Lol at Kishi shoving Karin into this though. She traveled with Sakura. She must have witnessed Sasu->Saku moments. Because even though she doesn’t seem to be completely over him she has still accepted the fact that Sakura is where Sasuke is happy. Kishi pretty much stomped this shit from all sides. It’s completely dead.

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Headcanon where Alfred and Ivan are walking home at night and Alfred's afraid of the dark and he's all like "Vanya I'm scared~" and Ivan's like "it's ok bby I'll protect u" so he stomps his feet AND HE'S WEARING LIGHT UP SKETCHERS WHAT A NERD


The Celler|| Open

Kori stood outside the entrance of the club and looked up and down. She wasn’t one to go out and party often but her boyfriend was going out with her tonight. He rarely came out and she was excited. However, He was an hour late. Not wanting to wait anymore, she called him. “Johnny…Where are you?…..What do you mean?….But-…You-….Uh…You Promised……Johnny please….Dammit Johnny!…” She was silent for a long time and a gruff voice could be yelling on the other side. A tear began to roll down her cheek. “Fine…Fine…..No….Of course…I love y-” The line went dead and she stomped her foot. 

She was going to go back to her room but decieded to just go in. Making her way to the bar, she flagged the bartender and handed over the credit card over. “A tab please. And bring me a midori sour and shot of the strongest stuff you got.” She said, getting the shot and tossing it back. She felt someone sit down next to her. “Wanna take a shot with me?” 

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Okay, so, while I think Yvad looks great in red hair I am interested in if the red color was permanent or just temporary? I'm also incredibly curious how Sera reacted because if she pranked him she obviously suceeded and if not... I really want to know what the true intention was. I'm just really, really curious about Yvad, okay? <3

Inquisitor Yvad Trevelyan stormed into the Tavern, kicking the door open in the process.  The bard stopped in the middle of the song, and the silence fell.  Yvad huffed a little and stomped up the steps two at a time, with his RED hair bouncing off his shoulders on his way.  The patrons of the tavern stared in utter silence.  

“Looking good, Boss!” shouted the Iron Bull, followed by his hearty laughter.  The music resumed again and the excited murmurs began to grow louder and louder.

Yvad kicked open the door to Sera’s boudoir, which made Sera jump up in a fright.  

“Look. At. This!!” yelled Yvad grabbing a strand of his hair with his face inches away from the startled elf. 

Sera’s big eyes started to twitch around the corners, and she let out a laughter. “Oohh.. that’s wonderful.  Haha!  Not too bad.  It suits you!”

“Red won’t wash off! It is a TOTAL disaster. Is this going to be permanant?” asked Yvad, looking more pleading than angry.

Sera tooted. “That wasn’t what I wanted, you know?  You did something wrong, understand?” 

“What.. really? I did something wrong?” Yvad sat heavily onto one of the seats covered by cushions, all the fight taken out of him.   “Well.. i honestly thought you pranked me good this time.. but I guess it was my mistake after all..”

Sera laughed, taking a step towards the door. 

“The thing was supposed to turn your head Green, arse face! you definitely did something wrong!” with that she ran out the door, giggling. 

“SERA!!!!” Yvad ran after her.

im so happy Kendrick shot Alight in The Bay Area ….great to see some of my old stomping grounds,,,,ive been feeling pretty homesick.

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Ugh there's a tornado warning in my area and the basement is boring, so tell me, how would the guards react to storms?

Benjamin: *doesn’t care, sips tea while listening to the rain*

Scott: *breaks out the candles and flashlights*


Mike: *watches fritz get sucked into vortex* nice

Jeremy: *puts on headphones, crawls in bed and hides*

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Reptile: Oi, torch head! *stomps over to Foto in a totally non-threatening way, a small hydrangea being held carefully in the tips of his fingers* Took me a while to actually get ahold of this thing without killin it so here– *holds it out while looking to the side with a lil bit of blush covering his cheeks* That fire ya make is really cool by the way.. (I had to /)v(\ It was all too tempting)

Fo̱tovolída: Hmmm? *looks up before tilting his head* Y-You went through all that f-for me? *gently takes the small flower to admire it, then blushed brightly* O-Oh! M-My fire? W-Well I ah- um-! I! i reaLLY LIKE YOUR FACE AND VENOM ITS SO COOL. *slaps a hand on his mouth before attempting an escape*

(*loud fangirling in the distance* THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE MY HEART CANT TAKE IT! Also, shy baby.)

(Woulda replied sooner but phone died)

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I would pay you AND rashida like 300 each to stomp me in the nuts for and hour or two. Maybe an extra 200 if you guys held me down burned off each pube with a lighter. and maaaaaaybe a little more to beat me up completely

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It’s really hard being sensitive to ~body horror~ or ~gore~ stuff or whatever. Like people just think it’s soooo casual to talk about terrible things that can happen to a body & like I just how often it happens like casual conversation & then suddenly I’m curled up on the ground trying to remember to breathe trying to think of anything but the horrific images in my mind. & of course that’s not it, once I finally do calm down that isn’t the end of it bc ever new monstrosity I hear about gets filed away in my brain & the next time I’m triggered & my brain is self-sabotaging now there’s a whole new thing my brain can terrorize me with!!! All the disgusting stomach-turning things, just dancing around in my head stomping on my thoughts !!!!!!!

Mikey Prom Imagine

Inspired by an ask from theywerealreadytaken

Imagine Michael being one of your classmates at school. You guys hang around similar people, but never really together. At first he was just another guy with an admittedly cute face and nothing more to him, but you slowly begin to notice the little things. Like the way his voice climbs in decibels and how  flails his arms in these crazy patterns when he gets excited or the fact that he gets defensive over his friends a hundred times faster than he does himself. The pieces slowly fall together and you eventually come to terms with the fact that you have a crush on goddamn Michael Gordon Clifford. It breaks your heart to admit it because you’ve only seen him with drop dead gorgeous girls with the figures of models and that’s not even close to what you, in your opinion, look like. So you try to stomp out the crush the best you can, but every time a joke slips through those stupid, adorable, kissable, pink lips of his, you’re back like a fish on a freaking hook.

The year progresses and so do your feelings. It gets to be around the time for prom and all these scenarios start going through your mind. Him asking you to the dance. Him saying you look beautiful. Your first dance together. Him confessing his undying love for you under the cheap disco ball the school has for dances. Your friends push you to ask him out or at least see if he’s going and, to your surprise, they actually convince you to do it (you’re fairly positive they slipped something into your drink, and when you mentioned your theory there was no denial going around the small table).

“Um, hi, Michael,” you say awkwardly. He’s with his two of his three best friends, Luke and Calum, and their presence makes you a bit nervous and a bit timid.

“Hey, (y/n),” he beams. ‘Oh my gosh,’ you think, 'his eyes are freaking amazing when he smiles. How does he even do that?’ “What’s up?”

Your eyes go from his to his friends and your tongue is feeling a bit tied. You planned this thing out earlier, you really did, but for some reason you didn’t expect the Three Musketeers to be together straight after school at his locker before you could ask him.

“You okay?” Luke asks, immediately getting an elbow from Calum.

Another few seconds pass before you blurt, “screw it! Are you going to the dance with anyone, Michael?”

Michael’s eye widen for a second and your heart beat swoops to a dangerous low. For a second you wonder if his next words were going to literally kill you.

“Actually,” he grins, “I was just about to talk to you about that.” He reaches in his locker and tugs out a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a flower. “Do you want to go to the dance with me? Sorry about the flower, Luke ruined it.”

“I did no–”

“Shut up Luke,” Michael cuts in with a grin.

“I’d love to go,” you smile, taking the gifts more than happily.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at 6 then?”

“It’s a date–wait er, if you want it to be. Like we can totally go as friends and all–”

“He just gave you a heart box of chocolates,” Calum rolls his eyes, “I’m pretty sure he wants it to be a date.”

Michael glares at his friend but leaves it be. “It’s a date.”

You turn around and nearly skip away to your car. You can’t believe this went much better than planned!

It’s the day of the dance and you’re absolutely nervous about literally everything. You got dressed at your friend’s house and they were doing an excellent job of dolling you up, but then all hell broke loose when your friend’s bratty brother squirted this green die in your hair, leaving an uneven and unattractive glob in your locks. Then Michael called a while ago and told you that his car was having troubles so he’d be late and he’d met you there. And so you wait outside for him. Other students pass you by as they go in and you can feel their judging eyes on you. Now it’s thirty minutes later than he said he’d be and you’re getting cold waiting for Michael. A thought occurs to you that he may have just stood you up.

“I guess your date stood you up, Shamoo,” you hear an all too familiar voice sneer. You slowly turn to see (insert some bitch you don’t like’s name here) and her group of friends all dressed up and all decked out with rude comments to throw at you. “I really don’t blame him. I know I’d cop out if I was supposed to be slow dancing with someone that big in a dress like that.”

Your eyes immediately go to your dress. It was a cute little number that went well with your complexion and reached to about an inch above your knee. You liked it and your mom even let you get it despite the fact that you were stretching the budget at bit thin for it.

“You look like the ham my grandma serves for Christmas dinner,” your local Regina Gorge goes on. “I don’t get how the hell you even got someone to ask you out.”

“I don’t get why you’re such a prissy bitch without a perception for beauty.”

You look over your shoulder and see Michael standing behind you. You notice that he looks a little disheveled, but you don’t focus on that because the fact that he snakes his arm around your waist blocks out almost everything else out.

“I’d appreciate if you never talk to my date like that again ,” his voice gets a bit lower and holds a threatening air to it, “and gladly get the hell out of our way so we can go in.”

The Wicked Witch of the West moves out of the way almost instantly. You couldn’t keep the smile off of your face as he walks with you, holding you tightly, and escorts you into the dance.

“Don’t listen to a thing that they say,” he says, pulling you close for a slow dance. “You’re literally the most perfect person ever to be born.”

“No,” you shake your head with a dreamy, goofy grin stretched across your face, “that’s you.”

 I hope you guys liked it. Ignore the typos and please don’t steal this. I worked hard on this.

Shredded Tweet

“Here’s the run down guys…”

Sokol adjusted his ear piece slightly, turning down the volume just a touch as if he was concerned someone would hear. A few people crossed by the wide alley they were parked within, right between an immobile station wagon and a dumpster, but none of them bothered looking at the insignificant vehicle.

"Some shady assholes moved into our old stomping grounds, demanding protection money from the people there. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t milk them for everything they had. The ‘Sew 'n’ Go’ is their base of operations. Get in there, and clean them out. We’re giving the money back to the people like some modern day fuckin’ Robin Hood.”

It sounded like an easy enough. He idly checked over his Bernetti to make sure it was loaded, then tucked away a few more clips. What Bain said next had him pausing;

“Keep it quiet. There’s a lot of innocent people there and if the cops come all hell is gonna break loose.”

“Gotcha,” the Russian murmured just loud enough for Bain to hear him over the ear piece. He took a moment to open the case between him and his partner to fetch out a suppressor which was promptly screwed onto the barrel of the gun.

“Well, friend Jacket. Are we to be drawing sticks to see who will take lead?” He grinned at him and slipped out of the car with his mask in hand. There was a back entrance they could take to avoid the civilians. He hoped his lock picking skills were still up to par.

for the record this blog takes the stance of “any vriska is a potentially annoying vriska” but that said, there is a WORLD of difference between a thirteen year old discovering herself and trying to improve vs a sixteen year old perfectly content to stomp all over everything 


.….And let the squeaking of the hamster wheel begin >.<  Ugh!!!! Where is my daddy when I need him?!?! D:  **Stomps my feet and pouts**

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I think these are the ones you meant!

Teeth - What is your gender identity?
-I’m genderfluid!
Honey - Do you have a nickname?
-not really, no
Breast - Do you get along with your mother?
-sometimes? On certain things but my relationship with any of my parents/step parents is very rocky
Angelhood - What is one of your favorite memories?
-Running back to the dorms from class while it was absolutely pouring. I was all dressed up because I had a nice thing after class, so I was trying to keep myself dry. Eventually I gave up and had an amazing time just laughing and stomping in the puddles and dancing. When I got back to the dorms I just stripped immediately and borrowed someone else’s nice clothing because my outfit was just clinging to my skin. It was amazing. I dried off in front of the fan in one of the bathrooms. 
Tranquil - Who do you laugh the most with?
-My Hogwarts Ohana and TIP squad
Adieu - Who do you dread saying goodbye to the most?
-My tip family because I never know if I’ll see them again. 
Wax - Can you keep a secret?
-very much so. 
Tinderbox - What do you cherish most?
-Freedom and independence. Good discussion and forgiving people. Thunderstorms resulting in a simple bliss. Petrichor. Singing with friends. Stimulation but time to be still. 
Paper - What is your favorite novel?
-THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT. I wish I could say, but I cannot. I have started a novel though. Of sorts. A novel of thoughts. It’s a notebook that I have anyone I interact with contribute to. It is a novel of anonymous (or not) thoughts, ideas, opinions, mournings, celebrations, poetry, art, and yearnings.