stone onion

  • Onision: *Shits on 21 Pilots and tells fans to grow up*
  • Onision: *Throws a crybaby shitfit whenever anyone calls his book anything but a masterpiece*
  • Onision: *Says he's not gay and then calls himself a slur for gay people*
  • Onision: *makes fun of people with depression while claiming to have depression*
  • Onision Fans: "it's called offensive comedy lol grow up"

Blue Graphite

Blue Graphite was created by Blue Diamond, on Homeworld, a couple of hundred years after Pink Diamond was shattered. Blue Diamond took a fragment of herself and created Graphite with it, in hopes of creating a companion who she could share her grief with. Unfortunately, she lacked the ability to relate to the gems on Homeworld, from her technically not being a gem. She wasn’t part of a collective and didn’t serve any obvious purpose so she was cast aside to be babysat by the pearls and agates in Blue Diamonds court.

She lived like a wall decoration until she came across stories of Earth, one of the few planets on the maps that hadn’t been turned into a nursery completely. Although conflicted about leaving her Diamond, she craved a change of scenery, so left for Earth in secret.

When she arrived close to earth she began so pick up traces of gem energy and set a course to the source. While entering the Earths atmosphere she lost control of her ship and crashed into the ocean near beach city. She retreated back into her stone after the crash and washed up under beach city pier where her stone was found by Yellowtail, who then gave her stone to Onion.
Graphite takes a long time to reform so Onion carried her stone around for a while until he shows her to Steven and the Crystal gems who recognize her as something from Homeworld. Onion traded her over for two bags of chips and a tub of ice cream. After a long discussion the Gems decided to wait for her to reform to see if she’s a threat or not…

I’d love to hear any feed back you any have! Merci!


Steamy Fingerling Potatoes

Animals is one of those pop ups that hasn’t gone away - just like those places that have had their grand opening banner up for the last 8 years, or the ones that always have a SUPER one day sale everyday, or the places that say ‘everything must go closing soon’ since you moved in next door 3 years ago TO THE DAY.

Except, you never want Animals to close because its the most real sandwich you’ll ever have. My personal fave is the Beast along with the FINGERLING POTATOES. Lets pause - these potatoes… I don’t know about you, but when I see ‘fingerling potatoes’ on a menu, I usually throw a Peyton Manning PASS on that. I’m good, I’ll have those fingerlings when I’m forced to at my grandmas for Thanksgiving or any other dinner I’m guilted into attending.
All grandmas make them the same; you know the ones I’m talking about - uber bland, kind of wet, and always super steamy. Every time you take the damn lid off these potatoes you get blasted in the face with a steam explosion like goddamn ‘Backdraft.’ Where the hell is Kurt Russell these days???


Tip: It’s ok to get attached, they’re looking for a permanent space now.

Tip: Don’t ignore the salads like an unsophisticated goob. The brussels salad and cabbage salad would normally be easy to overlook; not here.

Tip: The potatoes are a must. One of the single best potato items I’ve ever eaten.

Tip: Get the Beast, it’s one of my favorites. Beef braised in red wine, aromatics & stone fruits with pickled onions & horseradish creme. When’s the last time you had a sandwich with aromatics? Yea, never. Don’t be basic.

Tip: One of the best bars in the city is attached; The Wayland. Same owners.

Tip: Brunch just launched and it’s dope.

Pricing: The Beast $10; Brussels salad $6; The Moxie (cocktail) $11.

When to come here: Lunch. I love it to stay because the plating and atmosphere is killer.

Where: 140 Ave C

Times: Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Phone: (212) 777- 7437