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Good F*ck

SUMMARY - You tell about your frustrations about not ever having good sex to Nat and Wanda and Bucky overhears .

WORDS- 1.8K(approx)

A/N - Taw @supersoldierslover I love you . Thank you so much . 

WARNINGS- cursing , dirty talk, fingering , unprotected sex (just use a fucking condom pls) also very sexual gif of lance tucker below(definitely a warning).

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“Fuuuck….” , you groan hitting your head lightly to the coffee table but enough to get your friends Nat and Wanda to notice you .

“What is it now? “Nat asked nonchalantly , used to your sudden outburst of frustration .

“I just…I… I feel empty.” You say looking helplessly at the two of them .
Both their expression changed to one of sympathy .

“Y/N , I understand . I feel that way too sometimes . With the job we have we are….”Wanda starts before you interrupt her .

“Nooo , you don’t understand . That’s not what I am trying to say .I just …” You throw your hands in the air and let out a whine.

“What is Y/N?”  Nat asked a little irritated.

“I just need to be dicked okay . Like fucked so good that I see the fucking stars and pass out . Arghhh!!!!!”

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silverdragonms  asked:

Important question! Who gives the best cuddles out of all the skeles? And what's the order from best to. Worst at cuddles? It's for... science.

*This was a tough one!  I rearranged this list a few times, but here’s my completely unbiased take.  


Stretch:  His cuddles are comfortable because his hoodie feels so nice, and he’s content to just let you rest on his chest with his arms around you.  He makes you feel safe, even if he does smell of sweets and smoke.  It’s a surprisingly good combination.  He doesn’t move much in his sleep, either.

Red: His hoodie is super comfy, though he doesn’t wear it to bed much.  Still, he’ll hold you all night, although his hold will be much more possessive and protective than Stretch’s, with his body wrapped around yours.  He also doesn’t move much when he sleeps, and he’s a very light sleeper.  

Mutt/Rus: As a combination of the above two, he sleeps with his jacket on, so it’s incredibly soft and comfortable.  His hold is possessive and tight, and he likes to spoon, with his body wrapped around yours and your legs tangled together.  He smells like spice and smoke, and if you happen to twist around to wind your arms around him, he’ll wrap you up in his jacket.

Papyrus: His cuddles are secure and warm, and his hands don’t wander.  He’ll let you sleep on his chest, he’ll spoon you–really anything you’d like to feel safe and loved.  He’s a heavy sleeper, so if you move around, it won’t phase him.

Edge:  He’s a closet cuddler that enjoys feeling your skin. He likes to spoon, so he can have you securely in his arms, with your legs trapped between his.  His hold is both protective and possessive; he won’t let anyone come between the two of you in your slumber.  
Unless.. ya’know, he’s kicking you out of bed because his brother walked in during a tender moment.  Ugh.  

Blueberry: He’s a ball of energy, and he’s so excited to be cuddling you that he doesn’t go to sleep right away.  He likes to talk, and just as you’re drifting to sleep, he’ll wake you back up with a random thought.  He uses your chest or stomach as his personal pillow, and clings to you the entire night.  He may be a heavy sleeper, but he’s an early-riser, so you’ll likely be greeted by a staring, grinning skeleton in the morning. 

Axe:  He doesn’t really care one way or another about cuddling, but he’s content to sleep on top of you–or if he’s having a possessive moment, he’ll spoon.  Just don’t stick your fingers in the crack on top of his head.  He’s a little unhinged at times, so if he’s having a Bad Day, expect him to hold onto you tighter and probably not let you out of the bed.  He may even gnaw on your neck a bit.  He doesn’t move much when he sleeps, but he’s a super light sleeper, so chances are that he spends most of the night watching you sleep and trying not to think.  

Sans: He sleeps like a rock, and he’s likely going to end up with his head pillowed on your stomach/chest or sprawled across you.  If you end up sleeping on him, his arms will probably be out by his sides; he takes up most of the bed and moves around a ton in his sleep.  He also hogs all the blankets.  You’re liable to wake up cold while he’s in a blanket burrito, but hey–it’s Sans, so it’s worth it.  

Blackberry: He feels that you should be honored that he deemed you worthy of lying in the same bed as him, and he’s pretty tsundere when it comes to actually wanting to cuddle you.  He also prefers you to sleep on his chest, with one of his arms wound around your shoulders, keeping you close to his side.  It takes him a while to fall asleep, but when he finally does, he doesn’t move around much.  However, if you happen to stir and touch his spine of something in your sleep, he’s instantly going to be awake.  And he’s also liable to watch you sleep, in the rare moments when his brash facade can drop and he can just… think you look so lovely and peaceful.   

Crooks: Papyrus is a heavy sleeper with a crushing grip.  He’s so tall that he can bend over your body and engulf you, but he also makes it difficult to breathe because he keeps gripping you tighter in his slumber.  He also happens to think that you smell nice…. really nice.  He’s liable to gnaw on you a little in his sleep, and you may have to whack him in his face to wake him up.  

  • First off, he’s the sexiest motherfucker to ever grace the fictional world in the history of literature so props to J.K Rowling…
  • He borrows your hair ties…
  • You like to run your hands through his hair…
  • He’s moody and clingy and doesn’t like being away from you…
  • You talk to James about it when you first start dating…

“Pads is fucked up for sure but he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known. Dunno where I’d be if he hadn’t come along, so you gotta stick to him, nobody else will.”

  • He’s really big on PDA because it pisses off his brother…
  • Everyday he has something interesting to share…
  • He sneaks food for you almost every day…
  • You both utilize the secret passage ways until the care taker almost catches you…

“Did you know that there are only three words in the entire English language that begin with the letters d and w?”
“That’s interesting.”
“Wanna know which ones?”
“I know dwindle, dwell and…?”

  • He likes your signature matching couples bedhead… 
  • He likes falling asleep using your stomach as a pillow… 
  • You’ve never felt unloved around him… 
  • When girls try to flirt with him he’ll make a big show of kissing you dramatically so they’ll go away… 

“Your breath smells, get off me!”
“My breath does not smell.”
“Pads, for the love of Merlin brush your teeth before kissing me.”
“What are you? My mother?”
“Snogging your mother now, are we?”

  • Sometimes he gives your bum a little squeeze because it makes you squeal and he thinks it’s cute… 
  • You braid his hair a lot when he falls asleep… 
  • He goes through a photography phase and is constantly claiming you as his ‘muse’… 
  • When it’s cold out he’ll come up behind you to slip his hands into your front pants pocket 'for warmth’… 
  • You kiss his hands when he’s stressed… 

“Love you, y’know?”
“I know, baby. Go to sleep now, go on.”

some things alec would totally say to his glittering warlock boyf

  • “i hate people. no offense”
  • replying to “fuck you” with “not now i’m in the middle of something”
  • very specific appearance compliments. “i like your triangle eyeliner”
  • “if we’re gonna watch this movie, you have to promise to cry too”
  • insults that he asks izzy to come up with. five minutes after an argument is over he goes to magnus & reads “dating you is like hugging a cactus in slow motion twice a day” off his phone screen
  • “you would tell me if my stomach wasn’t a good pillow, right??”
  • they both say “behave” like too often
  • “can’t you just [poorly imitates magic hand movements] it?”
  • “love you”’s that sound rly off-handed but if magnus turns to look at him alec is like. gazing back
Doodles (kagehina) - Rated T


((For my dear @tolhinata who gave me this idea a couple weeks ago.))

Hinata likes to draw. Some people would call it doodling, maybe; he can draw people and trees and things (he’s gotten really good at shading apples and other fruits in still lifes), but he’d rather draw patterns.

Once he got to second year, coach informed him that he needed to work an art class into his curriculum before he reached third year or he’d have trouble meeting requirements to graduate. Yachi had suggested drawing when he’d told her, and once he started his first class he found he actually kinda liked it. He was surprised he could find something he could get excited about… at school.

What he really likes to do, though, is draw on Kageyama. 

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Guess what I finally got?

Jet Lag .

A/N : check out the note at the bottom for an important question please and thank you :)))

“Hey baby.”

You smile at his rough voice and bed head as you sip from your mimosa, the straw bitten between your teeth. It’s dark in his hotel room, but you can see his face from the flash. He looks tired, tired, tired, and a bit sad too. You wanna pull him close and melt into him, soak up his warmth, and fall asleep in his arms. But he’s on the opposite side of the world, now, and for some reason he’s facetiming you when it’s four in the morning where he is.

“What’re you doing up?” You ask. You try to keep your voice down so the other people eating lunch on the patio won’t hear and eavesdrop. “It’s late over there.”

Shawn nods. “I couldn’t sleep,” he says. He ruffles his hair with his hand and squashes half of his face into the pillow. “Miss you.”

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such sweet sorrow


It is almost frightening, how quickly they fall into a routine of sorts.

There is always the occasional ball or dinner, of course, but for the most part Rosaline’s new agenda is not as dreadful as she would have thought it to be. Mornings are spent in the kitchens, tending to the maids and making sure the house is ready for the day and the meals to come – she takes inventory of the pantry, decides on the recipes, sends servants to buy more if needed. Then a light lunch, before she goes to town for business, meets with her uncle or attends to some paperwork, as the lady of the house. Supper is often shared with Benvolio, before he has evening meetings of his own.

He seldom tells her what he is up to during the day, but Rosaline knows by now that it involves a lot of being chastised by his uncle for the crime of not being Romeo. That, more than anything, she can understand, for her own aunt is doing quite the same to her. But where it doesn’t bother Rosaline, it seems to affect Benvolio, his mood particularly sour after each meeting with both families or the Prince.

It is on one such night, Livia already fast asleep and Benvolio god knows where, that Rosaline allows herself a much needed reprieve. She slides off her slippers and grabs a book, settling in the middle of the bed she usually finds herself sharing. The idea has been quite dreadful at first, but she grew accustomed to Benvolio’s deep breathing when he sleeps – on one particular occasion where he was visiting another family out of town and had to spend the night, she found herself missing his presence, if not his company.

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Jerome x Reader: Pretty Jealous Psycho

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sorry for the repost, again. please, let me know if it’s alright, if it’s not then i’ll delete it and try to write something else.

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] was a crazy bitch. And she was one of The Maniax.

She met them at Arkham, obviously.

[Y/N] was reading an old fashion magazine. She could tell it was 7 years old, not only by a date but also by the clothes. Why would they even wear those stuff back then? It was so wrong.

She didn’t want to caught any attention, she may be a sociopath but she had her standards. She knew she was better than all these people.

So as she continued to read she heard a shy voice. “Hi..”

And that’s how she met Arnold Dobbins A.K.A a total sweetheart.

He didn’t understand many things but he was nice to talk to. So she decided to stick with him.

He introduced her to his “friends”, Robert Greenwood and Aaron Helzinger. They were both pretty cool, Greenwood tried to get to her at first but she proved she can defend herself. that was enough for him.

But there was this other guy, Richard Sionis. He really got on her nerves. He thought he’s better than everyone because of his money.

That’s not [Y/N] being a hypocrite. She thought she’s better than everyone just because. Not because she had money. That was different.

[Y/N] was a pretty girl so she wouldn’t have a problem with getting something she wanted, from him. She even considered that when she wanted a lipstick, she was so tired of those monotone stripes, and everybody knew he could get her something like that.

But she didn’t even try to get on his good terms, because of Barbara.

She wasn’t that bad in her opinion, she could talk to her sometimes like normal girls would do, but deep down [Y/N] didn’t want to trust her.

But there was still one, not mentioned person.

Jerome Motherfucking Valeska.

He flirted with [Y/N] (or like he’d say Gorgeous) non stop but on the other hand he flirted with every girl, so she shouldn’t feel so special.

As she thought about it more and more, [Y/N] noticed he’s doing it mostly with her. She was glad because there was one thing she truly hated about herself.

The jealousy.

Yes, she could admit it to herself but only to herself.

It’s not like she was in love with him or something but that’s just how [Y/N] was. She was jealous.

[Y/N] was in her room in Theo Galavan’s penthouse.

She was listening to her favourite songs and couldn’t help but sing along quietly. She was a good singer.

[Y/N] laid on her bed as she looked at the lipsticks Theo got her. Finally. And they were waterproof, nice.

She picked the bloody red one and stood up to apply it.

Standing before a mirror, with one lip already red she heard a knock.

“Who’s that?”

“It’s me Arnold. Can I come in, [Y/N]?”

“Go ahead.” She finished the other lip and put down the lipstick and turned around to smile at her friend. “Hi, what’s up?”

“You look pretty, [Y/N].” He smiled gently.

She chuckled. “Thanks, Arny.”

They stood in silence. “So..? What’s up?”

“Ah right! Come downstairs, there’s a new member of our gang! And she’s a girl too!”

“What..” She couldn’t finish because of him dragging her out of the room.

What she saw before her was weird. All The Maniax, Tabitha, Theo and unfamiliar girl. In [Y/N]’s opinion she had a face that basically asked to be punched. Hard.

Geez, she didn’t even hear this girl spoke and she already wanted to hurt her. Is that a new record?

“[Y/N], I’m glad you came to join us. Now, with everybody here, I’m happy to introduce a new Maniax member, my niece, Silver.” The girl had a fake smile on her face and looked at Jerome, fluttering eyelashes at him.

‘What. A. Bitch.’

“Silver’s been here before, obviously but she doesn’t know you and which room is whose, so any volunteers to show her around?”

‘No, Jerome. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Please. Let your personality of a showman die, I beg of you.’

“I can do that.”


Of course Jerome was grinning but the look on that bitch’s face. So smug… She is going to regret it.

She knew Jerome wasn’t hers but she really wanted to change that! That slut can’t mess it up for her!

[Y/N] was angry at herself because she knew jealousy mirrored on her face. She could tell by Silver’s look. Oh, and Jerome’s because he fucking smirked at her.

“Erm, is that all? ‘Cause I’d like to go to my room now.”

“Yes, Dear, that’s all.”

So she went to her room.

She didn’t want to see this Silver girl walking everywhere with Jerome with his arm wrapped around her. She laid on a bed and watched her favourite cartoon.

‘I wish I could just live in this cartoon and have a happy life with [whoever you want]. I wouldn’t have to be jealous because he/she/it would pay attention only to me!’

She heard a knock and voice outside her door.

“And that’s [Y/N]’s room. I like to call her Puddin’ ‘cause she’s sweet. But careful she’s also dangerous, she wasn’t in Arkham because of nothing, Darling.” Giggling was present.

Ugh. It was such a wonderful speech but he just had to ruin it with that “Darling”

Yup, [Y/N] was still jealous.

“[Y/N], you there? Can we come in?” Another knock.

“If you need to..” She mumbled under her breath.

She heard them come in.

“What do you want?” She didn’t even look at them, still at the screen.

She was mad because she noticed how much Jerome was enjoying it. Her jealousy amused him. And that was the worst thing because secretly she was sensitive. She didn’t show it, but still.

“Oh ya know, just showing this pretty girl around.” Ew, did he really think she’s pretty?

[Y/N]  stood up. “Oh yeah, so, you showed her here, just stay away from this room, okay, bye now.” And she shut the door in their faces.

“What was that?” She heard an annoying voice on the other side of the door.

“I don’t know, she’s probably… tired.”

[Y/N] cried in her pillow in anger.

She didn’t leave her room in a very long time now. She had her own bathroom anyway. She also wasn’t there when they ate. She was too sad, too angry and too jealous to be hungry. She was lying on her stomach, face in a pillow. She didn’t hear a knock and someone coming in because of the music.

“Hey, Doll..” It was Jerome. She didn’t move.

She felt the bed sinking in and a hand on her back. “Baby, don’t be like that.” Like what?!

“Don’t do this to me, [Y/N].. I’m worried.”

I’m doing something to you? Do you even hear yourself?!” She choked out tears. It was hard for her, she was upset.  She raised herself to a sitting position, her face still a little red.

“There, there, doll. No need to cry.” He hugged her, the way her face was in his chest.

“Now, do you mind telling me why you’re so upset?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know it. I see how you’re enjoying it.”

“[Y/N]. Look at me. I had absolutely no idea that it was so serious to you. I’m sorry. I thought we were just teasing each other. You know you’re my favourite. You always will be.” He smiled gently at her and leaned in towards her.

“I am your favourite..? Isn’t Silver prettier?” She looked deep in his honest eyes as she felt a hot breath tickling her face.

“Of course. She may be a stereotype of pretty but you, Honey, are gorgeous. Not only to me. And I love you.” He closed the distance between them.

They broke apart to breathe. “I love you too, Jerome..”

And they kissed again, even more passionately, with a love song playing in the background.

Welcome Home, Baby

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam comes home from a hunt and reminds you of exactly what you missed about him.

Word Count: 1,786

Warnings: Swearing, smut, oral (both), sex, fingering, more smut

A/N: Nothing else to say really, except “Sam = unnggghhh” 

Want to see more or request something? Go ahead, my asks are open.

You were startled awake by the muffled sound of Sam shuffling around your shared bedroom. You could tell by his slow and deliberate movements he was trying really hard not to wake you, so you pretended to be asleep so as not to ruin his sweet gesture, even if he was a bull in a china shop no matter how hard he tried.

You watched your tall man through your barely-opened eyes as he peeled off his shirt and hung it in the closet. Something inside you began to tingle as you watched him. It felt sexy and rebellious watching as he undressed, as if it was a private show just for you - even if he didn’t know it. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the napping prompt with tianshan

I can, though I’m not sure I can do it well… I added an extra GIF just because. Not much napping because the latest chapter threw me off, but well, here it is. Thanks for the prompt!

8) He Tian x Mo Guan Shan ~ Napping.

As he scrubbed the bottom of the pot, Guan Shan found himself thinking that He Tian was oddly quiet that day. He hadn’t harassed him so far, and he’d even helped take the plates and other stuff to the kitchen once their lunch was over. Of course the bastard had run away at the sight of dirty dishes and such, but that was his usual nature. And in any case, it was fine, right? That guy could be a fucking brute sometimes and he really didn’t know how to handle the fine crockery.

He rinsed his hands and took off the rubber gloves. “Oi,” he called out. “There’s enough left for you to reheat tonight and tomorrow, so…” He saw Tian skulking away. “… The fuck is this guy doing,” he muttered. His eyes opened wide when he checked out the living room. “Huh?! What the hell?” The couches had been stripped off the cushions, and He Tian had laid them down by the windowed wall.

“It’s a napping nook,” Tian grinned as he sprawled on his side. “It’s always bothered me that the sunlight is blocked by the back of the couches, and napping like this,” he yawned as he covered his eyes with his arm, “is paradise.”

Mo gaped at him. “But your bed is right there! Now this place looks like a pigsty again, you asshole!”

He Tian peeked out and smirked. “Ah… So you’re saying you’d share the bed with me. How bold, Don’t Close Mountain.”

“Fuck off, you jerk!” Guan Shan began to yell, but… Did that mean that He Tian knew that he’d refuse to go to bed with him? Had he done that so that he’d be more comfortable as well? Shit. “A-anyway, the food is in the re—”

“Shut up and just lie down for a while,” Tian said, turning around and lying on his stomach, nuzzling the thin pillow he’d brought from his bed.

He looks like a cat, Guan Shan thought. His straight, black hair appeared almost warm in the early afternoon sunlight. His muscular back was relaxed, and his t-shirt had crawled up a little after his wiggling, revealing his pale skin.  

“I’m gonna start charging you if you keep staring,” Tian teased.

“I didn’t—! I wasn’t staring!”

“You were totally checking out my ass,” Tian grinned, wiggling his butt.

“I was not!”

“Aaah, your smoldering gaze makes me feel naked. I’m gonna go har—”

“Shut up, you major chicken dick!”

He Tian stretched out his leg and kicked Mo in the back of the knee, making him lose balance and land on the cushions with a thud and a groan. “Stop being so fucking confrontational and relax!” He threw one of the blankets over him and grinned. “There. Doesn’t it feel good?”

Guan Shan wriggled underneath the blanket and glared at Tian. “Why are you always hitting me?”

“Hitting on you?”

That too, Mo thought, but he just furrowed his brow deeper in response.

He Tian sighed. “Because you’re fucking stubborn.”

“I can’t understand why you’re so popular. You don’t know how to treat people. I bet you never had a pet.”

“Interested in the position?”

“What position?”

“I meant being my pet, but now I don’t know. Do you have a favorite position you wanna try?”

“… You’re so fucking dirty.”

“You’re the one that went there.” He Tian yawned and stretched. “I’m not that popular. And I did have a pet. Briefly.”

“What was it?”

“A dog. Golden Retriever.”

“Where is it now?”

“With another owner.” He smirked. “Its name was Jian Yi.”

Guan Shan rolled his eyes and snuggled under the blanket. “Fuck off.”

“Jerk off, you said? Okay,” Tian said merrily, his thumb toying with the elastic band of his briefs.

“Don’t put your hands in your pants, you chicken tit! Ugh, it’s impossible to talk to you…” Guan Shan grumbled.

And yet, he was lying there, chatting with that guy. He couldn’t comprehend it himself. Many times he had thought about the feelings that He Tian stirred in him. Being close was painful, but being far was now almost unthinkable. The people he used to hang out with had left his side, and all of them had been replaced by He Tian. What did it mean when one person was worth a dozen? But even though that guy had gone so far as to tell his brother about him, Guan Shan didn’t think he was as prominent in He Tian’s life as…

“… Jian Yi,” he muttered.

“Hmmm? What about Yiyi?” Tian wondered sleepily.

Was your dog actually called Jian Yi, or did you mean something else when you said it now had another owner? No, he could never ask that question. “You two… You have been friends for long?”

Tian raised his head and watched him closely.

“What,” Guan Shan said defensively.

“What’s with all this questioning? It’s as if you finally wanted to know more about me. It’s almost cute.”

“In your dreams.”

“You’re gonna torture me there too?”

“Shut your mouth.”

Tian rested his body on his right arm and looked at him frankly. “Can’t be honest for once, can you? Guess it’s better this way, though. We’re all alone here, and who knows what I’d do to you.”

Retreat! Guan Shan thought. He curled up and scowled at Tian. “You’re not going to tell me.”

“Jian Yi? Let’s see… We’ve been friends for some years, but it’s not exactly like we hang out. He only does that with Zhan Zheng Xi. There’s nobody else in the world for him.” His voice turned unusually soft. “Nobody else can get in there.” He shrugged and lay back down. “I guess it’s nice to have that one person that means the world to you. Someone you wanna protect…”

For a moment, Guan Shan knew that he was inexplicably jealous. It was ridiculous. He opened his mouth to say something equally ridiculous, but saying too much might leave him exposed, and he realized that he was afraid of losing something that had become precious somewhere along the line.

He Tian yawned and covered himself with the other blanket. “The food today… It was good. You should come over more often. Or just live here…”

“Learn to cook, fucker,” he grunted unconvincingly.

“I’ve learned a bit… These past few days… Still, your food tastes better…”

Guan Shan’s chest felt warmer than usual when he grumbled, “… I guess you’ve learned how to chop the onions.” He took a peek at He Tian, whose eyes were closed now.

“Mo has finally complimented me. Good…” His breathing became even and his mouth relaxed.

Only a couple of weeks before, Guan Shan would have taken advantage of that defenselessness and he would have looked for a way to hurt that guy, the guy that had bullied him. The one that had stuck his neck for him. The one that had chased after him day after day. The one that had helped him out of a toxic “friendship”. The one that had talked to him, touched him, and…

Guan Shan shut his eyes tight. That guy was infuriating. Smug. Meddling. Rough. Strong. Caring. Surprisingly warm, like the blood that had stained his shirt, like the jacket he’d put round his shoulders; like the afternoon sun shining down on that nest Tian had built for the two of them. He wasn’t used to this warmth, he thought, as those mixed feelings he always had became a little more concrete, a little stronger. Gradually, he let his body relax. He turned his back on He Tian and rested his head on his arm.

He Tian’s fingers reached out and touched his, entwining gently. He didn’t speak. He didn’t push.

Unpredictable. That was what that guy was to him.

Mo’s lips twitched into a little smile, and with warm thoughts swimming through his mind and that hand in his, he fell asleep.

Morning Light. A Rowaelin Fanfic.

Hiya guys! Here’s a new one for @readinglikewildfire

Prompt: Aelin and Rowando not want to go to their morning meeting.

The rosy morning light drifted in lazily as Rowan opened his eyes, Aelin’s soft breaths warming his neck.
Vaguely, he noticed Aelin’s weight cutting off the feeling in his arm, but he didn’t pull away, savoring the feeling of Aelin’s body pressed into his side.
 He glanced down towards his mate. Her blonde hair was splayed across the silk pillow, her leg thrown over his thighs, and he grinned a bit.

Mornings like these made him forget about his duties; about the kingdom and reality. Aelin mumbled something and pressed her head in closer to his neck. He smiled and glanced towards the clock on the mantle; eight-thirty. They had just an hour before their morning meeting. He frowned heavily and closed his eyes, maybe if he went back to sleep, the meeting would just disappear. But, with a sigh, Rowan turned onto his side, using his nearly numb arm to pull Aelin closer to him. 

She didn’t stir, and he frowned again. This was the part of mornings he didn’t like; waking Aelin.
With a tired groan, he pulled his arm out from beneath his queen.
“Aelin, love.” He murmured.
She only snuggled into his chest.
“Come on, Princess, we have a meeting.”
Aelin turned onto her stomach, dragging a pillow over her head. Rowan smiled and sat up, the sheets slipping down his body.
He reached down and pulled off Aelin’s pillow, running a careful hand through her tangled hair, the cool scent of jasmine caressing him.
 “Aelin.” He hummed, and Aelin groaned.
This, however, was the part he did enjoy.

With a little sigh, he moved over her, setting back on his knees over her legs, careful not to set his full weight atop her.
Rowan placed his fingers on her sides and leaned forward, pressing his lips to the exposed skin of her neck.
“Time to get up, Princess.”
“No,” she mumbled, and he just grinned. “Well, you know what comes next.”
Aelin tensed beneath him, “No, come on, it’s too early—”
He shook his head, “No, you’ve got to wake up.” Aelin raised her head, and glared at him over her shoulder, “Rowan, no, please!”
He ignored her pleas as he began to flutter his fingers along her sides furiously, smiling as she began to writhe and shriek beneath him. “Rowan!” She shrieked, a laugh bubbling out of her lips.
“Rowan— please, come on—,” she sucked in a breath and twisted onto her back, her already mused hair becoming even worse as she twisted and turned.  
Her laugh began to fill the room, echoing off the walls. A few moments later, he stopped, laughing as Aelin smacked his chest. “You ass!”
 He just gave her a crooked smile. “You are awake, though.”
She just gave him a glare, but her laugh gave her away. “Get off me you oaf,” she said with a laugh, running her hand through her frizzed hair.
Rowan smiled down at her and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, she hummed against him and propped herself up on to her elbows to better reach his lips.
But, before he could even react, Aelin had flipped him over and had pinned his wrists behind his head.

Aelin smiled down at him, no doubt reveling in the surprise on his face. “Nice one, Princess.” He whispered into the silence. Her light pressed down on his waist, and he felt her trail her fingertips along his hands.
 Then Aelin bit her lips, and he knew trouble was coming.
Aelin slowly let go of his wrists, but sat forward, bracing her hands on either side of his head. She leaned her head down close enough for them share breath.
“You know,” she said softly as she scanned his face, her blonde hair forming a curtain around them. “I would give almost anything,” she whispered into his ear, and Rowan shuddered under her light ministrations.
A slow kiss was placed below his ear, “To just stay in bed with you today.”
Rowan felt the air leave his body, and he turned his head in request. Aelin quickly complied.

 Aelin hummed against her mate’s lips, letting out a breathy little sigh when Rowan began to stroke her waist. His broad hands encompassed nearly all of her waist, his fingers bunching in the silk of her nightgown.  Gods, his hands. His hands were sometimes the reason they missed a meeting, or why she sometimes was forced to drag him out of a dinner party and into a deserted room. Suppressing a smile, Aelin opened her mouth for him, moaning into the kiss. At that moan, Rowan’s hands tightened, but he pulled away, his breath ragged. Aelin gasped for air and raised an eyebrow. “Why’d you stop,” she purred, a little laugh bubbling within her as Rowan gave a weak groan.
 “Meeting.” Was all he said.
She nodded, but tucked her head into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. Rowan huffed a laugh and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, “Come on, Princess. Up and at em’.”
 She rolled off him reluctantly, awkwardly sliding off the huge bed and onto the cold floor. “This had better be one hell of council meeting,” she grumbled as she walked to the closet.
 “Well, be prepared to be thoroughly disappointed, Your Majesty.” Rowan called from the bed. Aelin glared at him, then flipped him a wonderful little gesture.
“Very Queenly!” he shouted. “You bet!” She called back.

You’re Not There

Based on the song: You’re Not There by Lukas Graham

Word Count: 2080

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: I had a weird day and was feeling super angsty/depressed. Then that song came on my iPod and I just… I just had to write.

Version en Español:Tú No Estás Allí

Her gratitude was etched into every worry line and wrinkle on her face as she hugged her little boy close. Over his shoulder, the woman stared up at Dean with watery eyes. “Thank you so much!”

With a little wave and smile, Dean turned and walked away. Another hunt and another win. Everyone made it out alive except for the monster. A year ago he would have celebrated with you. A year ago, he would have let your excitement at seeing a family reunited wash over him. A year ago, you would have wrapped your arm around his waist and guided him to the Impala with a beautiful smile painted on your lips.

A year ago, everything was different.

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Platonic cuddling is so great and it’s so underrated like just laying with a friend with your legs tangled or your head on their shoulder or vice versa or using their stomach as a pillow as you watch them play video games it’s just this warm sense of casual togetherness and it’s truly wonderful

Off Limits (pt. 2) | CHANYEOL

Pairing: Chanyeol (EXO) x Reader

Word Count: 1967

Summary: Getting confronted twice leads to confessions, apparently.

This is the second part to (the weirdly highly anticipated) Off Limits! Make sure you give that a read first!

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Let me talk about how much I adore chubby Tord plus Tom loving up on and appreciating him.

  • Tom giving Tord belly rubs, complimenting him. Saying how beautiful he is.
  • Cute pet names… Tom calling Tord ‘Big Bear’
  • Tord gives the best cuddles, don’t @ me.
  • Tom coming up from behind while Tord is doing something and squeezes his belly, appreciating how soft it is.
  • When they’re cuddling, Tom uses Tord’s stomach as a pillow. ( The BEST pillow. )
  • Tom mentioning how he wants Tord to squeeze his head in between his thic©k thighs.
  • When they’re fucking and Tom uses this as one of the many times to call Tord “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” “Good boy,” “Beautiful Boy,” ETC. ETC.
  • Tord is like a big ol’ lap cat and will sit/lay on Tom’s lap, no matter where he is.
  • When it’s cold out ( Or Winter weather ) Tom sticks his hands up Tord’s hoodie to warm up…
Waking up to Astro


  • he always wakes up before you
  • the short amount of time he has between his waking up and yours he spends as well as he can
  • by watching you while you sleep
  • not creepily hes not a sparkly vampire it is ok
  • MJ likes to press kisses to your temple and wrap his arms around you and pull you into him
  • so y’all are spooning while he’s sort of awake and you’re still in the “delirious incoherent mumbling” state
  • He nuzzles his nose into your neck omfg
  • MJ would smile a lot tbh even in the mornings as long as he’s beside you
  • so he would smile into your neck and press a gentle kiss into your collarbone
  • and he would be super sweet and soft and cute
  • until he slides out from behind you 
  • strategically places himself so he’s kneeling at your side
  • lifts up your shirt ever so slightly
  • and starts blowing raspberries into the soft skin of your stomach like his life depends on it
  • which needless to say wakes you up pretty fast
  • he’ll laugh when you squeak in protest
  • will come up and press his lips to your forehead, and then he’ll drag you out of bed and into the bathroom bc he’s hungry and while its his turn to make breakfast he refuses to eat without you
  • you guys brush and he watches you in the mirror making sure you dont go back to sleep
  • when yall are done brushing he’ll wrap his arms around his waist and finally mumble a Good Morning and while you really aren’t awake yet you find yourself saying it back because you know that, with MJ, it’s always a good morning


  • his normal voice is p low and already has like a back of throat lowkey growl esp when he raps
  • so i’ll be damned if his “just woke up and still really groggy” voice isn’t husky and god even lower than usual
  • he wakes up before you 99% of the time 
  • usually sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes while trying not to wake you
  • then he’ll lie back down and throw an arm and a leg over you, running one hand all over your body lightly while the other hand is behind his head
  • eventually he’ll get tired of being up while you’re not but decide against waking up
  • instead he’ll just pull you in very close so your head is in his chest
  • and his lips are just barely, barely touching the junction between your neck and your shoulder
  • him accidentally sighing into your neck and you mumble because it tickles and move in closer to him
  • jinjin’s eyes just roaming your body 
  • him taking in every bit of you
  • jinjin gets up and opens the blinds slightly
  • partially because he wants you awake and partially because you look even more like a goddess when your sleeping form is bathed in the early morning light
  • he really wants to write a song for you when you’re like this
  • however you’ve gotta wake up eventually so he hovers over you
  • presses his face to the part of your neck right underneath your jaw
  • and starts mumbling into your neck about how much he loves you
  • it has the effect he wants because
  • you wake up, moaning about how you really dont want to get out of bed, until jinwoo just gives up and carries you to the bathroom
  • the two of you brush and go to eat but not before jinwoo comments on how great you look when you wear his oversized shirts to sleep 


  • he’s up about an hour before you every day
  • because of this you usually wake up to a sweet sticky note placed strategically on his side of the bed, and the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen
  • what you dont know is how it takes literally forever for eunwoo to actually get out of bed
  • not because he’s groggy or anything because he isnt 
  • when hes awake hes awake and gorgeous and ready to take on the day
  • its ridiculous and unfair you believe hes some kind of wizard because of it
  • but he just takes like twenty minutes to physically leave the bed
  • its because he really, really loves the feel of your legs entangled with his and your face (and lips) pressed to the area of his chest right underneath his collar bone
  • and hearing your soft breathing
  • feeling it reverberating in his chest
  • this is when Dongmin feels the happiest and lightest and most carefree
  • eventually though he does disentangle himself from you
  • you always whine in protest at your arms feeling empty but don’t wake up
  • Dongmin brushes his teeth quickly
  • while looking like an angel tbh
  • then he quickly writes an “I love you so much beautiful” or “breakfast is your favorite today” or “you gave me inspiration for some song lyrics, they’re on my desk if you want to read them <3″ on a sticky note and places it in the middle of his side of the bed
  • he makes breakfast because he knows you wont be awake enough to handle kitchen utensils when you awaken
  • when you finally come out in your zombie state you’re always clutching the sticky note in your hands, and you make sure to whisper how much you love him back into his shoulder while he cooks


  • he sounds like a kitten when he yawns it is your favorite sound in the world
  • y’all always end up in some weird ass sleeping position it’s actually hilarious bc sometimes his hyungs and even the two youngest members pop in to take pictures of you two while you’re both sleeping and like you’ll be sleeping like diagonally with your head on Bin’s chest and your feel hanging off the bed and he’s sleeping like a wooden plank
  • that picture is Minhyuk’s lockscreen
  • but when he wakes up before you he always straightens you up if you’re sleeping in a weird position
  • and kisses your forehead
  • probably takes like 7 million pictures of you 
  • and tries not to text them to everyone because you just look so cute
  • after putting his phone away Bin likes to hug you
  • he’s just a really huggy person he loves your warmth and the feeling of you in his arms 
  • you’re always fast asleep so he traces circles onto your hip bones and draws things on your thighs with his fingers
  • eventually you’ll roll over in your sleep so you’re on top of him
  • he loves it
  • that’s when you, still asleep, straddle him and rest your head on top of his chest and he holds you tight against him
  • every morning he realizes that he loves you a lot because of this
  • when he thinks you both should get out of bed he just calls your name over and over until you open your eyes
  • the two of you brush side by side while watching each other in the mirror because even in the morning Moon Bin looks amazing
  • and you look gorgeous even with your hair sticking out everywhere
  • you always make breakfast because you’re afraid Bin will burn himself or something but his chest is perpetually pressed against your back and his arms are around your waist while you make food for the two of you


  • Minhyuk prefers your stomach over a pillow, any day
  • he just loves how soft and beautiful the skin on your stomach is and loves to rest your head on it
  • the two of you almost always fall asleep that way
  • whenever Minhyuk wakes up he can hear your breathing through your stomach/chest
  • its so calming it almost puts him back to sleep
  • almost
  • he pretty much groans and sits up in bed and gets out  as quickly as possible because he knows the longer he stays listening to your soft breaths the more he’ll fall into the void that is you
  • Minhyuk pulls the covers over you so you don’t get cold
  • he watches you snuggle into them and let out a sigh when you feel comfortable and honestly it is the cutest thing he has ever seen
  • before he knows it he’s smiling uncontrollably 
  • he can’t control himself
  • the poor boy just really wants to talk to you and be with you and spend the day with you
  • so yes
  • he lowkey jumps on top of you while screaming something along the lines of “wake up, wake up, wake up”
  • obviously you
  • wake up 
  • your immediate reaction is to groan and lightly hit his chest because in an unfortunate turn of events you are now awake
  • and have to actually
  • do things
  • but Minhyuk isn’t having any of it and he takes yours hands and pulls you up so you’re sitting up in bed and pushes you off and shoves you into the bathroom and puts toothpaste on your toothbrush
  • you finish brushing before him because he just watches you brush your teeth and then starts to brush after
  • he loves you so much god
  • so you go out into the kitchen to start making breakfast but you just give up because you have no idea how to use anything and in the end Minhyuk ends up making it for you but that’s all right because your morning is better than it could ever be


  • you don’t actually share a bed
  • but whenever he sleeps over you two end up going to sleep at like 4 in the morning because y’all are watching animated movies 
  • so you guys wake up at like noon the next morning on the couch 
  • you originally wake up before him
  • you find that you’re lying on top of him which you weren’t when you went to sleep but that’s ok
  • however you’re very very tired so you just go back to sleep
  • sanha wakes up not long after however 
  • he’s actually p surprised to find you on top of him too
  • but its not like he dislike it in fact sanha finds himself awkwardly wrapping his arms around your waist so you dont roll off on to the floor 
  • he cant help himself
  • i mean you’re close enough for him to so the boy just
  • does it
  • he presses his lips to your forehead and then once more to your temple, smiling shyly at the second kiss
  • its not like you guys haven’t kissed before but it seems more… intimate, in a way, he guesses, when you’re being kissed somewhere that’s not the lips
  • you stir a little bit but just mumble and burrow into his chest and you wrap your arms around him the best you can in his sleep
  • he has to keep from squealing and it is very difficult
  • he’s on his way to nodding off again when he feels his phone vibrating in his pocket and pulls it out
  • his parents are texting him asking if the two of you have had lunch yet and that they’re coming to get him soon
  • crap it’s 1 pm
  • so sanha shakes you awake as best he can while you’re on top of him and the two of you brush really really quickly and throw together a quick lunch
  • you promise to have a sleepover like the one you just had again and the two of you know without saying it that you really, really like sleeping cuddled up together

anonymous asked:

can i request another shukita? first time sleeping (zzz) in one bed? maybe a rly bad storm and akira doesnt want yusuke to go home out of fear? thank you!! you have a really lovely writing !!!

“just spend the night,” akira insists, and you should say no – want to say no – but over the theatrical music playing over the end credits of the movie is the sound of pounding rain. lightning flashes through the window, illuminating the room briefly before dissipating. a few seconds after is a roar of thunder that is loud enough to rattle the walls. you don’t particularly want to go outside but isn’t it something everyone should do once? get caught in the pouring rain on their way home?

“yusuke,” akira pleads, and you think of how wet you’ll get in the rain, and how cold you’ll be on the train, and how no one at school will even notice if you return or not. you think of akira coming down in the mornings, his hair disheveled but in a polished way, and you realize you could see for yourself if the look is natural or if there’s some amount of effort put into it.

“i couldn’t,” you say anyway. “there’s only one bed.”

akira shrugs. “i’m alright with sharing if you are.” 

not that anyone would be surprised to learn, but you’ve never been in a relationship before. you’ve lusted, sure, and you’ve obsessed, but you’ve never gone beyond an artist-muse relationship. you’ve never gone beyond convincing someone to pose for you. 

so this is new territory for you. you’re wearing akira’s spare clothes, and sweats that are too long on him fit you just right, and the detergent of his shirt is different than what you’re accustomed to. you keep wanting to sniff it, just barely stopping yourself from ducking your head down to sniff it. ryuji already calls you a freak; you don’t want to give akira any reason to think that as well. but akira is oblivious to your dilemma, preoccupied with locating another pillow for you to use. 

“where’s morgana?” you ask out of a need to kill the silence. 

“futaba wanted him, so he’s spending the night with her,” he responds, bending over to dig through a large cardboard box. your gaze keeps drifting over despite your best efforts to not look. from a purely aesthetic level, akira looks nice from behind. pleasing. the curved lines of his body compared with the rumpled lines of his pajamas with the addition of his curled hair makes him look soft. you’re struck with the urge to curl up with him in bed and wrap your arms around him, to see for yourself if he’s as comfortable to hold as his appearance indicates. 

he pulls out a pillow finally and takes a moment to pat it free of any lingering dust. his voice raises a bit as he tells you he’ll take this pillow, and what side do you prefer to sleep on? 

you tell him the right, though in reality you have no preference. but if any more urges come up, it’ll be easier to slip out of bed when you’re on the edge instead of against the wall. he nods and tells you to slide in, that he’ll take care of the lights. you do so with an awkward stiffness, laying in his bed but not relaxing quite yet. 

akira turns off the lights but the room is illuminated by a streetlight outside, so you can (unfortunately) see akira as he climbs over you and puts his glasses on the windowsill. this isn’t the first time you’ve seen him sans glasses but it is the first time you’ve seen him like this. your heart beats wildly and you tell yourself you have no idea why. 

but there’s no denying that the bed is small and akira is warm, surprisingly so. he huffs quietly and says “sorry, i tend to run hot at night.”

“that’s quite alright,” but it’s anything but. your heart is thudding loudly; can akira hear it over the rain, you wonder. akira rolls his head to look at you as he lays flat on his back. with your position of laying on your side, it’d be all too easy to shimmy closer and curl up against him. you could void the necessity of a second pillow in a moment with this proximity. 

you won’t though. you can’t. you shouldn’t. 

and akira pushes you, as he always does, as his hand seeks out yours. he gives it a slight squeeze and offers you a small smile. “relax,” he murmurs. his eyes are already shut and he is the definition of relaxed. how does he do it? 

“it’s fine,” he tells you.

you’re inexperienced with relationships and love and sharing beds with your best friend, but akira has never lead you astray before, nor has he pushed you away in disgust or abandoned you for being strange. and you know he never will. you give his hand a squeeze and scoot closer, hesitating only a moment before wrapping an arm across his stomach and pillowing your head on his shoulder. you think you can feel him smiling, though you can’t see for yourself. 

“good night, yusuke,” he whispers. you return the expression though you doubt you’ll be able to sleep a wink.

(you drift off anyway, sleeping more deeply and solidly than you have since madarame changed. you’re the first to wake up in the morning and for once you’re torn between immortalizing the image before you by drawing or keeping it to yourself and remaining in bed.)

(you find the bedhead is much worse when akira first wakes up.)