stone mural


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Genre: Smut

Synopsis: In the silence of night, till the chirping of early morning, his fingers filled the streets of Seoul with his mind. The older generations naturally referred to his work as vandalism. You saw something in it though. Wisdom, experience, and twisted genius behind his slashing of paint on brick.

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and everyone’s in love and  flowers pick themselves.

lmao theres that post with the fuck you flower arrangement and the florist who makes said arrangement for someone and clearly jake peralta owns a flowershop in a universe. some universe. its out there, i know it. anyways, theres much more that @phil-the-stone and I have cried about in this particular floweshop!au so look out for more soft pastel trash, including flower crowns and jacob peralta’s long lasting and abiding relationship with raymond holt, the officer who buys his husband flowers once a week and somehow ends up in a father-son relationship with his florist. also gets marriage advice but w/e. 

shoutout to phil for reading this a few weeks ago i added some more description just for u. *finger guns in ur direction* 

title from an ee. cummings poem i found on the “flower quotes” page of

Amy Santiago walks into Jake’s flower shop on what, in retrospect, was an unremarkable day to meet such a remarkable person. A regular, run of the mill Tuesday – two orders of first date roses, one funeral arrangement for someone’s racist great-grandfather, and a bouquet for Alvira’s 72nd birthday extravaganza. Jake is clearing up the stray clippings, brushing them off the counters and onto the floor where he can sweep them when the door opens. It’s 9 pm.

Citron, his mind whispers immediately: Sadness.

He blinks. The woman is still standing, right hand grasping the doorknob as she seems to argue with herself about the merits of entering the shop. She’s biting her lip, worrying at the skin as her eyes dart across the room, focusing on the murals and the old stone fountain and the peony cuttings littering the ground next to a haphazard pile of rose thorns. Finally they settle on Jake himself, at which point they widen as she takes a deep, steadying breath.

She opens her mouth, still standing framed inside his doorstep, but nothing comes out. Jake realizes that he’ll probably have to begin the introductions.

Lavender: Distrust.

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Here’s a time-lapse of artist Zio Ziegler painting at Cinelli HQ via Rolling Stones Magazine Italy!  That’s definitely Rock Star status! Go Zio! 




“Memory of The Land” 

Perth. Western Australia

Public 2015 Festival

“Mural “ Memory of The Land”
Created in Western Australia, Perth city. By this work I showed contrast between past and modern,
between precolonial and colonial part of australian history.On the central, highest part I create image of Banksia flower - human, that symbolize native aboriginal man, because Banksia plant has came from the earth of western Australia and continue to exist in harmony with nature. In the center of the human body there is turning wheel and running red man in it, that is symbolize non stopping heart. Heart - man has the key to the eyes of the rock - head that Banksia - man keeps above, in his left hand.
Rock - head and other stones in the mural are symbolize eternity, memory and highest spiritual mind
Lower part of the mural is symbolize modern time since colonial history began
Kangaroo - humans are symbolize modern inhabitants – new aborigines of Australia ,main interests of them are business, fashion, consuming and use of the natural environment, like all other representatives of modern consuming civilization on The Earth
In another hand Banksia man keeps flowers – skulls, that is native aboriginals souls - colonization victim..