1984. Diamond Mistress

is the debut album by band Madison, which featured Goran Edman on vocals.

This is a great debut from Madison. If you like 220 Volt or early Europe, you’ll love this album. Features Goran Edman on vocals. He would later go on to join Yngwie for a couple of records and then Glory.  There’s some great classics here that is worth to be remembered.

Goran Edman   Dan Stomberg     Conny Sundquist    Peter Fredrickson    Anders Karlson  


Here’s a playlist for some of my very favorite tracks. 


  1. A Case Of you - James Blake
  2. Hero - Regina Spektor
  3. Creep - Radiohead (cover)
  4. If It Wasn’t For You - Various Cruelties
  5. Pretty Face - Soley
  6. Still - Daughter 
  7. Spirals - Jammie Woon 
  8. A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope 
  9. Love - Daughter 
  10. Samson - Regina Spektor 
  11. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
  12. When I’m Sixty Four - The Beatles 
  13. Retrograde - James Blake 
  14. Jabal - Safar Barlik
  15. The Moon Song - Karen O’ (from the movie ‘Her’)
  16. Insect Eyes - Devendra Banhart 
  17. Holocene - Bon Iver 
  18. Let Her Go - Passenger 
  19. You - Keaton Henson 
  20. Let Me Go - Mashrou'Leila
  21. You Dont Know How Lucky You Are - Keaton Henson
  22. About Today - The National
  23. Fe Shi Makan - Alaa Wardi
  24. Thought Of Her - Keaton Stomberg 
  25. It Ain’t Me Babe - Joan Baez 
  26. Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men
  27. Vienna - Billy Joel
  28. Ween ElKalam - Alaa Wardi
  29. Queen Of The Foals - Rover ft. Hamed Sinno
  30. After The Storm - Mumford and Sons
  31. Haram - Alaa Wardi
  32. Raoui - Souad Massi
  33. Draw Your Swords - Angus and Julia Stone 
  34. Beautiful Tango - Hinidi Zahra 
  35. BroadRipple is Burning - Margot and The Nuclear So and So's 
  36. Risala Ela - Alaa Wardi
  37. Bala Wala Shi - Ziad Rohbani
  38. Yemken Law - Rasha Rizk
  39. Dead Hearts - Stars (from the movie 'Like Crazy’)
  40. Say Something - A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
Drew Chadwick Imagine

Tears still stained your cheeks as you woke up and recalled the events of last night. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Tears accumulated in your eyes when you started reliving the events. ‘Just leave me alone!’ Drew screamed last night after an intense fight. You remember how his face was bright red and his veins were sticking out of his neck. You knew this fight wouldn’t blow over so quickly. You buried your face in your pillow just wishing you were dead. He was you everything. He was the reason you were still alive. He was your reason to smile everyday. He was your reason to live. You couldn’t believe that you even let him leave yesterday. You started to cry, and eventually drifted off to sleep again. When you woke up you checked your phone and noticed it was already 12 in the afternoon which was extremely late for you, and you had a text from someone…it was Drew. Your hands started to shake…was he going to break up with me? why’s he texting me first?. You slowly open the message, and you were surprised that it wasn’t a break up text. You read it, and you noticed that it wasn’t an apology text either. It said 'meet me at laguna beach at 6’ with nothing else and another text sent ten minutes later which said 'wear something casual’. You didn’t know why he would want to talk to you after you disappointed him so much! Maybe he didn’t want to break up with me through text so he’s going to do it in person. You spent your whole day anxiously waiting until six came. You watched netflix, had lunch with your friend, and went to buy groceries. It was finally 5:25 which meant you could start getting ready. You wore a cute sundress with light makeup. When you were finally done getting ready it was 6:45 so you decided to make your way over to the beach. As you were nearing it your hands started sweating and butterflies weer vigorously flapping in your stomach. As you started walking down the beach you noticed Drew. Slowly you approached him…“Hi babe.” He said giving you pink roses  (which were your favorite.) “Hey” you replied with a small smile as you hugged him tightly. Behind him you noticed a picnic was set up, you were shocked. “Babe, I love you more than anything and I hope you’ll join me for dinner on this beautiful evening. You mean everything to me, I would die for you. I’m so sorry for yesterday I overreacted and I don’t think I could ever make it up to you, but I’ll try my best to. You are my whole world, and I love you more than anything, even more than myself, without you I’d be nothing.” You hugged him and kissed him passionately. “Drew, baby, you’re forgiven lets just forget about it. I love you too. You mean everything to me…without you I wouldn’t be alive.” Eventually you guys sat down and enjoyed dinner, and then went over to Drew’s’ apartment ;)

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But guys, remember when Keaton stabbed Wes with a piece of chocolate!!!!


I’m sobbing!! They’re all so young and Kenny is there too!! My babies!!!