stone cold metal

“Stone Cold Crazy” by Robin Zander and Steve Stevens (Queen song)

Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning
I was dreaming I was Al Capone
There’s a rumour going round, gotta clear outta town
I’m smelling like a dry fish bone
Here come the Law, gonna break down the door, 
Gonna carry me away once more
Never, never, never get it any more
Gotta get away from this stone cold floor
Stone cold crazy, you know 

This is a really cool cover from the singer of Cheap Trick and the guitarist of Billy Idol’s band. And it has a great extended outro solo. 

Imagine that you awake on a stone cold metallic table,...

Imagine that you awake on a stone cold metallic table, surrounded by several people in lab coats and surgical masks. With your arms restrained and your mouth gagged. You can only whimper in fear as you hear one of them call you “The perfect male specimen for this experiment.”. Little do you know while you were out cold not only were your clothes removed but they had already toyed with your body and are waiting for the results.

Slowly your stomach begins to swell along with your pecs that begin to form into large plump breasts. Letting out a muffled moan your cock twitches from arousal, though you still silently grow concerned once you can feel the squirming growing life in your stomach that continues to grow until you look full term with triplets. With your water breaking a moment later, you have no choice but to push…

she saw glowing and followed the light,
and danced with fluttering wings
and neon blues,
like a princess who was locked up in the stone tower for too long,
only she was a princess locked up under stone-cold metal floors,
beneath the feet of those who see her eyes and think:
sin, mistake, death to everyone she loves. 

the freezing metal lifts,
she sees familiar brown eyes smiling down at her,
as if somewhere, somehow the world is made for her,
and if this one doesn’t embrace her,
he’s willing to build another.

and she picks up a sword,
in the world he built for her with his blood and a bullet,
and she damns the ground,
and falls in love with it.

she picks up a sword and looks into his eyes,
the eyes of the only home she’s ever known,
the eyes of the rebel,
her own reflection,
and leaves because they ‘will meet again’.

this world that he built for her,
it leads with blind eyes and embraces with spiked arms,
but it’s home. 
because it has him.
—  blind eyes and spiked arms | j r e f
tears of blood

it’s three in the morning, and jimin is shouting again, always shouting, his voice ripping throughout the apartment like a siren, leaking through the thin walls for all the neighbors to hear in glorious high definition volume.

what is a private life anyway, when everyone within a five mile radius can hear every little detail regarding their personal affairs?

courtesy of one park jimin’s voice.

and like the water glass he throws against the wall, tiny, sparkling shards tinkling across the linoleum kitchen floors, the silence and peace of the night is shattered, and yoongi can feel the oncoming migraine steadily pounding behind his temples.

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redace93  asked:

You are the reason I got into Dokken. About a year ago you posted the song Lightning Strikes Again in your soundtrack section. From then on I've been a fan. When did you start rockin with Dokken?

Actually, not that long ago. 2009-ish? 

I included ‘Kiss of Death’ as the intro to Episode #9: Dragon Age: Origins in late ‘09, and that was just shortly after I had first begun to delve into the band. My introduction, incidentally, was the ‘Stone Cold Metal’ compilation from WWF. I assumed it was compiled by some random lackie of Vince McMahon’s, but - as Steve Austin later explained on his podcast - he is actually a massive Dokken fan, and hand-picked them to be on the record. 

…and with that, my respect for Stone Cold Steve Austin easily quintupled.