Gothic by Jane Inman Stormer
Via Flickr:
Color version. Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati Ohio.


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Here’s a new Steven Universe Gem OC, Dalmatian Jasper~

Name: Dalmatian Jasper
Age: 4700+ years
Gem a polished, blunt, egg-shaped dalmatian jasper
Gem location: nose
Weapon: Crash Helmet
Allied With: Yellow Diamond
Nature: curious, straightforward, observant, hardy, sometimes lazy
Strengths: super strength, very hard to budge, thinks things through, can make the ground shake when she stomps
Weaknesses: usually doesn’t want to fight unless it’s dire, can be a bit of a softie, likes to sleep
Abilities: stomping to where the ground shakes, spin dash, can make the spots on her body shine to confuse enemies, has a extreme tolerance to harsh climates, terrakinesis (the ability to control geologic material such as rocks, dirt, sand, etc, but not other gems)

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Mineral rose

A flower like spray of late calcite blades are nestled (having precipitated from carbonate rich meteoric waters, ie rainwater percolating into the ground) above a pale blue fluorite that crystallised from the cooling water rich remnants of a granite. The fluorite displays beautiful cleavage steps reflecting the lines of weakness caused by low numbers of bonds in the crystal structure holding it together along these planes. The specimen comes from China, and sadly I can’t trace a scale.


Image credit: James Elliott/Fine Minerals International