stone chariot

The “Stone Chariot”, as it is often referred is the flagship tourist attraction of Hampi. This is not a chariot ,as the name suggests, rather a shrine built like a chariot. This is located inside the Vittala Temple campus.

LWA Drabble

There’s a taste in the back of Chariot’s mouth when she sees Croix for the first time in ten years. It’s bitter and acrid, but not unknown.

Failure was something she was intimately familiar with.

Akko’s smile is nothing short of blinding as she introduces them to each other, and Chariot can barely manage a smile back as aqua eyes bore into her like twin drills. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of her face, hastily wiped away when Akko’s gaze turns back to Croix, whose eyes are taunting.

Her stomach is churning, the urge to throw up growing ever stronger.

“Professor Ursula? Are you alright?” Akko’s voice is laced with concern. “You look rather pale.”

“I’m fine, Akko.”

She really isn’t.

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Chariots of the Gods (1970)

Documentary based on the books of Erich Von Daniken concerning the ancient mysteries of the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, ancient cave drawings, the monuments of Easter Island, etc. and the fact that these things and modern civilization could have been influenced by extraterrestrial visitations thousands of years ago.

Also available on Netflix.


Transcend Erbluhen Emotion to Unlock New Powers And Get Ready For a Fun Valentine’s Dungeon Race!

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akilice  asked:

“Wow - you look… amazing.” with Charoix? ;)

“Wow- You look… amazing” said Croix, her eyes shining with pure adoration.

Chariot smiled bashfully, the comment making her cheeks turn a light shade of pink. That didn’t stop her from walking towards her girlfriend with confidence and grace, her beautiful, red dress hugging her perfect curves tightly. The more Croix looked at the mesmerizing woman before her, the harder it was to breath. Chariot was just too beautiful, rendering the wonderful Croix Meridies, unable to handle the presence of such a goddess, as impressed and nervous as a school girl about to confess her feelings. And to say that they had been dating for six months already…

Reaching the purple haired witch, Chariot tiptoed and lightly kissed her lover’s cheek, making Croix blush a deep red. The redhead giggled at the sight before returning the compliment :

“You look beautiful as well, Croix. This suit was really made for you.”

Croix smiled, her cheeks still a bit red. She took a long time to chose her outfit, so it made her happy that Chariot liked the blue and black tuxedo she decided to wear for the party.

Taking her partner’s arm, Chariot led her girlfriend towards the ballroom. Croix tried to regain her composure before the doors opened : there was no way she would appear less than perfect tonight. Taking a deep breath, she entered the room with her most charming smile.

Chariot and Croix danced a few times, talked to some people, tried the different wines offered to the guests -Croix drinking a bit more than she usually would, trying to find courage in the beverage- before they finally decided to take a break and go on one of the balconies to breath in some fresh air. Croix started to feel nervous : it was the perfect time to ask her, right here, under the moonlight her girlfriend loved so much, after a nice party where they had a lot of fun, dancing together for the first time. But how should she raise the question ? She didn’t have a big show prepared, it was Chariot’s specialty after all, but she couldn’t just drop on one knee, take the ring out of her pocket and ask the redhead to marry her out of the blue, could she ?

Feeling that something was amiss with her girlfriend, Chariot turned to the purple haired witch and asked her, worry filling her voice :

“Croix, are you alright ?”

Said Croix was so lost in thoughts that Chariot’s question almost made her jump out of her skin. Taking a deep breath to try -and fail- to calm her rapid heartbeat, the tech-witch turned to her lover. She didn’t want Chariot to worry about her, but the only way to reassure her about Croix’s state was to tell her what worried the elder of the two.

Straightening her stance, Croix started with a strong voice :

“Chariot, there’s something I need to tell you. We’ve known each other for a long time and I have been hurting you for most of it. I’ve changed now, I tried to become a better person so I could be with you, I swore I would never hurt you again because I love you and I want you to be happy. For some reason, it seems that my presence brings you joy, even though I’ve done so many terrible things in the past.”

The more Croix spoke, the softer her voice became. Chariot wanted to stop her, to reassure her girlfriend about her feelings and remind the purple-haired beauty that she had changed and was no longer the cruel witch that tried to kill her and her favourite student a few years ago. But before Chariot could say anything, Croix started to talk again, voice this time filled with love and wonder :

“But you know what hasn’t changed ? You. You’re still this strong, loving girl I met in Luna Nova all those years ago. I’ve hurt you so much, I destroyed your dream, but the fire in your eyes is still there, still strong, even greater than before. You are the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing woman I ever met, Chariot. And for all those reasons, there is one question I need to ask you tonight.”

Dropping to one knee while putting a hand in her jacket’s pocket, Croix pulled out a little box. Understanding what was happening, Chariot gasped and brought her hands to her mouth, tears already filling her eyes. Opening the jewel box, Croix revealed a simple, yet beautiful ring made of white gold and set with amethysts, sapphires and rubies, the gems forming a constellation, the one that drove the two lovers apart for so many years before reuniting them again : Ursa Major, the Big Dipper, the Seven Stars that gave its power to Claiomh Solais. For a second, Chariot thought it was a dream until Croix’s voice reached her ears, loud and clear, more real than the solid stone beneath Chariot’s feet.

“Chariot Dunord, will you marry me ?”

With a sob, Chariot dropped to her knees and threw herself at Croix’s neck, repeating her answer over and over again :

“Yes, yes, yes !”

Croix felt a few tears spill down her cheeks. She had never felt so happy before. She hugged Chariot tightly for a few seconds, trying to convey her happiness to her fiancée -her fiancée !- before releasing the redhead, putting just enough distance between them to put the ring on Chariot’s ring finger. Then, the two women just looked at each other, love filling their eyes, before leaning in and bringing their lips together, sharing their first kiss as fiancées.

Chariot was amazing in many ways, but Croix had at least one thing for her : she was, without a doubt, the luckiest and happiest person on Earth.


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Today’s Tarot of the Day card is:

The Chariot


Number: VII
Numerological Link: The Tower, XVI
Astrological Sign: Cancer, The Crab
Element: Water
Hebrew Letter: Heth (Chet, Cheth), Symbol: Fence/enclosure, Meaning: Guidance
Tree of Life Pathway: Eighth, between Geburah and Binah
Chakra: Throat, for truth
Key Meanings: Determination, victory, and a journey


The card is actually one of my favorite cards because I feel a strong connection to it. The Chariot and The Tower are my two birth cards (you can find yours using numerology or an online source).


Card Description:
The man in this card is a Traveller who is standing in a strong stone Chariot with an open canopy of six-pointed stars, which represent celestial influences. The crescent moons on the man’s shoulders are face outward to symbolize the formative world. The laurel and star crown indicate the highest attainment of man in spiritual evolution. The symbols on his tunic are alchemical symbols, representing the spiritual transformation of man, the square signifies earth, a sign of strength of will.
With the city and its river behind him it appears he is about to move on with determination and self-control for a successful journey. His current concerns are material and practical rather than mystical, but he still has some awareness of the mystical world according to the stars on his canopy and astrological symbols on his belt. The Chariot card contains many symbols from all the former cards 0-VI. For instance, the two sphinxes, one black and the other white, are the same as the pillars of The High Priestess card. This tells us that the man in this card has mastered the valence between looking within and listening to his intuition, and then acting on that in the material world. He holds the same wand as The Magician, showing that he has control through the strength of will. He echoes the youth of The Fool, the starry crown of The Empress, the stone Chariot of The Emperor’s throne, the landscape is like that of The Lovers, and the pillars of the Chariot are like the pillars of The Hierophant.

Number: VII is the number of unification as it is mirrored in the seven days of the week, the days of the creation of the universe, and the classical wisdom’s seven planets of the solar system. With seven being the sum of three and four, this indicates that he is the child of The Empress and The Emperor. The Tower is the dark side of The Chariot’s ego, leading to destruction.

The Chariot signifies success and a major departure. It is a time for determination as you begin to travel in a new direction. Once you have made your decisions you can begin to experience real progress. You will need your willpower to fuel your desires as you move on. The Chariot represents conquest, victory, and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. You must be determined, self-disciplined, and hard working in order to triumph over these difficulties. This card reminds us that struggle can make you stronger if you don’t let it control you.
This card speaks of success of pursuing your goals, as long as you maintain focus, determination, and confidence in your abilities. In order to do this you should draw upon your willpower and self-discipline. The Chariot also speaks of why accomplishment is so important because it can fuel your drive. It tells us that we should hold onto our past triumphs in order to keep up our strength and confidence which will help to accomplish more in the future.
The Chariot also says that you may need to look after yourself and concentrate on your needs at this time to find the confidence you will need to succeed. You need to have faith in yourself and know who you are and what you stand for in order to push your to accomplish your goals. You may even need to learn to control your own aggressive impulses, as this card requires us to have self control.

The Chariot’s Wisdom Message is to “take charge and reach for the stars”.


A Note: Hey guys, sorry this one is so late today, I didn’t actually get any sleep last night so I was out of it all morning. I will be extremely busy tomorrow so I drew for two cards this afternoon and will write the second one up after this and post it tomorrow for you guys. ^ ^
I decided that another good thing for me to add to these readings when it is a card from the major arcana, would be for me to post a spread based on that card. So I will post a spread for The Lovers (yesterday’s card) and then The Chariot, look out for those! Thanks guys!!