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Lucille La Verne: Evil Queen Stepmother- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Eleanor Audley: Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Martha Wentworth: Madam Mim - Sword in the Stone

Pat Carroll: Ursula - The Little Mermiad

Donna Murphy: Motther Gothel - Tangled 

The 21st of September 1745 saw The Battle of Prestonpans.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s decisive defeat of the Government Army led by Sir John Cope launching the ’45 Rebellion on a course that would take the Jacobite Army deep into England.

If you recall my post on the 16th when the Jacobite army overran the redcoats at what is known as the Canter of Coltbrig, two royal dragoons regiments fled Edinburgh and met up with General Sir John Cope, the commander of the small royal force in Scotland, he had marched to Inverness with his four regiments of foot to meet the Jacobites but missed them by several days. He then brought his troops south to Dunbar by sea and met up with the dragoons. 

Cope decided to make a stand at Prestonpans and wait for Prince Charles Edward Stuart, who he knew would inevitably march to meet him in battle.  The Hanoverian defensive position was thought to be ideal, with two stone walls on their right, a bog on their left, the sea behind and a deep moat-like ditch in front.  In addition to Cope’s well armed foot soldiers and dragoons were six 1 ½ pounder galloper guns and six small mortars.  

Considering the Highlander’s “poor” weapons mismatched guns, broadswords, Lochaber axes, pitchforks… and their lack of artillery, the English Commander was quite confident. 

The Jacobite council of war quarrelled over what course to take (this bickering was to beset the entire campaign), and Lord George Murray initiated action without informing the Prince or his other advisers. 

A local man led the advancing Jacobites through the marsh via a winding track, and they charged through the morning mist at the British line. 

The British dragoons refused to obey orders to charge, and a single volley from the advancing Highlanders put them to flight. The infantry took the brunt of the Jacobite attack, and they crumpled before the fierce charge of Murray’s men.
Although the actual loss of life at Prestonpans was comparatively slight - about 300 British troops - over 1000 men and 80 officers were captured. To their credit, the Jacobites ordered that the British wounded receive the best medical care available.

The success at Prestonpans was a terrific morale-booster for the cause, and more recruits flocked to the Jacobite standard. For the moment at least, the situation looked bright for Bonnie Prince Charlie. 

Apart from Stirling and Edinburgh Castles, Scotland was in the hands of the Jacobite army.


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New altar setup! I’m so delighted to finally have a bundle of lavender, and I wanted to show off my Celtic harp instead of keeping it hidden on the ground; ta-daa! ~ I really like this color scheme / arrangement, especially since this is the first time I’ve changed it in awhile.