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“Where’s your tummy?” You whine, hands gripping at the grey t-shirt to pull it tighter against Harry’s torso. It’s flat and you can see his abs through the thin fabric and it makes you huff. You grip his sides, hands running up and down his ribs before you try to pinch his love handles, but there’s nothing there for you to grab. “Harry!” You exclaim, offended. How dare he…?

“What?” It’s prolonged and there’s a laugh under it and you stomp your foot like a stubborn child, fussing with his shirt until you manage to pull it up and off of him.

“Where are my love handles? My tummy?” You demand, upset. He looks good - arms bigger, shoulders wider, chest puffing out and stomach hard and ripped, thighs stronger as well as his calf … But there’s no cute tummy or squishy love handles for you to poke and prod and cuddle against.

“Your love handles?” He quirks and eyebrow at you, a smirk on his face. “I’m the one who has to deal with them falling off m'pants, love.”

“But-” you start and he cuts you off, pressing his ringed fingers and bandaged palm to your face and pulling you until he’s brushing his lips against yours.

“And what happened to your hand?!” You breath out weakly, his proximity messing with your thoughts so you pull away, examining his hands in yours with a more attentive look. It seems he’s cut it some when you lift the bandage and it instantly makes you wince. “Harry-“

“It’s nothing, love. Just a few scratches from the stunts, nothing t’worry about.” He tells you, pulling his hand away and you’re looking up at him, massive pout on your lips.

“I don’t like it when you’re hurt, I’ve told you so many times not t-“ You’re ranting, upset to see the angry red covering his hands, hands that you love so much, but he’s rolling his eyes, pulling you in until he’s brushing the tip of his nose against yours.

“Enough ‘bout this. Let me say hello to yeh proper, yeah?!” He mumbles, half lidded green eyes looking at you with want and you shudder when you feel the roughness and cold of his rings touch the side of your neck. “Missed yeh loads, pet.”

“Missed you too.” You confess, arms wrapping around his now naked torso and pulling him in for a kiss.

His arms are stronger around you, tighter against your middle than the last time you saw him, his neck thicker under your fingers and shoulders stronger under your touch. He’s pulling you closer and up, off of the ground, until you’re perched on his chest, a head taller than him and having to lean down to kiss him. Your hands mess with his short hair, pulling on the longer parts of it as he strains his neck to kiss you deeper, his tongue greedy in your mouth, searching for the taste he’s been missing.

He’s lying you down on the bed, sneaking between your parted legs until his hips are pressed to yours and a giggle escape your lips when he nuzzles on your neck, the tickling of his breath making you squirm underneath him. The bandage on his hand still upsets you but the feeling of being reunited with him, after months of being apart and missing his warmth, the smell of him and the way his body fits against yours, his pressing kisses and his roaming hands, is enough to set you at ease. He’s here and he’s kissing you and his solid presence along with his voice and the low hums of pleasure that leave his lips make your heart flutter. It’s feels so good and it feels like home.

“Hmm, glad you’re here, love.” He mumbles, eyes closed in ecstasy as you pepper kisses on his neck, a hand running up and down his back while the other pulls on the longer parts of his hair, pulling his head to the side so you have free reign of his neck to kiss it as you please.

He hums in appreciation, straining his neck further and leaning in closer to you and you bite playfully on his pulse point, Harry’s breath faltering and a louder moan bubbling up from his chest and it makes you smile. Doesn’t matter how much you do it, love bites always make him weak.

When he’s kissed you breathless and touched every corner of your body he possibly could while your clothes remained on, he has you pined down to the bed, arms wrapped securely around your middle and face hiding in your neck, legs tangled in a way you have no idea where you end and he begins.

“Stay forever, would yeh?!” He asks, the tip of his nose running back and forth against yours before he presses quick and sweet kisses to your lips.

“I will.” You mumble, catching him in a deeper kiss. It’s his tongue licking into your mouth with unyielding want, searching the synchrony you’re both so used to and you fall into it quite quickly, your rhythm perfectly aligned and hands touching just the right places.

You fall into slumber quickly after that, jetlag pulling you under before you could deny it. When you wake up again, it’s the middle of the night and Harry’s untangled himself from you and now lies on his corner of the bed, head tipped back and mouth open around soft breaths and low snores. His chest is naked as well as the rest of his body and his clothes are bunched up by the end of the bed. He has the duvet draped lazily across his hips, tattooed chest on full display for you to gaze at and it makes you sigh.

You missed him so much when he was away. The glint in his green eyes when he was cackling about something silly he saw on his twitter feed, the way he’d be noisy and leave his clothes around the house to make it more cozy and lived in for you to come home to, the way he’d cuddle you at night and make love to you in the morning, even if it made both of you late to start your days. You missed him.

You’re straddling his waist before you can stop yourself, pressing lazy kisses to all your favorite ink and his eyes flutter open, puffy and sleepy, voice rough from sleep as he greets you with a lazy smile.

“What yeh up to, kitten?” He rasps, hands wrapping around you and keeping your chest pressed tightly to his.

“I’m not done with you, yet.” You tell him, pressing a sloppy but tender kiss to his full lips. “You escaped me during the night and I want a cuddle.” You’re sleepy and whiny, but it doesn’t matter because he’s solid under you and your head rests over his heart, where you can hear the slow but steady rhythm under your ear. It makes you sigh in happiness and kiss his skin.

“Thought I was too ripped t’cuddle.” He tells you, words mumbling together from tiredness but there’s still a hint of a joke and it makes you roll his eyes.

“You’re delirious, I think I just heard you say “ripped”…” You giggle and he pinches your bum before pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Enough o’ that.” He shushes you, securing both arms around and stealing a kiss from your lips, making you squeal in surprise. “I’ll love on yeh in the morning, yeah?!”

It’s an offer you can’t refuse and he’s so cozy and familiar, it’s lulling you right back to sleep.

“Only if you promise to do it the whole morning.” You mumble, sighing deeply and relaxing on his embrace.

“Anything yeh want…”

Shattered Pride

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by calmdad, theholychesse

It’s been hundreds of years since the founding of Republic City, since Avatar Korra took her place as a fully realized Avatar, and had children, and those children had children, and so on, for so long that the names of Avatar Korra’s peers have been forgotten.

In an age where the Avatar is fractured into five pieces, war comes from every land, every nation, but stems most from the earth. The poisoned earth tread on by huffing machines, puffing smog and smoke into the air, a smoke that also comes from furious warships that herald death and ruination for all.

Shiro is a false bender with false limb and a false mind. Lance is a river with no banks to rest on. Keith is a blaze that’s been stomped into glowing embers. Hunk longs for freedom but cannot dance among the flighty clouds. Pidge rejects earth and soil in favour of wires and humming machinery.

All of them are fragments scattered to the four corners of the earth, but the time has come for them to find one another again.

Words: 514, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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I’m on a splendid roll when it comes to stunning debuts this weekend. New New York based outfit KNGDAVD emerges with a gritty debut entitled Say My Name, and its a rugged coarse forward thinking mesh of alt pop, blues rock, and electro rock. Say My Name is part Awolnation, part Lewis Del Mar, and part Bryce Fox, a carnal gripping, resolute stomping sonic eruption. 

There Goes the Neighborhood

The heat was particularly sweltering today and Selise was finding herself staring at the flavored ice in June’s grip more than listening to the ailment she was describing. Why did she go for baked goods? Ice cream sounded delicious right about now. June’s voice abruptly died away as the door of Wentland & Morrow came into view. The sudden silence was jarring; nothing made June pause.

Doctor Morrow stomped on over to her front door. “What in the heck kinda flyer is-” she gasped and ripped the paper from the nail securing it to the door. 

Selise blinked. She broke off another piece of her baked good and popped it into her mouth before following after June. “Wut is it?” she mumbled past blueberry scone.

“I’ve been VANDALIZED, Sel!” she flailed at the door, paper waving wildly in her grasp, and completely ignored.

The doctor’s gaze attempted to follow the paper flying around with June’s hand motions. Like she’d even be able to read it at that speed. The longer it went on, the more her brows furrowed. 

“Eh, vandalized with what though?” she made a move to try and grab it, but missed. 

June rested her hand on Sel’s back, guiding her forward, closer to the nail hammered into the middle of her door, just beneath the big brass nameplate.

“Selise, how can you not see this absolute city penal code violation right here in broad daylight?”

Selise scoffed and set her annoyed look on the head of the nail that was now unnecessarily close to her face. “Just…get a hammer,” she flicked the pad of her pointer finger over the head of the nail. “Pop it right out.”

June gave Sel a withering look. “Sel, it’s not about how quick a fix it is. It’s the principle of the matter. Things like this? This is how buildings get abandoned. And then folks start throwing cinder blocks through windows, and then the whole neighborhood goes to hell in a handbag.”

Selise turned at that and promptly crossed her arms. The half eaten scone stuck out at an odd angle. “Well then file a complaint…and tell me who you’re filing it against!” She gave a pointed look to the paper June was still holding.

A raspberry noise came in response. “Oh, like the bureaucracy’s going to heed my plight? Why bother?” And with that, June tossed the flyer to the wind. “I’m just sayin’ is all. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Selise’s hand immediately shot out for the paper, but fell short. Not watching where she was going, she wobbled on the edge of the step. The doctor eventually lost the battle with gravity, but not before stretching enough to snatch the paper out of the wind current. 

Down the short flight of stairs they both went, Sel landing directly on her butt at the bottom. The scone followed along a second or two behind, rolling to a stop next to her as the painful vibrations of the landing traveled up her spine.

“Son of a…”

Footsteps approached as June made to peer over her friend’s shoulder.

“Selise, you’re really going out of your way for a coupon. Y'know? At first I didn’t even wanna know what business it is. But now? I want to know specifically so that I can boycott them. Who are they? What are they trying to peddle at me?” 

As June approached, she looked back to the piece of paper and scanned over the paragraph written there. “What the hell? Did you piss off a cult or something?” She clumsily got back to her feet and started to rub at her tailbone.

“What? No! Why?”

Selise shot a look at June. "All that talk about the bureaucracy and you didn’t even read it!?" 

She smoothed out the flyer a bit, not that it did any good, and held it up for June to read. 

"Look, I’m starting to feel really attacked right now and I think you should check yourself before you wreck—” She pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she starts to gloss over the page, and pauses.

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Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Hasten and come, all you surrounding nations, and gather yourselves there for slaughter. Behold, my Lord comes in fire with a wrath like whirlwind to render His anger and fury with pillars of flame. He will execute judgement by fire and sword on flesh, and those slain will be many and all. Praise him, the End of Azeroth.

“… Woah. When did I piss off a cult or something?”

Selise lowered the paper enough to stare at June over the top of it. “Do you do dental cleanings for nutters as well as the Cenarion Circle?”

“Look, I operate under an Open Mouth, Open Wallet, Open Door policy. I don’t turn away patients just because they’re enshrouded in a dark cloak and maybe have a hook for a hand.”

“…you’re describing a real patient, aren’t you?”

“Very likely. But so long as I don’t give you the name, I don’t think it counts as a privacy violation. So you think this is a personal threat?”

A frown followed as Selise turned the paper around to read it again. "I don’t know…not really my area of expertise. But uh, nailing it to a business door isn’t really my idea of a narrow target. Doctor Wentland could've found it after all." She paused. "And all the pronouns directed at the reader are plural.”

June squinted. She hadn’t read it all that deeply. “… Oh. You’re right. ‘Gather yourselves.’ Do you think I’m not the only one who got vandalized, then?”

Selise shrugged and started to fold the piece of paper up much more carefully than it deserved. “Maybe not? I suppose we could take a look around and see…or ask people.” Sel muttered that last part.

June was in a rarely-seen unsociable mood. Must’ve been jet lag. Or boat-lag, as it were. “We’ll try and see with our eyes, not with our mouths first. Pick a building, any building…”

((RP snippet written with @junemorrow based on flyer prompt posted by @latilda-rommel ))

“I’m starting to think I have a slight anger issue. This girl bumped into me on accident while I was walking home and it took everything in me not to pull her down and curb stomp her because she didn’t say sorry. Is that normal?

Los Angeles’ TUFT, who previously went by the name Hi Ho Silver Oh, have revealed a new single from their debut album Look Look. Sheep’s gritty raw, melodically stomping garage rock is imbued with a sliver of metal, at times evoking Coheed and Cambria alongside a touch of Chili Peppers but endowed with some surfy punk charm. The crunchy rock jam is irresistibly catchy. TUFT’s debut album Look Look is out now. Purchase from iTunes or Amazon.

A U.S. Army National Guard staff sergeant says he and one of his Army veteran friends were assaulted by Black Lives Matter supporters in San Antonio, Texas, Thursday Evening. “As I was getting my face stomped in and thrown through a window, they (all 4 of them) were yelling racial slurs saying how whites sucked and black lives were better,” Marc Stephen, the second victim, said on Facebook.
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