stone labret plug


Incredibly stoked to be working with this gorgeous Namibian Sodalite this week! Intense & deep royal blue material with hints of salmon and white make for a seriously enchanting set of jewelry. The pair of 20 mm Teardrops pictured is available HERE

This is the best sodalite I’ve seen in person and I’m lucky I had the opportunity to cut it! I do have a very small amount of this material left for small plugs, single flare plugs & labrets

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A trio of 0g (8mm) Labrets from March: Namibian Sodalite, Montana Agate & Madagascar Dendritic Agate

Need some hot lip jewelry but just can’t decide what material you’d like?

Let me decide:

Claudio showing off his 5/8" ‘Gerisol Opal’ & Quartz ovals


Tiny galaxies in this 5/8" Montana Agate Labret


0g (8mm) Namibian Sodalite Labret

My last little morsel of this sweet material. I have a plethora of exciting & detailed materials available for labret & philtrum plugs, email to discuss your order today


00g (9mm) Single Flare Sodalite Plugs with matching 00g (9mm) Oval Labret for the sweetest lady!!!


5/8" (16mm) oval Hubbard’s Basin Petrified Wood labret available HERE and it’s 5/8" Brother HERE


Did you know the yellow inclusions in bloodstone are referred to as plasma?

This 00g (9mm) Bloodstone Labret is available HERE


Petrified Wood is one of my favorite materials on the planet, so many different varieties, so many colors, patterns, textures and unique formations, There’s just something so special about it for me that I can’t quite put my finger on

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5/8" (16mm) Montana Moss Agate Oval Labret

I love inclusions like this, like a little mossy island!!!

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