Grey’s Anatomy Sides 11x21

Filming 3/20 – 3/31

ALANA –Alana is on her side, banged up, with small cuts from the shattered glass. She’s groaning. Dr. Smith ever-so-carefully rolls her onto her back and does a quick exam. Can you tell me your name? Alana. It’s hard to breathe. Okay, just a second. Is it getting better, worse, staying the same? Better I think. Are you in any pain? Dr. Smith touches her neck, moves it a little from side to side. Does this hurt? Alana shakes her head no. Then she is overcome with a sense of urgency. I’m not supposed to be here. I’m..I have to go. Careful, you’ll hurt yourself. It’s fine. I’m fine. I have to go. I have to call my mom. Where’s my phone? Listen to me Alana, you might be in shock. So just do me a favor and slow down… A beat. Alana calms. Then, as Dr. Smith continues to check her out. That’s good. Now, do you know what day it is? Tuesay. I’m supposed to be in school. In math. We have a quiz. That why you were driving so crazy? I skilled. My mom’s going to kill me. I’m supposed…I wasn’t driving. Who was? Charlie. My boyfriend. Dr. Smith jumps to her feet to look around them. Where is he?! 

Alana sits on the ground next to Charlie. She’s shaking. It’s 10:37. Third period just started. Pre-calculus. And Mr. Walden will see that I bagged on the quiz and he’ll tell the office and then they’ll call my mom at work and.. she’s going to freak out. She’s going to be pissed. She just started this new insurance job, it’s really good and. She hates Charlie. She thinks he’s stoned all the time and has no parenting and is… I’m sorry. But she… she calls you a waste of space who drives too fast and…WE JUST FLIPPED YOUR DAD’S CAR! I can’t even. What happened? How are we even here? What’s happening? When Alana winces in pain, grabbing her stomach. Alana, calm down. What hurts? My stomach really, really hurts and everything just feels like, crap, you know and. But Alana’s words become slurry as blood pours from her mouth. Dr. Smith immediately goes to her, grabbing her. Dr. Smith gently takes hold of Alana’s chin. Alana. What’s wrong? What are you? You’re gonna look right at me. Right at my face, right at my eyes. Okay? Good. Just like that. Don’t look away, not for a second. Got it? Alana nods. She’s scared. I know you are, but I’m here. Right here. And I’m gonna stay right here so…don’t look away. I need to do an exam. With her free hand, Dr. Smith opens the lower part of Alana’s blouse and we can see a very deep gash. What’s wrong with me? Alana desperately tries to bend her head down to see, but Dr. Smith keeps her hand on Alana’s chin. Not letting Alana look down. Alana, I’ve got you. Is it my stomanch? Is it bleeding? Alana…Am I dying, please, I want to know…Alana. Eyes on me. Alana stops struggling and finally looks straight into Dr. Smith’s eyes. Alana takes a breath. Calms. Eyes on you. Good.

CHARLIE – Hospital, day – Dr. Smith sees Charlie, stumbling away from the ER. Stop! What happened? You were in an accident and hit your head. Oh. And as Charlie turns to face her, we see Charlie has blood streaming down his face. Okay, I need you to sit down. He doesn’t feel so good. What happened? You were in a car accident and hit your head. Who are you? I’m a doctor. I’m here to help you. What happened? What happened? Alana, Charlie’s girlfriend, looks on totally freaked out. Charlie looks at her blankly, which is even scarier. Oh my God. Oh my God. Alana? Where are we? What happened? Stop asking that! You’re freaking me out! Where are we? 

SARAH – mom - EXT. Hospital – Day – Dr. Jones peers in at Sarah and her daughter Jamie who are both starting to panic. Dr. Smith and Swift are nearby. Dr. Jones asks if everything is okay here? Sarah is panting. She has to get out. Dr. Jones tells her to listen. She’s going to be all right. Just…try to relax. Excuse me? Relax? They are trapped in there! Dr. Jones looks around and tells her that Dr. Smith is gonna take care of her. He needs to see how badly the other driver is hurt. Sarah is enraged. You mean that idiot who cut us off? Who almost KILLED US? You need to help HIM? Dr. Jones grabs the jack and Dr. Hall assists. Okay Sarah, you need to cover your face and look away from the window on three. One, two…Dr. Jones smashes the window and opens the door from the inside. Sarah GULPS at the fresh air, clawing to get out..Is the car going to explode??? It’s okay – we’ve got you now. How’s her daughter? Where is she? Dr. Hall wants to get her out of there. Is she ready? Uh huh. She grimaces. Her arm. It’s bad. She starts panting, patting her chest desperately. She thinks she’s having a heart attack! Dr. Hall tells her that she is not having a heart attack. She feels all tight…and flushed…and her fingers are all tingling. Dr. Jones leans over and checks the pulse on her neck. You’re having a panic attack. I need to you breathe in and out. Inhale and…one. Inhale hand…two. Sarah starts to control her breathing. It’s not working. Keep breathing. You can do this. Think about your daughter. Sarah starts to breathe again. Okay. Okay. Come on, let’s get you out of here. Dr. Jones leans in and releases the seat belt. I’m going to lift under your shoulders okay? Ready, set…Owwwww… Go. My ARM. Ahhhh! Dr. Jones carries Sarah to the side of the road. She is moaning and shivering in pain. I need to check you for any injuries. Dr. Jones quickly examines Sarah. When he pushes on her shoulder…Aghhh.! Is it broken? It’s dislocated. I need you to work with me to put it back in place. No, please. Let’s wait for help. And where’s Jamie? She should be with me. She’s too young…She’s…Jamie’s fine. You have a brave daughter, but we can’t wait here. Okay. Dr. Jones lifts her arm to her shoulder. Slowly moves her arm towards her back while Dr. Hall distracts Sarah. So, where were you guys headed? The space needle. She’s never been up there. She’s….Then Dr. Jones makes ajerly move and we hear a POP. Aeehhhhhh!1!! Sarah lets out a shrilling cry that echoes throughout the scene. 

POLICE OFFICER – ER Waiting Room. The cops are staring at Samantha with confusion. Ma’am? I’m afraid there’s been an accident. Could you come with us, please? But Samantha doesn’t respond. Catatonic. Are you okay? My…my purse. Let me just get my purse. The officer is concerned. 

JAMIE (12) Hospital Day – Dr. Smith climbs over to the back door of the vehicle, peers inside. She sees a 12-year-old girl, strapped into her seat belt and extremely shaken. Eyes wide, frozen…Hi. Are you Jamie? Yes. Are you all right? Does anything hurt? Like, your neck or…? I think I’m dead. Dr. Smith looks at this scared little girl. Who’s more stunned than hurt. Dr. Smith stretches out her hand toward the girl. Give me your hand. Jamie doesn’t. It’s okay. Jamie slowly puts her hand out and Dr. Smith touches her wrist. You’re not dead. You know why? Why? I can feel your pulse in your wrist. I’m a doctor, so I know that means your heart’s still beating. Now you try it…Touch the inside of your wrist. Two fingers. Jamie does. Then she looks back at Dr. Smith. Feel it. Yeah. See? You’re not dead. I’m not dead. I’m not dead. Dr. Smith carries Jamie over to the benches, a safe distance away from the road where the accident took place. She sets Jamie down and she winces in pain. Her ankle. Dr. Smith takes a look at it as the other doctors administer aid. Jamie is imprinting on Dr. Smith. Stay away from your mom’s car. So…you’re a doctor. I am. A surgeon. Aren’t you supposed to treat the people with the worst injuries first? Triage, right? Dr. Smith smiles, charmed and impressed. You know about triage? I did my history project on Clara Barton. She was the only woman at the Antietam. She helped triage the wounded. They called her the Angel of the Battlefield. Dr. Smith looks at Jamie, smitten. But…I’m gonna go get your mom. Just stay here for me. Jamie nods, watching the doctor work. Dr. Smith brings another injured teen, ALANA, and puts her on the bench next to Jamie. Alana is bleeding badly. Dr. Smith holds pressure on her leg. I’m gonna stitch this up. Jamie here will talk to you. Are you scared? Yeah. Don’t worry. They’re going to fix you. Now, you wanna talk about scary…my bat mitzvah was last weekend. I was terrified. Jamie holds pressure to Alana’s leg. I had to stand in front of everybody I know and recite this passage from the Torah. It was relaly, reall long and super hard to memorize, because it’s written all backwards. And even though I practiced…Alana grunts in pain. My grandmother said I did okay…but she’s almost deaf.  Dr. Smith finishes her stitching. All done. She pulls a blanket over Alana’s wound so she doesn’t have to see anything. She reassures her…just relax. Breathe. You did great. Dr. Smith looks at Jamie. So did you. Jamie smiles. Now what? 

TOBY (30s), ER Doctor – He is flummoxed as yet another ambulance arrives and he runs up to the window of the paramedic. No, no, no. Another one? The paramedic unloads the patient and Toby sticks close to him. They already have that man and his kid and that woman with the mangled legs and the dude with the shoulder injury. When it rains it pours. We don’t have any room. Make it. What’re we supposed to do with this one? Toby stares down at a bloody, battered, c-collared trauma patient who might as well be a bag of potatoes. Fine. But this isn’t on me. Toby knows this isn’t good.

Toby later examines Jessica, his patient, who lays motionless on the ER bed. The ER is chaotic. He needs four units of blood. He examines Jessica’s eyes with a penlight. Dr. Smith arrives and asks Toby for her status. Jane Doe, head-on collision with a truck. Had to be extricated. Positive loss of consciousness at the scene. Poorly responsive. Edie examines Jessica. Pupils are equal and responsive. She’s still hypotensive and tachycardic after two fluid boluses.

PAUL – Hospital ER, Night – Paul is ultrasounding Joshua’s abdomen. Dr. Francis is nearby. There’s blood in the belly. We need to take him straight up. Should we scan him first? There’s no time. Get him an airway…Intubation tray.  A nurse brings her the tray. As she removes the mask from Joshua’s face, he struggles again to speak, but can’t. Dr. Francis moves to intubate him, but Joshua fights her off…Paul calls for sedation, please. You need to calm down buddy. Paul holds Joshua down. We’re going to sedate you now so we can secure your airway. You’re going to be fine. Sux and etomidate.

Hospital OR Night – Paul works in Joshua’s abdomen, running the bowel, looking for bleeders. The colon’s avulsed. We’ll need to resect and create a temporary colostomy. We’ve got a grade 2 splenic lac. Paul takes a look. Let’s leave it. Check the four quadrants. Make sure to check the retrohepatic space. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP – Paul takes the chest tube, wiggles it. Blood POURS out. Crap. He’s got a huge hemothorax. We have to open his chest. Thoracotomy tray. Scalpel. Paul slices into Joshua’s chest, furiously works. He can’t find any pulmonary disruption. He’s not bleeding into his chest…this makes no sense. Monitors blare. His heart’s in good shape. He doesn’t understand what…He had a head lac…check his pupils. Dr. Francis checks. Looks up. Grim. His right pupil’s blown. Page Dr. Smith. Now.

ANESTHESIOLOGIST – Gretchen lies on the OR bed when BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Decreased breath sounds on the right. Dr. Jones realizes that they need to open her chest. Monitors blare again. Persistent bradycardia. Check her pupils. Her right pupil’s blown.

EDIE – PHYSICIAN, late 30s & DR. COHN – She examines Joshua’s eyes with a penlight. A nurse stands by. What’s your name sir? Can you hear me? Joshua tries to talk but can’t. Edie continues. Pupils are equal and reactive. He’s got flail chest in the right. I need a 36 French tube now. Sir, can you tell me your name? A nurse says that he’s still hypotensive. He could be bleeding in his chest. Hang two units of blood on the infuser. I need a trauma panel. Xray and cross him for four. I’m so sorry..this’ll hurt but we have to do it. She puts a chest tube in. Blood and a gush of air comes out. Joshua groans. That must have hurt. I’m sorry. Can you tell me your name? Can you tell me anything? Dr. Smith joins them. We need to take him straight up. A nurse brings her the tray. As she removes the mask from Joshua’s face he struggles again to speak, but can’t. His pressure is holding, maybe we should get a scan. Too risky. He could bottom out in the scanner. We need to open. Edie moves aside but Joshua grabs her arm. Scared. It’s okay. We’ve got you. It’s all gonna be okay. Joshua closes his eyes, trusting her. 

OR. NIGHT – The OR team stands still waiting. And waiting. It’s agonizing. Joshua’s chest is now closed on the table, but the stillness of the OR is eerie. When Edie pops in – Any word? Page him again! When the OR doors slide OPEN, Dr. COHN enters the room, very casual. Thank God…I need this man prepped. The team jumps into action, but it’s frantic and uncontrolled. As Dr. Cohn’s being gowned and gloved, Edie approaches, fuming. You were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago! If you guys had ordered a scan, you would’ve called me sooner. What am I supposed to do about that? He was bleeding into his belly. He was stable. You had the time. Now, I’ve got to work like hell to save this man, thanks to you. Your response time is supposed to be 20 minutes. Not forty-five! We had a freaking chance – He had a chance – Get out of my OR. What…You hear me. Unless you’re going to be cutting into this man’s head, you can get out. Now. Now.

ICU – NIGHT – Dina enters and sees her husband lying in the bed. Turns to Edie. What happened? He arrived with multiple injuries. Hypotensive, flail chest and intra-abdominal bleeding. We stabilized him in the ER. Inserted a chest tube. Transfused him two units. There was no time for a CT, we had to intubate him and get him to the OR. It was there we found he had an epidural bleed. Despite our best efforts…your brother’s shown no sign of brain activity. For how long? Twelve hours. Thank you. I am so sorry. I know that’s useless to you right now, but…I am. Edie starts to cry, Edie doesn’t want to look at her. Leave. Please. Emotional, Edie starts to walk away when she comes face to face with Dr. Cohn. She tells him that it was her job to save him, and she failed. He’s going to die. Because I wasn’t a good enough doctor to keep him alive. She’s right. She did fail. She wasn’t good enough. Edie’s crying slows. She’s stunned by Dr. Cohn’s cutting words. And then he softens. But do you know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is Thursday. There will be new patients who need to be saved. So learn from this. Better yourself. And next time, you will be good enough. What if she’s not? She will be. How can you know that? Because. You care. That’s how I know. Edie summons a smile, small but grateful, then wipes her tears.

ICU, NIGHT – Dr. Cohn enters, nervous. Sir? Jim turns to see…Dr. Cohn, has appeared out of nowhere. Dr. Cohn looks nervous and mortified and intensely freaked out. Jim just stares at him. Uncomfortable Dr. Cohn clears his throat. Sir, I can’t tell you…how sorry I am for your loss. Your wife was an extraordinary woman. I…it was an honor to..And here he shuts up. Because Jim turns and looks at him so cold and angry.