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WCW Saturday Night ½/1993 (Three WWF Heavyweight Champions Edition):  The Hollywood Blonde’s egg has been fertilized by it’s own semen as Pillman and Austin state their desire to win the tag belts.  In  a few months they will have both attained greatness - as visible in the tumblr avatar for this webpage.

How Attitude Era Destroyed Professional Wrestling

Like so many people, the Attitude Era is what brought me into the world of professional wrestling. To that point it wasn’t exciting to me. It was just a bunch of giant weird men staggering around in a ring.

I’m now positive that I was a stupid child. The Attitude Era may have allowed the business to reach heights they’d never dreamed of(except for maybe Vince), but it also left professional wrestling in it’s wake while pushing “sports entertainment” ahead.

I’m not going to take anything away from the talent because I’d be a fool to say that Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, or anyone else who made their name in the mid-nineties, isn’t great.

However, with the change in production and the way stories are now told we don’t see wrestling matches any more. We see segments. It may look like they are wrestling, but don’t be fooled like I was.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been watch a lot of work from the 80’s and early 90’s, and not on the WWE Network because I’m not a magician, and I think that’s what it takes to watch the On Demand stuff right now. The story lines were a bit “passé” as Vinny Mac liked to call it, but the matches were fantastic. One of the things that made them so good though, was the fact that they could go 20 minutes on an hour program.

The Attitude Era introduced ADD wrestling. It wasn’t about having the best matches anymore. It was about having the best matches in quarter hour ratings windows. The Monday Night War forced each companies hand to do whatever they could to get guys in and out of the ring, because if you don’t like Val Venis vs. Mankind, then maybe in a few minutes you’ll like Ken Shamrock vs.  Ahmed Johnson.

Now with three hours of television, Monday Night Raw had seven matches this past week, plus Hulk Hogan’s return and Taker’s returns. If you take away the 90 minutes of commercials, 15 minutes from Hogan’s opening, and 15 minutes for the Taker-Lesnar Confrontation we get left with left with 60 minutes. Divided 7 ways that’s 9 minutes per match, not including the time used for entrances.

To make matters worse the live crowds don’t get much more than we do by  seeing the the full matches in person, as viewers are getting short changed, because they aren’t even matches anyone wants to see.

In the 80’s if you were going to pay to see a match, then you were going to see Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Magnum TA, Dusty Rhodes, the Road Warriors, Ricky Steamboat, or The Macho Man.

Not a match no one is interested in like Batista and Del Rio. This isn’t a knock on either of them because I think both don’t often get credit they deserve, but when the crowd chants regularly for someone that isn’t in the ring, it’s time to sit down at creative and have a talk.

It’s time they realize “good enough” is not good enough, and may be if they do then less people will hate wrestling.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

Hometown: Victoria, Texas

Billed Weight: 252lb

WCW Debut: May 1991

WWE Debut: January 1996

Retired: March 2003

Nickname(s): The Texas Rattlesnake, The Bionic Redneck, The Ringmaster

Signature Move: Stone Cold Stunner

Championships & Accomplishments

WWE Champion(x6)

WWE Intercontinental Champion(x2)

World Tag Team Champion(x4) [w/Shawn Michaels(x1), Dude Love(x1), Undertaker(x1), Triple H(x1)]

WCW United States Champion(x2)

WCW Television Champion(x2)

WCW World Tag Team Champion(x1) [w/Brian Pillman(x1)]

NWA World Tag Team Champion(x1) [w/Brian Pillman(x1)]

1996 King Of The Ring Winner

1997 Royal Rumble Winner

1998 Royal Rumble Winner

2001 Royal Rumble Winner

WWE Hall Of Famer(Class Of 2009)