stone intifada


Of course what is happening today is an intifada, and there is no need to assign it a number, since popular mobilizations don’t always follow the neat logic required by some of us for whatever reason. Most of those leading the current intifada were either children or not even born when the Intifada al-Aqsa started in 2000, and almost certainly not alive when the Stone Intifada exploded in 1987. In fact many might be oblivious or completely unaware of the details of the original Intifada of 1936.
This generation grew up, oppressed, confined and unfree at complete odds with the misleading ‘peace process’ lexicon that has prolonged a strange paradox between fantasy and reality. They are protesting because they experience daily humiliation and endure the unrelenting violence of occupation.
Moreover, they feel a total sense of betrayal by their leadership, which, as was the case in 1936 are quite corrupted and coopted. So they rebel, and attempt to mobilize and sustain their rebellion as long as they can, because they have no other horizon of hope outside their own action.
So let’s not be bogged down with details, self-imposed definitions and numbers. This is a Palestinian Intifada, even if it ends today. What truly matters is that we must respond to the pleas of this oppressed generation, and refuse to assign greater importance to the safety of the armed occupier, than the rights of a burdened and oppressed nation. Written by Ramzy Baroud