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Homecoming... With Me?

Request: Some peter angst that he doesn’t want people to know that he’s dating Y/n and some other guy asks her for homecoming in front of all the people in school so they (peter and reader) fight because she feels like the other boy is not “ashamed” of her, and Peter gets all jealous and the other day he’s like showing everyone that she’s his girl

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: So I got a bit confused on your request, I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader to like say yes to the request or no? So, I thought it’d be better and fit with the story more (also because i’m evil) that she does say yes, but more to see if Peter does really like her.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: angsty?

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“Will you go to Homecoming with me?” 

His questioned stunned you, never in your life did you think that Flash, Flash of all people, would ask you to Homecoming. It hadn’t, also, really crossed your mind that you needed a date to Homecoming because despite not having a date, you had a boyfriend. And even if you weren’t going to publicly share your relationship or act like a couple on the night of Homecoming, in your mind you had a date. Even if no one else knew.

Didn’t mean it hurt any less though, or didn’t nag at the back of your mind that your own boyfriend wouldn’t even ask you to Homecoming.

Looking over at Peter, your boyfriend, for some kind of guidance, you found none. What had been a peaceful lunchtime, chewing on your sandwich as you sat with Michelle at a table, directly beside where Ned and Peter sat, had been ruined, or more messed with when Flash had made his way over. Surprisingly, he hadn’t even given Peter a glance, which seemed to be his number one target for his teases, and instead only focused on you.

And while you weren’t all that popular, you definitely had your fair share of friends. You just chose to stick with Michelle because she’s where you felt most at home, besides when with Peter. But you couldn’t be all that close with Peter in school because… he didn’t want anyone to know you were dating. You weren’t even sure yourself why the reason was, but you’d gone along with it because of the long time you’d pinned after his affections.

“Um…” You found yourself at a loss of what to say, and when looking at Michelle you found even she was shocked. It seemed Flashes unusual question had caught most of the cafeteria’s attention, much to your dislike. “I’m not sure… Flash. I think- I think i’m good but tha-”

“Come on, Y/N.” Flash interrupted your decline, no loss of confidence in his gaze. And while you’d never quite gone as far to say you hated Flash, you most definitely didn’t appreciate the way he treated Peter or the way he held his ego as if he was better than everyone. “You know no one else is gonna ask you, not two days before the actual dance, so why not?”

Okay. That hurt. Not only his comment, but even if you’d secretly been dating someone, no one had even taken the time to offer you or ask you. Flash was the first one. Again, Peter not even mentioning it when alone and if you brought up the topic of Homecoming he’d change the topic as soon as he could. 

But still, even if Peter was admit on not having your relationship out to the public, part of your hurt went to him, hoping he’d say something to defend your honour. But he only turned his head away from the both of you, sticking his nose back into his lunch tray. And that. That hurt more than anything else. 

“Listen here, you-” Standing up you held your hand to Michelle, stopping her from defending you. Smiling thankful at her, you nodded before turning back to Flash. “Sure.”


“Sure, i’ll go to Homecoming with you.” You repeated, clarifying. You heard the echo of gasp around the cafeteria, probably all expecting you to say the opposite of what you just had. Flash’s expression twisted into one of shock for just a second before he nodded; “great. I’ll pick you up at your house at seven.” You nodded in confirmation, watching his back as he walked away.

If Peter wasn’t going to show his true feelings for you on his own, you needed to give him a little push. You only hoped that he wouldn’t prove you wrong. But, your hopes dropped a bit when you turned in the direction Peter had been only to find him gone, no where in sight and only Ned was left. Before you could even react, a slim hand grabbed ahold of your wrist, yanking your attention back to Michelle. “What the hell were you thinking?” She asked incredulously.

Biting your lip, you shrugged; “honestly. I don’t know.”

For the rest of the day, you didn’t see Peter. Even in the one afternoon class you’d shared with him, he had failed to show up. You’d asked everywhere, anyone you thought could possibly know Peter and either they had no idea who you were referring to (which only lessened your like of the school) or had no idea where he’d gone. All saying the last time they’d seen him was at lunch or before.

Soon enough the end of the day arrived and you found yourself at your locker, packing up whatever you didn’t need. Looking up from the book you’d dropped off, you sighed, your hand coming out to grab ahold of your locker door. Shutting it close, you jumped in surprised when Flash appeared beside you. Holding a hand against your chest, you took a deep breath, turning to your new companion with a glare. “Jesus, Flash. You can’t just sneak up on people like that.” 

“So,” Flash started, ignoring what you’d previously said. “If you’re going to Homecoming with me… does that mean we’re dating?” 


“We’re dating.” Flash repeated, though this time the questioning tone lacked presence. Opening your mouth, you found yourself unsure of what to say. You mentally cursed yourself, you really hadn’t thought through your decision to say yes to Flash earlier. Even if he was a jerk, he didn’t deserve to be used, not like this. 

But still, his question or statement, brought a feeling within your stomach. Flash was so… forward with the idea of dating you. He wasn’t ashamed to ask you both times and certainly was shy or embarrassed to be dating you. Which at the moment seemed to be exactly what Peter felt in regards of your guys relationship. He wasn’t ashamed of you or the idea of him dating you. So, swallowing the lump in your throat, your hand unconsciously found each other, fiddling with nervousness. “Would you be… embarrassed to date me?”

And in a very Flash like way, he snorted, answering like it was the most obvious answer in the world. “No. Why would I? You’re like really hot.” He commented was anything but flattering but still, it meant more then he probably understood. 

Flash took your silence as a answer to step forward, his hand moving up to land on your arm. His hand was rough, way more rough than Peter’s had ever been. Anytime Peter ever placed his hand on you, touched you, he was gentle. Probably more gently than he ought to be, but it was sweet. It was calming. Flash was aggressive, quick, and before you knew it his face was nearing yours, dangerously fast and close. 

You couldn’t even move away, because even if Flash had flattered you with his denial of embarrassment, you definitely didn’t want to kiss him. Definitely didn’t want to cheat on Peter. But his grip was so tight, so forceful that before you knew it you back was against the back of your locker and you couldn’t get out. You braced yourself before the weight disappeared, the grip left as well and opening your eyes, you found Flash on the other side of the hall and Peter in front of you.

Your mouth opened in shock, stunned by the force it would’ve taken Peter to fling Flash that far. Force a normal teenage boy doesn’t have. 

“Peter?” You questioned hesitantly, pushing your back off the wall. Peter turned instantly, making you jump from the speed of it all. Peter wasted no time in grabbed your wrist and while you’d prepared yourself for a tight grip, it was nothing but gentle as usual, maybe a tad bit more tight. Then you were being dragged from Flash, who only stared at the both of you (mainly Peter) in absolute shock.

“She has a date to Homecoming.” Peter snapped before he led your through the hallways of the school. You both said nothing as you were dragged through the halls, still too stunned by what you’d just seen. Had Peter just asked you to Homecoming…? 

When you were far away from Flash and in an empty wall, which didn’t surprised you seeing as the bell had rung nearly a half hour ago, Peter was still dragging you. But your semi long walk had given you time to process everything, to think, and you felt anger burn within you. You were quick to halt your feet, stopping Peter from dragging you through the hall and ripping your hand from his grasp. He didn’t fight you, letting you go easy enough. But not without turning around to face you, a baffled expression on his own face. 


“How dare you?” You snapped, making Peter’s once frustrated gaze turn into only more confusion. You were quick to answer his questioning look. “How dare you come in here and act like some kind of hero? Especially after everything during lunch and then disappearing and not answering any of my calls or texts-” Throughout your rant, you’d begun beating on his chest repeatedly, leaving no room for a breath.

“Lunch?” Peter interrupted, his voice raising slightly. “You mean where you accepted Flash’s proposal?” You’d never seen Peter so angry, so frustrated. His nose was flaring, his cheeks tinted red and he was huffing and puffing. If you weren’t so angry yourself, you might have been a little scared. 

Peter stepped forward, shocking you once again and grabbing ahold of your hands. Effectively he paused the wounds you’d been inflecting on his chest, bringing you so close to him you could feel his breath on your cheeks. You found yourself unable to say anything as he opened his mouth again; “why the hell would you say yes? We’re dating, remember? You’re my girlfriend!” 

“Oh, am I?” You questioned, just as flared up as he. You fought his grip, trying to gain use of your own hands but he held fast. It wasn’t even a bruising grip, but for some reason you couldn’t wiggle your way out. And while the grip didn’t necessarily hurt, there was so much strength in his grasp, strength you didn’t even know he had. “I wasn’t too sure anymore since the only ones who know are you and me!”

“Yeah, so what?”

“So what? So what is that I don’t want to be your girlfriend if I can’t even tell anyone!” You yelled, tears bursting from your eyes as all your pent up emotions flooded through you. Peter paused, his grip not slacking but his expression softening. Sniffling pathetically, you tried to hold yourself together but only failing tremendously. “At least Flash isn’t ashamed to date me. Not like you. He’s not embarrassed to date me, love me, like you are!” 

Peter said nothing. Nothing at all. Which only made your heart sting even further. So finally, shoving you managed to break one wrist free, pushing at his chest. All his strength seemed to disappear as an expression you couldn’t read washed over his face and he stumbled back. Grabbing your other wrist, you turned, walking away.

Then, something held fast on your sweater, swinging you back towards Peter. You opened your mouth, to say something as suddenly you found yourself back in Peter’s arms, them securely around your waist as he held you against his chest. You looked up at him and then his lips were against your own. Kissing you with such force, and holding your hand so tightly as if he was afraid to lose you. Panting, you pulled away and looked down. “What-?” You mumbled, staring down at the string like web connecting you to Peter’s writs. “H-How? I… don’t-”

“I’m not ashamed to date you, Y/N.” Peter interrupted your rambling, making you turn back to look at him. Still only inches apart, he smiled softly down at you. “I never have been.”

“You-…” You shook your head; “you’re Spider-Man?”

“Yes.” Peter nodded, “and that’s exactly why I thought no one could know. Y/N, I have a lot of enemies. If they knew how much I cared for you, then they’d use you against me. Hurt you.” It made sense. Perfect sense. Even if you didn’t like the fact of it making sense, it did.

Pulling at the webbing on your sweater, you ripped it off, bundling the rest up. Peter watched your face for a reaction but you only kept your head down. Even if there was now a valid reason for why you couldn’t share your relationship with anyone, it didn’t help. Because it’d only go back to being the same.

Hands grabbed ahold of your face, turning your gaze back at Peter. You pouted slightly as he smiled, shaking his head. Rubbing his thumb over your cheek, he chuckled; “but I know now… that that doesn’t help either. I want people to know your mine to, Y/N.”

Hope filled within you, and your lips immediately turned up at the corners into a smile. “You mean?”

Peter nodded, chuckling at your excitement. “Will you got to Homecoming with me?” You threw your hands around his neck in excitement, squeezing him tight as you squealed. “Yes!”

Needless to say, the next day Peter and you walked into school with his hand around your waist and a smile on both of your lips.

Devil Side-Chapter 16

Summary: I forgot how intense this chapter was. I lied about fluff. I am a liar. 

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Emotional and mental abuse. EMotional affair. swearing. angst. flashbacks. emotions.

Word Count: 1485


“Мудак!” asshole, she screams. Her usually beautiful face twisted into something foul, red and blotchy, fake tears streaming down her face. She hurls a vase at Bucky’s head which he dodges artfully, hissing in anger as it makes contact with the wall.

“You’re acting insane!” he yells, dodging various projectiles as he moves toward her at lightning speed, grabbing her by the upper arms.

“You are a liar!” Ivanna spits. “You promised me a better life!” she struggles to free herself from his grip, failing miserably as Bucky’s strength effectively cages her.

“What the fuck are you talking about!” he demands, completely lost. He had walked through the door to a screaming and irate woman, barely able to make out a word she was saying.

“The party!”

Bucky stares at her, dumbfounded, unable to comprehend that a missed party would solicit this reaction from her. Sure, their relationship had not been perfect. She seemed perpetually unhappy with his proclivity for staying home. Not being comfortable among large crowds, he knew she had strayed somewhat. To what degree he couldn’t be sure.

He should have left. He was painfully aware he should have packed his bags long ago, but she was all he had left besides Steve. He sacrificed a two-year loving relationship to be with her, his reasoning be damned. He wasn’t going to give her up. He couldn’t.

“It’s a party Ivanna, ты смешной.” You’re being ridiculous, he says calmly, watching her face morph into one of pure rage.

“You are a fraud,” she hisses into his face. “I thought I was dating an Avenger! A real man! Someone with a future! Instead, I am doomed to stay at home and watch you mope. I can’t take it anymore!”

Bucky sighs heavily, her words stinging sharply in his chest. She was right. He wasn’t a man, he was a shell, a hermit, he barely left the house if not for a mission. “I’ll try harder, be better,” he mutters, the humiliation too much for him to bear.

She laughs scornfully, her blue eyes glinting with malice. “You are nothing! Nothing but a broken man. Good enough to fuck, not good enough to love.”

Her smile bright on her face, Bucky’s heart plummets into his stomach. Flashes of his life with Hydra swim in his head. She was right. Always right. “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry,” he repeats over and over, his grip on her arms slacking.

“You are pathetic, James,” she says venomously as she rips her arms away from him and storms out of the house, leaving Bucky shaking in the middle of the living room floor.


Bucky ushers you to the couch in the common area. You’re acutely aware of him speaking, but it’s distant like you’re listening to him underwater. Your mind has gone into lockdown, scanning every memory you had for possible suspects. Every target, their families, every KGB and Hydra agent you knew, there were so many possibilities, so many people who could be holding a grudge. You were no angel, and your list of enemies was a long one, but mine? That was too possessive to be someone who hated you. A jilted lover maybe?

You snort softly, you could count the number of people you had a real relationship with, on one hand, so maybe a mark?

Agitated, you stand abruptly. Pacing the length of the common room floor, you clasp your hands behind your back.

“Doll?” Bucky asks calmly, inserting himself in your line of sight.

Your eyes connect with concerned blue ones, and you rein in your flaring panic. “I’m fine.”

Bucky quirks a brow. “Like hell you are!”

You make an impatient noise in the back of your throat, trying to sidestep him rather unsuccessfully.

“Tell me what’s happening,” Bucky demands.

You merely shake your head. “I need Steve,” you reply hastily, again trying to move around him.

Bucky’s arm wraps around your waist, halting your movement. “Stop. Breathe. Tell me what’s going on, I can help you.”

You weigh your options carefully. Even after your conversation with Bucky, you couldn’t find it in yourself to tell him what was happening. A part of you, a big part of you, still wanted to hold him at arm’s length, and you were smart enough to realize it was going to go away anytime soon. “I need Steve,” you reiterate.

Bucky sighs softly. “He isn’t here. Fury called him and Banner to assist with Natasha’s extraction. It’s just us and Tony. Sam’s gone home to Harlem. It’s the anniversary of his mother’s death,” Bucky replies, eyeing you with an emotion you can’t place. To your surprise he steps away from you, putting distance between you.

You puff out a breath, disappointment and relief mingling.

“I get it,” he says.

“Do you?” you reply immediately.

He nods. “I understand more than you think.”

You regard him for a moment, surprised at his restraint. Bucky was usually one to push if he thought someone was in danger, especially someone who was close to him. It was completely out of character for him to let it go.

“I’m here, y’know? If you need to talk. I know we ain’t on the best of terms, but I’ll protect you with my life,” he says seriously, and for some unfathomable reason, it hits you harder than you thought it would.

Your lower lip trembles, a weird sort of relief washing over you. You let out a sound caught somewhere in between a sob and a laugh and launch yourself into his arms, hugging him tightly. You’re grateful he didn’t push you away but was willing to give you the space he thought you needed.

Bucky goes stiff under your touch, then his arms tentatively wrap around you, returning your embrace with gentleness you had sorely missed.

“Thank you,” you mumble.

He grunts in reply, stroking your hair soothingly.

Your hands bunch into his shirt, crumpling the fabric. You’re clinging to him tightly, basking in every modicum of comfort he provides.

He pulls away from you slightly, swiping a thumb across your cheek. His eyes flicker between your lips and your eyes, naked emotion splayed across his face.

You’re suddenly incredibly aware of his proximity, of how close you are to him. How hard he is underneath your fingertips, the scent of his cologne in your nostrils. Your heartbeat grows erratic.

You step away from him quickly, clearing your throat, Your eyes downcast as he blows out a shaky breath. What the fuck are you doing (Y/N), your mind supplies helpfully, cursing yourself for the vulnerability you displayed in his presence.

“(Y/N) I-” he begins.

You interject quickly, “Thank you, Bucky, I’ll see you around.” With that you make a hasty retreat to your room, wondering what the fuck you were doing. Why did seeking comfort from him feel so incredibly right. The man had broken your heart into a million pieces. Shattered your faith in love. He’d destroyed your dreams.

Yes, you loved him.

He was inherently good, regardless of his actions. He saved people with little regard for his own life. He always had a kind word for a passerby. Even though life had not treated him kindly, he had worked hard to give himself a sense of normality, and he gave everything he had to his daughter.

Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck!

You loved Bucky Barnes. You always had, as a friend, but you were swiftly coming to realize you were still very much in love with him, and that startling realization sent you deep into the depths of panic. You didn’t want to be in love with him. You couldn’t be in love with him.

Shouldn’t it be impossible? He caused so much pain, so much damage. Yet when you looked at him, the tentative sparks of the love you had so deeply buried flared up into new life.

“Fuck!” you curse loudly.

It was too much. The note, Bucky, the phone calls. You couldn’t deal with it, didn’t want to deal with it. “God, (Y/N), get it together!” you chastise yourself. Groaning aloud, you run a hand through your hair. Tugging at the ends harshly, you try to calm your mind to no avail. Resigning yourself to the fact that you were going to have to face this, you march to your still half packed backpack. Rummaging around for a full five seconds before pulling out three bars of chocolate, you throw yourself on the bed and unwrap the first slab.

Chocolate solves everything. You could deal with this, would have to deal with this. If not the local grocery store would see a doubling in chocolate sales because Bucky was in your blood. He was mapped into your DNA, and you were finally realizing it was there he would stay, regardless if you wanted him to or not.

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Social Butterfly (Jason Todd x Reader)

@ahs-elsa :Could you write a Jason Todd one shot where the reader is super shy around him, so he thinks that she doesn’t like him & it sort of pisses him off and he rants about it to the other Robins and they’re like “dude she’s like in love with you” please?:D”

Schninner: Why of course!!! This is such an adorable idea, but I am pretty sure I butchered it. So apologies, but I hope you like it! This was also WAY longer than expected…

(Reader is a Female)

Key: [F/B] – Favorite book

Warnings: Just a few cuss words,

Word count: 1317

Master List

You lounged comfortably on the couch inside of the Wayne manor’s living room reading one of your favorite book. You stretched out feeling the warmth of the fire spread through you, and let out a lazy yawn as you curled back once more and continued reading.

Some might find it weird to be so comfortable in a home that wasn’t yours, and if it were any other house, you wouldn’t have even asked to use the bathroom. You were just that timid. This just happened to be the house of your best friend Dick Grayson. You guys had met when you were kids, and both went to Gotham Academy. You had been the awkward and quiet girl that nobody noticed, and you were perfectly fine with that. People had always made you extremely nervous, you just never knew what to say to them, so you tended just to keep to yourself.

Most people just ignored you, but Dick was not most people. He had seemed to make it his mission to befriend you, and in the end, he had succeeded. It wasn’t long before you guys started hanging out, and as the years went by, he eventually introduced you to his family.

You were quiet around them at first, but after a while you warmed up to them and essentially became a part of the family. You loosened up and become more vocal toward everyone in the family. Well… almost everybody.

Jason Todd. That was the name of probably the most gorgeous man alive, and it wasn’t even his looks that made him attractive to you. You loved how he acted like such a rugged bad boy, but in reality, he was just a big dork. You loved the way his blue eyes lit up whenever he heard someone mention his favorite book. And his smile? There were no words to describe the feeling in your stomach whenever he flashed you one of his dazzling smiles.

Of course, you had never told Jason this. In fact, you could never seem to form full sentences when you were around Jason. You spoke, but your more were usually incoherent mumbles or grunts. Simple to say, you didn’t talk to him much.

Just then, Dick plopped himself down right by your feet.

“Hiya [F/N]! What ‘cha reading?” he asked snatching the book away from your grasp.

“Dick, what the hell?” You squeaked in surprise as your friend looked at your book’s cover.

“[F/B]? Oh no, [F/N] not you to!” He said with an exasperated groan.

“What are you talking about-?” You start as you try to snatch you book back.

That’s when a hand reached up from above you two and grasped the book, removing it from Dick’s hands. A pair or bright blue eyes danced with excitement as they read the title of the book. Jason Todd then took his eyes off the book and looked to you, he smiled brightly as he spoke, causing your heart to flutter.

“[F/B]?! No way! [F/N] you like this series too?”

You nodded, avoiding any and all eye contact while letting out a small, “Mmm hmm.”

“Oh, don’t you just love the part when…” He went on and on bringing up several of your own favorite parts of the book. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head while he was speaking.

His phone then beeped a few times, causing him to pause while he was in the middle of angrily ranting about the antagonist o the book. He eyed the phone and gave a slight frown.

“Well, duty calls.” He said gesturing to his phone.

He handed you back your book, his thumb, accidentally brushing against yours, almost sent you into shock.

“It’ been fun talking books with you [F/N], we should do it again sometime.” He said as he walked toward the front door.

You managed to make a barely audible, “Mmm hmm,” and a little wave before the door shut gently behind him.  You stared at the door for a while before turning around to find Dick smiling at you mischievously.

“What?” You said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“OOOHH!!! [F/N] got a crush on Jaybird!!!!!” He teased giving you a wide smile.

“Grow up Grayson! I do not!” but as soon as you said it, you felt your cheeks burn bright red.

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” He replied giddily bouncing up and down on the couch like a six-year-old on Christmas day.

You groaned in defeat, and slumped into the couch covering your now bright red face with your book. He was never going to let this go.

Jason Todd did not get you. It wasn’t as if he didn’t try, in fact, some might say he’s tried a little too hard to understand you or get your attention. But it seemed to him that whenever he was around, you would tense up and immediately grow silent avoiding pretty much all eye contact.

At first, he thought you were just shy, but he quickly diminished this idea when he saw you casually chatting with Tim and Damian. He had tried to enter the conversation, but you had immediately found an excuse to leave the conversation.

At first, he thought he might have done something to upset you, but then he realized that you had never been in a conversation long enough for him to have insulted you in any way.

Then, a thought had crossed his mind.

“What if she just doesn’t like me?”

And that idea really pissed him off. It wasn’t just because he had had a crush on you ever since Dick introduced you to everyone, but mostly because he had done nothing wrong.

This is what Jason had been angrily ranting about to Tim, Dick, and Babs for the past 40 minutes. (Damian was there at one point, but he had “refused to tolerate listening to Todd’s sad love life.” Then left)

“… it just really pisses me off!” He angrily stated while walking back and forth.

Babs just sighed, this wasn’t the first time she had listened to Jason rant about you.

“Jay! Just relax, [F/N] is too sweet to hate anybody, your just over reacting.”

Tim gave Barbara an unsure look, “I’m not so sure Babs, I mean, why else would [F/N] not talk to him?”

Jason gestured toward Tim, “Thank you!” he shouted before collapsing in a nearby chair. He sighed angrily and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. He gave his head a firm shake before looking up. He looked over to where Dick was standing… silently?

“What’s up with you? Why are you all quiet all of the sudden?” Jason asked Dick.

Dick’s eyes widened, “Who? Me? Nothing’s wrong! I don’t know anything!” His voice cracked, and he quickly averted his eyes away from Jason’s.

Jason, Tim, and Babs all gave each other confused glances. Jason stood up from his chair and walked slowly up to Dick.

“Richard Grayson, you know something, don’t you?”

“Whaaat? Pfft! No…”

Jason looked at Dick with suspicion, “Well that’s a bummer, cause it would really be helpful if- “

“[F/N] doesn’t hate you, she’s just really really shy especially around you because she has a MEGA crush on you and she made me promise not to tell you but here I am telling you and she is going to kill me if she ever finds out so please don’t tell her that I told you!” The words came rushing out of his mouth, and as soon as he finished talking his shoulders slumped as if a large burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“So… yeah.”

Jason looked at the older male with wide eyed shock. His heart seemed to be beating faster by the second, and he could feel his face grows bright red. She-she likes me?

“Holy shi-! “

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! Your blog brings me lotsa happiness just so you know! :) also, can I ask for scenarios of how the chocobros would react to their s/o dawning their respective outfits (nsfw if you're up to it!)? Thank you so much!

Hi Sweetie! I’m so happy you like coming here! I love when couples exchange/ take over the others wardrobe.



Noctis muttered,  he had missed three of his  daily naps and it was beyond midnight, he needed sleep! But he couldn’t!

He was even in a comfy hotel bed, away from the others! He made Ignis buy you two a single room, and tossed them down the hallway, not to be seen until the late check out tomorrow. AND the reason the Prince couldn’t sleep was because you decided you wanted to take the longest shower in the world tonight of all nights!

He’d go to sleep, than would wake up to you not being in the bed! Only to doze again for about 4 minutes before waking up again, and you still weren’t there! So when he finally heard the water shut off, the Prince was ready! He was gonna cuddle you so hard, and then just sleep, he didn’t care if you prodded him or stated that he was making your arm go to sleep, this was your punishment!

So when you stepped into the dim room, in one of his clean shirts, that reached your hips and thighs. Those beautiful thighs, those pillow thighs, the shirt raising high at the chest, not use to the extra there he found himself awake.

“Mm, that was worth it. Camping really makes you appreciate a nice shower.” You pur, sitting on your edge of the bed, as Noctis took a good amount of the other side of the Queen. Shrieking as you were pulled back to the bed, to rest against Noctis’s chest. “Noct.”

Noctis muttered softly, as he nuzzled against you, the scent of him from his clothes that you had on, but the scent of you underneath was amazing! He loved it! You two mingled together perfectly, and it turns out he had a little more energy to give.

“Hey, so uhh, what’s under the shirt?”  He asked hands wandering.

“Why don’t you figure it out.” You purred, only to be thrown to your back, as your once sleepy time Prince was now fully awake, and reaching underneath the shirt on your body, which currently had nothing underneath it.

And if that boner rutting against your leg meant anything, it was that Noctis had figured that out.



Prompto sat within your apartment, you had invited him over stating you had a rather interesting photo opportunity for him, so to bring his camera. He sat on your couch, where he had set up a small little studio for the two of you.

“You ready, Prompto?” You called from your bedroom, where you had been getting ready for the last 20 minutes.

Prompto turned, as he quickly jumped to his feet. You stood in his “digital” shirt, his vest, and a pair of cheetah printed shorts with knee high black boots.

“How do I look?”

“You look…you look, OMG bae you look fucking hot.”

You giggled stepping forward pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose, “I take that as you’re ready to start?”

Prompto automatically rose his camera, the item typically glued to his hand, as he put the viewfinder to his eye. Snapping again and again, as you posed for him. The both of you seeming on the same wavelength as you often modeled for the man when he got a new filter or lens.

You smiled, noticing that Prompto had begun to go into photographer mode, just like you expected, he was so busy trying to get the perfect angle. So time to turn up the heat, first just lowering the vest down to your shoulders, than losing it all together. Next you gripped at the bottom of the shirt, flashing your stomach and even a few peek-a-boo of the ribs, before ripping it off your body, to show the matching printed bra underneath.

You sacrificed a $30 bra for this, it had better work!

Yet judging by the tent in those light blue cargo pants it was working, just one more thing.

“You know, sweetie, I’m not wearing any underwear.”

That always got Prompto’s attention, and the blonde lowered his camera, you quickly reached out taking the camera, placing it on the side table. Taking his hand, as you pulled at the slight elastic band of the shorts, before placing his hand down the front.

The second his fingers touched you, and only you, Prompto’s mouth was on your own, and that photoshoot was over.



“You gonna be any longer?” Gladiolus groaned tapping his knee, waiting for you to exit the bedroom.

It was suppose to be movie night, which was suppose to have started 10 minutes ago, but you still hadn’t come out the back. After stating you had been confined to a bra and pants long enough you rushed to the back to change. The popcorn was ready and so was the beer, but you were taking your sweet time.

“Sorry to make you wait, baby.”

“About damn tim…Fuck babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, his words falling on his lips, as you stood there, wearing his button down and underwear alone. The top open, yet due his barrel chest, it didn’t hang open to wide, covering just your nipples, but gave him plenty of cleavage, and view of your cute bellybutton. “Isn’t this a nice treat.”

“Glad you like it.” You giggled, moving to sit beside the man on the couch, gasping as he grabbed your arm, pulling you into his lap.

“Excuse me Miss, but I believe this is your seat this evening.” He chuckled, arms wrapping around you, as you grew settled into his lap, as he placed kisses against your neck.

You didn’t even get beyond the previews before you found yourself, between the beers and popcorn on the coffee table. Shrieking above the repeating main menu repeating it’s title music, you large boyfriend pounding away at you from behind.

Maybe you could try for the movie again tomorrow, since tonight, you already knew that the man wasn’t going to let you free anytime soon.



“There she is.” Prompto called waving you over.

You made your way over to the table at the restaurant inside of the hotel that you all were currently resting out. Having unfortunately got into town, during the end of rainy season. So you were stuck here for another couple of days, when the weather let up, and you could continue on.

“Sorry, I’m late, unfortunately the front desk seems to have misplaced all of my blouses.” You apologize, always one on time, just like your boyfriend, who had stood to pull your chair out for you. “Thank you, Ignis.”

“My pleasure.” Ignis stated, a familiar song and dance for the two of you. Yet it made Ignis falter, you were wearing his purple button down, tucked with a mauve tulip skirt, with your black kitten heels. The buttons of the shirt were undone to the fourth button, showing off quite a bit of cleavage as the shirt wasn’t tailored to a woman’s figure.

You smiled to your companions as Ignis pushed your chair in, before moving to sit down next to you. Almost immediately his hand was placed on your thigh, which was rather bold for the man, yet as it was covered by the tablecloth you thought nothing of it. Even Ignis could get starved for attention from time to time.

“We have already order, My Dear. I hope you do not mind that I placed an order for you.”

You giggled softly leaning into him, “You know me better than I know myself, Ignis.”

You found it rather strange that all throughout dinner, Ignis hand remained firmly on your thigh, even while you ate. You knew that Ignis was a man of many talents but to eat with his least dominant hand was a feat you had just learned that he could do.

After dinner, both Prompto and Noctis had scurried off to see the awesome arcade they had spotted coming in, while Gladiolus stated he was going to go check out the sauna and gym. While you had mentioned that you wanted to check in on the room, to see if your items had return to the room, or else you’d be spending money on a few blouses, or wearing your Citadel uniform for the rest of the trip.

“They are luckily giving us a discount for the little confusion.” You explained to Ignis as you opened the hotel room door, yet no sooner had you both stepped through the threshold, did you feel a large hand cup your ass. “Ignis!”

“I do apologize, my love, yet you look rather ravishing. Had I know that you looked so wonderful within my shirt, I would have done away with your blouses long ago.”  Ignis purred against your ear, as he spun you around.

You didn’t have time to retort as Ignis pressed his lips against, your own, leading you to the bed. You hadn’t even noticed that all of your blouses were returned, and pressed free of charge.

love // dylan o'brien

Summary: Dylan shows Y/N the true meaning of love

Requested: no, inspired by my sis @stilinski-jpeg & this song

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: no


What is love?

Love is subjective.

It never feels the same way for two people, that’s why it’s so hard to explain what it is when people ask.

When you’re a kid, love is just a word that makes you feel bubbly inside. It makes you feel warm and protected. Although the words have no meaning to you yet, they still make you feel comforted.

Growing up, you only ever care about love when it’s Valentine’s Day.

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April 1st, 2016 || 2.28pm

Mornings after a new tattoo are some of my favourites. Sometimes when ideas hit me, they just stick immediately. Luckily my boy Nik lives for this style, and he’s the only man I trust with my heart. Match made in heaven.

Knock On Wood


Harry said quickly through the phone once you answered his call from the other side of the globe since he’s on tour.


“Oh thank god, hi.”

You heard him laugh, the image of him probably putting his hand on his stomach flashing in your head.

“What happened?”

He hummed, the sense of sleep being taken away from him at the moment.

“Had a dream.”

You chuckled, rubbing your eyes and turning on your back, blinking slowly.

“What, did I die in it?”


Harry was quick to scold, his voice stern making you slightly flinch.

“Knock on wood.”

You heard him shuffling through the sheets, making you roll your eyes that he’s actually going to, making you smile.

He knocked for about three times, knowing there’s nothing wrong in believing just for precautionary measures.

“Did you knock yet?”

You rolled, knocking on your bedside table.

“Just did, sir.”


He smiled, plopping back to his sheets with contentment.

“What’s the dream about?”

He blew a piece of hair away from his face, slightly frowning on remembering it.

“Had a dream. Nothing happened to you, no. But ’s just that you weren’t there.”

The blood rushed to your cheeks, being a good start in the wee morning.

“Have I mentioned how much I love you?”

He laughed, this time being his turn for his cheeks to flush and heart to warm up.

“All the time.”


don’t ever make fun of someone who always thinking they’re ill. having this fucking sucks. every headache makes you think you have a brain tumor and same goes with sore throat, stomach ache, cramps. hot flashes? scarlet fever. hearing noises at night? exploding head syndrome, or maybe developing schizophrenia? every thing is a fatal disease. always believing that in any moment in time you could drop causes so much anxiety. so don’t add to the burden by telling someone it’s all in their head.

anonymous asked:

Hey <3 I really liked your Seventeen as Neighbors especially the Joshua one. Can I request Mark Jb and Jinyoung as neighbors?

i don’t write for got7 but i did a jinyoung neighbor thing for the au game so,,,
also they all look really good recently,,,,,gosh i love got7 

Jinyoung’s can be found here –> (x)


  • doesn’t really speak all that often, but is really polite. as in, to older tenants he always bows respectfully, to people his age he always smiles and nods, and to the kids he’s just super sweet bending down to ruffle their hair and laugh at whatever they tell him
  • and like he’s really athletic like you never see him use the elevator, he always runs up the stairs even though his apartments on the 10th floor 
  • the building you live in also has a park right across the street and if you wake up early enough you can look out of your window and see mark working out, doing pull ups on the monkey bars and whatnot
  • (sometimes in the summer he does this shirtless and let’s just say you’re not the only person looking out of their window completely mesmerized LOL)
  • has a cross on his door along with a little sticker of the taiwanese flag which were all sent to him in his first care package from his parents when he moved in alone
  • he’s really casual, you can see that in the way he dresses mainly in basketball shorts and hoodies, but his apartment is just the same. as in he’s got like no actual decorations in his apartment just work out equipment, his computer, and his bed,,,,
  • like he’s got photos of his family hung  up on the refrigerator but like ,,,, a proper table? nope. a wardrobe? don’t need it. a mirror? the bathroom has one don’t need another one LOL
  • and there’s another thing about mark,,,,he really ,,,,doesn’t know how to do laundry properly
  • and you’ve noticed this because you guys both do laundry really late and you’ve bumped into him a few times and every damn time you see him putting his lights and darks together and forgetting to change the waters temperature
  • and one day you see him standing there, looking down at a pair of jeans and you’re like “they shrunk didn’t they?” and he turns around to look at you and he’s like “how did you know?” and you’re like “because,,,,,you always put your jeans in hot water,,,,,you shouldn’t do that,,,,”
  • and marks like what you can change the temperature of the water?? and you’re like boy,,,,,,so you go over and carefully explain what all buttons on the machine are actually used for and mark sheepishly confesses that he thought everything was just good in its default setting and you’re like unfortunately,,,,no 
  • and you start putting your own clothes in and mark goes over to the dryer and once again begins to just dump everything in there
  • and you hurry over like “no for this you also need to sort everything out-”
  • and before you know it you’re back to explaining 
  • and mark listens, nodding along but then you make the mistake of looking up at him while you’re talking and he’s got his lips parted, tongue peeking out because he’s really concentrated on what you’re saying
  • and he looks,,,,,,so good and if you shift your eyes just a bit you’ll notice that the shirt he’s wearing is pretty loose and you know there’s his chest-
  • and you’re like “hand dry- dry - dry - dry,,,,” you basically stutter and have to catch yourself
  • and mark meets your eyes and sees your cheeks are red and he doesn’t even have to know why he just stands up straight and gives you a grin like “should i zip up my jacket, is it that distracting?”
  • and you’re like ASFDHJLDA what nOO,,,um,,,,,,as- as i was saying-
  • and mark laughs and you’re like oh god im so embarrassed 
  • but he’s like not laughing /at/ you he’s just like he thinks you’re really cute getting sidetracked by him
  • and he’s like “keep going, im listening” and when you’re done you’re like,,,,im gonna go,,,,hurry over and do my own laundry and maybeneverlookyouintheeyesagain
  • but before you do mark is like “let me thank you-”
  • and you’re like there’s no need, really but then he does something that makes you hide your face he lifts the hem of his jacket and shirt just a bit to flash his stomach and you’re like WHAT,,,,,and he bursts into laughter again
  • before apologizing and he’s like “sorry, sorry teasing you is just really fun - you look cute, but i mean it let me thank you by taking you to dinner sometime?”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,o,,,,,,ok,,,,,but seriously mark tuan keep your shirt on from now on
  • and marks like lmaooo ok but are you sure you don’t want another peek- and you’re like do nOT make me throw this detergent bottle at you


  • has the prettiest pet cat that always sits by the window and waits for jb to come home 
  • and sometimes you see it when you pass by and she’s so pretty,,,with bright blue eyes and you wave but then get embarrassed because PLEASE she’s a cat she can’t wave back
  • jb’s an avid reader but he keeps all his books in stacks on the floor of his living room and bedroom and he doesn’t have a proper bed, just a lay out futon 
  • and his kitchen, the places where you should be storing like plates and what not - full of books,,,,,like he eats out at the restaurants near the building and sometimes just lives off triangle kimbap for a week
  • he doesn’t really decorate but he does sometimes tear out a photo from a magazine of a pretty place like the forest or the amazon and puts it up because he likes nature
  • the problem is when youngjae gifted him a plant ,,,,he over-watered it and it died
  • now jb can’t live with the regret of hurting another plant so he just puts up photos LOL
  • and you know him on like a casual basis ,, like you both are the youngest people on your floor and also like you guys sometimes see each other at the local take-out places so it’s like on a hi/how are you/bye basis
  • but you,,,,,,really like jb
  • if not for the fact that he has a cat LOL but also like you like his personality because although on the surface he sometimes seems so stoic you’ve seen his warm smile, the one that comes out when he feeds stray animals or  is really immersed in a book
  • and you’ve seen him walk into trees and poles because he can’t pick his nose up from his book
  • and you’re like how can someone so undeniably, inhumanly handsome ,,,,,,be such a goofy person,,,,,,
  • but also whenever your eyes meet jb’s, even when you just say good morning to each other in passing, your heart speeds up and you just can’t,,,,,,you can’t do anything but look away in embarrassment 
  • until you find yourself walking home in horrible rain, muttering that the wind is so strong and that your bags going to get wet but you stop because in front of you is jb,,,,
  • jb on his knees in the middle of the street, hastily shoving things into his bag and under his arm and you step closer to see that someones abandoned a crate of old books outside of their doorstep
  • and jb is desperately trying to get them all out before the rain soaks them through
  • but he’s also wearing nothing but a long sleeved t-shirt so his back is drenched in rain and with this wind,,,,you’re worried he’ll catch a cold
  • so you come closer, leaning the umbrella you’re holding over jb so it covers him too and he notices, looking up in surprise and you meet his eyes and !!!! you apologize for coming over you just didn’t want him to get anymore wet
  • and just shakes his head and tells you that you should hurry home because the rain is getting worse 
  • but you stand there and wait as jb tries to get all the books and you use your free hand to put some in your own bag to help
  • and you don’t see but the corner of jb’s lips pull up into a small smile and once he has gathered all the books he’s like “let’s run so we get home quickly”
  • and you try to keep the umbrella up high but sometimes it knocks jb’s temple, but he doesn’t complain, he’s so thankful for you but you keep squeaking out apologizes like oh my god,,,, and he’s like no no it’s nothing
  • and once you’re indoors, jb shuffling around for his key he asks if you’d want to come in maybe,,,,,since you also are carrying some of the books 
  • and when you do you’re a bit shocked by how many books there really are and you’re just like ,,,,giggling because there’s empty coffee mugs balancing on books and there’s cat toys everywhere and uneven photos of flowers on the wall and like
  • you look at jb, whose trying to tidy up and stutters that he has no tea is water ok?? and you’re like “i won’t stay lon-”
  • but then the cat comes out and curiously weaves its way between your legs - meowing and jb’s like “you can pet her, she’s asking you to”
  • and you lean down, hand trembling a bit but the cat just nudges your palm with her head and your heart is EXPLODING because she’s so CUTE AND SOFT and 
  • jb is like laughing all of a sudden and you look over like ??? and he’s like “not to be rude, but you’re literally glowing - i didn’t know you liked cats so much” and you’re like “i like your cat so much, she’s so gorgeous”
  • and jb blushes like you just complimented him and not the cat but it’s cute he’s like “,,,,,yeah she is,,,,,pretty,,,,,”
  • and you sit down, the cat making a comfortable home in your lap and jb comes over to pass you a mug with water and you’re like “i don’t want to overstay, but she’s,,,,she’s asleep,,,,,,i don’t want to get up-” and jb is like “it’s fine no you can stay!” and he leans over to drag over the books he brought
  • and you notice how he’s still wearing his wet shirt and you’re like “um,,”
  • but then he looks at you and you freeze again because his eyes are such a deep brown, so clear that the light makes them look almost like stars, and your words get caught in your throat
  • and he’s like ?? and you’re like “s-s-s-shirt your- shirt is,,,,,wet,,,,,,,cold,,,,,,you’ll catch one,,,” and jb reddens a bit and he’s like oh let me go change,,,,
  • and you guys are both blushing now and you distract yourself by picking up a random book until jb comes back in another shirt and it’s like
  • you two are so awkward, but somehow like there’s something really cute and jb mentions that his cat doesn’t grow fond of people so quickly but with you it’s different
  • and when she finally wakes up, skipping out of your lap and walking over to find food you say your goodbyes but jb is like one sec
  • and he comes back with your umbrella and he’s like you almost forgot it here and you’re like “you should keep it!! you don’t have one do you” and he’s like howd you know 0: and you’re like “you don’t have much in your apartment,,,keep it,,,,”
  • and jb hesitates but smiles and thanks you but right as you leave through the door he goes 
  • “come back soon, i think my cat will miss you.” (he’ll miss you too) 
Subtly Gets You No Where

Longer title: Subtly and care get you no where when the person you’re trying to subtly and carefully woo thinks too negatively and won’t pick up your clues and it’s subtly driving you insane.

Pairing: Romantic Analogical (or platonic until the end)

Warnings: Some negative self talk, disappearing talk, very minimal. Some swears?

It seemed to start sometime after their first debate. Virgil would just be sitting around in his room or even venturing out to the commons in the odd moments he felt courageous enough to curl up on his extra cushioned rocking chair when he would be sought out. That itself annoyed him but he wouldn’t complain. It felt nice to be wanted.

He’s on his bed with his phone open to some simple word search app to keep his mind occupied. The voices in his head are quiet for once so he enjoys the silence without music while he can. His eyes scan the screen for the proper order of letters when there’s a knock on his door. He jerks at the sound but calms seeing who it is.

“Good afternoon Anxiety,” Logan greets him with whatever time of day it is, his hands clasped gently in front of him. Virgil wonders if it really is a ‘good’ afternoon. Then wonders what time it is because he’s sure he hasn’t been in bed all day. The clock on his wall that spins out of control is no help and his phone glitches over the time, so he believes Logan’s statement.

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Pieces || Part 3: Happy Memories

Part 3! Oh my lord I didn’t expect to get farther than the first part! Thank you so much for liking the parts before this one and I really hope you guys like this story!

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac.



1. Really crappy. I’m not following the comics, mostly the second game because there’s a clear plot line I can use. But parts of the comic do show up and are mentioned.

2. Really short chapter

3. Since Damian Wayne wins the “Colossal Asswipe With Daddy Issues Award” in the game, I’ll give him more feelings just for you guys. So OOC Damian comin’ at ya.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3

There had been a time when everyone was happy. Bruce and Clark were best friends, almost brothers even. Diana never manipulated anyone. Hal didn’t think even once about turning to the yellow ring. [Name] hadn’t been around long enough, but she still witnessed it. When she met the Justice League, she had been taken in only because Batman had caught her causing trouble with her powers.

“Why make his pants catch on fire?“ The Flash asked as he leaned against the table, staring at the guilty looking child who sat across from him. [Name] turned her head away from him, as if embarrassed what to say. The whole Justice League had come together when Batman had called all of them in, telling them about another anomaly he saw while in Gotham. They had expected him to bring the arm of an alien or another overly experimented drug that was being created in the alleyways of the brooding city.

They didn’t expect to see him with a little girl with her bands being clamped down by a container like handcuff. Her head leaned against the cold metal as she looked at the Flash and everybody in the room with her, who were expecting an answer from her. An embarrassed look crossed her face as she smiled sheepishly at them. “He was lying about taking my mom’s purse the other day, so I set it on fire.” The League stared at her. Was she being serious? “Get it? Liar, liar, pants on fire?”

Bruce looked down at her, not acknowledging her comical way of punishing the robber and [Name] shrunk into her seat a little deeper, the cuffs weighing into her stomach. The Flash snorted not a minute later and he put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “Hey, if you’re not looking to keep her as your ward, I’ll take care of her.” He said to him jokingly.

Wonder Woman, who walked up to [Name], put a hand on her shoulder. “It is funny, yes, but you need to know the difference between subduing someone and injuring them like that.” She gave her a smile, to try and ease her unnerved emotions from being touched by a hero. A snicker erupted behind her and she was shocked to see a giggling Superman, who kept saying “Pants on fire.”

[Name] knew she was never going to forget that memory and for the past few years she kept that memory as a means of remembering that the Justice League had, indeed, existed with the members getting along. Sometimes she second guessed that memory as she watched the team, dividing itself already after Batman dismissed them all. She can see both teams watching each other carefully before going into the groups they were assigned to.

[Name] had looked at the blonde and Wonder Woman, not necessarily happy to be paired with them. She felt someone nudge her back and she glared at Bruce, who looked at her expectantly. “Why can’t I just go with you? Diana is as bad as a tyrant as laser eyes over there.” She whispered to him, annoyed. Clark, who had been talking to Damian and Adam, stopped mid-sentence as he watched [Name] cross her arms and tap her foot impatiently.

“I can hear you, [Name].” He told her threateningly. His eyes beamed red and he felt a whip of fire fly toward him. He didn’t flinch, but he felt something different coming off of her from the last time they met–something more dangerous.

“Go suck on your ego, Clark.” The youngest member snapped back as the flames subsided into her hand until it climbed up and disappeared into her weather resistant suit. Her head turned to Bruce again, “Are you sure I can’t do this on my own?”

Damian was the one to speak up this time. “Those Betas can kill you, [Name]. It doesn’t matter how much power you hold; you can die.” He sounded more informative, but as she turned her head to look at him, she could see there was something else he wanted to say to her. His mouth moved slightly, like he was ready to talk, but decided not to. His eyes focused on her body language, rigid and shifty as he spoke the whole time, causing an uncomfortable seizing in his chest.

Looking away from him, [Name] walked past him, whispering something only he and the Super Cousins were able to hear. “That’s still safer than being with them.” His eyes never left her form, analyzing the possible ways that he could say to convince her to think otherwise on being alone, but he knew she wouldn’t listen to him. Despite what she thought, he knew she was just as stubborn as him. He grabbed her arm before she went past him, making her stop. They both examined each other, thinking if this was really the person they once knew–who spent most of their nights together on a rooftop as teenagers, holding hands and talking about school.

What went wrong?

“Damian?” [Name] whispered as she heard the loud knocking on her window, Robin, without a doubt hanging from the ledge. His lips edged to a small smile at the sight of his girlfriend and her’s gave a sigh of relief as she opened the window. Her arms reached around his neck and his around her waist. His lips pressed against the side of her head. “What happened to you yesterday night? Bruce hasn’t spoken about you and I can’t get anything out of hi–”

“I left with Clark.” Damian admitted, watching the girl in front of him quirk her eyebrows into a heavy frown. He settled a hand on her cheek. “Father doesn’t understand. Locking up those criminals–those monsters–won’t do anything. We have to eradicate them, immediately. Come with me, beloved. We can protect you.”

“Damian–I–I can’t. You shouldn’t be doing this. I thought you gave up killing–” Her voice wavered as she watched Damian’s green eyes darken significantly at her answer.

He looked at her with grief. “Killing those monsters is the only thing to get rid of this madness, [Name]. Don’t tell me you’re with Batman on this.” [Name] kept quiet, her eyes focusing on her blanket as the heartbreaking realization hit her. Damian moved his hand to her chin, forcing her to look at his eyes. “You’re with… Father on this?”

[Name] replied, her tears slipping. “Damian, I don’t want to do this, but–”

“–but what, [Name]?” He snapped at her, making the younger girl fall silent and watch as his lips were set into a straight line. “Those criminals do not deserve a chance to live! They need to pay for what they’ve done by taking a sword to their throat! Bruce is letting them live and escape from Arkham! And you’re siding with him?”

He kept silent as he watched [Name] bite her lip. Then, in the whole silence, she whispered, “You’re just as much of a monster as them if you kill them, Damian. They might be murderers, thieves–the whole leap, but they do not deserve to die in such a humiliating way.” Her eyes sparked as she met his emerald ones. “They’re awful, but they don’t deserve an execution if it wasn’t ordered.”

His eyes turned to stone the minute he learned of her allegiance to his father. “I think I should go. Clearly I can see what side you go on, beloved.” He sneered as he moved away from her and quickly made his way to the window.

“Damian.” She whispered. “Damian, please! We can’t leave it like this. Please.” Her voice sounded desperate as she watched her boyfriend step out into the night again. He looked at her for a minute, taking her appearance in. A hand gripped her chest, as if she were trying to hold something from falling, water falling down her cheeks. He turned his head away from her, jumping from roof to roof. Before he was out of earshot, he heard a loud, breaking voice echoing in the silent streets of Gotham City. “DAMIAN!”

Oh, right. That’s what happened. They didn’t speak often after that. It broke them both. It had to. They couldn’t be together for such a long time to have nothing come out of it. [Name] did everything to try and contact him behind Bruce’s back in the beginning until their second encounter, where he told her to stop trying to talk to him. He was pelted with large rocks and angry fire almost a minute after. [Name] had promised herself to never speak or come near Damian after he had been apprehended, but now here they were. He was touching her and looking at her at close proximity. And she was letting him do it.

I hate you. She seethed as she narrowed her eyes at the man. And at herself. Damian looked back without a problem, keeping his gaze steady on her as they had their stare off. “If you won’t listen to me, then listen to Bruce. You can’t get hurt. You’re too valuable of a teammate.”

“We’re not teammates.” [Name] snapped violently, pulling her arm away harshly. “We never will be so you have no absolute right to tell me what to do.” They glared at each other, their tension, for a minute, almost comparing between Bruce and Clark’s. A hand was set on [Name]’s shoulder and she didn’t need to turn around to know who had artificial claws.

“Pandemonium. For once I’ll need to agree with the demonic brat on this. Go with Wonder Woman. It’ll only be a few hours.” Selina said to her. [Name] met her eyes which, for once, had lost the teasing gleam behind them turning serious and grim. A sense of warning had been sent to the younger woman and she spun to the Amazonian and the Kryptonian, only giving Damian a small glance.

Bruce, after letting [Name] walk to her selected group in pure annoyance, nodded before turning and saying, “Split up.”

[Name] and Diana gave each other wary eyed looks before the princess had decided to walk ahead, where Superman’s team was walking to head to. The [hair color] colored hero fumed, seeing she had to be stuck with everybody she most definitely did not want to be paired with. Barry and Hal had already disappeared before she had the chance to try and stay with them and Bruce was most likely heading to anywhere but the location where citizens were present. Not to mention the way to the Bat Cave was probably infested with parasites with weapons, then [Name] stopped and examined the people in front of her, her temporary “kill-or-be-killed” team, and thought What’s the difference?

“You don’t like my cousin.” A feminine voice said to her, breaking her away from her evaluation. The blonde with the “S” was staring at her. “I don’t understand why you hate him so much.”

If you know what he’s been doing for almost a whole decade, then you’d know.

“Don’t do this, Clark!” [Name] said as she watched him hold the man by the neck. He was young, almost eighteen, only a year older than her. [Name] gripped her sprained ankle as she watched him struggle under the Kryptonian’s hold. “Clark, please!”

The older man gave her a disappointed look. “He’s a criminal, [Name]. He doesn’t deserve to live. You saw him; he had a gun pointed at innocent people. You’re willing to let him shoot civilians instead of letting him die?”

“I was going to stop him!” [Name] yelled back as she tried to retain the small amount of power she had on her. “Just let him go! He’s a bad person but we can take him away to authorities and–”


The crunching of the teenager’s neck caused the youngest hero to stop, her voice squeaking. Clark let him go from his stance in the sky and [Name], finally able to muster up much of her abilities, pulled wind from the sky, making the dead body hover down slowly instead of crashing. Her feet moved as quickly as it could to the body, dropping to her knees to the man.

Peaking out from his jacket, a wallet fell out, opening to a picture. Her eyes zeroed in on a young woman, his girlfriend probably, with a child who resembled him. A grocery list was followed behind it and a set of bills, not enough to pay for those groceries, looked up from its pocket.

A teenage father. He killed a teenage father.

[Name] felt something–a heavy emotion–weigh into her chest, dropping to her stomach as she watched Clark hover over her. He glowered at her, but she didn’t flinch as she narrowed her tear struck eyes at him. “I am authority.” Clark snapped.

[Name] picked up the wallet and walked away. “You’re a demon who needs to be stopped.”

[Name] vaguely remembered the body being taken away by Clark somewhere and her attempting to find the murdered man’s family. When she did, the teenage mother had burst into tears, clutching onto the hero’s stiffened state. Her mind had gone blank after that, resulting in her to not speak to anybody about it, not even Alfred. That snap of the neck–it had pulled her down into what seemed like a never ending black hole of insanity.

“I don’t just hate him. I hate all of them.” [Name] answered in confidence, hoping everyone in front of her heard her. From the dirty looks she received, she was happy to say it was mission success. “Superman just takes the gold.”

Kara raised a brow at her before looking at the back of Damian’s head. “I don’t think you hate everyone here. I see the way you look at Nightwing.” She whispered to her ear. [Name] looked at her, disbelief evident on her face. Did she not witness the amount of malice she shot at her ex? Kara’s lips turned upward slightly. “You love him.”

“I do not love him.” [Name] whispered angrily, her face heating up drastically. “He’s a pompous ass who I dated for a brief moment.”

“Three years isn’t brief.” Kara answered back. “Wonder Woman told me you two worry about each other, even during fights, but are too prideful to show any of it.” They had reached the ledge by the time Kara finished that sentence and [Name] rolled her eyes, pulling herself over the metallic balcony. Kara and Wonder Woman had already flown up, but [Name] felt a hand grab her arm tightly. She turned to see a set of green eyes again.

“What?” She asked Damian. He looked at her, concern sheeting his appearance this time, nothing like his stoic persona back when everyone was still gathered. A rolling in her stomach turned around and around, feeling like a teenager. She never felt like this before except when she was with Damian at times like this. She had dated between those five years, but never lasted too long, none of them satisfying her in certain perspectives–too nice or too loud to her personal opinions. Maybe she was just selective.

Or maybe you still love Damian, her old self said in the back of her head. You don’t actually hate him. You’re only convincing yourself that you hate him.

No shut up. [Name] chastised herself, but from the way Damian was staring her–like he was thirteen and she was twelve after they had gone on their first date and he was afraid he would mess it all up if he insulted her in any way, shape or form–the small, Pre-Superman Crisis part of her couldn’t help but speak up for her logically.

“Can we talk?” He asked her after a minute of staring at each other. “After… All of this ends.” He made motions around him, as if trying to address the gigantic alien problem they were trying to stop. A hopeful look glinted behind his eyes at the question and [Name] tried to suppress the same feeling. She bit her lip, thinking. Maybe they can at least try to make amends, put a Band Aid over their wounds.

But would a Band Aid fix that big of a wound?

Pondering, [Name] gave a cautious nod. “Fine.” She confirmed before jumping off the balcony. A jet of air flowed under her feet and she gave her ex-boyfriend a stiff nod. “Good luck.” She muttered before flying off next to Kara.

“Don’t love him yet?”

“Put a sock in it, Kara.”


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Chance | Daniel Seavey

Requested? Yes! @xangmariex I hope you like it! 

Warnings? Maybe one swear word? 

Word Count: 3,288

“Shake your leg any faster and it’ll fall off.” 

Daniel rolls his eyes at Jonah but smiles anyway. He couldn’t help it. He got to surprise his best friend on her birthday after not seeing her for four months.

“Sorry I’m just really excited.”

Daniel and the band had been traveling all over Europe for months now and they finally got to go home. Daniel finally got to see (Y/N). He told her before on the tour that he wouldn’t be able to make it home for her birthday.

However Daniel knew they’d be home in time but wanted to surprise his best friend. All of the boys decided that they would catch a plane today and surprise (Y/N) tomorrow.

“Relax dude. She’ll be ecstatic.” Jonah reassured him.

The next day the boys head out to (Y/N)’s apartment early. Daniel had planned the whole day for her and was even more nervous than yesterday. He let’s him and the guys in with the key she gave him and shut the door behind them. He tells the boys he’s gonna go wake her up before walking into her room.

“(Y/N).” Daniel whispers while sitting down next to you. He places a hand on your shoulder and lightly shakes you to wake you up.

When that doesn’t work he sighs quietly and gets up from your bed. He walks out of your room and into your living room where his four best friends sit.

“She’s still asleep.” Daniel tells the four boys.

“I swear that girl won’t wake up for anything.” Jack comments.

Just as Jack says that an idea pops into Daniel’s head. He grabs his guitar from his case and gestures for the boys to follow him. They follow Daniel into (Y/N)’s room as he slips his guitar strap over his head and tries to quietly tune his guitar.

Once it’s tuned, Daniel begins to sing the chorus of Just To See You Smile and the boys join him. Your eyes flutter open slowly at the sound of music suddenly invading your ears.

You turn over in bed and spot your five best friends sitting in your room. You gasp loudly and quickly slip out of bed. You run over to Daniel and he moves his guitar just in time for you to jump into his arms.

“Daniel!!” You exclaim loudly.

You and Daniel had been best friends since high school. You knew him in middle school because your parents were friends but back then you couldn’t stand each other. You both still weren’t sure why you hated each other but the feud ended when you were in high school.

You were supposed to pick up the boys at the airport tomorrow after tour but you assumed the last show was canceled.

Once you pull back from Daniel you turn to the rest of the boys. You give each of them a hug before turning to face all of them. “I love you guys but one, how did you get into my apartment? And two, I thought you guys got back from tour tomorrow?”

“Surprise!” Daniel says smiling widely at you.

“Happy Birthday!!!” They all shout in sync.

You roll your eyes at them before walking back over and pulling them into a group hug. When you break away from your huge group hug you push the boys out your bedroom door so you can change quickly. Once you’re finished you walk out of your room and into the kitchen to make breakfast.

“So what happened to you guys coming home tomorrow?” You asked.

“Oh we never were.” Jack pipes up.
“Daniel wanted to surprise you.”

You turn to Daniel as he smiles sheepishly at you. “Guilty as charged.” He says as he sits at your kitchen island.

You lean over and peck him on the cheek making him blush. “Thank you.” You say before turning back around to make breakfast.

After you and the rest of the boys eat you head out for the day. You stop at Starbucks first so you and Jonah can get some coffee and then head off to your unknown destination.

“Can you please tell me where we’re going?” You beg Daniel.

“Nope it’s a surprise.” He says smirking at you.

“But it’s my birthday!!!” You whine.

“Nope. Today will be full of surprises.”

You place a hand on your forehead and lean against him dramatically. He laughs and pushes you off of him causing you to smile widely.

“How much longer?” You whine after another 15 minutes of driving.

“You’re starting to sound like Zach.”

“Hey!” Zach calls from the backseat.

“We’ll be there soon.” Jonah says breaking up your mini fight.

Just as Jonah promised you arrive at what looks to be like a mansion a few minutes later. When you get out of the car you’re astounded how big the outside of the house looked like.

“Where are-“ You’re quickly cut off by the sound of a door opening and closing.

You whip around to see a tall blonde guy with a huge camera. You watch as he runs towards the boys holding up finger guns. He “shoots” each boy and you giggle as they all fall down dramatically.

“That’s my boys!!!!” He yells loudly and the boys get up from their positions to high five the blonde boy.

“Woah, who is this beauty?” He says turning towards you.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You say holding out your hand for him to shake.

“Logan Paul.” He says taking your hand in his. Your stomach flips as he flashes you an award winning smile.

“We needed to stop by real quick to help him with his new song.” Daniel explains.

You nod your head and smile. You vaguely remember hearing his name before and notice that he doesn’t look too much older than you.

“This is your house?” You ask.

“It is indeed. I just bought it.”

“Can I have a tour?” You ask while smiling sweetly.  

“Well, only cause you’re pretty.” He says while smirking at you, causing your stomach to flip once more.

You and the boys follow Logan inside his house so he can give you the tour. As you all move from room to room Logan mainly keeps his focus on you.

“This is my bedroom.” Logan says winking at you before opening up the door to show you.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Daniel scowling at you and Logan. You brush off his glare and focus on Logan once more. After the house tour you all grab a seat outside and talk about the boys tour in Europe.

They talk excitedly about everything they did and every once in awhile you could catch Logan staring. Just as you notice, so does Daniel, causing him to frown at the two of you.

“So (Y/N), where are you from?” Logan asks while turning to you.

“My hometown.” Daniel interrupts before you can answer.

“Really? Did you like it there?”

“She loved it.” Daniel responds to Logan for you once again.

“Daniel!” You snap causing his gaze to fall from Logan to you.

He rolls his eyes and stands up, walking away from you, Logan, and the boys and into the house.

“I’ll go check on him.” Jack offers awkwardly before standing up and following Daniel.

“Daniel.” Jack calls when he walks through the back door.

“In here.” He calls out feebly.

“What the hell man?” Jack says referencing his behavior.

“What?” Daniel snaps.

“You’ve been in a mood ever since you introduced (Y/N) to Logan.” Just as Jack finishes his sentence, realization hits him.

“Yeah.” Daniel responds knowingly.

“Well, you either tell her how you feel or suck it up. It’s her birthday you don’t need to be a jerk.” Jack advises.

He walks away, leaving Daniel to his own thoughts. Jack was right. He’s liked (Y/N) forever and had plenty of chances to tell her but always chickened out at the last minute.

Daniel runs a hand through his hair frustratedly before taking a deep breath and heading back outside. Even though he was jealous as all hell, he wasn’t gonna ruin her birthday.

For the rest of the time they were at Logan’s, Daniel watched you and Logan flirt endlessly with a heavy heart. As time passes dreadfully slow for Daniel, you and the rest of the boys decide to head out.

“Oh hey (Y/N), before you go.” Logan says stopping you in your tracks.

“I was wondering if I could get your number?” He asks nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

You immediately start to blush as you take his phone and put your number in it. “Text me.” You say smiling at him before turning back around and catching up with the boys.

“Where to now?” You ask.

“It’s a surprise!” The boys say in sync making you laugh loudly.

After driving, talking, singing, and laughing for another half hour you finally arrive at your next destination.

“Now this is what I’m talking about.” You say once you spot the huge sign in front that says “Go karts!”

“You guys are so going down.” You say to the boys as you get out of the car.

“I don’t know (Y/N). I’m pretty good.” Corbyn boasts.

“Nah she’ll definitely kick your butt.” Daniel pipes up.

You guys head towards the building and buy your tickets for the outdoor track. You get in line immediately and wait for a bit before you all find your own karts.

You sit up front with Daniel behind you, then Corbyn, Jonah, Zach, and finally Jack. The worker starts us off and you zoom out of the line. Corbyn and you fight for first place but you’re soon able to pass him and even lap Zach.

When the worker signals for you to park you come in first, then Corbyn, Daniel, Jonah, Jack, and lastly Zach. You get out of your kart and turn towards Corbyn with a smirk.

“That’s my girl.” Daniel says proudly.

Just as Daniel says that your phone rings in your back pocket and you pull it out. You don’t recognize the number but when you read the message you can’t help but smile.

“Didn’t want you to forget about me too soon. -Logan”

“How could I?” You type back.

“I was wondering if you were free tomorrow night?”

“Depends on who’s asking.” You reply cheekily.

“(Y/N) let’s go. Stop texting your boo thang.” Jack says causing your cheeks to heat up as you start to follow the boys again.

“Little (Y/N) has a boo thang?” Corbyn joins in.

“Shut up.” You mumble.

“So who is it?” Zach asks joining the three of you.

“It’s just Logan.”

The boys explode in “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” and start talking about how dreamy his eyes are.

“Guys leave her alone.” Jonah pipes up.

“Playing hard to get?” Logan texts back finally.

“Just a bit.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7.”

You smile at your phone like a huge dork before shoving it back into your pocket. You walk up to Daniel and sling an arm around his shoulder.

“You are the best friend ever.” You say smiling.

“And why is that?” He asks smirking back at you.

“Because you surprised me for my birthday and you got me a date for tomorrow.”

“A date?” He asks as his face falls. “With who?”


You see Daniel’s jaw visibly clench at the mention of the blonde vloggers name. Before you can ask him what’s wrong, Corbyn interrupts you again.

“Let’s go (Y/N/N) I want a rematch.” He says grabbing your arm and pulling you towards the next track.

For the rest of the day you could tell Daniels mood was off but you never had a chance to ask why. After go karting you head out to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Daniel was distant the entire time but you tried to brush it off and enjoy your time with the boys.

You eventually all head back to your apartment before the boys head home and Daniel offers to walk you up. When you get to your front door you turn towards him.

“Are you okay?” You ask.

“I’m fine.” He snaps.


“I’m fine (Y/N). Seriously. I’ll see you later.” He says.

You decide not to push him any further and watch as he walks away before turning and walking into your apartment. You head to bed in the outfit you were currently wearing and pass out instantly.

You wake up around 1 the next day and for a second you forget about yesterday. When you remember, a smile crosses your face at the thought of your date with Logan tonight.

You decide to pass the time by catching up on a bit of homework and before you know it, it’s 5 o’clock. You quickly hop into the shower and afterwards you change into your favorite dress.

Logan told you to dress fancy so you applied a bit more makeup than usual and curled your hair. Just as you’re slipping on your flats, the doorbell rings. You grab your black clutch that contains your phone, keys, and other essentials and head over to the front door.

When you open up the door, there Logan stands in a suit with a dozen roses. You watch as his jaw literally drops at the sight of you causing you to blush brightly.

“You uh, you look-woah.” He stutters out causing you to giggle quietly.

“You look really handsome.” You compliment and Logan snaps back to his normal charming self.

“I try.” He says smirking at you. “These are for you.” He says handing you the beautiful bouquet of roses.

You invite him in as you head into your kitchen to get a vase. After you put the flowers away you follow Logan out of your apartment and down to his car.

As you drive to the restaurant you sing along to the radio and Logan joins you. All of a sudden Something Different comes on and you both gasp loudly.

You whip out your phone and start to take snapchats of you and Logan singing to the boys song. Before you know it you’ve arrived at the restaurant and Logan parks before hopping out and running over to open your door.

He helps you out and together you walk hand in hand towards the small building. As you step through the door of the building you’re astonished by how beautiful it is inside.

Fairy lights were strung elegantly around the windows and light music was playing in the background. Everyone was dressed to the nines and you were happy you put a little more effort in your outfit than usual.

The waitress brings you over to a table next to the window giving the two of you a beautiful view. She assures you someone will be over to take your drink order soon before disappearing to the front again.

“You look really really beautiful tonight (Y/N).” Logan says after a quiet moment.

“Thank you.” You say as you subconsciously tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.

“So tell me everything.” Logan says after we order our drinks.


“Everything.” He confirms. “From birth to now anything significant I want to know it all.”

“We’re gonna be here for awhile.”

“I’ve got all the time in the world.” He says smiling at you.

Logan kept his word and you two stayed at the restaurant until closing. You talked and laugh telling each other about childhood stories and even some of the difficult things you two went through.

“Well Logan Paul, you have made this one very special birthday.” You say when you reach the front door of your apartment.

“I’m glad to be of service.” He says bowing slightly. “Will I see you again?”

“Yes you will.”

And with that you head into your apartment for the night. A smile resting on your lips as you fall asleep.

“Shit I gotta go I’m sorry.” You apologize quickly to Daniel before standing up.

You and Daniel were planning on hanging out for the day. You hadn’t hung out in a while and Daniel was extremely excited. However you had forgotten about your date with Logan landing you in the situation you were in now.

“You just got here.” Daniel whines as he stands up to face you.

“I know but I forgot I’m going ice skating with Logan today.”

“You’re always with Logan.” He snaps.

“Cause he’s my boyfriend.” You state.

“And that comes before your best friend now?”

“Of course not!” You defend.

“Then start acting like it!” He yells back.

“I have been!”

“No you haven’t! You spend every single day with Logan. You never spend any time with me and hell the rest of the boys haven’t seen you in months!” As he yells he flails his arms out at his sides.

“He’s my boyfriend Daniel. You’re my best friend and nothing is going to change that.” You say calmly before walking out of his room and leaving the house.

You get in your car and sit for a bit, thinking over yours and Daniels fight. He was right. You hadn’t been paying attention to him or the other boys ever since you started dating Logan a few months ago.

It was completely unfair to them. You had dropped your best friend for some guy. Something you thought you’d never do.

Instead of sitting in your car, or sitting at home and wallowing in guilt, you got back out and walk towards the house. You’d tell Logan you could go ice skating another day together.

Daniel falls back onto his bed after she leaves and sighs loudly. When he hears a knock on his door he lifts his head to see Corbyn.

“How much of that did you hear?” Daniel asks.

“All of it?” Corbyn responds making Daniel fall backwards onto his bed.

“What’s up with you man?” Corbyn asks while sitting down next to Daniel. “You haven’t been your self lately.”

You walk back into the house and head upstairs to Daniel’s room immediately. You’re about to walk in when you hear Corbyn’s voice.

When Daniel doesn’t respond, Corbyn continues. “Is it because of (Y/N) and Logan?”

“I’m in love with her Corbyn. I have been since the first day I met her.”

You back up against the wall next to Daniel’s door and place a hand over your mouth. You try to make absolutely no noise as you continue to listen to their conversation.

“She’s with Logan though. And I can’t do anything about it.” He continues.

“I’m sorry man. The most you can do is be there for her.”

You’re frozen stuck as Corbyn walks out of Daniels room and spots you. He turns and says something to Daniel that you can’t make out before passing you and walking downstairs.

You finally gain the courage and step into Daniel’s room. He sits on his bed, refusing to look at you.

“I should have told you a long time ago.” He says quietly.

“Why didn’t you? You dated a million girls in high school.”

“But it was you the whole time.” He says finally looking at you. His eyes are glossed over and you can’t help but feel your gloss over too.

“You were the one I always came back to. I couldn’t get you out of my mind.” He continues. By this point he’s standing and you two are only a few inches apart.

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“You did. I just don’t know if you do anymore.”


Hello again! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in ages I’m hella busy with college and work and I hit a bit of writers block. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get another imagine up asap but enjoy this for now! 

[Preview] Physical Education Pt. 2 (Seungcheol Smut)

It has been over a week since your last encounter with Seungcheol- well, not exactly.

You still see him every weekday because you just really couldn’t avoid him no matter what you do. He was a goddamn teacher, and you needed to pass in his class- though you didn’t care at all if you got kicked out, the only reason you’re actually tolerating school is because you don’t want to be left with nothing when you graduate. You weren’t that stupid to not attend class because of a highly unexpected occurrence. But ever since that day, you felt feelings you never realized you had. You really couldn’t call the incident in the shower room as the last encounter, but although the fog in the aforementioned place was thick, the memory was as clear as day.

Everything from the droplets of water that slid down his refined face, to the lingering feeling of his fingers that gripped your thighs so tightly, was engraved in your mind forever. But you had often wondered, when you pass him by in the bustling halls of the campus, does his eyes drift towards you like how yours would as you’d often watch his back disappear in the crowd. Every second spent taking glances would only trigger snippets of what had happened that night, you wonder if he’s been thinking about you like how you would often think of him.

The memory alone leaving your body warm and tingly, but the bitterness was still evident as you recall how he had easily said that it was all a ‘mistake’. You felt humiliated, what woman wouldn’t feel the same way? Everything was so exhausting, you went through great lengths to convince Joshua that indeed nothing had happened that night, he wasn’t buying it at first, noticing how unbelievably antsy you’d be whenever Seungcheol was within two meters from where you are, deciding it was wiser to not pry into something that didn’t have anything to do with him, but of course, that didn’t mean he was done with his assumptions (which are obviously not false).

We all have secrets that we, no matter what, absolutely cannot tell anyone.

His sweet voice echoed in your head as you didn’t fail to distinguish how enigmatic his voice seemed.

These days, were so different. You didn’t know when it all had started but it’s like everything had just shifted. Joshua was being more mysterious and discreet, you sometimes had to remind him that you two were best friends and in which he would apologize for his behavior. The thing about you two is that you two don’t really initiate to talk about things first, always waiting out on who would be the first one to speak. Just like fifth grade, when your class had a pet hamster named Maxi, because you were so fond of the adorable little thing, you were positive it died because of feeding it too much. You were terrified and couldn’t dare to tell anyone that you had basically killed little Maxi, but you just really couldn’t help it, she was so cute whenever she would be chewing on something (or whenever she just sits there), her cheeks would always look so stuffed it was very entertaining to watch. But the following day, when everyone had found out about her death, you weren’t the only one with clammy hands and a nervous heart. But so did Joshua, you at that time, thought he was just shaken since he loved Maxi a lot, so you felt guilty when the furry hamster died, Joshua might get upset with you too, but still no one in the class ever found out how Maxi died.

But when the two of you had started freshman year, bad times they were. Being adolescents that would secretly steal some alcohol from their parents, you would often be at his house, locked in his room, because your parents were totally okay with the fact that you were at the Hong’s, thinking you two were such bad-asses but in reality, it was just plain stupid. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, you two just got stupidly drunk and decided to blurt out secrets from the past, and in which you found out he had accidentally fed Maxi a small rock. He didn’t go into details why, but he wanted to tell you but he didn’t know how. And then you had realized, you two were just the same, always too scared to make the first move when it came to these things.

And so here you were, mind lost in thoughts as you sat impatiently at your desk, you just wanted this class to be over and done with. Physical Education, who would’ve thought you somehow came to hate this subject- well not exactly the subject itself, but the person who handles it. How could he possibly still have the stomach to face you as if nothing had happened, the thought never failed to make your blood boil. How could someone be so insensitive? But no matter how ill you would think and speak of him. It doesn’t calm your palpitating heart and the swarm of butterflies that would invade your stomach whenever he would flash a smile, that you clearly knew wasn’t for you.

He was driving you crazy, in many more ways than one. Your yarn of feelings just tangling with each other, one moment you’d hate his guts and the next you so longed for his touch. By just having his hands on you once, you selfishly wanted more. One moment he’ll be all stern, but then he’ll crack a joke that’ll make the class burst into fits of laughter, he was all-in-all, a very confusing person. Your thoughts would then drift back to only one question you wanted to know, a question that had to be answered or else you’d just lose it.


Out of everyone he could possibly play, why you?


“Come on, look at me baby girl.”

The pet name made you shudder as your mind traveled back to memory lane. Your eyes slowly fluttered shut as you tuned out all the students drifting in the classroom, re-living the moment. His eyes held so much compassion, you wanted to think there was something behind his words, his fingers that tucked your hair back, still lingered. The way his fingers filled the gap in yours, what did it all mean?

You clamp your thighs tightly as you suddenly remembered the way he disappeared between your legs, devouring you like his last meal. The sound of the tap as it let out tiny droplets, the way you could shamelessly hear the way his tongue danced around your wet folds, you could hear everythingso clearly. When he tangled his lips with yours, it was so erotic how you could taste yourself on his tongue, how anyone could’ve waltzed right in, how anyone could have heard as your voices bounced between the tiled walls, the elation you felt in that moment was grand, and you only wished to live in the moment yet again-

“Y/N.” You flinched at the sudden call of your name, eyes snapping open as you were taken out of your train of thoughts, only to be met with the eyes of the person who was responsible. You so badly, tried to tame your wild butterflies fluttering about, because he had never really heard him say your name without ‘Miss’. Even during your shower room encounter, he never really called you by your name. He stood in front of your desk, and you only then noticed that everyone has been seated and class was about to start, how long have you been spacing out?

“S-Sir.” You answered nervously, keeping eye contact, you didn’t know what it was that flashed through his eyes when you called him so. His haw clenched, but he immediately masks this and lets out a sound of disapproval, not questioning you any further.

“So what do you all want to hear first? The good news or bad news?” His loud voice boomed over the class, there were many overlapping answers that you could hardly understand what everyone was saying, but noticing that it wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to start off with the good news.

“I know all of you are probably dying to get this class over with, I know very well myself since I, used to be a student, but here I am now, a teacher.” He paced at the front, taking everyone’s attention.

“It’s a Friday night tonight, and I am very aware of what goes down with you youngsters.” The class whistled and roared in agreement, and there it was- his lovely smile as he silenced the class.

“Everyone is probably loaded with homework already, so I will gladly let you use the time in my class freely, however you want.” Everyone roared in delight, even you managed to get a smile on your face, chatter filled the air until someone from the back had spoken, “What’s the bad news then?” This made you ears perk up.

Seungcheol’s smile slightly falters, and this had you dying of curiosity. He cleared his throat and seemed a bit hesitant, but as you patiently wait for him to speak up, he takes a glance at you in which you notice wholeheartedly.

“It’s very unfortunate to say,” Silence loomed over the class as the tension in the air suddenly became thick, “That this will be my last day of teaching in this class.”


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Magic Stone

Can you do a woman who finds a magic stone which she takes home and then that night as she is in bed starts having weird dreams about being pregnant with a huge belly. Then wakes up with her and the rest of the women in the area pregnant.


It was another bustling day on the streets of New York and I’d been walking back to my apartment when I found a stone on the ground just outside the construction area I’d been passing.

Out of intense curiosity I picked it up and traced the smooth edges with my thumbs. It had no scratches and was pure white. Certainly not the type of stone you’d find on a well-walked path.

Later that night I was woken up by a vibration coming from my side table. I opened my eyes to just see the stone thud to the carpet. It was glowing?

The light was as white and pure as the stone itself. It wasn’t bright by any means, you wouldn’t be able to see it without being in the pitch black night. I leaned over and, again, rubbed my thumbs over the stone. It fit perfectly in my palm and was soothing to just hold.

Eventually sleep took over again and I fell asleep with the white stone in my hand.

I dreamt of pregnancy. My womb was round with child to the point where I couldn’t see anything but my breasts and belly. I was looking at myself in a reflection. My hand were rubbing my breasts and my thumbs rubbing my nipples. Similar to how I’d been rubbing the stone that day.

As my hand crept over the curve of my stomach, the dream flashed me to being on my hands and knees, getting thoroughly fucked by a faceless stranger.

I could feel his cock deliciously stretch my hungry pussy as I moaned and screamed for more. The stranger thrusted harder and latched on to my rounded belly. “I’m gonna get you pregnant,” he grunted. Despite not making sense with my already impregnated state, I all but screamed as I climaxed over and over milking his cum.

I woke to my body sheeted with sweat and two fingers in my pussy. What the hell was that dream? Opening my eyes I found myself in a bit of a… situation.

I was pregnant.

Later that day I called my gynaecologist explaining my situation. “What if I get an appointment with my obstetrician friend? He’s been fully booked out for this week with last-minute bookings but I can ask a favour and get you in during his lunch if you’d like.”

“Thank you so much, Dr Johns.”

My newly booked appointment was in only a half hour so I quickly put on my largest shirt and pants—leftover clothes from a one night stand of mine.

Hurrying to the subway I noticed something strange. Every woman was pregnant. Ranging from what looked like three months to ten months (some were even bigger than that) every woman from 18 to her late forties were pregnant.

They all looked as uncomfortable with their bodies as I felt with my new one.

I swiped my month pass at the subway gate and noticed all the women here were pregnant, too. I even heard the whirring of an ambulance siren pass by.

The gynaecologist, Dr Cole wasn’t surprised by my size when he did my ultrasound. He, however, was surprised when he looked at the screen.

“You’re definitely pregnant,” he gulped. “with at least five babies. When was the last time you had sex?”

“Over a year ago…”

“I’m done. I’m done, everyone! I can’t do this anymore!” Dr Cole left the room and I with the cold lube on my belly. I could still hear him out in the waiting room. “I’ve had two sets of seven, a set of quadruplets and three sets of five! It’s only twelve PM! This was not what I signed up for at med school!”

“Hi there,” a nice looking nurse said as she came in. She looked about ready to give birth on the spot. “I’m pregnant, too, if you didn’t notice.” She gestured to her swollen belly. “Don’t worry though, every woman in the city is. Every new station is running the story. You should check your phone.”

Mudblood Pt. 2/?

Summary: Draco confronts you about avoiding him; along with The Golden Trio finding out about your crush on the Slytherin.

A/N: Lmao okay hi, this was rlly bad but enjoy.

Draco’s POV

I saw as Y/N walked out, with a gloomy expression on her face, carrying her bag, wand, and looking down while pacing to the common room. I don’t understand what I’ve done. I apologized and tried getting along with her, as dumb as that sounds. I know what you’re thinking; wow, the Slytherin prince apologizing to somebody, considering they’re also a muggleborn. I just think she’s.. different. But, I’m still trying to figure out how she is.


“I know he thinks I’m just a weird muggleborn. He probably regrets even talking to me. Tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll go back to teasing me. Stupid me, actually thinking Draco Malfoy would get along with someone like me.” You thought as you were walking to your common room, your glistening eyes looking down at the ground.

a few days after

Third person view

You strut to the great hall along with your good friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The commotion of all the houses filling the air. You all took a seat and after a minute, the scrumptious food appeared; everybody swiftly got to eating.

 “Y/N, has Draco been bugging you lately?” Hermione asked, interested while stuffing the food in her mouth. You look down to cover the blood rushing to your cheeks. “No.” you mumble “He hasn’t been annoying me really, maybe he decided to target someone else.” You uttered. 

The three Gryffindors all observe you a bit concerned on why you reacted like that. 

“Oh, well, are you alright?” Harry asked gravely

“Yeah I’m fine, just a bit tired.” you distorted as you look back up to keep gobbling on your food.

 They all look away, after a couple seconds, still a bit ill at ease. 

After you convinced them that nothing was wrong which took a couple minutes, you watched Malfoy as he walked into the great hall. Before Draco notices you were examining him, you quickly look back at Ron, rambling on about something you clearly weren’t listening to. You look back up, your E/C eyes looking around, and tried looking for the Slytherin.

You snap out of your search party after Ron called your name out

“Y/N, are you listening?” You instantly turned to Ron, faking a smile, “Y-yeah, just zoned out for a while, sorry.” you let out a nervous laugh.

Once again, they all glance at you, now even more concerned for you. 

Hermione sighed, “Y/N, we know something’s wrong, you can tell us, it’s okay.”

You knew Hermione was right, and you did want to tell them. You glare at them, afterward, subsequently looked at Draco. They all noticed what it really meant, or so they thought; Harry was the first one to react, he stood up enraged and was nearly about to walk to Draco. Hermione and Ron were very close to saying something to Harry, but you were the first one to do something. You grab him by the back of his robes,

 “Harry, let me explain first.” you gulped.

You and Harry sat down. The golden trio waiting for you to explain what’s wrong, the way they looked at you proved they wanted an answer. You knew that in less than five minutes, you will no longer have any friends. You look at Hermione for reassurance, which she gave you a simple smile and nodded.

“I- I think I kind of have a thing for Draco” You blurted out. From a nervous tic, you started tapping your foot rapidly, waiting for their response. By the look on their faces, you knew it wasn’t going to go well. 

“You- you what?” Ron fumed, his hair starting to blend in with his face. 

Hermione looked at you as if you were joking and marginally laughed; “You’re joking, right?” 

You gazed at her still frowning, “I wish I were.” you mumbled, your eyes staring down at a plate.

 “Um, Y/N I don’t know what to say,” Harry responded, he was looking at everywhere but you. 

“Y/N we don’t hate you or anything, but we just expected something more different than what you confessed” Hermione stated while giving you a small smile, trying to make you know it’s okay.

 Hermione was the best person to tell something to, she always supported you through everything, and that made you feel more comfortable.

It was time to go to the abominable classes. You had your first class with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, so you all walked together and sorted things out. 

“I still can’t believe it. Draco. Draco Malfoy. Out of everybody, Y/N, you decided to like Dr-” Harry smacked Ron on his arm.

 “Are you idiotic? People are around, Ron. Don’t talk about it here.” Harry ordered, he rolls his eyes and keeps walking. 

“Besides Ronald, you can’t control who you like. The least you can do is make her feel guilty. Grow up.” She remarks.

Charms class ended and you walk out, saying goodbye to the golden trio. The class was rather tedious, so you were delighted to leave. You once again were late at this point and nobody was in the halls, you didn’t care anymore, so you decided to take your time. You start walking while fiddling with your hands and admiring how beautiful the castle is until you heard someone calling out your name. 

“Hey, Y/L/N!” Somebody calls out from behind.

 You briskly found out who it is, your heart skips a beat, but you keep walking. “Oh so now you’re ignoring me?” You proceeded to walk, but even faster now. You clearly wanted to speak to him, but you just couldn’t.

“I promise you if you don’t turn around-” Draco snapped.

 You turn around to look at him for a second, then rolled your eyes and turned back around.

 “Well, excuse you, Y/L/N.” He said in his usual harsh tone. 

You didn’t precisely pay attention to what he did until all you remember was somebody pushing you against the wall.

You couldn’t get out of his grip, he grabbed both of your wrists, and he was at least 2 inches away from you. You felt his breath, and you started feeling your face get red.

“Let me g-go.” You managed to choke out.

 “Not until you tell me why you’ve been avoiding me, Y/L/N” 

You weren’t able to breathe properly as if somebody just punched you in the stomach; your eyes flashing to his pink lips, you look back into his shining gray eyes and you fell right into them.

 “I- Draco, please, Just let me go.” You felt yourself getting more and more nervous. 

“I’m not going to repeat myself, Y/N. You’ve been acting differently. Tell me what’s going on.”

You sighed, knowing if you didn’t tell him he wouldn’t let you go, and if you’re not in class in under five minutes, you’ll earn another detention. 

“I’ve been avoiding you because I just feel like you wouldn’t like me after you get to know me more since I’m a muggleborn and I’m really different. And everybody will just annoy us about hanging with each other”

 Draco’s grip on you starts becoming looser 

“And I don’t want to annoy you, also considering I’m j-just awkward.” You stuttered. You started feeling much better after you kind of told him the truth like some weight has come off your chest.

Draco completely lets go of you after you told him and slightly backed away, yet still so close. He was kind of surprised that was the reason.

 “I think I’m sure if I apologized to someone for always insulting them, and I also spent my time speaking to them, I’ll like them.” 

You started walking away from the wall, still observing him

 “Were those the only reasons? You’re obviously keeping something else from me.” Draco stated, crossing his arms over his chest. 

You couldn’t look at him anymore, knowing if you did he’ll find out that you were lying from the look on your face.

 “I’m not, Draco.” You misrepresented, hoping he’d believed you.

He looks at you suspiciously and starts moving closer to you. 

“Okay,” he said. Your breath gets caught in your throat as he started moving closer.

 “Draco, I have to go.”

 You passed him as you were going to transfiguration. By how he looked, you supposed he wanted to mention something else. But that didn’t matter, you kept walking, intending he didn’t notice that you really did lie.

“Oh, Draco I also forgot,” You turn to communicate. Draco turned around as well, waiting for you to inform him about something.

“Since you’re gonna be my friend, Can you please stop bothering Harry and the others?”

 Draco seemed like he was practically about to burst out laughing. “Oh, no promises about that.” 

You stared at him, seriously; as you were waiting for a proper answer. Draco wiped the smug smirk off his face.

“I- fine, but you owe me.” You asked him if he could stop, knowing if he did, the trio would maybe think he changed; and as well as he actually stops being a dick in general. You smiled and kept gazing at him, but you didn’t notice.

“Honestly, the worst thing you can do is stare at me.” Draco sassed.

 You went back into reality, blushing worse than ever, “wha- oh, haha sorry”

Requested imagine 10•Jeff

Hi could you do a 13 reasons why imagine where the whole group and the reader are hanging out at someone’s house and they’re all tipsy and decide to play truth or dare/never have I ever/spin the bottle either will do lol. And the reader and Jeff could like eachothere but not know the other feels the same.

It was Friday night, the party was in full swing and everyone was having a great time. You were on your 5 drink of the evening when you heard someone shout out that spin the bottle was about the start, you glanced over and saw Jeff taking a seat, immediately without thinking you shot over and sat down next to him “hey beautiful!” He said to you over the music making your stomach flip, you flashed him a smile and mouthed a hello just as the game was about to start.

Everyone was taking their turns as you sat patiently but freaking out about who you’d get, “who are you hoping to get?” Jeff asked nudging you and winking “oh um nobody in particular, just having fun” you mumbled, you could have sworn you saw a disappointed look on his face “what about you?” You asked him and he laughed “now that would be telling” he winked as the turn finally came to him. Jeff spun the bottle as you sat there hoping it would land on you but also scared incase it did, would he laugh and refuse to kiss you?

It stopped, on you. “It’s about time!” Someone shouted “yeah maybe he’ll shut up after this!” Another shouted, you didn’t know what they meant, everyone was waiting so you looked round at Jeff expecting him to awkwardly pass on the bottle but before you could full turn his lips were on yours, you kissed back and felt him smile. The room around you hollered and wolf whistled as you broke away.

Jeff held your hand for the rest of the game and didn’t let you take your turn, “it might not land on me” he replied nonchalantly when you asked why. Once the game was finished you got up to get another drink and Jeff followed “can I drive you home?” He asked you “um no you’ve been drinking, you can walk me home” you replied and he grinned.

You began walking down the road talking about everything and anything with Jeff “oh no you must be freezing baby girl, take my jacket!” He exclaimed putting it around your shoulders “thank you” you whispered and he grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers and swinging your hands “I’m so happy at how tonight has turned out” he blurted “me too jeff” you replied “no you don’t understand, I’ve liked you forever, the guys were going to tell you if I didn’t and I’ve been paranoid for weeks in case you found out and didn’t want to be friends, spin the bottle was my last little piece of hope and man did it turn out for the good!!” He grinned making you giggle “it did, but it could never ruin our friendship because I feel the same way” you replied making him snake his arm around you and stopping you from walking, he pressed his forehead against yours “be mine?” He whispered staring at your lips, you nodded and he kissed you deeply, massaging his thumbs against your neck.

This was the start of something beautiful, you could just tell.

Hope this was ok! Feedback would be great!

Imagine Peter Pan crying learning that you left the island.

Pan’s P.O.V

Feeling the sun against my face my eyes flinched at the sudden light, dragging the blankets over my head I mumble curse words knowing Felix would be here any second.


“Felix not now!” I grown tossing over in my bed.

“Pan I need to tell you-”

“If it’s about Henry then just-”

“It’s not about him,” he interrupted me in a concerning tone, Felix stepped a little closer taking off his hood which he rarely does. Peeking through my covers a loud sigh escaped my lips, clicking my fingers I appeared in front of him.

Felix’s P.O.V

Seeing Pan in front of me with that annoyed morning habit of his I knew this news about y/n would not be in his calm books.

“So lay it on me lad, what’s wrong in Neverland?” Pan chuckled lightly leaning against the wall.

“Maybe you want to-”

“Felix hurry up!” He growled his eyebrows narrowing.

“Y/n left early this morning,” I bluntly spoke watching his expression.

“That’s funny, now what really happened?” he asked, worry not anywhere to be found. 

“It was early this morning she found where your shadow hid and left on it,”

“W-what? oh are you pulling a prank with the lost boys?” he stuttered his body tensing with disbelief. 

“I think you should check near the edge of the beach, she-,”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! She couldn’t have left!” he shouted gripping on to my coat, his eyes filled with fiery rage but his lip quivered with what I knew was regret but he knew nothing of his new found feeling. I watched him come undone with his own emotions shouting y/n this and y/n that. “You fucking basted you helped her! didn’t you!” there was a suddenly war cry that awakened from the pit of his stomach. There was a flash of hurt on his face as I saw a tiny tear drop from his eyes before I felt a sharp sting across my cheek Stumbling back I watched his fingers click, panic written all over his face. “Shit,”

Pan’s P.O.V

I quickly appeared on the beach frantically searching for y/n. 

“y/n Is this some sick joke!” I shouted trying to not let my emotions control me, “Okay I get it, you got me,” I laughed throwing my hands in the air walking along the waterline of the ocean. “If you don’t fucking come out y/n I’m, I’m well I’m going to-,” before I could finish i felt something crunch under my foot. Picking it up I saw a message written on it. 

‘Dear Pan,

Please don’t be angry. You might not understand but I left because I learnt that you have a weakness’ 

“Me have a  weakness?” I scoffed continuing to read. 

‘If you are reading this then you probably understand what I’m talking about.. you may even know my weakness.. Pan I love you I will always believe in you, so please be who I know you are and you really will never fail. 

Love y/n” 

With every word that I read I heard her voice, I pictured her beautiful hands holding a pencil, her h/l beautiful hair blowing in the wind and tears falling from her kind and sweet e/c big eyes. Tightening my grip on the letter I scrunched it up throwing it on the ground in frustration.

“Y/n you idiot… my weakness always made me stronger… I fricken love you!,” I whisper under my breath feeling tears roll down my eyes, I look towards the sky thinking of her hypnotising smile… “My beautiful lost girl,”

-Gif not mine