stomach for it

Louis Tomlinson’s Stomach/Curves Appreciation Post.

Honestly… I just love his stomach and curves so much I had to make a post about it rip rip warning it may be long

look at him!! look at that stomach!!!

the kiss you video was a blessing

forreal i want to die everytime i see him shirtless


h onest ly his body is a work of the gods …

Boy, I can see the way you dancing, move that body..


now lets move onto pictures of his stomach and curves

fuc king hell i want to die


His body is so gorgeous oh wow

just set me on fire yeah?

the curve ,,, the pudge ,,, the love i have for it ,,,,


i just fuc king squealed

anyone care to tell me how harry survives this boy because i am d e a d

Ooohhh boy, oh shit. My dog vomited a couple days ago and apparently my parents didn’t fuckING CLEAN IT UP???? I’m home for thanksgiving and I just accidentally touched it with my foot and holy shit I want to cut my damn foot off….!.!!!!!!!!!

goopy's gut loudly digests thanksgiving food
my gut

i couldn’t think of a creative title that associated with thanksgiving please forgive me father

but yeah i ate a fuck ton of food today and just like every nasty hoe (im joking please don’t sent me hate anons) on this website who likes vore i decided to record some gurgles

idk what those clicking/banging noises are but i hope they’re not too annoying for listeners

edit: i just realized theres a lot of background noise idk what that is i’m so sorry

Thank You Guys

One of the things I’m thankful for (besides hotdogs, Jack and Hetalia) is you guys.

As cheesy as it sounds, you’re one of things that motivate me to keep drawing and improving my stuff. Every like/reblog means so much to me and it’s hard to describe the level of happiness it brings. I recently hit 1,000 watchers on DA so it’s just, crazy to me. I dislike my work but knowing there are a huge number of people out there enjoying what I create gives me that small bit of confidence to keep doing what I do. You’re the ones that help light the fire whenever my motivational flame goes out. 

And for that, I’m thankful I have such nice and chill followers. For real, a lot of you guys are awesome and fun to chat to whenever I get that chance. And you give amazing and comforting advice whenever I need it.

Thank you for putting up with me. <3

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Happy Thanksgiving (including those who don’t celebrate just have a good day). *:・゚✧*:・゚✧