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little amnesiac!barry things
  1. Barry to Iris: “You work for a superhero?  No way that is the coolest thing.” 
  2. B: *twenty minutes later* “I am a superhero??”
  3. B: “What’s my favorite flavor of ice cream?”
  4. B: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?”  I: “Books, freshly made coffee, you.”  “Awwww.”  “Entrusting you to bring an emergency radio, Swiss army knife, and tent.”  “Of course.”
  5. B: “Hey uh – sweetums?”  I: “Sweetums?”  “Dollface?  Snookums?” “Dear god honey–” “Oh!  There we go.  Hey honey I think our turtle escaped.”
  6. B: *giggling uncontrollably* “McSnurtle?”
  7. I: “You can sleep in here, you know.” B, hanging out on couch, hands folded over stomach like he’s on a psychiatrist’s couch: “I know.  But I’m not – I mean I am –”  “Come here.”  “yes ma’am”
  8. B: “Ohhh wow Iris look!  Look!” I, yawning: “Babe it’s four in the morning.” “I found a Pikachu.”
  9. B, watching Discovery Channel: “Did you know there are real life zombies?  See, these ants–” “Honey?” “…I’m going full nerd again on you, aren’t I?”
  10. B: “I like this shirt.” I, amused: “You bought that shirt.” “I have good tastes.”
  11. B: “Psst.  What’s your favorite cookie flavor?”  I: “Did you make cookies?” “Do you like chocolate chip?” “Does anyone not?” B, beams.
  12. B, prodding own chest: “Why am I so freckly.”
  13. B, singing in shower: “I’m engaged to the most beautiful woman in the woooorld.”
  14. I: “Do you wanna go bowling?” B, shoving feet in shoes: “Have I ever in my entire life said no to that?”
  15. I, sneaking up behind Barry and tickling him. B, trips over own feet: “Iris??” I: “I wanted to see if you were still ticklish. *resumes*”
  16. B, holding up shirt, scrunched nose: “I do not like this shirt.” I: “You bought that shirt.” “I had terrible tastes.” “I don’t know, I thought you looked pretty cute in it.”
  17. B, wearing same shirt ten minutes later: “I like this shirt.”
  18. B, hugging I: “You smell amazing.”
  19. B, biting into a Starburst: “Hm.” *biting into a different Starburst* “Hm.” *biting into a different–* Cisco: “Um, excuse you, those are mine?” B: *biting into a different Starburst* “Okay, spoil me – what’s my favorite flavor?”
  20. B, belly-down on couch, hiding head under pillow: “What kind of animal am I?” I, eating popcorn, arm resting on the pillow on his head: “You love this stuff.” *horror movie continues* *B scoots closer and hugs her belly* I: “You don’t have to watch it with me.” “Uh uh.  I am your husband-to-be.  I will stay at your side until the bitter end.”  “My hero.”
  21. I, amused: “You can’t dance.” B, tap-dancing around the apartment: “Everyone can dance!”
  22. B, watching Cisco playing with his lit drones in the dark: “OOH!” I, leaning head on his shoulder: “Nerd.” “You’re seeing this, right?  CISCO, MAKE IT DO A *elaborate hand gestures, followed by gleeful whooping on both sides*” I: *cuddles closer*
  23. B: *slips on an honest to god banana peel* I, rushing over: “Honey??” “I take it I’m not James Bond in another life?”

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okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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Taken [Chapter 7]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9

“This is bad. This is very, very bad.” Chen mumbles repeatedly as he treads back and forth while biting his nails. “Hyung, do you think they’ll do anything to her?”

“Can’t say for sure.” Xiumin says through pursed lips, leaning against the wall with arms crossed tightly over his chest.

Chen continues to mumble incoherently with worry.

“Stop, you’re making me nervous.” Sehun tells him with furrowed brows and Chen snaps at him.

“I’m just worried.”

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Right Now (( Joji Miller Imagine ))

warning: this one is a tear jerker. 

You had left him alone. In a room. With your family and some of your closest friends. He was sweating too, to the point that in had comedic potential. 

His hair, messy from lack of care, bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, clothes in wrinkles and hands shaking, he cursed your name under his breath. 

Because you had left him here alone. 

Joji wasn’t entirely angry at you- he knew you didn’t do it to vex him. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop you from going. Fact of the matter was- you didn’t just leave him, the two of you hadn’t broken it off. 

You had left everyone. Every single person in the room. And they all felt what he was feeling, however, he couldn’t relate to any of them. 

They’d arranged this, this church service, for you? Did they even know you at all? It was hypocritical bullshit, the idea that they would put you through this when they knew very fucking well how you felt about these types of things. 

But you had, yet and still, left him in the spotlight of your beloved. He skimmed around the room with his bloodshot eyes, hazily he read the minds of people around him. 

Your best friend. You hadn’t seen them in years, but the two of you called every day, and were still constantly texting like you did in highschool. They were staring right back at Joji with the same look. 

Your family, the ones who planned the service and gave George no say or chance for input, stared at the japanese-australian with a look of dispair, anticipation, and anger. 

He knew damn well how they felt about them- fucks sake, he had taken their little girl miles away, maybe they had a bit of a right. He knew what was going on. They were waiting for his speech. 

George coughed, skimming his eyes around the room one last time, before realizing that he knew what you would want, if you were here right now. 

“Y/N was the funniest person I’ve ever met, or will meet. She was dependable, loving, and young-spirited. She was my babygirl.. as she was yours.” He began, he could feel tears welling up already. 

“When I met her, she told me that her best friend and her had seen my channel, and thought it was the funniest shit. She told me that whenever her parents were giving her a hard time, she turned on my music and listened to my voice, no matter how serious or not serious the lyrics were, or the video was.” His voice level was rising, becoming angrier. 

“And she told me, that when she told her parents she didn’t believe in anything, she had never felt more isolated. She told me that she had never felt at home until she was with Y/BFF/N, or me. When she moved in, that first night she cried because of how comfortable she felt being there. We sat on the couch we now shared and watched The Simpsons, she layed in my arms and kept hold of my hand.” 

Finally, Joji broke down. 

“You don’t understand how badly I want her hand in mine again.”

Your family looked appalled, but it was within reason. Joji didn’t care. He pulled a box out of the pocket of his sweatpants, the ones he’d been wearing for three days straight. He opened it up, in it a ring. Gold, with diamonds forming a rough circular shape. And engagement ring. The crowd went silent. 

“I was going to ask her.. I was going to take her to her favorite restuarant, and I was going to ask her to be my wife. She never came home for our date.” He was now choking out sobs, slobber dripping from his lips, nose running as he had to yell to make words come out. 

“She wouldn’t of wanted me to do this.. she wouldn’t want me crying in front of people who will only talk about the spectacle our relationship was.. but here I am. I failed Y/N, we all did.” Leaning against the podium, he could feel his heart pounding, stomach folding inside his torso. 

You had left him. You had left them. 

Joji walked off the front, running out, the door slamming open and shutting behind him.

He had to leave this funeral home.

22. Nap (requested by a previous anon)

Leia snuggled deeper under the covers, eyes still closed and limbs still blissfully, beautifully heavy with relaxation and sleep. She wasn’t sure how long their nap had been–there was no way to judge the passing of time in space without the help of a chrono–but it had been long enough for her to feel deliciously rested and content.

She was still comfortable enough–her mind still blank and fuzzy, as blanketed by sleep as her body was beneath the old, worn comforter–for her to have drifted back off, if she wanted to. She was so warm, snuggled up in the bunk… and even more comforting than the secure, familiar blanket was the warmth of Han’s skin–under her cheek, all along her belly and legs, his strong calfs heating her toes and feet…

Eyes still closed, Leia sighed and pressed closer to him. He was sprawled out on his stomach, arms folded under the pillow they shared, and she was nestled in alongside him, tucked close and safe in against his ribs, cheek resting against his bare shoulder. She could feel his breath brushing her forehead, the rhythm deep and steady and sure. They’d fallen asleep curled on their sides, her back to his front and his face burrowed against the nape of her neck… pressing adoring kisses against the wispy, curling hair there as they came down, sated, from the peaks of their pleasure and settled into tender, post-coital relaxation…

At some point during their catnap, they must have shifted. Leia sighed again, content to enjoy the calm and quiet and rightness of lying close, no uncertainties or impending battles or crippling secrets… only the utter surety of their love, and the sensual memories of their bodies moving together, and Han’s deep, soothing breathing filling the cabin as he slept. For a long while she drifted on a wave of peace, somewhere between slumber and wakefulness, aware of his presence both physically and through the Force, but aware of little else as she dozed.

Eventually, however, her sleepiness ebbed, and though entirely at ease she no longer felt the pull of unconsciousness.

Han’s breathing had not changed, and so Leia occupied herself with a quiet inventory of him. She nestled her cheek against the smooth, hot skin of his back, took note of the intimate press of his torso against hers, the vulnerable exposure of his flank from ribs to hip, uplifted arms beneath his head, utterly trusting in his sleep as she lay curled against his prone form. Her legs were tucked up against his, dwarfed by the length of his much larger form, and so she couldn’t quite rub her feet against his as she shifted under the covers.

A kind of disbelief stole over her then. This was not the first time they’d lain together in such a way, but still every time she experienced some sort of–ache borne of her love for him. For such a long time she’d never dared hope that they would ever have this–such steadfast, fearless harmony. To lie with him, naked and yet completely unconcerned, savoring the sensation of his own naked body against hers, and aware even while he slept of his commitment–of his absolute love…

Her somnolent, tender musings suddenly became poignantly fierce, and she freed her arm from where it was trapped between their bodies to hug him closer, to trace her fingertips along the beautiful expanse of his strong, muscled back and caress his sides and shoulders and waist. Tough hide though he claimed to have, Han’s flesh was sleek and smooth and precious–Goddess, he was so precious to her, and Leia pushed herself up for easier access to him, compelled to press soft kisses against his neck and spine and shoulder blade.

“Mmmmm,” he rumbled, roused but still clearly half-asleep. “Feels nice.”

Leia smiled against him; for some reason the hoarse, groggy sound of his low voice was making it hard for her to swallow, and abruptly she found that her eyes were stinging. Han. Han. Her Han.

Leia lowered herself down on top of him, her chest resting against his back, both hands moving to brush his arms, and almost reverently she pressed her face into the crook of his neck.

“You feel nice,” she told him softly, continuing her tender ministrations.

“Mmmmm,” he sighed again, agreeing as she kissed behind his ear and stroked her nails along the backs of his arms.

“Leia,” he mumbled–blissfully–as she ran her palms over his ribs, and she kissed his neck in acknowledgement.

“I love you,” she whispered, meaning it to the very depths of her soul.

Still asleep, he leaned blindly forward to find her hand on his bicep, pressing a kiss to her fingers, loving her even without fully waking.

“I know,” he mumbled, and she smiled brilliantly against his neck.

“Love you, too.”

Married Life With Newt Scamander

I’m trying a new way of doing this kind of post, hope you guys like it :)

Originally posted by dailyfantasticbeastsgifs


  • If you wake up first, you can’t help but watch your husband sleeping peacefully
  • Newt always looks so anxious and stressed, it’s nice to see him relaxing and taking a break
  • He doesn’t like cuddling while you’re asleep, but he sleeps with his hand stretched out to you
  • More often than not, you end up propping yourself up on your elbows and tracing the lines and curves of his face with your fingertips gently
  • There’s nothing more adorable than when he scrunches his nose up in his sleep before waking up and blinking sleepily up at you
  • He’ll pout, silently asking for a kiss, and you’ll collapse on the bed beside him with a grin, snuggling into his side
  • He still smiles and holds you close, content with knowing that he’ll get a proper kiss later
  • If Newt wakes up first, he likes to get as many of the chores done before you wake up so that you can relax
  • About an hour after he’s gotten up, he’ll bring you a cup of your favourite tea and wake you gently with a loving kiss on your forehead and a whispered “Good morning”


  • Newt loves that you take such an interest in his creatures, and that they seem to love you just as much as he does
  • The Niffler takes a particular shining to you, which Newt resents slightly because “the little bugger gives me hell”
  • But he can’t help his heart swelling with affection when he watches you cuddling the fluffy little bastard
  • The two of you had to stay up all night once when the Occamy’s eggs were hatching, and Newt swears he’s never been more in love than in the hours of watching your face light up at every movement one of the babies made
  • Your clothes were creased and dusty from sitting in the enclosure for so long, your hair a tangled mess, dirt smudges on your face, and you were the most beautiful creature Newt had ever seen
  • Likewise, you could barely stop yourself sneaking glances at him with his hair even messier than usual, his jacket and waistcoat long since discarded, and his shirtsleeves rolled up carelessly
  • Once all the babies had hatched and were content to sleep a few hours, you and Newt fell back in exhaustion, much too tired to climb out of the case and into your little apartment
  • You lay with your head resting on Newt’s stomach, your arms folded across your belly and tiny snores escaping your lips as you get the first bit of rest you’ve had that day
  • Newt can barely take his eyes off you

Newt’s book

  • Newt is a terrible night-owl, and it’s not uncommon for you to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to find his side of the bed empty and the soft glow from the oil lamp on his desk spilling under the bedroom door
  • Eventually you’ll get up and go into the living room to see him slumped at his desk, surrounded by scrunched up pieces of paper and holding his head in his hands
  • You approach him quietly, and start to massage his sore shoulders gently while pressing gentle kisses to his jaw and cheek, before wrapping your arms around him and resting your chin on his shoulder
  • “The book will still be there in the morning,” you whisper, nuzzling his cheek with the tip of your nose. “Come to bed.”
  • He’ll sigh in defeat, leaning into your touch briefly before getting up and following you to bed

Newt looking after you

  • Whenever he knows you’ve had a long day at work, he tries to get all the housework and his own work done before you get home so that you have no choice but to relax
  • When you finally get home, exhausted, you find your favourite meal on the table, your pyjamas hanging by the fireplace so that they’re nice and warm for you, and Newt emerging from the bathroom with his sleeves rolled up and face flushed from pouring a nice hot bath for you
  • You raise your eyebrows at him in amusement, and he gives you a sheepish grin in response as he takes your coat and guides you to the table for your dinner

You looking after Newt

  • As adamant as Newt is that his creatures would never hurt a hair on his head, sometimes things just go wrong and he ends up with another nasty scar to add to his collection
  • On numerous occasions, you’ve been waiting in the apartment for your husband to finish seeing to his beloved creatures when you’ve heard a cry of pain echoing from the case
  • With your wand in your hand and your heart feeling as if it was somewhere in your throat, you hurry down into the case, grabbing the modest first aid kit from the shed before running off in search of Newt
  • Most recently, you found him practically right outside the shed with blood pouring from his arm and a guilty smile on his face
  • Not bothering to ask what happened, you help him out of the case and onto the couch, immediately beginning to treat his wounds
  • He watches with a guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach as you stitch up his arm and wipe away the blood without so much as flinching
  • “I’m sorry,” he whispers, reaching out with his uninjured arm and stroking your cheek clumsily as you crouch beside where he’s lying
  • You lean into his touch with a sad smile, before making him promise to be more careful

A/N: So that’s that done! I haven’t even seen the movie yet but I’m reading the book and an unhealthy amount of Newt x readers. Please leave feedback and/or requests in my ask, both mean the world to me!

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You don’t just grow to like/love/want someone. Feelings are not implanted forcibly in your heart, you either have them or you don’t. And if your stomach does not fold in two when you see him, if you don’t want to fuck the shit out of him, then what’s the point?
—  27/03/2017 (during the writing of an Econ IA)

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how about instead of shy bucky not wanting to be rough, the complete opposite !! Bucky always being kind but quiet around the avengers fam but when it is the late hours of the night/morning he has you on your stomach, hands tied, blind folded while he traces your back with his leather crop whilst he wears a suit ??

I like you, can you stay?

Sinful Sunday™

Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG for this chapter - rated R later on.

Requested?: No, I just really wanted to try to write a Calum series based off of my frat boy preferences. Which, if you haven’t read them, they are here, here, and here!

Pairing: Callie/Calum, Reader/Luke

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Prompt: A is an adult but B is going out of town for a week and isn't sure if they can trust A to take care of themselves. Arguments ensue.

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning, but Laf should be back in by then. His number is on the fridge-” 

“I have Laf’s number.” John interrupted, tugging the blanket over his lap with one hand. He watched Alex buzz around the room, his duffle bag sitting on the other side of the bed as he continued to shove things into it. 

“Right, of course you do.” Alex rolled a couple t-shirts up and tucked them into the bag. “Uh, we just got groceries, so you should be fine food wise. There’s some rice already cooked in the fridge. Should be some chicken, too. Oh, I picked up more frozen waffles on my way home, too, because I know you like those. They’re pretty easy to make, so-” 

“Alex, I’m already well aware of our food situation.” John slid down further into the bed, frowning. “What are you doing?” 

Alex paused for half a second. “Packing.” He zipped up his bag and moved it next to the door. “And now I’m done.” He shut off the lights and undressed before climbing into bed next to John. 

“You know what I mean. Why are you being so… mother hen-y?” 

“I’m not.” 


“I’m just worried.” Alex admitted, keeping his eyes on the ceiling rather than looking at John, who was watching him intently. “I’m going to be gone for a full week, I just don’t want anything to happen-” 

“I’m a fully capable adult.” John argued. This all felt very backwards to John, usually it was him fretting over Alex, but since…

“Well,” Alex shrugged, vaguely gesturing toward John’s arm, wrapped in a cast, settled heavily over his stomach and folded into a sling. John rolled his eyes. He had gotten into an accident a couple weeks ago and ever since Alex had been taking care of him. It was appreciated, though John felt it unnecessary because he was a full grown man that could handle life even with one arm. He wasn’t going to say any of that, of course, because he didn’t want Alex to think he was ungrateful - at least he wasn’t going to say any of that until Alex had struck a particular nerve, John was tired, and the mood fell just right. 

“I’m a grown man, I can handle life with one arm, I’ll be fine.” John snapped. It didn’t effect Alex, it wasn’t the first time John had snapped at him and it wouldn’t be the last. He let the tension settle, let John seethe for approximately five minutes before continuing. 

“You broke your arm and dislocated your shoulder because you don’t take care of yourself.” 

That set John off again, and before long they were talking over each other, each point between them growing louder. 

“Alex, I was driving home and got in a-”

“You don’t pay attention as much as you should when you drive and-”

“-and he came out of nowhere, how was I supposed to prevent-”

“-you’re always over the speed limit, you don’t check before you turn out-”

“-he was in my blind spot! I can’t help that he-”

“-and it’s like you don’t even care if you make it home at the end of the day-”

“-it’s not like I was trying to get into an accident, I don’t want to-” 

“-I just don’t want to get that phone call again, John, I can’t do it!” 

That made John stop. Alex was breathing heavily, sitting upright and staring at his lap. That was something John hadn’t even thought of, he didn’t even know who called Alex after the accident. He just woke up, and Alex was there. Alex, however, remembers that call every night. Remembers the panic that set in as soon as he heard the word ‘hospital’, and how it grew as they continued to tell him John had been in an accident. 

“I’m sorry.” John murmured, reaching out with his good arm to cover Alex’s hand with his own. Alex didn’t move, but John could tell from his breathing that he had his eyes closed, he was bringing himself down, because he had worked himself up to a panic, and a wave of guilt washed over John. 

“It’s okay.” Alex replied a moment later, turning his hand in John’s and lacing their fingers together. “I know the crash wasn’t your fault. I just… you don’t think shit through, John, and it scares me. I know this time it wasn’t your fault, but at first I thought it could be. You’re a reckless driver, hell, you’re a reckless person, and sometimes it scares the shit out of me that one day they may not be calling to tell me ‘he’s unconscious but stable’.” 

John shimmied as well as he could across the bed, wrapping his arm around Alex and pull him closer. Alex happily curled into John’s side, resting his head on his shoulder and hooking his leg over John’s so they were touching everywhere they possibly could be. John kissed Alex’s forehead. 

“I’ll be okay while you’re gone, I’ll even actively try to not hurt myself.” John promised. 

“I appreciate that.” 

Cutie Pie You Make Me Smile

To celebrate my 500 Followers I wrote this fluffy One-Shot for you. Enjoy and thank you all for supporting me ♥♥♥

Summary: You’re having a bad day and Bucky makes it his mission to cheer you up.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pure fluff

Word Count: 1729


You hate feeling this way. From time to time the depressions take the upper hand and you just felt like shit, but Bucky was the best boyfriend you could have wished for when you’re having one of those bad days. He was caring, understanding and did everything he could to make you feel comfortable, loved, and most of all not alone.

First when you started a relationship with him, you tried to hide your depressions from him, feeling ashamed of being weak and misunderstood. Bucky, as an ex-assassin, quickly found out about your condition and showered you with love and affection. Promised you he would always be there for you, not matter what. He told you he fell in love with you from the very first time he led eyes on you and he loved you wholeheartedly, all of you.

You woke up this morning feeling depressed, not even thinking of getting out to bed. You only wanted to hide under the blanket and stay in bed all day. You were just about to turn around, pressing your face into the soft pillow, when suddenly strong arms, one flesh, one metal, cuddled you against a firm chest. “Good morning, love.” Bucky’s still sleepy voice made a smile appear on your lips.

You only hummed, pressing your body more against the warmth of Bucky’s. He peppered your face with kisses, rubbing your back soothingly, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

It was simply amazing that he always knew when you would have one of your bad days. He made sure to shower you with affection, making it his mission to bring a smile on your face. Last time he prepared a picnic in Central Park for you, took you out for a romantic dinner afterwards and lay with you under the night sky, on the roof of the Avengers Tower, for star-gazing.

“How about you sleep for a while longer, love. I’m gonna wake you up when breakfast is ready.” Bucky gave you a kiss on the lips. You gripped his shirt, kissing him a second time, before he could move out of the bed. “I love you, Bucky.” You mumbled against his soft lips. “I love you too, baby girl.”


You were slightly shaken awake by Bucky placing a loving kiss on your forehead. “Time to wake up, sleepy head.” He gave you a cup of freshly brewed coffee, served in your favourite cup. The one he bought the first time you celebrated your anniversary as a couple. He actually bought two cups, because they were supposed to be for couples, two perfect fitting counterparts. Along with the cups, he even got you matching couple sweatshirts, because you always stole his and this way you would proudly wear your own all the time.

On your sweatshirt written was Bucky’s girlfriend, while on his was [Y/N]’s boyfriend. Bucky totally was into the whole matching couple stuff, which you found incredibly cute. Who would have thought the former Winter Soldier was in reality a giant big hearted teddy bear?!

“Come on, sweetheart. Breakfast is waiting in the kitchen. Aaaand…” Bucky smiled with glowing eyes, clearly happy and excited. “…after breakfast we’re gonna make some cupcakes!”

You almost choked on your coffee. “Bucky, you never made cupcakes before and me neither.” “I know!” He cheered. “This is gonna be so much fun!” You couldn’t help but smile at his good mood.


Baking cupcakes with Bucky was indeed fun, but it all ended in a disaster. When you both finished decorating them all and were about to try each one of them, you spit everything out you had in your mouths. “Bucky! You mixed up salt and sugar!” You screamed, face twisted  in disgust, the taste still evident on your tongue. Bucky’s face was priceless. It was a mixture of a kicked puppy and a distasteful grimace. You bursted out laughing and Bucky followed your example straightaway.

“I’m sorry, doll. I really didn’t mean to screw up the cupcakes.” You kissed him on the cheek, putting your arms around his neck. “Don’t be. You distracted me and made me forget about my depression. You’re the sweetest boyfriend.”

“So, you’re not mad at me?” Bucky asked pouting like a little child. “I could never be mad at you, Bucky.” You responded sincerely. “Luckily for me, baking cupcakes wasn’t my only surprise for you today. Give me a few minutes.” Bucky was already walking hastily out of the kitchen. “Babe, you don’t need to.” You yelled after him.

“You know I would do it anyway, doll.” He hollered back. “Yeah, I know.” You muttered thankfully only for yourself to hear. You wondered everyday, what you did to deserve such an astounding man. You knew with all your being you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You would be the luckiest, most happiest girl in the whole wide world, walking down the aisle to marry Bucky, starting a family with him, growing old together.

Before you got the chance to sink further into daydreams of your future with Bucky, he came back. He gripped your left hand with his metal one, blow a kiss onto the back and guided you through your shared bedroom into the bathroom.

The bathroom was only illuminated by candles, evenly distributed around the bathtub. Red rose petals were floating in the foamy water on the surface. The bathroom smelled like vanilla, making you instantly relax at the familiar scent.

Bucky kissed your neck and was just about to leave the bathroom, when you stopped him by grabbing his elbow. “Where do you think you’re going?” You asked curiously. “Well I thought I would leave you alone to unwind properly.” “Strip, dork. You’re getting in with me. No back talk!” You turned around, discarding your clothes in no time, not even looking behind you, if Bucky did the same. You stepped into the warm soothing water, sitting down, a pleasured sigh leaving your lips.

The water swashed slightly, as Bucky got into the tub behind you. He pushed your back close against his muscular chest, putting his arms around you and kissing your temple. You closed your eyes, releasing the tension in every one of your muscles. You intertwined your hands with Bucky’s in the front of your stomach, laying your head on his right shoulder, smiling satisfied.

You and Bucky didn’t exchange a word, you didn’t need to speak to understand the other. This peaceful moment between the two of you was too perfect to be disturbed with talking. You stayed in the bathtub until the water got cold. After you and Bucky dried off, he directed you only wrapped up in a towel to the bed.

“Lay down, [Y/N]. I’m gonna give you a massage.” Bucky whispered in your right ear, letting his lips wander down over your delicate neck, touching your skin only lightly with his lips.

“You don’t…” Bucky muted you with a kiss on your lips. “I want to. I know you can sleep better after I give you a massage. So come on, doll. You know there is no point in arguing with me anyway. I’m stubborn as a mule.” He chuckled.     
Another smile made itself evident on your face as you laid down on your stomach. You folded your arms under your head to use them as a pillow, while Bucky lathered massage oil on your back.

Moans left your lips, every time Bucky kneaded a particularly hard knot out. While Bucky continued the massage, you must have felt to sleep. You woke up when you felt him getting under the covers beside you, cuddling you tight against his side. “Bucky?” You whispered, sleep evident in your voice. “Yes, love?” “I love you so much. How can you still not be bugged by me and my mood swings? Every single time you do everything in your power to cheer me up. You have so much baggage already and still you bother to help me with my depressions. Why?”

Bucky lay his metal fingers under your chin, lifting it up to make you look right into his bright blue eyes. All you could see in them was love. “You know why I bother to help you with your depressions? Because I. love. you. I love you with all your mood swings. I love you on your good days. I love you on your bad days. And I will always do everything I can to make you smile. Because when you smile, [Y/N], you make me fall in love with you all over again. When you smile you make my day brighter. When you smile you push my nightmares a little bit further back. When you smile I know I did something right. That I am still, somewhere inside of me, a good man. The person I used to be. Because when someone as pure as yourself smiles because of me, then I believe there is still hope for me. And that’s why I will keep putting a smile on your beautiful face as often I can. And when it comes to me, I will continue making you smile for the rest of our lives.”

Out of nowhere Bucky held a black square box in his metal hand. My eyes already were full of tears as a loud gasp escaped me at the elegant golden ring in front of me. On top of the ring were three diamonds. A big one in the middle, surrounded by two smaller ones on either side of it. “[Y/N] [Y/M/N] [Y/L/N], I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you. When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together. And when I see your smile, I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Thousand times yes! I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You both kissed passionately, before falling to sleep in each other’s arms. Tomorrow beginning a brand new day with new challenges, but also starting a new life together as one.             

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Two Can Play~ Part 4~ Marty Scurll/Adam Cole

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Part 3

Part 2

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After last week, you had a lot of things to think about. From Marty’s confession to what was really going on between you and Adam. It was confusing, did Marty really want you or was this just a game to him? With Adam, it’s different. He fulfills your needs and there are moments where you two act like a couple, cuddling, holding hands, kissing each other’s cheeks, going out together etc. But he has never asked you to be his.

You had know what’s been running through his mind.

“ Adam?” you paused the movie that you two were watching,turning to face him sitting cross legged on the bed. He turned to face you, eye brows knitting together as he listened to what you had to say. 

“ What’s going on between us? I mean I know for the past couple of months, you and I are just fuck buddies but do you feel like there is something more between us?” 

Adam took his time answering your question, he licked his bottom lip searching in his mind what to say to you. It’s not like he doesn’t have feelings for you, he enjoys your company but he doesn’t seem to see you in a relationship with him. It wouldn’t be good, he thought to himself.

 He always thought that you would end up running back to Marty, that you and Marty belonged together. Sure he was jealous of how much you loved Marty but things changed, he made you forget. He liked that he made you feel something for him, he liked having you around and he liked that you would act like a couple. 

But he just doesn’t want to accept the fact that he does has feelings for you. He was scared to fall in love with you, he was scared to get hurt. Every one gets hurt sometimes but with someone like you, he couldn’t. He would ruin you. 

“I don’t know” He says, looking away from you. Adam didn’t want to see the hurt flash across your eyes or your lips turning into a frown. 

“ Oh” the way you said torn his heart apart, it was like he shattered you inside with those words. He turned his head to glance over at you seeing a tear fall down your cheek but you quickly wiped it away, nodding your head. 

“ I think I’m going to go back to my room” you slipped off his bed, slipping on your shoes. What hurts was that he didn’t say anything else or stopped you from leaving. His eyes were burning holes into your back watching you get dressed. As you walk out the door, looking back at him once last time before disappearing from his room.

 As the door shuts, Adam lays his back on the bed letting out a sigh, not a happy one closing his eyes as he lays his hands on his stomach folding them. He had to let you go, it was the best choice to make. For you, he was doing this for you. You didn’t need to be involved with him even if it hurts. 

You on the other hand walked slowly to your room, hurt that nothing came from this between you and Adam. Was everything that happened between you all a lie? Did he not feel anything? 

Sure it started off with no strings attached, but you swore you saw something in his eyes like hope. 

Sniffing unlocking your door to your room heading to bed. It’s been a long day and you wanted to everything to be shut down for a moment. You’re head felt like 20 bricks were piled on pushing it down. As your eyes closed, a bing was heard in your room. 

Sitting up, you took your phone from your pocket forgetting it was there before reading the text you received. Not even bothering to open it, it was from Adam. 

I’m sorry, it read

He can shove that sorry elsewhere, you didn’t care. At least not for tonight, tomorrow was another day and you just wanted to go to bed. That’s what you did. 

Days go by, weeks go by, you have been wrestling in different states, greeting fans. They would ask you what happened to Adam. You used to tweet with him over social media and take pictures with him. Now it was just you, places that you went to, new merch you had or some goofy selfies. You would just tell them that Adam was busy when it was a lie. You hated to lie to your fans and everyone but you needed it. 

“ Can we get a picture with you Y/N? You’re are just amazing” one of your fans said, giggling as she was so happy to meet you. “ Awe, of course sweetheart” you two took a selfie before signing her autograph when two hands came onto your shoulders scaring you. 

Turning around you saw Matt Jackson laughing, holding his stomach with Nick laughing besides him. Since when did they think it was okay to come up to you and act like you two are friends. 

“ Thank you for giving me a hard attack” you mumbled, rolling your eyes at them. They noticed not even a smile came to your face. Matt frowned, stopping laughing while Nick sighed to himself. 

They really wanted to you to forgive them, it was stupid to hold a grudge like that over them. As you waved to your fans, they stopped the boys to take pictures and sign autographs. You began to walk away from them, wanting to get further away. But that didn’t last very long as they caught up to you. 

“ Wait up Y/N, I think we should talk” Nick says, grabbing your arm.

“  I have nothing to say to you” 

“ Oh come on Y/N, this is bullshit. You are mad at for telling Marty how you feel? We’re sorry Y/N, we didn’t mean to babble. But we thought he felt the same way, we thought it was best for you” 

“ What’s best for me?! Are you kidding me?! He didn’t feel anything for me, he didn’t even tell me had had a girlfriend. I thought you two were my friend, who the fuck gave you the right to tell him without consenting with me? I didn’t want you, I told you a million times to not tell him. You two fucked up and right now I can’t. Not with you and Adam and all this shit” you waved your hands around continue to talk when Matt interrupted, “ What happened between you and Adam?” 

“ He’s a fucking asshole, that’s what. I fucking hate him for making me feel like this” 

“ I’m sorry, what can we do to fix it?” Nick asks, feeling upset that you were upset. This was their fault, if they never told Marty of your feelings then maybe things would be different. 

“ Nothing, stay out of my life” 

“ But were friends Y/N, you can’t just shut us out like that. Please” Matt begged, with Nick feeling his tears coming. 

“ I can’t.. I got to go..” you left them standing there, hurt and confused. Both brothers looked at each other, “ We have to fix this.” 

Marty has been missing you more than he could think, he miss how you would laugh a smile around him. He misses your cooking, your jokes, the way you would wrap your arms around him when you went for a hug and he missed the way you would look at him.

 Like he was the only guy on the planet that was worth it. He felt like his heart was missing something. You. He didn’t know how you were doing, exactly. Marty follows you on your social medias, he always likes your pictures and sometimes would comment on them but you don’t respond to him.

 He watches your instagram stories, missing the sound of your voice. He wants you back in his life and he is going to do anything in his power to get you back even if he has you as a friend again. But he promised to himself that he would be your lover at the end of the line. 

Adam misses you too, he misses how you made him feel. He would get nervous around you, it was rarely that he felt like this. You made him whole and happy. He missed it, he missed the giggles that escaped your beautiful lips. He missed the way he would tickle you. He missed your scent. He missed holding hands with you. He missed the feeling of your lips against his. He missed everything about you. He rubbed his eyes, feeling the tears coming as once again you are on his mind. 

“ I think I love you, but it’s too late” he whispers to himself string at the picture of you and him on his background. He is kissing your cheek while your smiling wide, his finger brushes over your picture before one of his tears lands on the screen of the phone.

Adam regrets letting you go and he has no idea what to do. 

Meanwhile you just had some lunch deciding to go check your twitter, going to your dashboard, your phone drops as you read the tweet that makes your heart skip a beat.

@MartyScurll You can make me wait forever, push me away and tell me never. I don’t mind, no I don’t mind it. I would come back a thousand times.

It sounded like it was meant for you, you understood what the lyrics meant. He used to them to catch your attention. But then another tweet stops your breathing almost. 

@Adam Cole Cause sooner or later it’s over,I just don’t want to miss you tonight

You felt your heart torn in two, but what were you going to do?

doritos covered in kisses - us!papyrus x reader

“Hey-stop screaming it’s just me-do we still have any Doritos?” (Us Papyrus pls AAAAA)

summary: you ate the rest of papyrus’s doritos. he’s not gonna let that slide.

pairing: papyrus x reader

notes: BAH listen okay im shit at writing kisses?? mostlybciveneverkissedanybodybutaNYFUCKINWAY i hope you like this??? i tried

“hey– stop screaming it’s just me– do we still have any doritos?”

You slid off the bed in your surprise, head landing with a thump on the floor as you groaned. Yeah, that’s not a fun position. The fuck, Papyrus? Did you have to burst in here? Taking in his appearance, you also noticed that all he was wearing was his beloved gym shorts and a black muscle shirt. Lord, help you.

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Prompt Three: Moans

Nalu Love Fest

Prompt: Moans

Rating: M+ (NSFW)

Words: 2,503

Here he comes…” I looked up at the whisper of scandal, noticing Virgo and Aries standing inside my office, but angled out of the doorway, head peeked around the side. My eyebrows furrowed as I asked confusedly, “What on earth are you doing?”

Shhh.” They both hissed at me and I sighed, turning back to my mac with an annoyed look. I had been staring at a half-completed article about the crisis of fan-service and the possibility of nudity bands on those… ‘manga books’, and was entirely stuck.

My brain was just shutting down in '2 hours of sleep and the coffee machine is broken’ state. And unfortunately for my colleagues, the next step was when I hit the metaphorical wall inside my brain and began to get angry.

And mean.

Sarah, one of the friendly interns, had called in sick every time I was in the office, probably because I chewed her out a couple days ago.

I had apologized since then but to no help.

I groaned loudly when I saw them staring outside my office, with wide eyes and I snapped, “What is it?”

They glanced at each other, sharing a long look before turning to me. I glared at them expectantly as Virgo stated, “The handyman is back.”

I was up and out of my seat in under a second, ignoring the elated giggle they shared and stuck my head out. A sigh escaped me when I saw him.

Was it possible for something to get even more attractive in the span of two weeks?

He was crouched down beside the printer, long fingers, attached to tan big hands, tinkering and fiddling with something or other. My eyes slowly raked over his frame, his shoulders hunched which made his back tense and protrude slightly against the buttoned grey shirt he wore. His lean, but muscled biceps were squeezed a little by the sleeves, and the two top buttons of his shirt were undone.

I felt my knees weaken as he reached into the tool-belt that sat at his hip, and pulled out a screwdriver. My brain flared with the implication of him… and screwing.

His eyebrows were furrowed with concentration, jaw straight and cut perfectly. Nothing better than a proportioned jaw to match a tanned neck. His nose was a little crooked, as if he had gotten into many fights and his snoz had dealt with the damage but honestly, that just made him just that little bit hotter.

His lips were pursed as he inspected the piece of hardware in front of him, unscrewing a few things and whatnot. I just stared, perfectly content to watch him for as long as I could.

I was vaguely aware that a few of the women in the cubicles across from my office were also staring and heard their conversation foggily.

“If I wasn’t married…”

“Yeah, but you are married. And I think he’s gay. Look at that hair.”

A smile curved at my lips, because I had almost forgotten the hair. Pink. Seeing a grown man with pink hair was puzzling, and amusing. I didn’t know if it made him more attractive or less.

But I had my suspicions that needed to be cleared up if he was gay.

“What is his name? Does anyone know?”

It was realized then that the whole department had no clue his name. I wondered why, surely someone had introduced themselves?

They didn’t avoid talking with him because he was too attractive… right?

Oh for god’s sake! We are grown women, and nobody has approached him because he looks like sex on a stick? I thought to myself incredulously before huffing impatiently.

I began to stalk over to him bravely, listening to gasps of shock as he slid the piece back into the machine and began to stand up, pressing the buttons with a inspecting look.

Once I reached him, I cleared my throat pointedly and briefly hoped he had a horrible squeaky voice. Two dark grey eyes wandered over to me and an easy smile slipped over his pink mouth. My heart stuttered weakly but I pushed on, willing myself to be strong.

And I was, just missed the polite and friendly.

“What’s your name?”

He raised his eyebrow at me, deep eyes sparkling with amusement as I realized how incredibly rude I just sounded. I fought the climbing blush with every piece of my being.

“My name is Lucy.” I tried again, smiling sheepishly, “What is yours?”

He held out his hand and I inwardly cheered myself, as I took his hand.

“My name is Natsu. It’s nice to meet you Lucy.”

~ 2 Weeks Later ~

I yanked at his shirt roughly, as he bit down my neck, hands tucking underneath my thighs. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gasped, “I only have ten minutes, Natsu.”

“You should have thought about that before you got me all fired up.” I bit back a guilty giggle, remembering the way I had teased him through the whole day. A hand brushing against his back, my hips wiggling a little when I bent over to tick something up, the way I squeezed my body past him.

His lips and mouth sucking at my skin wetly, pulled me from my thoughts and made me shudder in excitement. I rubbed my hips against his and he growled, a noise that

never failed to make my stomach fill with butterflies.

“I’m going to fuck you, until you can’t see straight.” He stated softly, pulling at my sensitive neck gently and I twitched, trying not to get too excited by that.

He dropped me back on my feet and with a quick movement, spun me around and pushed on my stomach. I folded over my desk with a soft thud, about to support myself on my elbows but he stopped me. He kept a hand to my back, applying just enough pressure to keep me from moving and I bit my lip.

His hand slid down my skirt covered behind, the cotton heating with his hand, leaving the skin underneath sensitive.

His fingers pulled the back of my skirt up slowly, raking his nails lightly over the skin which made my legs jerk. He hushed me softly, and pressed his fingers to my soaked core. I choked back a moan when he traced small circles against my clothed clit, my whole body pulsing and writhing with need.

“You have to cutest little moans Lucy. And you are so wet already… Only after a few kisses and grinding against me.”

“Shut up.” I groaned as he scrunched my skirt up, exposing more of my ass and my lime green panties. I felt his smile, and mumbled, “I’m trying to like green.”

“Almost better than the rainbow ones I saw a few days ago.” I felt my cheeks heat and managed to raise my hand and flip him the bird. He chuckled, pushing my underwear to the side and giving my aching pussy a soft stroke with his talented fingers.

“Condom?” He murmured, as I pushed my hand out, just reaching the top side of my drawer and opened it. I fumbled between the pens and elastics, pulling out a rubber and tossing it back to him hurriedly.


“Late.” I stated, even though I was lying. I honestly was sat the point of caring that I was late for a meeting. Virgo would probably handle it until I managed to get there.

I tensed my thighs and bit my lip when I heard the telltale zip of his jeans being loosened. I wiggled my hips a little, my body hot and ready. We had started this tango a few days after I had introduced myself to him. One night just as the office was closing up, everyone was gone and I found him tinkering with the printer that an intern managed to break — again.

The chemistry between us was like nothing I had ever felt, something that pulled at me and made me shake with even the slightest touch of his body against mine. His hands, his shoulders, his abdomen, all things I licked, kissed and nibbled to my hearts content, were only the beginning of my fascination with having him.

And him having me, despite that twinge of doubt and confusion deep under because why, why would a guy like this chose a workaholic know-it-all like me?

Of course, there was the fact I hadn’t been very… chaste about my attraction to him. I’d call myself easy because I was so not playing hard to get.

I never understood why women played hard to get with people they were interested in, sexually or emotionally. It took more guts to just show interest and tell that person you want to tie them down and go completely wild.

Natsu had agreed with me, and even though I could sort of tell he wasn’t a bad guy and he had some good values, there was the echo of my Aunt Aquarius who made it a fact to drill something into my head as soon as I reached an age of sex.

Men are pigs. And they will do anything to get into your pants. Most of the time, they think with their head, but not the one that sits on their neck.

I wanted to believe Natsu wasn’t like that, so I pushed the thought away. Because, let’s face it, I was using him too.

I was thinking with my cooch and that’s all I could say in the matter.

My thoughts evaporated as I felt him lean over me, brushing the thick head of his cock over my slit and tapping that little button at the top of my sex.

I dug my nails into the desk, biting at my lip, as he whispered, “Want me?”

The rebellious side of me, the one who was 'I-AM-WOMAN’, wanted me to refute. To knock his ego down, to tell him, no, I don’t want you.

But some other part inside me soften, along with my back as I tried not to let myself become too trusting.


My soft, shaky word made him still for a moment. Panic seized me, “Natsu, don’t think about it. Just do it.”

I hadn’t remembered how perceptive Natsu could be, if I was in a weird mood or thinking about things too much, he would know almost instantly. It was a frightening concept because I wasn’t usually an easy person to read.

And he wanted full consent. He had made that clear from the first time, any sort of hesitation or doubt, meant 'no’. It seemed to be a touchy subject with him.

I was wondering what could have happened to him, what made him so careful, when he pressed against my opening. I squeezed in retaliation, my body filling with lust and want, need.

He pushed into me, so slowly, sheathing him inside my warmth and I shuddered. One of my legs raised a little in surprise when he withdrew and slammed back into me. My clit rubbed against the edge of the desk lightly, making me moan loudly.

People outside. People close. My thoughts stammered as he began to push into me roughly, rubbing against my insides beautifully. He had this curve, which by the oddest luck, happened to run at that spot inside me.

He breathed heavily, giving the top of my spine a soft wet kiss, teeth lightly skimming there. My leg curved at the knee and I balanced on one leg, causing our position to move a little and my insides to tighten.

He grunted and swore, continuing his bruising pace. The desk shook a little, but I was too busy fighting to keep my eyes open. Pleasure pounded through me, starting at my ears and finishing at my feet.

Oh god… oh god…

“Fuck. You are gonna come quick today.” He murmured against my skin, the sound of his body slapping into mine almost drowning out his words entirely.

“Is it this position? Is it the way I touched you before? Or maybe it’s because those cute little moans of yours have to be quieter than usual.”

I almost told him to shut up, I couldn’t quite handle his dirty words on top of his length spreading me wide.

“Poor Lucy. You can’t even scream. Do you want to? Do you want to scream and get some of that pressure out?” His hand grabbed at my ass, and my breasts ached a little from being pressed up against the desk, but his deep growling voice made my insides quiver.

“Answer me.” A hand came down on my ass hard, the noise a lot of rougher than the actual spank. I jolted against him, the surprised bite of pain mixing with the pleasure. I didn’t know which was way up, all I knew it, he liked it.

He liked that I had rubbed against him, instead of recoiling away.

I hadn’t thought about the prospects of being spanked. Previous boyfriends and partners had made me do the entirety of the work. Which wasn’t bad… just boring.

“You liked that. Your hungry little pussy rubbed against me when I slapped that sweet ass of yours.” He moaned, apparently extremely pleased with this sudden realization as another slap made my hips jump, giving into a full blown grind. His cock pressed deeper, nudging that spot and I moaned.

“You still haven’t answered my question. The more you wait, the more I spank you.”

My heart stuttered, his rhythm never slowing. Another spank had me squeaking out, “Y-Yes.”

His hand rubbed the sore skin, as he grunted, “Yes? Yes to what?”

The words brushed past my lips before I could stop them, “To everything. To you.”

He gained his speed, his thrusts somehow still deep despite the jack hammering he was currently pushing me through.

“You… fuck, Lucy, come. Please baby, come for me.”

I whimpered, my hands sore from holding the edge of the desk so tight as he slapped his hand down on my behind again. Something inside me broke, the warmth making me shake and see white as my eyes slipped shut and I moaned softly, the noise high and telling.

“There it is. There, it fucking is.” He moaned, the noise almost synchronizing with mine as he leaned over me, flexing his hips even faster. It prolonged the spine shaking pleasure, making me jerk for long moments afterwards.

He slowed to a stop, and I tried to catch my breath, only noticing then that…

“You didn’t come.”

“I’m not done with you yet.”

To hell with that meeting.

I struggled with this prompt.

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Bad Dreams

You thanked the gods that both of your boyfriends were heavy sleepers. You carefully slid from under Mako’s arm, sliding off the edge of the bed and quickly tiptoeing to the bathroom. Sliding the door shut behind you, you released a shuddering sigh, moving towards the sink and gripping the edge of it hard. Your stomach flipped hard, your body bending over the sink as you tried to keep the content of earlier that evening in your stomach. Nightmares were nothing new to you, you had grown used to them after the Omnium explosion. You had seen terrifying things; people who were more rotted flesh than human, weeping wounds and things that made zombies look preferable. Those dreams, fortunately, had waned away the more years you had spent with Roadhog and subsequently Junkrat. Now your nightmares were filled with more personal, targeted fears.

Dreams of being told that they had died on a mission, of seeing them being killed by police fire or bounty hunters. You had been there for years to patch them up, healing their wounds and tending to them until they were healthy. You had assisted Mako with caring for Jamie when his arm was blown off; had helped with the creation of his prosthetics and aligning it to his nerves. You had seen them on death’s door step and had screamed and cried and begged the grim reaper to take someone other than them. But Overwatch was a whole new ballpark. Talon agents weren’t the lackluster police of the world; they couldn’t be bought, only killed or incapacitated. You had been in the infirmary, sitting alongside their broken bodies more than you could count, the both of them only.saved because of Angela’s healing abilities. Your nightmares, however, loved to torture you with the what ifs. What if they died? What if you could never see them again? What if you ran to the transportation pad only to be told they weren’t walking off.

The dream that night had tortured you with had placed you back in the Outback. It wasn’t rare that you guys got into firefights with other gangs, the two Junkers fighting anyone with the balls to attack while you kept creating scrap for Mako to work with. The three of you had always made it out alive, occasionally wounded but always alive. Your dreams had switched it up though. Jamie fell first, a hole blown in his stomach as he choked on his own blood. Mako went into a rage, hooking men and tearing them open until he too was surrounded and succumbed to his wounds. And there was nothing you could do but watch, your feet frozen to the ground as their dead bodies turned to ask you why you didn’t save them.

You dry heaved over the sink as the memories came rushing back, the contents of your stomach pouring into the metal basin. Whimpering lowly, you heaved until your stomach was empty, flipping on the sink and letting the water clean the basin. You cupped your hand, pushing the water into you mouth to clean the sour taste from your tongue.

“God dammit….”

You sank to the carpet in front of the sink, drawing your knees up to your chin, your eyes growing misty. You hated those vivid, anxious thoughts overtaking your mind and driving fear into your heart like one of Mei’s icicles. Your hand shook as you pushed it through your hair, unable to force the scared tears back down. Jamison and Mako were just as much yours as you were theirs. You protected and cared for one another fiercely and the mere thought of losing them–You pressed the back of your hand against you lips to silence your anguished sobs.

“It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It isn’t gonna happen. It was just a dream.”

You chanted in hushed whispers, your hand pushing your tears away aggressively. Your left hand tightened into your hair as you hiccuped painfully, rocking with your face pressed into your knees. You didn’t hear the sound of the door opening up, but the sound of Jamie’s half asleep sniffling and prosthetic-less hopping made your head snap up. The sleep completely drained from his face as he laid eyes on you, the Junker dropping to the linoleum floor beside you.

“Ey Gadge…what’s wrong sweets?”

His left hand gently stroked your cheek, messily wiping your tears away and pushing your hair back. The tender action made you whimper softly, your hands jumping up to press his palm closer to you, to soak in the realness of him being there. His thumb brushed across your cheek repeatedly, the soothing motion catching your tears.

“There there”, he cooed in that soft voice that only you and Mako knew. “It’s okay. Yer okay, luv. Junkrat’s right ‘ere for ya.”

You nodded your head, your eyes squeezed shut tight as you tried to wash away the memory of the dream with his touch.

“Y’okay? Bad dream?”

Mako’s voice coaxed your eyes open, the tall, sleepy man standing in the doorway. Fresh tears sprung up to your eyes as you nodded your head, one of your hands reaching out for him. Mako yawned as he walked into the bathroom, the tawny  skinned man sitting down in front of you. He took your hand with one of his, the other resting lightly on the top of your head. You sniffled as you began to ramble about your dream, about their deaths, about your fears. Jamie’s hand stayed glued to your face, pushing away the newer tears that spilled from your eyes. Mako’s hand was a heavy comfort against your head, his fingers occasionally running through your hair as he squeezed your hand. Neither one of them spoke, allowing you to exhaust your fears before both of them gave you a gentle kiss on either side of your face.

“Y’know we can’t leave ya behind Gadge”, Junkrat exclaimed with a soft chuckle, ruffling your hair slightly. “Y’ won’t get rid of us that easy! We take a lickin’ ‘n keep on tickin’!”

Roadhog grunted in agreement as he continued to stroked your hair, drawing a smile to your lips. You had emotionally wiped yourself out but the both of them were doing wonders to make you feel better.

“Thank you boys”, you murmured softly before pressing a kiss to each of their hands. You pulled Jamie up and smiled at Roadhog as he stood up.

“Alright now scram ‘less you wanna watch me take a leak”, Junkrat exclaimed, suddenly remembering the reason that he had come into the bathroom. You snorted softly in laughter, taking Mako’s hand as he led you from the room. Mako picked you up into his arms and laid down with you, cradling you against his stomach and folding and arm over your hips. You hummed as you cuddled closer to his warmth, closing your eyes and letting out a soft yawn.

“Sleep”, he ordered groggily and you didn’t have it in you to disobey.

You’re All Mine - Remus Lupin x Reader (Request)

Warning - Graphic Smut & Strong Language. 

Request - “Can you make a smutty Lupin x Reader where he gets all angry because he thinks the reader’s been flirting with Sirius and so he kinda yells at her and yeah sexy stuff happens?”


“What the hell is up with you today!?” you shout at Remus as you march into the common room.

“Don’t act all innocent Y/N!” he retorts, “You know damn well what’s wrong.”

“I haven’t a fucking clue actually! One minute we’re down in Potions having a laugh with your mates and the next you’re storming up here on your own!”

You were having a laugh with my mates you mean.” Lupin scoffs.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you ask.

“I don’t know why we’re having this conversation Y/N. You know full well what’s up with me but you just don’t want to admit it.” he roars.

“Jesus Christ, Remus will you just calm down!” you cry, “And I’d appreciate it if you would stop raising your fucking voice at me as well; I don’t want the whole school knowing our business thank you.”

“I’m quite certain that most of the boys here know your business anyway.” he sneers.

“I beg your pardon!?” you shout.

“You heard.” he responds coldly, turning his back on you and walking towards his favourite chair in front of the fire.

Remus had never spoken to you in such a way in the whole six months you’d been with him and you didn’t quite know how to react.

“Well at least I know how you feel about me now.” you declare, your eyes filling up with tears.

Remus quickly turns around at the sound of your quivering voice and feels instantly ashamed of himself as he sees tears spilling down your soft cheeks.  

“Ahh, shit Y/N. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that. You know I didn’t.” he tries, striding towards you and cupping your face with both his hands.

“No, I don’t actually Remus and I don’t know what I’ve done to make you so angry either!” you sob.

“Of course I didn’t mean it! You know how much you mean to me. That’s why I get cross; I get so jealous when it comes to you.” he utters, wiping away your tears with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

“B-but I haven’t even, I didn’t do anything.” you stutter, trying to stop yourself from crying.

“I feel so stupid now.” Lupin admits, “It’s when you’re with Sirius. I hate it Y/N! He’s constantly flirting with you – and I know that’s how he is with every girl but, when it’s with you, I just see red.”

You look up at Remus incredulously, how can he think that you’d ever want to be with Sirius Black instead of him?

“Remus, you don’t need to be jealous; I don’t want to be with anyone else!” you state, standing on your tip toes so that you could kiss him.

Remus reaches around your waist and lifts you up with ease as you continue to kiss each other affectionately.

You feel an overwhelming urge to prove your loyalty to him and you begin unbuttoning your shirt; your cleavage spilling from your bra.

Remus’ eyes grow wide in shock and he glances nervously at the door.

“Shall we take this to your room?” you giggle as Lupin turns and heads towards the stairs.


By the time you reach Remus’ bedroom you’re both kissing one another furiously and ripping each others’ clothes off.

Lupin throws you down on his bed and you lay there spread eagled, biting your lip as you watch him glare at you; his eyes full of desire.

You put your hand on your bare breast and tease your nipple slowly with your thumb and forefinger; knowing that it will drive Remus insane.

“Oh yeah, Y/N. Show me what you want me to do to you.” he demands, pulling a chair from his bedside table and sitting on it, his eyes locked onto you.

You cock your head to the side and watch Remus hungrily as he begins to stroke his growing member.

You slide your hand down your stomach and part your folds gently with your index and ring finger.

“Mmm yes.” you moan, lowering your middle finger onto your clit and rubbing yourself slowly.

You watch as Remus’ eyes follow your fingers lustfully, tightening his grip around his now rock hard cock.

“You like watching me play with myself Remus?” you ask with an innocent tone to your voice.

“Fuck yes.” he affirms, his voice a deep husky growl.

You push a finger into your wetness, feeling your walls tighten around yourself as you slowly push your finger in and out.

“You like watching me finger myself, knowing that I’m dripping for your big dick?” you probe.

At that moment Remus jumps up out of his seat and kneels down in front of you, pushing his finger deep into your cavern alongside your own.

“Ungh, my fucking god!” you moan with pleasure as the two of you finger your tight cunt simultaneously.

You pull out your own finger and begin to ardently rub your swollen clit before it is claimed by Lupin’s expert tongue.

“Shit!” you squeal, your hands now clawing at the bed, searching for something to hold onto.

“You like that baby?” he grins, your pussy juices glistening on his chin.

“Ohh yeah Remus! Please, don’t stop!” you moan, your body writhing in ecstasy.

Remus pushes another digit inside you and starts pumping furiously before curling his fingers upwards, hitting your g-spot at a perfect angle.

Your legs begin to shake and you feel a familiar stiffness take over your core.

“Remus I’m going to-”

“Come for me Y/N.” he commands, thrusting his fingers deep inside you once more.

“Fuck!” you scream, bucking your hips as your body writhes incessantly; your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you come violently around his fingers.

“Who’s are you baby?” Remus growls.

“I’m, I can’t, ungh Remus!” you stutter breathlessly, unable to string together a complete sentence.

“Who’s are you?” he demands fiercely, pulling his fingers out of your convulsing cunt and brushing them against your lips.  

“Yours!” you moan loudly before licking your wetness off of his fingers.

“That’s right dirty girl, you’re all mine.” He declares, throwing you over onto your stomach and fucking you mercilessly from behind, grasping a fistful of your hair as he does so.

“You. Feel. So. Fucking. Good.” he snarls between harsh pounds, his nails digging into the soft skin of your hips.

“Ohh Remus, you’re so big!” you whimper, feeling every inch of his manhood deep inside you as you grip the bedsheets tightly.

“Come here.” he instructs, pulling out of you and sitting back in his chair; Remus knows he isn’t far off and wants to see your beautiful face as he releases.

Your need for his cock inside you intensifies and you obey instantly, straddling him on the chair and hovering above his penis.

“Do you want me to come inside you Y/N?” Remus asks.

“Yes please.” you beg unashamedly, struggling to keep yourself up on your trembling knees.

“Show me how much.” he insists, before gripping your hips tightly and slamming you down onto his pulsating dick.

You feel his fullness inside you once more and you roll your head back in delight, steadying yourself on the back of his chair as you roll your hips into him slowly at first.

His teeth tug gently at your nipples and you let out a soft moan as he glides his hands over your hips and down to your ass cheeks.

Knowing you won’t be able to hold yourself up for much longer, Remus grips your ass tightly and pushes you up and down on his cock, helping your spent body ride him.

“Come inside me.” you plead, leaning down and kissing Remus deeply, your tongue passionately claiming his mouth.

With one final thrust Remus’ body stiffens and you feel his penis quiver as he spills his seed into you.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” he whispers, his grip on your ass loosening.

Raising your hips slowly, you let Remus slip out of you as he closes his eyes and rolls his head back in his chair.

You watch as his sweat-beaded chest rises and falls rapidly and lightly trace the contours in his muscular body with your fingernails.

After some time, Remus opens his eyes and smiles at you before picking you up and carrying you back over to the bed.

“Tired?” he enquires as your head rests on his shoulder.

“Yeah.” you utter as he lays you down and pulls the sheets over you before getting into the bed himself.

“I’m sorry about earlier Y/N.” he whispers, pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead.

“It’s okay, I think you’ve more than made up for it.” you giggle sleepily, nuzzling into his chest and falling into a deep sleep.


Sorry about the ending, I didn’t quite know how to finish it.. Hope you enjoy it!


Pain (Request)

Can you do a shot about the girl being on her period with really bad cramps and Harry comforts her/does anything he can to make her feel better? <3


You should have known it was coming. There was a reason you had calendars and phone apps for this sort of thing. Plus, it wasn’t all that hard to calculate 28 days in your head. But, for some reason, it always seemed to sneak up on you. And, when you say ‘sneak’, you really mean, ‘hit you like a freight train’.

You were somewhere in the middle of a dream that included ice cream and a dinosaur and something about a pirate. The pirate walked up to you and started punching you in the stomach, despite your pleas for him to stop. You could feel his fist hitting your gut repeatedly and, eventually, it got so painful that it woke you up. At first, you were disoriented. You knew you were in your bed but the feeling of getting punched in the gut still lingered. Once you finally woke up a bit more, the realization of what was happening hit you. Or rather, it squeezed your insides like a wet cloth being wrung out over and over again. You curled yourself into a ball and wrapped your arms around your stomach. It was still somewhat dark outside and when you glanced at your phone you discovered that it was just past 5 in the morning.

Harry was still fast asleep beside you, snoring lightly on his side. You let out a small groan and rolled out of bed, stumbling in the direction of the bathroom. Your entire abdomen felt as if it were being physically tortured, your head was pounding and your legs shook. Normally, period cramps weren’t this intense but every so often Mother Nature decided she was really going to pack a punch and send a ‘gentle’ congratulations to you on going another month without getting pregnant.

You got yourself cleaned up and sorted out and were about to head back to bed when a massive cramp hit you like a brick. It forced your legs to give out and you slumped down on the cold tile floor and leaned back against the side of the tub, clutching your stomach and folding your head into your arms.

Dammit, you didn’t want to cry. You were tough enough; you had dealt with this since you were fourteen years old, but this morning the combination of the cramps, plus the headache, plus the fact that you hadn’t gotten a ton of sleep made you start to tear up on the bathroom floor. You desperately wanted to go back to bed and curl into Harry’s side but you also didn’t want to wake him. So you sat - curled up on the bathroom floor - a sniffling, pathetic mess of a thing wearing one of Harry’s long t-shirts.

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