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“Here’s a pretty unbelievable story: Laurie Holden is an actress who plays Andrea on “The Walking Dead,” but she isn’t just an actress. Holden also works as a human rights activist with a group called Operation Underground Railroad. It’s an organization run by an ex-CIA agent named Tim Ballard that works to take down unsavory human traffickers and the like. So, Holden and the group went down to Colombia to try to take down a group of men who were trafficking in underage prostitutes. Ballard, Holden and co. ingratiated themselves into this group and set up an elaborate party in an effort to catch these men in the act….” Adam Pliskin, Elite Daily 

“For months, the group put together a massive sting operation in cooperation with Colombian authorities. They each had an elaborate cover story. Ballard’s story was that he was the best man in a wedding back in the U.S. and was looking to hire several underage prostitutes for a big bachelor party in Cartagena. The cover was meant to lure the sex traffickers into a setup so that Ballard and his team could rescue the girls, many of whom were under 18. … In order for Colombian officials to prosecute the sex traffickers, they have to catch them exchanging money for the girls on tape. … Holden’s job was to “keep [the traffickers] occupied by the pool area while Ballard and the undercover officers worked to catch the traffickers on tape exchanging money.” Candace Smith and Aristides Pinedo-Burns, ABC News 

“When the traffickers agree on camera to to pimp out the underage girls and the money is exchanged, the cops move in to make the arrests.  During the ordeal Holden works with social workers to comfort the girls, who fear they’re the ones who will be in trouble and that they won’t be paid. Holden is clearly heartbroken when interviewed after the fact. But she should also be extremely proud of her work.” Ian Cervantes, Complex

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Stan Marsh: And best of all, I wrote that all the Scientologists should no longer have to pay money to belong. 

Scientology President: What? 

Stan: I realize that to really be a church, we can’t charge people for help.

President: What are you, stupid?! Then how do we make money from those people?! 

Stan: …Well, it’s not about the money. It’s about the message, right?

President: Wait a minute, whoa, whoa! You don’t actually believe this crap, do you?? Dummy! Brainwashed alien souls?? E-meters and thetan levels?? Those people out there buy that crap, and I thought YOU were smart enough to see what was really going on! 

Stan: But you said that there were–

President: What’s better than telling people a stupid story and having them believe you?!  Having them PAY you for it, stupid! 

Stan: But then, why me? Why do you need me to write something so badly?

President: Because if those people all think you’re the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, then they’ll all buy your new writings, and you and I together will make three million dollars! 

Stan: Three million dollars? 

President: That’s how the scam works! But this is a scam on a global scale! Do you fucking get me now?!

-”South Park”


1. The FIRST Operation is the EXTRACTION of the most noble and pure substance from MATTER.

2. The Matter or Subject to be DISSOLVED in Water.

3. The GENERATION has to be preceded by the PUTREFACTION, for the Philosophers say that the destruction of one thing is the Generation of another.

4. DEALBATION is necessary that the putrefied Matter may be washed and purified from all corruption and impurity. But the Philosophers say that the longer the Water remains on the surface of the Earth, the more thoroughly will the latter be washed.

5. Now follows the COAGULATION, for through the moderate warmth and boiling of our Sun, our Water has to be dried into Earth, and has thus to become a powder.

6. After this it must be calcinated, as the calcined materials are of more use in our work, than the raw ones; some Philosophers say that the calcinations is the same as the fixation, which is not badly told, because both have to go through Sublimation.

7. Besides all that you must know that the whole of our work is being perfected in one way or manner, in one vessel, and that all goes into one, and upon one, and from one.
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Eve has special plans for Valentine’s Day but they’re not for her and Flynn.


Amy Acker  as Root, PERSON OF INTEREST

WHY SHE DESERVES A NOD: We were already picking up what Acker was laying down as the mysterious Root during her first couple of seasons on POI, engaging in snarky banter with Harold and esoterically channeling Her (aka The Machine). But in Season 4 — most specifically, ever since the shootout beneath the Stock Exchange — the Whedonverse alumna took her performances to the next level, as Root traversed the stages of grieving Shaw, mostly planting a flag at Denial. As a double-fisted gun-toting Terminator, Acker gives us much to like. But put a big ol’ heart inside that stone-cold operative, and we cannot help but love.[x]

The Witch of Malleghem or the Stone Operation; The witch and her assistants prepare to cut stones of foolishness out of the heads of three victims in the foreground, around them gathers a crowd to witness the surgery; after Pieter Bruegel; fourth state with added text. 1559 Engraving
.After: Pieter Bruegel the Elder Published by: Hieronymus Cock Print made by: Pieter van der Heyden

The British Museum