stone pagoda


S T R A T U S  C L A N

welp i finally did it ive tried to lair lore :’D
(this will likely be added to as i mess with stuff as i go along)

windswept plateau, current capacity 75
a middling sized lair laid out atop a roughly semicircular rock formation, backed up against the edge of the reedcliff ascent looking out across the flat zephyr steppes. unless flying in, a winding stone trail marked with pagoda lamps takes visitors through a dense forest of bamboo and pine to the steep climb up the sheer cliffs and right to the ‘official’ main entrance. the clan has made their lair by sculpting the rocky faces with terraces, burrow holes leading into the inner sanctums, and growing welcoming vegetation all over the cliffs. on the other side, the cliff drops straight down into the maze of waterways between the ascent’s posts of rock.
the dragons inhabiting this splinter of land are practical and capable but think big and beautiful, getting through their daily tasks while having fun. many members have crafts they like to practice as well as their gathering or guarding duties, and these art objects - in particular balloons, floating lanterns, and kites - are their primary source of trade. due to a few shared interests, the clan is also home to flocks of semi-tame birds - mostly sparrows and corvids.
additionally, they are on good terms with local factions of beastclans native to the area, with members mingling and trading the clan. as such these groups of harpy, longneck, and talonok are referred to as the ‘stratus’ beastclans to other lairs in the area (much to their annoyance).


dragon shape: this marks the largest member of our clan with us, a 30ft long imperial named aurora. while the larger tunnels and entrance holes can comfortably accommodate larger dragons, the vast majority of the lair is made up of much smaller dragon breeds, over a quarter being skydancers 3 of whom are the leaders of the clan.
1, the whistling tree: the very top of the lair is taken up by a vast apple tree, whose roots and surrounding rocks have been carved to “sing”.
2, windmill pools: the large windmills draw water up from the waterways through deep shafts to the top of the lair for use elsewhere
3, mistfall: the overflow from the pools cascades dramatically over the edge of the peak and is blown into mist by the winds before it reaches the bottom
4, the coop: large, well maintained bore holes and tunnels on the back of the lair house the clans flocks of birds
5, the amphitheatre: the central island platform of the lair, with its own pool and mini forest garden, makes a perfect place for public speaking and events.
6, balloon cloud: the air above the lair is decorated with wind balloons, the largest carrying the clan symbol. all of the dragons of the lair have at least one of their own balloon work floating up there.
7, watch towers: while they may be a laid back clan, they are still sensible enough to have watch platforms sprouting from the un-terraced crags
8, entrance hall: what is considered the main entrance to the lair due to the path leading right up to it
9, the maw: far below at the bottom of the cliff is a large tunnel where large cargo and in-demand fish catches can be brought in
10, the gardens: while all of the terraces are used to grow bits and pieces, the lowest terraces are tended to as large meadow gardens
11, the climb: the steep climb up to the lair proper is paved with stones and lanterns that can guide at night, many a snapper has complained
12, crossroad bridge: this bridge crosses the small stream which separates the lair from the mainland and has other paths branching off to beastclan territories and the rest of the plateau


My new tiny 10l Tank.I call him"The Hill"

10l Optiwhite Tank
AquaEl 6W Plant LED
ADA Malaya Soil
AquaEl Decoris Quarz Sand
Pagoda Stone
2 InVitro Pot’s of Utricularia graminifolia
1 Cryptocoryne lutea “Hobbit”
CO2 from a Diffusor

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