stone basin


Aaaaand Fujiyoshida again (^o^)

I took these photos at Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja :)

I liked this place very much :3
There are only few people visiting it but it offers a very nice view of the landscape and sometimes even Fuji-san (Fuji-san is a very shy mountain :D

I enjoy seeing the Shide and Shimenawa on old trees :3 It is a very nice combination between a manmade things and nature :)

I also liked the Temizuya (water fountain/purification basin :)
It features a very nice stone basin and a very detailed dragon water spout :3

This Pagoda is quite famous and features in many photos of Fuji-san (^o^)
I was surprised when I found it because I never researched where it stood (^-^;)

I went there because I saw another Udon restaurant on the map and decided that I want to eat lunch there and on my way I stumbled across some signs and spotted the Torii so I decided to take a detour and ignore my grumbling tummy for a while :D 
I was happy that I went there although I reached the restaurant just as it closed and had to walk around searching for food (^-^;) <=I went to another Udon restaurant :D

A short update on the current state of affairs :)
I still couldn’t find a flat in Hamburg and I’m preparing for exams.
I’m working on a lot of paperwork for my internship as well.
I finished preparing the blank for my second attempt on the reel for the Sumitsubo :)
I wish I could do more work in the workshop and wouldn’t have to think about my studies all the time :(

Anyway I’m also working on another project :)

I wish everyone a great week and sweet dreams (^-^)/


Boulders, Waddell Creek by zh3nya
Via Flickr:


🌛Paper treatments and my Grimoire🌜

I already went over gem elixirs in my paints, but I wanted to touch base on a few other ways to put more of yourself into your Grimoire. So this post will be about hand ground inks.

This is an ink making kit a friend got me for my birthday. I’ve used it many times for general calligraphy but have also used it to decorated pages with designs and treat the pages themselves. You fill the stone basin with water and grind the color pigment sticks into the water to create a light or dark ink.

From the water you use to the color of ink you make, there are endless ways to customize your ink for whatever need you have. The direction in which you swirl the ink stick can imbue banishing or attracting energies. You can write sigils on the stone basin that will carry into the ink. The list of things you can do goes on and on.

Do you treat or stain the pages of your Grimoire? 💜

I know this burning is my penance. 
I know you will never forgive me.
I know that stars do not often change their position in the sky.
I know I will try to anyway.

A cup scrapes the bottom of a stone basin.
A throat blisters from the touch of a
A body dies on an island, a battered soul escaping into the air. 

We were all scared.
(Except the ones who were excited)
We were all snapping off the arrows still in our wounds.
I refused to bleed again for him.
Too many have bled for him already.

Would you like to know what I saw, Sirius, as I died? 
What visions erupted in front of me?
What memories lay themselves before me, in sickening, rotting life?

I saw blood on our father’s ring, shining and red.
You, on our polished marble tiles.
Me, standing by, idle, as you paid for transgressions in flesh wounds.
I never said a word.
And you said so many.

I saw the path laid out for me by a hat and useless silver
The right one
The pure
I never knew that sweetness of our name could corrupt.
Could you blame me?
Black hides so many stains.

I saw something like a snake
A figure nothing like a man.
I saw the bodies I had created with youthful foolishness.
I saw the ashes of the damage.
I saw what a tattoo could do to the world.
(It wasn’t my first time seeing the consequences of what I had done, but it was the first time I had tasted them, a knife  twist, a final hurrah of my sins-)

I knew I was damned when I couldn’t remember
the warmth of your hands
from when we were children.

I couldn’t remember I had been good

All I remembered?
A locket.
A house elf.

—  You couldn’t guide me home. 
Regulus Black.