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So I snagged this from the Otakon artist alley back in 2014 I believe. I hadn’t seen anything NANA related in a few years that I almost cried, lol. In my awe I forgot to ask her name and have been forever regretful. I’ve looked and looked but vnv. Anyone out there recognize her art? Thanks much~ Otherwise, here’s some gorgeous Osaki Nana art for ya~!

Isn’t it weird we have a little voice in our heads? Like the one you used to read this
—  Me high as hell at 3am.
Wrestling has ruined me. I cannot function in everyday life without hearing/seeing something that reminds me of wrestling.

Song: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day-”

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*someone drops their glass at a restaurant*

*hears someone revving up their motorcycle*

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*hears a violin*

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*someone says the word glorious*