TAZ college AU birthday headcanons

-Magnus always gives little hand-carved and painted figurines as gifts. One time he carved a tiny Killian deadlifting Carey overhead, and Killian had to scrunch up her face very hard to hide tears.
-On Merle’s birthday, he walks into the dorm to find a ridiculous display of “over the hill” themed decorations. Everyone has either grown or bought a beard.
-On Magnus’s birthday, Taako bakes the most ridiculous three tier cake. He also makes a second cake. You know, for everyone else to eat. Because Magnus’s cake usually doesn’t even survive the hour before he’s demolished it.
-Taako and Lup pretend to hate joint birthdays, but they love them. One year the gang all go into Chuck E. Cheese, barely being allowed in by claiming they’re all Angus’s chaperone. Magnus gets so mad at the Spider Stompin’ game he almost cracks one of the light up bubbles. Angus wins the most tickets by using probability calculation. Carey puts him on his shoulders so he can shoot baskets. Taako tries to rig the ticket dispenser.
-On Lucretia’s birthday, she is on red fucking alert for mischief. She makes it through the day unpranked and starts to get suspicious. When she gets back home, she finds a box on her desk. Inside is the most beautiful fountain pen she’s ever seen.
-On Killian’s birthday, Carey proposes.


On this day in music history: August 10, 1983 - “Stompin’ At The Savoy - Live” by Rufus & Chaka Khan is released. Produced by Russ Titelman, it is recorded at the Savoy Theater in New York City from February 12 - 14, 1982 (live tracks) and Warner Bros. Recording Studios in North Hollywood, CA, Village Recorders in Los Angeles, CA, RPM Studios, Soundworks Digital in New York City, Group IV Recording and Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA circa Early 1983 (studio tracks). After ten years and six albums with lead singer Chaka Khan, Rufus record one final album together before disbanding. The album is a two LP set consisting of three sides of live material recorded over three nights at the Savoy Theater in New York City, with the fourth side containing four new songs recorded in the studio. It spins off two singles including the smash “Ain’t Nobody” (#1 R&B, #22 Pop). which also wins them their second Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal in 1984. Out of print on vinyl since the early 90’s, it is remastered and reissued by Music On Vinyl in 2014. The CD release is remastered and reissued by Big Break Records in 2015. “Stompin’ At The Savoy - Live” peaks at number four on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number fifty on the Top 200.

Ohhh my gOD the tag is empty, I’m just gonna start yelling random ass headcanons into the void, feel free to add your own.

- Jack has all the hudsons bay Winter Olympics team Canada mittens
- Once Ransom, Holster, and Bitty are gone, Nursey and Chowder team up to make the kegster playlists
- Parse has all the choreography to toxic from the just dance video game memorized
- Jack and Ransom both really like the Arrogant worms and will occasionally loudly yell the cow song (maybe the war of 1812, I haven’t quite decided)
- Shitty will belt “the good ol hockey game” by stompin tom at weird times. Once he did it when he and lardo were making out and she didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day.
- Jack is like Carey Price in that he’s probably unironically worn a cowboy hat
- Chowder really likes Neapolitan ice cream
- Snowy is allergic to cats
- Ford doesn’t have her drivers license, mostly because she’s never needed it but also because she doesn’t want to get a car and deal with even more car brand name jokes
- Jack is a big fan of adidas slides
- Bitty’s favourite ages to work with at summer camp are 6 and 7 year olds or 14+ year old teenagers

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DA:I request please, where Quizzie wasn't paying attention and walked right into some skunks? GIFS are awesome too

Fun fact: tomato juice is a lie and doesn’t get rid of the smell. 

Everyone cringes so hard it physically hurts, combined with screams and groans. 

Cassandra: She covers her mouth in shock, then her nose as the smell hits her. She grimaces and groans and her face is wrinkled into an expression of utter disgust as she tries to speak. “Back to camp, now. You’re staying at the edge of camp. Downwind .” If Romanced: She feels bad about sending him away from camp, but it’s for the sake of everyone else in camp. She brings him books where he sits and hopes the stench doesn’t permeate her or the books, and consults the others for a quicker cure than time– for him AND her.

Blackwall: Skunks are one of the many dangers of the Hinterlands. He handles the stench better than most, taking it in stride as he helps them move their stuff to the edge of camp. He’s also one of the few that will go hang out with them until the smell is gone. If Romanced: He was walking with her and tried to jump in the way a second too late, and both get sprayed and exiled to the edge of camp. “Well,” he grunts, “at least we stink together.”

Iron Bull: “Phew.” he grunts bluntly. “Alright, come on, we’ll get you somewhere downwind until we get the smell off.” He proceeds to dump an unnamed poultice on them courtesy of Stitches, and they complain it burns as he does so. “Good, that means it’s burning it off,” he says cheerfully, a clothespin on his nose, “I had to do this to some of the Chargers once. I swear it works.” If Romanced: Like Blackwall, he ends up getting sprayed, too, and both sit at the edge of camp as he waits for either Stitches or Vivienne to bring a poultice to get rid of the smell. “It’s not so bad, Kadan,” he says, trying to cheer them up, “so we smell like ass. At least no one wants to ambush us like this.”

Sera: “Gross! Gross, gross, gross, eckkk, you stink!” she cries nasally as she covers her nose. “I told you not to just go stompin’ around like that! Nasty little bastards got you!” She avoids them and pinches her nose tight if she has to speak to them, but sometimes shoots arrows with messages over to their spot of exile. Sorry you stink worse than shite, it says. If Romanced: She’s trying everything, from dumping random elixirs on them to squeezing tomatoes on them, until finally she asks Vivienne for help. “Make her smell better,” she groans, “so I can kiss her again without smelling as bad as her.”

Varric: He doubles back, groaning, and he winces at them as he covers his mouth and nose. “Come on,” he groans, “let’s… get you out of here. Maker, this is why I hate the outdoors.” As they get treated with a poultice later, he strolls up with a clothespin and promises not to include this in his story.

Cole: The smell doesn’t bother him in the least; it’s the hurt and humiliation that the Inquisitor feels, as well as the pain of the party members. “The skunks were scared,” he apologizes on their behalf, “you just surprised them. They wouldn’t have if they knew you were scared, too.” He’s the only one that will sit with them the whole time without complaint.

Dorian: Skunks don’t live as far north as Tevinter, and when the smell hits him for the first time, he gags and dry-heaves, trying really hard to not vomit. His stomach can’t handle the stench. “How do we get the smell off of them?!” he begs the others. “Because it’s hurting me as much as them!” If Romanced: He feels bad that he can’t go comfort his amatus, but he’ll actually start throwing up if he’s by him for too long. He’s also mortified by the idea of the smell getting stuck on him, so he settles for shooting paper airplanes at them with messages of love. 

Solas: He grimaces and tries to maintain his composure, but the Herald saw the stinkface he made. He tries to stay polite, but the smell is nauseating him. He consults spirits in the Fade and old memories for possible cures. If Romanced: He tries to assure her that he’ll find a solution quickly, and talks to her at length in the Fade because the smell in the real world doesn’t follow. “You’re handling this worse than I am.” she remarks dryly, and he declines to comment.

Vivienne: She tries to handle it pragmatically as she holds a handkerchief to her face and orders them downwind of camp. She consults her books for a poultice that can get rid of the stench after Sera’s attempt with tomato juice fails, and she goes into town, buys ingredients, and makes a cure. They thank her profusely, and she sighs and nods. “Believe me, Darling, it was for our sakes as much as yours. Do be more careful in the future.”

Josephine: Horrified screaming results, and she suddenly regrets not telling them to not go investigate the strange noises under the tavern. She feels really bad as she’s forced to boot them from Skyhold to a small tent just outside until the problem is solved, but she, like Dorian and Solas, get physically nauseous by the smell. If Romanced: She feels SO BAD for not being able to visit them without getting sick. She’s begging the others to help her find a solution, and is surprised to find Leliana knows one. Lots of hugs after it’s over, though.

Leliana: She immediately writes up a cure and sends it to Adan to craft with haste. She shrugs as Josephine asks her why she knows it. “Alistair and the Warden’s dog got sprayed once when we were travelling Ferelden during the Blight. It’s not the worst thing that can happen. In the meanwhile, someone should fetch the humane traps to escort our guests out of Skyhold…”

Cullen: He hears about it after the fact– or smells it, rather, and knows someone’s been sprayed, but he didn’t expect it’d be the Herald. He doesn’t seem particularly bothered by it, and tells his gagging soldiers to pull themselves together. If Romanced: He feels so bad for her. He goes and stays with her until Adan has the cure, and insists he doesn’t mind. “I’m more concerned about how you’re feeling. Maker knows that can’t have been pleasant.” 


Dive deep into the acid jazz of Jim Lang’s Hey Arnold! orchestrations with this great tribute article from the Mexican culture blog Cultura Colectiva! The article features seven stand-out pieces, including our favorite above, “Stompin’”👟🎶🏈

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◇ Jiyong takes care of his princess.

◇ G-Dragon x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au

If :) u :) do not :) like :) dd/lg :) or :) sugar daddies :) do not :) read :) also im much sorry for the lack of updatery, but this is one of the longest things ive written so!!! Enjoy my sweets ♡♡♡


Kwon Jiyong is a well known man; be it for his eccentric tastes, his handsome looks, his loyal friends, or rather the empire he built from the dirt - he was well known. He could show up to Buckingham Palace and be invited in.

He was a household name for most. He was the creme de la creme, the best of the best, and everyone knew it. He built a legacy from nothing, and that earned him quite the reputation.

The world knew him as tall, dark and handsome, with a devilish smirk and an iron fist that he ruled his empire - BB Enterprises - with, his sombre exterior earning him the title The Dragon. And while that was true, on the inside, there were many people who earned the rare chance to see passed that.


“Kitten.” The pet name is murmured fondly in the early hours of the morning, his eyes soft and smile sweet as he buttons up his dress shirt. His gaze focuses on you through the mirror, your arms winding around his waist tiredly, your head resting on his shoulder with a sleepy sigh. “Daddy has to go to work.”

“No,” you groan softly, tightening your hold. The golden light of the sunrise shines through the large windows of his bedroom, the city of Seoul already awake and thriving, the rising sun casting a heavenly glow on your bodies. “I don’t want you to go…”

Jiyong tsks disapprovingly, reaching forward to pick from one of the many ties in his dresser. He expertly ties it in seconds, raising an eyebrow as you whimper in irritation again. “Ah, ah, ah - we had a talk about this, didn’t we, kitten?”

You sniffle, your eyes fluttering open to meet his dark ones through the mirror. The puppy-like pout that settles on your face has him shaking his head fondly, turning to face you and readjusting your arms to rest around his neck. A peck, two pecks, and then another, and then he’s placing a long kiss on your forehead, rocking you back and forth.

“Come on,” he scolds lightly, pulling back slightly. His arms are still wrapped tightly around you, but now he can take a peek at your beautiful face. “You can sleep in today, can’t you? And your favorite show is going to be doing re-runs, right?”

You frown, crossing your arms and stompin your foot down with as much strength as you can muster at this hour. You’re not acting very good right now, but you can’t bring yourself to care. Your tired mind and the fact that the one person you want to spend the day with will be gone makes your ‘good-girl meter’ malfunction. “And? You’re going to be gone for the whole day, daddy…”

“Hey,” Jiyong warns, carefully watching you with his signature disciplinary look painted over his face - it quickly calms to a frown as your bottom lip trembles, and he sighs, pulling you closer again and smoothing your hair down comfortingly. “I know it’s hard, but I have to work, okay? It’s important today.”

“It’s important every day,” he hears you grumble quietly to yourself, and he wills himself to place himself in your shoes before he decides to punish you for bad behaviour.

He inhales deeply, rolling his neck and stretching the fatigue from his system.

“Maybe, just maybe… if I hear you’ve been good, daddy will come back home early - with a present, too,” he murmurs, holding your face between his hands gently, thumbs rubbing circles into your cheeks softly. Your expression of sadness eases up just the tiniest bit.

“Chaeyoung will be coming today as well, so you won’t be lonely,” he tries to cheer you up just a little. He knows it must be hard to watch him leave almost every single day at the crack of dawn, returning only when your eyes were droopy with sleep. Jiyong’s suddenly very aware that you haven’t been able to spend much time with him lately.

You sniffle again, and the sound almost breaks his heart - but he knows he can’t miss today, and so with a lingering kiss to your forehead, he unwinds his arms from around you, a gentle tap on your bottom signalling you to totter off to bed again.

And your ‘good-girl meter’ must be working perfectly again, because you only furrow your eyebrows as he gives you one last kiss, turning on your heel and burrowing under the expensive sheets.


You spend the first few hours of the day pouting to yourself, arms wrapped around your knees as the TV plays whatever it was playing. It provides good background noise, and yes, re-runs of your favourite shows were about to start, but the penthouse felt extremely empty and cold, even with Chaeyoung bustling around, and the heating turned up to the max.

“Come on,” Chaeyoung sighs, collapsing onto the couch beside you. She’s your age, and has a particular fondness for chocolate chip cookies - and coincidentally, Jiyong has every appliance under the sun. Whenever she comes over, you’re always careful to not eat much in order to have some room for her cookies.

You know Jiyong is happy that you have at least one friend that lives near him - not many of your friends live in the heart of the richest parts of the city, and it leaves you by yourself more often than not.

“I know you miss him, but…” She trails off uncertainly.

“But?” You raise an eyebrow, turning your head to face her. At the silence that ensues, you can only huff in irritation, fiddling with the TV remote to control the warmth that’s surely going to start biting at the back of your eyes.

“I know it’s hard without him,” she frowns in sympathy, pushing your shoulder slightly, “but I’m sure he’s thinking of you, right now - does that not comfort you in some way? You’re not that far apart, once you think about it…”

I hope he’s thinking of me.


Work was hell, honestly. After spending at least 2 hours doing paperwork, 3 hours enduring a meeting that quite frankly, Jiyong had no idea what it was for, and an additional hour to discuss other matters with various business men, all with the thought of you on his mind, Jiyong was completely done for the day.

Or, actually, he wasn’t, because he had piles of paperwork on his desk and he was pretty sure his secretary was about to bring in some more-

“Sweetheart!” This pet name is cooed lovingly into his phone, work-induced stress evaporating from his body easily as he hears you giggle on the other end.

-but something about hearing you relay your day to him, your voice bright and happy, makes him extremely energetic and joyful. The paperwork doesn’t seem so bad, he guesses, as he holds the phone to his ear, laughing gently at your excitement that was a stark contrast to the pouty girl he left earlier this morning.

“Perks of being in love, I’m guessing,” Seungri scoffs. The youngest of Jiyong’s group of friends is lounging with extreme comfort on the loveseat in Jiyong’s office. Jiyong narrows his eyes - that’s your favorite seat, and he doesn’t appreciate Seungri rolling all over it like a dog, but he bites his tongue, flipping over another piece of paper with disinterest as Seungri continues talking. He had only just hung up his call with you, and he could already feel annoyance worming it’s way back into his body.

“I need a sugar baby,” Seungri pouts dramatically, his head loling as he turns to Jiyong. “I can’t keep getting new girls every time I need a quick fix… better to have one girl who’ll help me out so long as I buy her some designer handbags-”

“That’s not what ____ is,” Jiyong huffs, his eyes drifting from the monotonous piles of paper to the bratty man chatting his head off. “Our relationship is built off mutual respect and love, not money - and I’m sure any other woman who’s a sugar baby can agree with the respect, at least.”

Seungri rolls his eyes, a small ‘whatever’ exiting his lips. The man straightens up, rolling his shoulders back. Jiyong barely sees him glancing at the expensive gold watch hanging off of his wrist, before he stands, brushing the imaginary dust off of himself.

“Well,” he announces cheekily, “if ____ has any cute friends that are willing to help me out, you know where to find me, hyung.”

And as easily as he walked in hours ago, he walks out, humming a cheery tune and leaving Jiyong with a scowl on his handsome face, allowing his mind to drift off to his sweetheart who was halfway across the city, without him.

The paperwork seems even worse, now.


He returns way earlier than you expected - this time, the word 'baby’ is filling the silent air as he drops the multiple bags hanging off of his wrists onto the marble floors, his arms wrapping tightly around your form and his laughs combined with your excited squeals making happiness bubble in your chests.

The night sky can perfectly be seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows of his penthouse, the darkness illuminated by millions of tiny yellow lights. The city is still bustling, thriving with life and culture, but the beautiful view is the last thing on your mind.

“Daddy,” you grin, burying your head in the crook of his neck, “You’re back so early! I thought you’d come back when I was asleep…”

“Ah,” Jiyong tsks lightly, one hand wound around your waist, holding you close, the other hand reaching down to pick the bags up from the floor. “I said I’d come back early, didn’t I, baby? With presents, too.”

Your eyes widen, zeroing in on the pastel bags in his hands, filled with rainbow coloured tulle and hiding the surprise that was waiting for you. “Oo… what are they, daddy?”

He only laughs lightly, leading you with a hand on the small of your back to your bedroom. He’s quick to open the door to the en suite bathroom, placing the bags in your hands gently and raising an eyebrow at you. “Why don’t you take these, and try them on? Let me see how they look on you, baby.”

You’re filled with a strange mixture of confusion and excitement, but nonetheless, you nod in agreement, sending him one last tiny smile before you shut the door.

With bated breath, you rifle through the first bag, pushing away the pastel coloured tulle to reveal the main event. And, boy, are you shocked at what you come across.

It’s beautiful, of course, but the sight of the frilly, lacey lingerie that is revealed to you makes heat flood throughout your body. You suppress a whimper, rubbing your thighs together as you lift the corset out of the bag, warmth pulsing in between your legs.

It’s gleaming white, decorated with gold lace and tiny little beads littered on the bodice. On the back, there are multiple gold laces for you - or rather, Jiyong - to do up, the shape of the corset filling your hands as you examine it with wide eyes.

You can only guess how much this cost.

The silence of the bathroom is almost deafening as you shed your clothes, dropping them to the white marble floors of the bathroom in a heap. You’re suddenly glad that Chaeyoung had persuaded you to have a shower earlier to 'cleanse you of bad energy’ - whatever that meant - as you pull the matching underwear up your smooth legs.

“Daddy,” you call quietly, pushing the door open with one hand. The other holds the corset up against your chest, hiding the vast expanse of smooth, supple skin. “Can you do this up for me?”

You hear him take in a sharp breath, an over exaggerated sigh of breathlessness and a wow, look at you falling passed his lips, his lips parting in a mischevious smile. Jiyong’s quick to register your question, though, and in seconds he’s stood from the chair beside your bed and is behind you, moving your hair out of the way to give him access to your back.

“Beautiful,” Jiyong’s muttering to you, fingers nimbly doing the laces up in a matter of seconds. His hands linger on your back for a minute, your breath catching with anticipation, before they trail slowly and meaningfully to your sides, smoothing down non-existent wrinkles and his eyes drinking up your curves. “This might be my favourite one, baby…”

You turn to him, eyes narrowed in mock annoyance. “We have way more to go,” you remind him playfully, swinging your hips back and forth, turning in different positions for him to take a glimpse at you, “You can’t possibly know if this one is your favourite?”

“We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” He raises an eyebrow, patting your bottom and directing you towards the bathroom - you say nothing about the obvious bulge in his pants, biting your lip with an excited giggle as you shut the bathroom door behind you.

The corset comes off easier than it was put on, a few tugs on the laces making it come undone and falling into your grasp. The underwear are second to go, and you almost feel regret at seeing them folded and back in their bags instead of on your body. They truly were a pleasure to wear - but on to the next bag, so!

You sit yourself on the toilet, spending a few seconds tapping your finger against your cheek, peering down at the multiple colourful bags surrounding your feet. Which one should you pick? Randomly, you grasp one of the bags by the handles, pulling it up onto your lap and anticipating what you would find:

Oh - wow. If you thought the last pair was beautiful, you were about to be completely blown away with this pair. In contrast to the light and pale colour scheme of the last pair, these were a deep, dark turquoise colour. The bra was decorated with gold chains and gold lace on the rim, and the underwear were the exact same. The vibrancy, the complimenting colours… the set was just beautiful - and easier to put on, too, you find, simply clasping the back of the bra together as you did with any other bra.

You actually can’t help but admire your appearance in the mirror; the way the fabric smooths over the curve of your ass, the way it pushed up your breasts, the colours suiting your skin tone perfectly - Jiyong clearly had good taste. Excitedly, you push the door open.

“Look at me!” You chirp happily, standing in front of him. He’s sitting on the chair again, and he can only watch you with dark eyes as you wiggle around, swaying your hips side to side to give him only the best angles. “I think this one will be my favourite…”

There’s still no answer from him, and you turn your head to look at him. His bottom lip is caught between his teeth, his eyes trailing slowly from your head to your toes. He seems to realise that you were talking to him, and with a deep sigh, he meets your eyes. Then, to your surprise, a cheeky smile spreads over his handsome face as he pats his thigh warmly.

“Why don’t you come sit on daddy’s lap, hm, princess?”

Princess. It was always princess when he was in this mood. You could only guess what this would lead to.

And you do, obediently, prim and proper as you daintily sit yourself on his lap. You can feel his bulge against your skin, and with all your self control, you refrain yourself from grinding against him. That was one of daddy’s rules, of course: no playing with daddy without his permission. The most irritating of all rules, but you learned not to question it.

“Look at you,” he coos, and you feel a hand hug you close around your waist, the other coming up to cup your cheek. You practically glow at the contact, nuzzling deeper into his touch with a joyful smile - this was what you craved. This touch, this emotion. This is what you needed. “My beautiful little princess.”

His expression dims for a second, his voice becoming quieter, more tender. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to take care of you lately. That’s one of my jobs, as your daddy, right? I know I’ve been doing a pretty horrible job lately-”

A noise of disagreement rises in your throat as you shake your head frantically, your eyes furrowing immensely. “N-no! Daddy, really, I don’t mind, I’m just being a bit over dramatic-”

He hushes you with a simple 'shh’, shaking his head lightly. “I know you want to see me more, and I’m planning to change that, okay? But for now,” he murmurs, the hand that had been holding you at your waist creeping up your back, “Let me take care of you, princess.

As if compelled, you’re nodding in seconds, excitement filling every nerve in your body as his lips are finally on yours. It feels as if you’ve finally drank water after being stranded in the desert for a year. It felt like forever since you and Jiyong had last played together… Eagerness takes hold lf your body, and before you know it, Jiyong is laughing against your lips, pulling away from you.

“Looks like you forgot all of our rules in my time away, huh?” He questions rhetorically, removing you from his lap easily and standing. He adjusts his pants awkwardly, before he’s turning to the dresser that’s beside the bed.

“But that’s my fault, isn’t it? So let’s try something,” he mutters, and he looks all too happy as he pulls out an equally all too familiar toy, bright purple and just waiting for the flip of the switch that would allow it to vibrate. You’re not ashamed to say that your mouth watered - a few weeks without getting to cum, and you get pretty desperate.

“I use your favourite toy on you, and if you manage to stay quiet, you get to have me. If you don’t manage to stay quiet, well then…” Jiyong trails off, a devilish smirk appearing on his face- “Punishments are always fun, too.”

“Lay down,” he continues softly, pressing a hand to your stomach, guiding you to lay down. Excitement runs through your veins like fire, and you have to stop yourself from curling your toes in anticipation as a low buzz fills the air.

Jiyong holds the toy in his hand, looking every bit like an artist, the toy his paintbrush, and you his canvas. He hovers over your bottom half, fingering at the brand new underwear that he had gotten just that day, and in a startling flash - he rips them.

You let out a squeal that you can’t contain, staring down at him in shock as he begins to place kisses over your hips, not phased one bit. “Daddy!” You gasp, “Those - those were my favourite!”

“Daddy will buy you another pair, princess,” Jiyong mutters, his lips sucking red and purple marks into your delicate skin. “But for now, you know the rules. No noises, you understand?”

Chest still heaving in shock, your eyebrows knitted together, you nod slowly, dropping back down from your elbows and onto the smooth, cool sheets. Now that you’ve gotten over the initial shock of Jiyong tearing your current favourite underwear in half, you can focus on the sensations being ministrated onto your body.

His lips are always so soft when they’re on you, his tongue wetting skin and confusing you amongst the flurry of kisses and teeth you feel. You know you’re going to wake up with a ring of hickeys on your stomach, but as he sucks hard on the skin of your hipbone, you really don’t care - you’re too busy shivering as he begins to trek over an extremely sensitive part.

You’d barely noticed when he spreaded your legs, if not for the fact that he rises into his knees. You notice that he’s managed to already have coated the toy in a fair amount of lube, and he’s ready to push it into you. Your stomach tenses, your joints locked and your breath halted as you feel the cool rubber against your overheated lower lips. And then - oh.

The stretch is delicious. After a few weeks of absolutely no sexual contact, you’ve become a lot stiffer, a lot tighter, and a whole lot more sensitive. It definitely shows, you think, as your back arches from the bed, your mouth open in a silent gasp. It feels as if you’ve been winded, and you can barely catch your breath before he’s pulling the toy out of you, and then slamming back in with such force that you almost want to cry.

No noises. No noises. No noises. You’re chanting to yourself, in rhythm with the heavy breaths that are escaping your lips. Lewd, wet sounds reverberate through the room, and the sound alone is enough to make you screw your eyes shut, feeling the pleasure attack you fiercely. It felt as if liquid fire was burning through your veins.

You can only take the pleasure, throwing your head back. Your fingers and toes are curling, your eyebrows furrowing as you try your absolute best not to make any sounds because you can feel the knot in your stomach about to come loose-

“You’re doing so well, princess,” you hear Jiyong murmur, and you know he’s grinning to himself as he watches you struggle to not make any noise, writhing in pleasure beneath him. He likes testing you - and you’re absolutely sure of this, especially when he suddenly reaches his other hand down and begins to rub fervently at your clit.

The stimulation on your bundle of nerves immediately sends you hurtling into an extremely powerful orgasm, and you’re pretty sure white clouds your vision, your legs shaking and your chest tight, your stomach clenching and unclenching as you take in what seems like gallons of air.

The toy stops inside of you when your orgasm fades into nothingness, and the only sounds you can hear are your heavy breaths and small whines. Your eyes are fluttering shut as you see Jiyong rise from his position, beginning to shed his own clothes, and despite the fatigue you feel in your bones, you’re almost strengthened by the excitement of what’s to come.

“You took it fantastically,” you hear him comment, a hand smoothing over your stomach. “All fours?”

Nodding in agreement, you flip over onto your hands and knees. All traces of tiredness seem to have dissipated into the air, and you find yourself pushing your ass back eagerly. You couldn’t wait anymore… It had been so long since you had felt him.

Luckily, it seems as if Jiyong couldn’t either, because suddenly he’s grasping your hips, his cock filling you in such a smooth movement that it takes your breath away. The toy doesn’t compare at all to this - not at all. Jiyong’s hands grabbing your hips, his grunts filling the air as he pushes himself back into you - even the feeling of him inside you is much more satisfying in comparison to the cold rubber of the dildo.

He begins a fast pace from the start, hips grinding against the skin of your ass, and the wet sounds of slapping skin echoing throughout the room. You hold yourself up strongly, rolling your hips against his thrusts and letting mewls and whimpers escape your lips.

“Fuck,” he groans, and you can tell he’s throwing his head back, his hands wandering from your hips to your ass, and back again. “I’ve missed this, princess.”

Jiyong ends his sentence with a hard spank, and the yelp that you give makes him grin, biting his lip as he continues to pump himself into you. You can barely keep up with his pace; your last orgasm made you extremely sensitive, and you can already feel the mind-dizzying pleasure on the tip of your tongue.

“Daddy,” you whimper, your mouth gaping open as you feel the beginning of your orgasm trail up your legs, only short breaths escaping your mouth as it heads straight for the tightening knot in your stomach. “Daddy - I-I think I’m gonna-”

You can’t finish your sentence. Your body heaves forward as your orgasm wracks your body, tears burning behind your eyes and your voice completely lost. Your arms that had previously been so strong buckle underneath you, and suddenly your face is buried into the soft duvets underneath you, your ass up and your face down as you take the thrusts Jiyong was giving. Seconds later, Jiyong lets out a long groan, and his hips still as he empties his load inside you, painting your walls with white.

For a while, you just stay in that position, him still inside you as you catch your breaths. Fatigue is quickly creeping into your limbs, but you’d rather stay like this and bask in the afterglow while you can. You knew this wouldn’t be happening again any time soon.

Soon, though, Jiyong sighs, easing himself out of you with a small groan. The previously comforting feeling of him inside of you quickly changes as you feel his seed begin to trickle out of you, down on to your thighs - but luckily, he was always prepared. In seconds, he’s beginning to clean you up with a damp cloth that he had retrieved from the bathroom.

The silence is all too silent, but you can’t gather the strength to break it. After two orgasms, your body is completely spent, and you feel your eyes fluttering close as you rest your head on the fluffy bed sheets.


“Up you get, love,” you hear him murmur. Love. It’s always this one after he’s just made love to you, and you can’t say that you hate it.

With a small groan, you move so that you’re sitting normally, wiping your eyes tiredly and blinking up at him. Jiyong lets out a gentle laugh as he sees your eyes droop again, and in seconds he’s gathered you in his arms and has began to walk towards the bathroom.

The floor is still covered with shopping bags full of what you can only guess is more lingerie, but he isn’t preoccupied by that. He’s managed to run a bath in the small time that you had been resting, and he places you in so gently you feel as if you’re being placed on a bed of clouds.

Jiyong holds you close, you in between his legs and his chin resting on your shoulder. It’s so quiet, the water is warm and you’re in his arms. There really isn’t anything you’d like more than this.

“What are you thinking about, love?” He murmurs in your ear, and you inhale deeply, your head lolling back onto his shoulder.

“I just know that we won’t be able to do this much anymore, daddy,” you hum back. He says nothing in response but you know he’s sorry - you know he’s thinking deeply about how he can fix your situation, but you there really isn’t any solution. Jiyong is a business man. You knew this would happen when you first met him. “I’m trying to savour it.”

“If I could do anything to fix this, I would,” his grip on you tightens, and suddenly you’re both closer, holding each other tighter. “But, hey, look on the bright side - you still have more things to try on, hm?”

A giggle fills the air, and you’re both smiling once again.

littlegirlslost-deactivated2017  asked:

I just found your blog and I love it! I would really appreciate it if you could do one with 93. Please and thank you! :)

 Sorry it took so long on this! I needed a little help!

93: “Are you high?”


“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?” Dean yelled at you. He slammed the door as soon as he walked in, pushing you forward.

“I was just thinking of havin’ a little fun, Dean.” You crossed your arms and mumbled under your breath. “It’s not like it’s the first time anyways…”

Both of your brothers’ eyes went wide. You could hear Dean let out a quiet, but audible, growl. He stomped down the steps to where you and Sam were standing by the table in the war room. Sam looked down at you, his form towering over yours. He didn’t speak, but his eyes said it all. You had upset him, greatly. Tearing your gaze away from him, you looked back to your oldest brother.

You threw your head back and gave a chuckle trying to control yourself from full on laughter. “Have I ever told you that you look like a great big four-year-old stompin’ around like that?”

Dean opened his mouth to speak, but he fell short of breath when he saw your eyes. Your smirk slowly fell when you noticed the fire rekindle in his eyes, brighter than before. For a small second, fear flashed through you, then it was gone. You held your ground.

You watched as his eyes took on a darker hue. His anger growing by the second. He didn’t break your gaze; he refused to back down. Slowly, he spoke, “Are you high?”

Sam’s eyes snapped towards you. You scoffed, “Uh… No?” It came out more of a question, but when Dean let out a growl, you made a last second decision to take off running. You had to admit, it was a little fun. Which is what made you shout out, possibly your last words: “Sorry not sorry!”

And that’s how you ended up locked in your room for a month and a half, doing research only, cleaning all of the weapons in the bunker.


Speaking of Knights, House Jormungandr is finally fully painted and ready to march to war!  Spent a lot of time on these big boys and they are ready to do some stompin’!

A quick fluff overview- House Jormungandr was a house named for the famed serpentine Megafauna of their home world.  The planet was found in the later stages of the great crusade by an Alpha legion explorator fleet.  Upon joining the Imperium of man’s great crusade, the house had deleted all records of their previous existence, and the pilots were never again seen outside of their suits.  The house keeps no individual honors, and the only displayed iconography is the serpent and tree motif of their home world and the scale pattern on the armor,  Famed in battle for their seemingly silent advance, the Knights had worked well within the structure of their lords from the Alpha Legion.  At the end of the Horus Heresy, the Knights had continued to retreat to the galactic east along with their host legion.  In the current era, the knights follow a seemingly mysterious objective.  They are know to help or hinder Imperial war efforts on a whim, and will always vanish before anyone can question why they are there.  The house appears to have several rare armors of Mechanicum origin, but how they maintain these ancient relics while cut off from the priesthood of mars is a mystery.

Total Unit Setup-

Knight Atropos “Titanslayer”

Knight Styrix “Silence" 

Knight Magaera "The Faceless" 

Knight Warden "Ruin”

Knight Paladin “The Storm”

Knight Errant “Wrath”

Knight Gallant “The Butcher”

Knight Crusader “Hellfire”