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Frat Boy Pt 2 - Harry Styles One Shot

part 1

It’s finally here! Part 1 isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve written on here and it involves drunk cuddly harry so… enjoy babes!

You called him once.

One time, that was all you’d allow yourself.

You expected to tell him off for lying and setting you up or to maybe make a joke of it all, even the rational part of you was making excuses saying you were only calling him to ask if he knew of anyone who had the actual notes.  But you knew it wasn’t true.  You couldn’t deny the electrified buzz that was still coursing through your body, and the slight tingle on the pads of your fingers that still felt hot from touching his butterfly.  His toned stomach… Each ring made another knot in your own, but instead of hearing a British rasp at the end of it you were met with an automated recording and you hung up before leaving a message.

You really tried not to think about it too much.  Like, really tried.

This was it then, you thought.  This was just a fun joke.  Frat king Harry was bored and must have made a bet with himself to see if he could get the average girl in class to come to a party and he succeeded and now that would be that.

But it wasn’t over just yet.  You still had to see him tomorrow and you still had his binder…

What if the number wasn’t even meant for you?  What if he had just put it there, or what if that was an old hookup’s number?

Or…the stupid nagging voice was back.

Perhaps he was avoiding your call on purpose.

Maybe he was balls deep in another girl right now.

Because that’s what you were to him, weren’t you?  Just another girl.

When you woke up this morning you didn’t have any messages from Harry.

Overthinking was your enemy and your vice when it came to boys, and this is exactly why you tried not to think about it too much.  But the same pesky thoughts swarmed through your head with a vengeance as you stood at the entryway of the lecture hall, trying to buy as much time as possible before you’d have to sit in front of Harry.  Your palms were sweating, and you haven’t even faced him yet.  It would be weird if you switched seats this late into the semester, right?  Right.  He’d suspect something then.

Not that there was anything worth suspecting because no harm was done by calling him, you reminded yourself.  After last night a phone call was nothing.  It was child’s play.  Harry’s own version of child’s play flashed in your head, your shaky hands slightly lifting off his shirt, his slow, unhurried drawl…. Should tell mummy you’re defiling her baby.

No.  No harm was done by calling him.  You had to stop punishing yourself.  After last night a phone call was nothing.  This was just Harry after all.  You snorted at your poor attempt at consolation.  Just Harry.  Wasn’t that the understatement of the century.

“You going in?”

A dark-haired brown-eyed boy was looking at you curiously, probably wondering if you’d turned into a zombie or had fallen asleep with your eyes open or were about to cry.  After tossing and turning all night, you wouldn’t be surprised if you did all three.

“Oh, uh, yeah, sorry.”  You cringed at your apology.  You really needed to stop doing that.  You shuffled away before he could question your sanity further and your pulse immediately heightened when your eyes drifted over the hundreds of people in lecture hall and spied the back of him.  He was leant back, laughing at something one of his mates just said, and shaking his hair back with an effortless toss of his hands.  He was wearing those black Ray Bans and for a moment you wondered if he owned anything that didn’t come in the color black.  You worked your way quietly through the aisles and felt the burn of his stare when you had to walk directly in front of him to get to your seat.  It almost hurt not to make eye contact, but by the way your skin prickled and he instantly quieted, halting in the middle of his conversation, you knew he’d seen you.

His binder might as well have been burning a hole through your backpack.

Of course Harry had seen you.  How could he not have seen you?  He’d been on the lookout all bloody morning probably looking like a schizo as he stumbled over to class, whipping his head around each time he thought he saw a glimpse of you.  Who the fuck decided to place the frat houses on the edge of the Earth anyways, but for once he’d actually felt energized getting out of bed this morning because in some weird way he was excited to see you.  Would it be different?  He sure as hell hoped so.  But when he entered lecture hall, and stared at your empty seat for what felt like ages, he actually started to wonder if you were going to show up at all today.  You were usually always on time, hell, you were always earlier than Harry.  So had he done something?  Were you regretting last night?

Why weren’t you looking at him now?

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A shiver runs, runs down my spine.
And keeps on running
Out of control from head to toe
When I see you.

From my uncontrollable smile
Past my melting heart
And the butterflies in my stomach
When your voice rings.

With you around I am the mountain king
Above the cloud nine
With your heart in my hand
I am invincible.

With you on my mind I can’t think straight.
The highway of thoughts turn to a mountain road.
My mind curves and bends
To thoughts of you.

Your eyes more mesmerizing than the prettiest diamond.
Where even I as a poet, a man of words
Looses my ability to articulate a sentence
When you look at me..

And with the things you do
I loose my breath, it runs away
To your lungs so I can’t even
Breathe properly.

The romance you give is like a solar wind
Scrambling my nerves and thoughts
Making me freeze in place
And just feel you.

I would stand at the top of the world with you
As comfortable as ever and at peace
Because seeing your smile is what
Makes my heart beat.

— Frederik Frøsig

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We all busy, We all have a job, a bills to pay, some have child to take care, but don’t forget to eat, even president has a time to eat, right?

Here’s the best times to eat:

Breakfast: ideal time around 7-8 am, don’t have it later than 10 am (because that’s not breakfast, but brunch, breakfast-lunch). remember to eat breakfast within 30 mins after wake up. usually I eat banana or oatmeal at 4.30 am because I’ll hit the gym at 5 am in the morning, after that i eat breakfast part 2 (like hobbits) at 7-8 am.

Lunch: Ideal time 12:30 - 2 pm, don’t have it later than 4 pm, ideal time gap between breakfast and lunch is 4 hours, yeah that’s right, i’m usually eat lunch at 11 - 12 pm (my 3rd meal XD) because at 11 am my stomach ringing the bell.

Dinner: Ideal time 6-9 pm, don’t have it later than: 10 pm, must remember the meal should be at least 3 hours before sleep, that’s because if we eat and immediately hit the bed and sleep, our digestion system can’t digest the food perfectly and will make us gain a weight tomorrow.

NOTE: Don’t skip meal time, because that can slow our metabolism, and make you, yes you, become more fat, or easily fat.

usually i eat 4 - 5 times daily with ½ or ¾ portion every meals, but that’s make me (slowly but sure) lose weight, from 75 kg+ to 62 kg now (with 3-4 times gym every week) and i can’t go up to 65 kg with this meal schedule, but if I absent from gym for a week for business schedule, i gain 5 kilos in a week, and lose 3 kilos after 2 days back in fitness and eating routine…


anonymous asked:

Ah good! I'm glad to see peoples positivity. Yeah I gotta say when Robert took off his ring my stomach dropped, I understand why it happened but I didn't think it was the right move, I feel a bit better about it today though. I was a bit sort of sad yesterday/today because I wasn't sure how this would be solved(for lack of a better word) in time for a wedding in 6 weeks! I'm nervous about today because no doubt Aaron will still be in prison or ignoring Robert because he hates himself:(.

I just feel so pumped for everything, I think there was so much put out there that needed to be that I don’t think they can just brush it away now. Oh god that part actually crushed me but it was a tad over dramatic. Robert is right, he’s a drama queen. But I am intrigued to know how we get from this to the wedding. Ahh Aaron refusing to talk to someone and hurting himself tonight and Robert being all worried :(

The Ghost King

Wes Weston knew the minute the ghost smiled that he made the wrong choice. All through his life, he knew that when a ghost smiled, it meant bad things were coming. (Except for Fenton, but that was a whole ‘nother can of worms.) Anyway, back to the smiling ghost.

“Don’t you feel powerful, Wes?” it leered, smirking at him. Wes felt a queasy ball settle into his stomach as the ring on his finger started to glow. He stared at it in shock, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Y-yeah…” he whispered, watching green tendrils flare out of the ring, settling around his fist. He smiled, laughing in surprise when it felt like a warm glove, instead of burning. The ghost grinned wider, if that was possible, holding out a small metal crown.

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