stone calves


Our thighs could crush bones.
We have abs of stone
And calves of steel.
Our arms can lift 80 pound hay bales
And we could knock someone out with a kick.
We fall 7ft to the ground.
We jump towering objects
On animals that weigh 10x more than we do with minds of their own.
We slide, spin, pirouette, run, jump, and reach the sky from high above the ground.
We ride through storms with a smile on our face and rain in our boots.
Our ambition is fierce
Our competition is long
Our hearts belong to half ton beasts.
Our souls are tied to whinnies and hoofbeats on pavement.
Our shirts smell like horse sweat.
We’ve got hay in strange places
And dirt on our faces.
Our teammates can’t speak our language
So we know how to listen to words that can’t be spoken.
We get kicked and bitten.
We get thrown from the air.
We’ve flown and we’ve fallen
We’ve won and we’ve lost.
Our best teachers have hooves
And our classrooms have dust.
We risk our lives every day
When we sit atop the animals that are our best friends.
Our mentors.
Or co-workers
Our families.
Life is about horse hair on our clothes and peppermints in our pockets.
Failure comes daily
But we learn from it all.
Because we know we are equestrians
And we

The Smith

The Smith is one of the seven aspects that makes up a single deity. He represents crafts and labours and worshippers go to him when in need of strength for work. 

It is believed by the Faith that he gave men horses so they could aid them in their work. There are a variety beliefs about the Smith and Iron. The Seven-Pointed Star states and believes that the Smith gave Hugor of the Hill iron. However, the Rhoynar believe that they taught the Andals how to work iron. 

During the reign of Baelor the Blessed, he had a stonemason named as the High Sept, a man that could calve stone so well that it was believed by the king that he was The Smith in human form