.  “I merely wiped the boy’s memory of events.  He will wake shortly, and he won’t have any knowledge of this meeting.”

Petunia calmed, and sniffed. “And Harry?”

“I think it best that both you and Harry remember what happened here.”  He flicked his wand, lifting the Muffliato spell.  “Send Dudley up to pack in five minutes.  It’ll give you time to decide what to tell that oaf of a husband of yours.”

Severus rapped on the door. “Harry?”

The door slid open, and Harry beamed at him.  “Is this true?  Is this all true?  I’m a wizard? Are you a wizard?”

Severus nodded, and ushered the boy through the door.

“Do you work at the school?” Harry asked, excitedly.  “Can we go now?”

“We cannot go now,” Severus intoned, “for Hogwarts has broken up for the summer.  But yes, I work at the school.”

“What do you do?”

“I teach Potions.”  At Harry’s puzzled look, he smiled.  “It’s like Chemistry.  Only magical.”

“Are there forms?”


“I went to the open day at Stonewall High,” Harry explained.  “And they put you in a form.  Mine was-”

“We call them houses,” Severus interrupted.

“Yes, that’s it!” Harry looked cheered, and then turned back to the letter.  “It doesn’t say which house I am going to be in?”

“Nobody knows until you turn up.”

“Oh.”  Harry thought for a moment.  “What’s your house?”

Severus smiled.  “I was put into Slytherin.”  He smiled more broadly again.  “I am very proud to say that I am the Head of Slytherin.”

“Slytherin?  That’s a funny name.”

Severus gave a tight smile. “Isn’t it just?”  He patted the small boy on the shoulder.  “Enough now, Harry.  You need to pack your things before your cousin comes upstairs.”


“It won’t be long until you’re at Hogwarts,” he said.  “For now, just keep yourself out of trouble.”

“Sir?  Do you think I could be in Slytherin?”

Severus paused for a long moment, and then shut the door.  He pulled out his wand and spun on his heel.  “Obliviate!  Stupefy!”

He picked the stunned boy up, shocked at how light the limp child was.  He gently rested him on the bed and sighed.  “Your mother was in Gryffindor.”

With that, he slipped out of the building.

And Harry pulled his head out of the pensieve.