stone harp


New altar setup! I’m so delighted to finally have a bundle of lavender, and I wanted to show off my Celtic harp instead of keeping it hidden on the ground; ta-daa! ~ I really like this color scheme / arrangement, especially since this is the first time I’ve changed it in awhile.


I understand how it makes Fluffy sleepy.. it’s so.. relaxing

This is Nindarhmen post-trespasser, as he was as he left Skyhold

  • he wants to grow his hair back so no more cutting it
  • his Andraste staff was modified by Harritt like he asked him to
  • he wears his leather coat but got rid of the Inquisition pauldrons, gauntlets and plastron
  • he made his necklace into a brooch
  • and of course he wears the sending crystal Dorian gave him
  • if you look in his bag you’ll find his journal and (far too) many loose sheets, a quill and some ink as well as a charcoal pencil, a little knife, a vial of lyrium, a little pouch filled with elfroot, another one filled with little coloured stones, harp strings, and a map of Thedas

Seated Harp Player, 2800–2700 B.C. Marble. Cycladic. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. One Met Many Worlds on Pinterest

This work is one of the earliest of the few known representations of musicians in art of the Early Bronze Age … Such harp players likely represent significant members of their communities, serving as human repositories and communicators of their people’s history, mythology, and music in a time before writing.