stone fishing


Broadway musicals from 2013-2014 that have since closed

In 1972 biologists Colin Tayler and Graham Saayman were observing a group of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in a South African aquarium. One of them, a 6-month-old calf named Dolly, began to seek their attention by pressing feathers, stones, seaweed, and fish skins against the glass of the viewing chamber. If they ignored her she swam off and returned with a different object.

At the end of one observation session, one of the investigators blew a cloud of cigarette smoke against the glass as Dolly was looking in. “The observer was astonished when the animal immediately swam off to its mother, returned and released a mouthful of milk which engulfed her head, giving much the same effect as had the cigarette smoke,” the biologists reported. “Dolly subsequently used this behaviour as a regular device to attract attention” from the scientists!

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I feel like Viktor would be the kind of person to spit out his water in the way a fountain would and Yuuri is just off to the side watching him like 'wtf' and Viktor just mouth full of water with a pissed face turns and looks at him and says 'AM I BETTER THAN THAT STUPID STONE FISH STATUE YET?'

he’s deadass never getting over that fish statue chihoko