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Evolution Items available on Pokémon GO

Here is a list of the evolutionary items and the required candy:

Sun Stone

- Sunkern evolves into Sunflora; 50 Sunkern Candies

- Gloom evolves into Bellossom: 100 Oddish Candies

King’s Rock

- Slowpoke evolves into Slowking: 50 Slowpoke Candies

- Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed: 100 Poliwag Candies

Metal Coat

- Scyther evolves into Scizor: 50 Scyther Candies

- Onix evolves into Steelix: 50 Onix Candies

Dragon Scale

- Seadra evolves into Kingdra; 100 Horsea Candies

Up Grade

- Porygon evolves into Porygon 2; 50 Porygon Candies

Requested by @tiny-totodile

The stereotypical “ribbit” a frog makes is loud, echoing croaking sound. In fact, some frogs can be heard over a mile away. In most species, only male frogs croak, since croaking is used as a way to attract mates, protect territory, and warn others of danger.

The secret to croaking lies in their expandable vocal sack in their mouth. Frogs have larynxes and vocal chords just like humans do that emit the noise, but to make the noise loud, it uses its vocal sack. Some frogs have two vocal sacs, one on either side of its head like cheeks.

First, a frog will inhale and fill its lungs with air, and then close it’s mouth and nose and push the air into its vocal sac, filling it up. Just like puffing out your cheeks. The space in the vocal pouch then acts as a resonance chamber. The sound waves echo and bounce off of the skin, and as they bounce around the sound waves can combine, making the croaking louder and louder.

Each species of frog has a unique croak, so they can attract the right kind of mate. Interestingly, though, populations within the same species can have different “accents” or “dialects” of croaks, depending where they live. 

Some frogs are able to croak underwater, and others, usually frogs that live near loud running water, croak in ultrasonic frequencies. Concave-eared Torrent frogs, for example, live near rushing water. Humans can’t hear their croaks, and they wouldn’t be able to over the running water anyways, but other concave-eared torrent frogs can pick up the ultrasonic frequencies.

Politoed pushes air into its vocal sac, expanding its throat. The sound it makes then bounces around in the cavity, combining and becoming louder.

Politoed is quite different from Poliwag’s other final form, Poliwrath. Poliwrath evolves with a water stone, and Politoed evolves from being traded with a King’s Rock. Frogs are one of the few animals in our world that do “evolve” like pokémon, through metamorphosis.

As we’ve talked about in our evolution tag, stones cause evolution by reacting with cells in the pokémon, triggering this metamorphosis to happen. Poliwhirl has two options for metamorphosis, so it has two different kinds of cell receptors corresponding to each evolution. Whichever one that is triggered, the water stone of the King’s rock, is the metamorphosis that happens.

Poliwhirl has two options for evolution, Politoed and Poliwrath. It has different cell receptors corresponding to each evolution, and the one that is triggered is the one that happens.

playing pokemon moon

yeah cause people interfering with the natural and unnatural laws of the pokemon world has worked out so well, hasn’t it.




not to mention all the other things that have happened that i don’t have the full details on like; teams aqua and magma, galactic, plasma, flare and what they were doing. reviving an old pokemon and modifying it with a lazer cannon on its back, something from x and y about a giant doomsday weapon that destroys life and grants immortality. other things that have happened in the anime and other movies (there was a war!) and that guy that created a machine that made SOLID HOLOGRAMS OF POKEMON. and some things don’t even need to be interfered with because its already nuts like how deoxys is a freaking ALIEN SPACE VIRUS that MUTATED INTO A LIVING CREATURE. at this rate whats next huh we got the ultra beasts now and who knows what that will bring in the future so whats next huh space pokemon, a pokemon X-form, pikachu has a normal evolve form then a stone evolve form, pokemon breeding that makes new pokemon like say a fire type breeds with a tauros to make a fire-bull pokemon, pokemon fusing , humans becoming or fusing with pokemon (cause i heard of a theory like this). come on, whats next, bring it on, what can you do now, cause anything could now happen right, come on, bring it!


we interrupt this rant for new information. at the time of this play-through of the game these were my thoughts at the time and we now bring you the sequel to these thoughts by cutting to weeks later also far warning to our viewers, spoilers


anonymous asked:

Since in your bios, you tend to mention that certain pokemon have alternate ways of evolving when being owned by trainers, (I.E. pokemon can evolve from their environment naturally, but trainers can use stones) I'd thought I'd come up with some evolutionary items for the hybrid eeveelutions.

That’s an awesome idea!

(2/9)  First we have the eclipse shard. Much like the sun and moon shards found near Orre, this item can evolve Eevee into Soluneon without the need of an actual eclipse. Trainers tend to find this item more useful than its relatives since waiting for an eclipse to get a soluneon is more of an ordeal than training at day or night.

Tying into the Sun and Moon Shards was a really great idea (from the Pokemon XD game, in case someone’s not familiar with them). And Eclipse Shard rolls off the tongue nicely. [Soluneon]

(3/9) Next we have the frozen moss. This item tends to grow near moss rocks in winter, and ice rocks in summer. Although botanists have found ways to sample and grow it for those who want a Tundreon.

A cool hybrid of the Ice and Moss Rock! That fits well, especially considering Tundreon’s inspiration and the Eeveelutions it was based off of. [Tundreon]

(Though I gotta say, now that the Ice Stone has been introduced, I really wish they retconned it so you could evolve Eevee with a Leaf Stone to get Leafon or the Ice Stone to get Glaceon.)

(4/9)  Next we have stones with the mossy or icy effect. These are regular fire, thunder, or water stones that have been mined near moss rock and ice rock, and have a bit of residue that helps trigger a second grass or ice typing. Such as Thermeon needing an icy fire stone, or Kelpeon needing a mossy water stone.

Cool idea! That would work for Kindleon and Floeon too, I’d imagine?[Thermeon | Kelpeon]

(5/9)  While not that popular, soll crystal and lunn crystals have the ability to boost psychic, and dark type moves respectively. However, they also have the ability of influencing a second type onto Eevees that are being amie-trained. A good example of this is Unseelieon being the evolved form of an Eevee amie-trained holding a lunn crystal.

That’s a neat idea. Would holding both produce a Soluneon, even though it’s not amie-dependent? Not that Pokemon can hold more than one item at a time anyway. Love the name for those; there was a second where I went: wait, are those an actual thing in the games?  [Unseeleon]

(6/9)  There are other items that help influence an Eevee’s amie-training. One of these is a magi-roze. This item tends to pop up when the area around a lush forest or moss rock is in good condition. They an then be picked and grown at home, and using them on pokemon can help with contests. An Eevee holding this and has reached a good bond with its trainer will evolve into Floreon.

I really like the connection to contests here. Items that assist amie training is a smart idea! [Floreon]

(7/9)  Scientists have discovered that melding stones together can lead to the result of a duo type evolution. Unfortunately, they’re only willing to test it on Eevee. One of these fused stones is the eclipse shard talked about earlier. Another is the plasma stone that can make Eevee evolve into Plasmeon. The wintergreen stone, contrary to belief, doesn,t evolve Eevee into Tundreon however.

That’s interesting; with so much genetic variety it makes sense that Eevee would be a sort of guinea pig. And hey, if they ever change it so Glaceon and Leafon can use the Ice/Leaf stone to evolve, maybe the Wintergreen Stone would work then! [Plasmeon]

(8/9)  Other stones scientists have experimented with are the psychic-fire flare stone, the fire-dark doom stone, the fire-water vapor stone, the water-dark depth stone for Lureon, the water-psychic fountain stone, the water-electric hurricane stone, the eclectric-psychic magnet stone, and the electric-dark storm stone.

There’s at least two upcoming Dual-Type Eeveelutions that would benefit from some of these stones! [Lureon]

(9/9) Our last item for right now is the shadeshroom. These mysterious spores grow in dense forests at night and when an Eevee is holding one, training them at night time will release a special effect allowing them to evolve into the dark-grass type dubbed Sporeon.

The Shadeshroom sounds very appropriate! [Sporeon]

These were all really interesting, thanks for sharing your ideas!

Meanwhile in Kalos
  • Clemont: *answers phone* Ash it is 3am why are you calling me
  • Ash: HEY CLEMONT! I'm sorry to call so late (well late for you) but I need help with this Evolution Stone question, what's the stone Misdreavous uses to evolve?
  • Clemont: Dusk stone and Ash you can't keep calling me everytine you need help with homework, you need to learn how to answer this stuff on your own
  • Ash: Yeah you're right.... But okay just ONE MORE QUESTION
  • Clemont: sighhhh

Oh Great. You’re in Ubers? And you’re Mega Evolved? Why? Mega Evolution is just a cheap tactic to make weak Pokemon stronger.

And I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you~

You only beat me because you’re a mega!  If I had a Mega evolution I’d…

ORAS, Listen. Give me a Mega! How long have they kept the fans waiting for you to finally be announced?

These Pokemon…they’re traitors to their original games! They kept you in production…teased the fans with references of you!

[Maniacal laughter ensues]

[Maniacal laughter continues]

I’m done being the butt of all Pokemon jokes…Now you’re a joke! And the fandom will never let you go!

Astrological Birthstones and Their Metaphysical Properties

Zodiac Birthstones not only balance negative aspects of the signs but brings out their best characteristics. All of this information comes from Love is in the Earth by Melody. These are just a few of many; if you are interested in learning more feel free to ask!

Aries: Bloodstone - “Stone of Courage”, a variety of quartz, this stone can be red or green and has intense healing properties, it is associated with the Heart or Anahata Chakra; it helps center and ground the heart, re-align the body’s energy, and overcome anxiety. This is Aries’ stone as it balances their raw energy and fire, bringing them adaptability, decisiveness, and aids them in overcoming the selfishness that Aries, the first sign, ruler of the House of Self, may feel.

Taurus: Rose Quartz - “Stone of Gentle Love”, its color can vary from a soft pink to a golden-white, it has a very gentle energy and is associated with the Heart Chakra, Anahata, and Crown Chakra, Sahasrana; it promotes feelings of love, especially self-love, and emits a soft, calm energy, providing anyone who holds or wears it with patience and a clear and open mind. The stone of love will help Taurus, ruled by the planet of love, with their obstinate nature, insensitivity, and feelings of insecurity while bringing out their good characteristics: patience, loyalty, and calm.

Gemini: Agate - “Stone of Balance”, can be many different colors: red, green, yellow, etc; it has a stabilizing and cleansing effect on the wearer, balancing yin-yang energy as well as the physical, emotional, and intellectual states of the body. Agate also helps the wearer develop decisiveness, which is important for vacillating Gemini, as well as other analytical capabilities and eloquence, tied to Gemini’s ruler: Mercury, planet of the mind.

Cancer: Moonstone - “Stone of Beginnings and Ends”, a white, milky color, Moonstone is balancing and gentle, the wearer will feel calm, introspective, and reflective - qualities typical to Cancer; it opens the wearer to what they need from the universe, assisting in handling change, cycles, beginnings and ends. It also cleanses the chakras. Cancer, known for intense emotions, will be able to sort through their feelings with the assistance of this stone, even experiencing moments of intuition due to its strength and feeling composed though emotions are running high.

Leo: Carnelian - “Stone of Familial Love”, red or orange, it is a protective stone that dispels apathy, indolence, envy, fear, rage, and sorrow from around the holder and within them. Carnelian enhances the wearer’s perceptions, opening their eyes to their own emotional state, the self, and how others perceive them which is important for self-centered Leo. Its powers center around the home, a key part of any Leo’s life: it balances the energies within the home and promotes love within it. Carnelian drives the holder to act, to take initiative, Leo’s strong suit, and increases their creativity and compassion.

Virgo: Zircon - “Stone of Virtue”, it may be clear, red, green, yellow, and grey; it intensifies properties of the first, third, and fourth chakras. This stone truly promotes qualities tied with Virgo: it strengthens unions of all forms (physical, mental, emotional, etc), increases perseverance in all endeavors, constancy, and purity. Zircon will help Virgo recognize that it is alright to be imperfect, to see the beauty of it, and ease their nerves as well as remind them of the bigger picture, as they can become so caught up in the details.

Libra: Lepidolite - “Stone of Transition”, colored pink, purple, yellow, grey, and white; it can activate the Throat, Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown chakras. Lepidolite heightens awareness, reduces stress, and alleviates despondency. This stone can evolve lesser energy into positive, fully-fledged energy. Its title helps through situations of change and variability in life and can assist one change their old habits by allowing for smooth transitions. Lepidolite enhances Libra’s already strong diplomatic and balancing abilities. It can ease their indecisiveness and indolence.

Scorpio: Ruby - “Stone of Nobility”, red or pink, this stone stimulates the Heart chakra, Anahata. Ruby is truly Scorpios stone, protecting those of this intuitive, almost psychic, Sign from psychic attack. It stimulates the loving, emotional side toward nurturing, which is good for Scorpios who can sometimes be insulting or intolerant, as well as encouraging gentleness when arguing, an issue for hotheaded and vindictive Scorpio. It also enables the wearer to rise above negative feelings such as anguish, distress, and other forms of suffering and recognize that these are not innate aspects of life.

Sagittarius: Topaz - “Stone of Success”, the color range includes pink, yellow, red, and green; it is also called the “Stone of True Love”. It promotes Sagittarian qualities such as individuality, creativity, and confidence. It inspires the holder to trust in their own decisions, replaces negative energy and emotions with positive ones, and enables the release of annoyances and doubts. Its energy acts through the powers of attraction and manifestation. Sagittarians can blunder along in life but this stone will help them see the big picture while still seeing even the smallest connections and details.

Capricorn: Garnet - “Stone of Health”, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, black, extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes that energy to a beneficial state. It helps one change the world around them by bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation, what hardworking and realistic Capricorn may need. It allows one to recognize their responsibilities and approach them with patience. It is also called the “Stone of Commitment”, referring to commitments to purposes, others, and to oneself. It empowers the wearer to express warmth and understanding, which may be hard for Capricorn.

Aquarius: Amethyst - “Stone of Spirituality”, purple or lavender, stimulates Throat and Heart chakras while also calming them. It is also called the “Stone of Contentment” and “Stone of Metamorphosis”, Amethyst facilitates the transmutation of lower energy to higher, as well as stabilizing and transmuting dysfunctional energies within the body. It balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies which can give airy Aquarius a solid and supportive base. It enhances cooperation, flexibility, and soothes the temperament, much like an Aquarian. It also assists in the formation of new thoughts and ideas.

Pisces: Aquamarine - “Stone of Valor”, light blue to green, stimulates and cleanses the Throat chakra. It enhances one’s ability for rapid intellectual response and accelerates intellectual reasoning process, which is fantastic for deep-feeling Pisces who may feel and subsequently act before thinking. It also shields and protects the wearer, also important for this sensitive Sign. This stone emits a gentle and passionate energy, promoting tolerance, and inspires humanitarian feelings, all very Piscean qualities.

”As You Wish, Child” - Dragon Age: Inquisition

“Flat Ear?” Mihris doesn’t know who she’s messing with. She got lucky I didn’t do anything about this.

This is the part where I ruin my own joke: Solas, at the time, probably couldn’t perform this feat even if he tried. He was probably still too weak from his hibernation. I also assume his “turn-whoever-he-feels-like-into-stone” powers evolved out of having the soul of Mythal (and an Old God, in my game). So when he’s just Solas, he probably couldn’t do this.


tips for completing the pokedex form someone who has all 300 registered
  • there is only one (1) sun stone, moon stone, dusk stone, ice stone, and kings rock in each game. two different pokemon in the pokedex evolve from these items (lilligant/whimsicott, clefable/wigglytuff, honchcrow/mismagius, vulpix/sandshrew, slowking/politoed). planning ahead with a friend who has the other copy of the game is advised, as well as pokemon pelago
  • my persona favorite level up spots were all close to the battle tree and poni meadow
  • if you dont have the lucky egg, get it (talk to kukui after 50)
  • in certain spots, fishing spots begin to ripple. if you fish in these spots, rarer pokemon are more likely to appear. these spots fade after your encounter something with the rod, or you run too fast into them. they respawn if you leave the area and re-enter (this is for chinchou, corsola/mareanie, shellder, febbas, alomomola, relicanth, dhelmise, dratini, and sharpedo)
  • zygarde and oricorio’s different forms dont count as different pokemon
  • there are a lot of dratini fishing spots, but the best dratini fishing spot is in the poni meadow’s entrance
  • a number of pokemon can only be found in sos chain battles. these include kangaskhan (cubone), sableye (carbink), and mareanie (corsola)
  • in addition, certain pokemon can only be summoned in sos battles under certain weather conditions (gabite in the desert and sandstorm, vanillite in the ice mountain’s hail, goomy in route 17′s rain, and castform which can appear from any of these) politoed can also be found using this method, if your kings rock is used up.
  • if you dont feel like evolving certain pokemon with friendship, this method can be used to find the evolved forms of pokemon like clefairy, jigglypuff, and golbat
  • get the free munchlax while you can, it is only found inn sos battles in the wild
  • get the rare happiny in a trade for pancham with a girl in malie city’s sushi roller. the oval stone item needed to evolve it is hidden directly near the southeast of the breeding ranch.
  • the most effective happiness evolution strategy (for me) was to get the EV berries on the route west of malie city, grow them in pelago, and feed them to my friendship pokemon. a harvest of the berries produces around 9 berries a batch. the berries are the hondew, tamato, kelpsy, grepa, pomeg, and qualot berries.
  • use! luxury balls!
  • the tm trick doesn’t work (or didnt for me)
  • if you dont want to trade with a friend for specific evolutions and arent really attached to the pokemon, offer it up on gts and ask for the exact pokemon you are offering (kadabra for kadabra). this works for the entries of gengar, machamp, alakazam, golem, and trevenant 
  • breeding in this game is exeedingly fast. the following pokemon can only be found through breeding: carvanha, shellos, snubbull, gible, and vanillite
  • you can get the oval charm by fighting game freak morimoto in heahea city. it causes eggs to be produced faster, and unlike in the other games, seeing every pokemon in the dex is unneeded. as a bonus, this fight is daily and is an excellent exp suppilant
  • also, breeding extra copies of your game’s fossils is recommended to pass to your friends, and breeding extra eevees, due to the low encounter rate of them in the wild
  • scizor’s metal coat can only be found on magnemites. evolve a butterfree with thief and steel one from the magnemites in an sos chain battle
  • weaville’s razor claw is worse, arguably making weaville one of the hardest pokemon to catch in the game. it is only found on wild jangmo-o family pokemon, who have a 5% encounter rate and whose level is exceedingly high. for this battle, i recommend leading with tapu koko, teaching it false swipe and thief, and chain battling through it, since jangmo-o’s moves don’t affect it. for better results, switch to butterfree when there is only one jangmo-o and switch back out after another hakamo-o is summoned, in order to activate butterfree’s compundeyes

if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. happy pokemon hunting!

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 14: Wetlands

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypotheticalthinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Let me take one quick second to thank you all for the love and support as I have finally reached 400 followers! It makes me so amazingly proud and happy to know that people enjoy my work, and I have made some really cool friends thanks to these posts. You guys are the best! <3

In regards to water oriented biomes we’ve already covered a few. However, there are still many aquatic biomes to address and discuss. Our “big blue marble” is blue because of water, and with such a diversity of species found in all underwater environments, it makes sense that there is a lot to go over in relation to which Pokémon live in which aquatic environments, and with water types being the most common type of Pokémon, it makes it a bit easier to filter out all of the possibilities.

For the fourteenth Pokémon in our Biomes post, we will be focusing on another aquatic biome; wetlands

Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year. Supporting both aquatic and terrestrial species, wetlands are divided into four major categories: marshes, which support emergent soft-stemmed plants adapted to saturated soil conditions like grasses, swamps, which are wetlands dominated by woody plants, bogs, which are characterized spongy peat deposits and acidic water, and fens, which are a lot like bogs, but receive their main source of nutrients from drainage in the soil or through underwater movement. I was going to focus only on marshes and swamps, but all of the wetlands are so similar I figured why not just do them all together? Also, I mentioned before here that there are still a number of aquatic biomes I need to focus on, so you may see some Pokémon repeated, which I apologize for. However, I promise that if any Pokémon are repeated, they will be focused on from a different perspective.

I am especially excited to work on this post, as I have many fond memories of going to the swamp by my old house when I was a kid and catching all kinds of critters. The diversity in these biomes truly is amazing. In Canada, there is about 1.5 million square kilometers of wetlands, which is about a quarter of all the world’s wetlands.

Let’s get started!

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i drew this like. three months ago. i always draw things but never post them. anyway i keep thinking about a pokemon au lately

So if Celica auto-promoted before she learned Ragnarok, I’m just like…fucked on that, right? She’ll just never learn it? Ughhh this is what I get for trying to mostly figure things out myself on the first run instead of reading the walkthroughs, and trying not to excessively level-grind…


Ok, Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU I’ve been thinking about since episode 3, where everyone gets at least one ice type in their teams because ice skaters, and the action is more focused on Pokemon Contests than battles.


  • His family raises Swinubs because of their ability of occasionally finding hot springs while rooting for food
  • Yuuri’s family believes that the reason their hot springs still prospers while all the others in the region closed is due to Yuuri’s Snorunt
  • Yuuri rarely catches Pokemon in the traditional way, most of his team are Pokemon he befriended that decided willingly to go inside the Pokeball. He is a very caring trainer and a natural at dealing with Pokemon, but he is still very insecure in his own abilities
  • He is not the biggest fan of battling because he doesn’t want his Pokemon getting hurt, but he still engages in it because some of his Pokemon like it and he wants them to be happy. It’s his biggest shortcoming when it comes to Contests
  • Yuuri was inspired to become a pro Coordinator by watching Victor’s performances when he was young. He also took a liking to Furfrous and started raising and training one of his own (Vicchan) to be his main contester
  • He did terribly at his Grand Festival run because, shortly before it happened, Vicchan passed away due to illness 


  • A legendary Top Coordinator who started very young and won the Grand Festival in multiple regions. He also remains the undefeated Pokemon League Champion for five years and counting
  • Has a competition-retired Furfrou (Makkachin) that he now keeps as a pet
  • He mostly keeps League battles and Contests separate but some of his Pokemon double for both (like his Ninetales)
  • As a coordinator, Victor likes to surprise the audiences by using his Pokemon in unexpected ways instead of going for the obvious 
  • Has grown dispassionate with both battles and Contests and starts considering dropping out of the circuit all-together and go traveling with his Pokemon
  • He watches a video of Yuuri and his Pokemon doing one of Victor’s routines with his Ninetales and decides to retire from competing in Contests to coach Yuuri instead and make him and his Pokemon win the next Grand Festival
  • Victor gifts Yuuri with a Dawn Stone to evolve his Snorunt into a Froslass, which would become one of Yuuri’s main Pokemon in the upcoming competition


  • His entire team consists of cat Pokemon
  • Yurio enjoys battling more than Contests but he has a natural talent as a Coordinator. He was scouted by Yakov when he was young and has been training as a Coordinator under him, but he often skips on training to go challenge random people to battle
  • He met Victor through Yakov and quickly decided he would be his rival. Victor calls Yurio “little Litten”, much to Yurio’s annoyance
  • Victor is his goal, both as a Coordinator and a Trainer. He wishes to end his reign as the Pokemon Champion and is actively collecting Gym Badges during Contest off-season so he’ll be able to challenge him
  • During Contests, Yurio tends to focus on showing off his Pokemon’s strength and power and his routines tend to be very showy but also sometimes reckless
  • When Yurio was young he made Victor promise to choreograph a routine for one of his Pokemon for Yurio’s debut at the Grand Festival. When he finds out Victor decided to mentor Yuuri instead he challenges Yuuri
  • After being defeated by Yuuri, he decides to take Contests more seriously and makes it his goal to beat Yuuri at the Grand Festival

Since the announcement of Gen VII means that my Sailor Moon x Pokemon team post will need updating, Pokemon Go has inspired me to come up with Gen I-only headcanon teams for the Sailor Guardians. It was very fun and challenging! Hopefully they make sense enough just looking at them, but you can also read my reasoning below.

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