stomach empty


i’m so in love with the feeling of my stomach being empty where it’s almost like a “high” feeling. i just feel so good in such a weird way when my stomach is empty.


Morning run outdoor!

This run was really challenging because 1) I usually run on the treadmill so running outdoor is difficult for me and 2) morning runs usually means going on a run with an (almost) empty stomach, which I don’t do often as well.

I’m really happy with this run because even if I had to stop twice to walk a little, there was a lot of running in slope and in the end my average speed is even higher than when I run on the treadmill. And it’s definitely one of my longest run outside. So so so HAPPY 💪😃

Frat Boy Pt. 8

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HELLO FRIENDS HE HAS RETURNED TO YOU. It’s shorter than most updates, but necessary things are happening to push the story along and one mystery is revealed! It’s always lovely to hear your thoughts or guesses about what’s happening. Your frat boy has missed you xx

It’d been an utter disaster.  You hadn’t eaten much at all last night and the dull throbbing in your head was a reminder that alcohol on an empty stomach wasn’t the best idea.  Especially when it’d been expensive enough to be smooth and light and what you think alcohol should taste like.  It had hit you even harder on the ride back to your dorm, the numbness in your hands not entirely due to the pricks of cool air against your skin, something you realized after you stumbled out of the passenger seat and Renny had to pick you up . Your whole body was completely numb at that point.  The reason for your numbness was the same reason you’d slept without a nightmare last night, and it was the reason you (almost) slept through your morning class and only had time to throw on a sweatshirt, jeans, and sunglasses before, quite literally, running to English.

You were late, making sure to close the door quietly behind you this time, but the pair of eyes you expected to see whipping around to follow you to your seat with a seductive glimmer weren’t there.

He’d ditched.

Only Niall was there to mutter a quick “Hey Y/N” as you passed him to reach your seat.  The teacher started talking about something having to do with how everyone’s analysis was sub-par on the last essay, but if you were being honest you didn’t care, you couldn’t even concentrate.  Though you were facing the front, your mind kept drifting behind you, to the image of the empty seat where you’d gotten used to seeing his long body confidently sprawled out and leant back, one elbow propped up on the arm chair and head cocked as if he were pretending to listen.  It was annoying how even though he wasn’t here he could still somehow take control of your thoughts.  It’d be easier to ignore him if he wasn’t so damn infuriating, just the thought of last night made your blood boil, but the words you’d said came back to you, slowly, bit by bit.

Go back to your fake girlfriend who clearly understands you so much better.

People have planes and go to Europe on a three day weekend…

Creepily small wrists!

Had you really ran your mouth that much? To him?!  You groaned a bit and the person beside you turned with a loaded look -Weirdo- before returning their attention back to the board.  No matter how true your words were, you wouldn’t have told him all that completely sober.  At all.  You had a mind that was quick to get indignant and when the alcohol came in, the filter went out and there was only the Lord to help the poor person caught in the crossfire.  A rush of embarrassment flooded you and you’d regretted saying one word to him.  You should’ve played it cool, acted like you didn’t care that he was with someone else, not made a fool out of yourself.  He probably thought you were someone easily charmed by money when he’d paid for your meal or some bitter charity case and your sad speech last night just proved it. 

You realized you were kicking yourself and tried to stop your mind from spiraling any further.  If there’s one thing you hated most about boys it was that they could make you feel absolutely stupid.

Yet here you were.

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Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai - Christmas Greetings: Watanabe You & Ohara Mari

Watanabe You
Merry Christmas!!
It’s the season for happiness to descend upon everyone in the world ♥
Every year, I look forward to seeing a Christmas sock filled with sweets ♪
Let’s sing Aqours songs together while waiting for Santa Claus on the night of Christmas Eve—
And make it a festive night!

Ohara Mari
I’ll hold a Christmas home party, and treat you well with lots of Mari’s home cooking ♥
From roast beef to turkey, from cake to quiche—
Be sure to come with an empty stomach, okay?
I hope you’ll be able to make it until I unveil my secret dessert ♪

Think again, what’s a day? 24 hours? They’ll pass anyway, do you prefer waking up with and empty stomach and 1 or 2 lbs less or waking up with 3 lbs more and full of regrets? Just a few hours, they’ll pass anyway

my republican relatives are all so happy and proud that I voted for the first time. It’s one of the great freedoms of being American, they say, yay nationalism. I voted for Hilary. And even though she didn’t win I can’t be proud. I am not proud of this election. I am not proud to be an American. I am not proud of America. I will never be proud that Donald Trump is America’s president. I am disgusted and ashamed. I feel numb and empty inside, like I’ve lost someone very dear to me. I will never be able to look at my relatives the same. I will never be able to look at this country the same. I fear for the people who’s lives are now at risk, who’s freedoms, including my own, are now on the line, in a country where freedom is supposed to ring. This is not an America I choose to be a part of, and this is not an America I will ever be proud of.

You find yourself struggling to get out of bed, knowing that once the covers are pulled back and your feet touch the floor that you will have no choice but to draw open the curtains.

You find yourself eating too much or too little, not sure what you want but the taste of food or the dull ache of your empty stomach masks the uncertainty.

You find yourself sitting among people, laughing and joining in on any conversation but the feelings of loneliness and desperation continue to linger like a bitter taste in your mouth that you want to rinse out.

You go to work, you go to school, you maintain your appearance but you just want everything to stop before every bit of you crumbles

The days seem longer, some even seem eternal but you continue to push on because what a shame it would be to lose a battle you’ve already been fighting so long.

—  Words of a functioning person with depression
Birthday Woes
  • Ciel: On this day, December 14, I am constantly reminded of my parents' deaths. Their demise shall forever haunt me to my grave. Along with this occurred the most shame and humiliation I have ever suffered. These two things keep me going-- they are my drive to kill. My revenge shall be swift and merciless. Today more than any other day must I plot the fruition of my hatred, chase after my former oppressors. I will have no part in "enjoying my birthday." I hate the balloons, the presents, the merriment. I will fast from anything unrelated to my revenge.
  • Sebastian: I take it this means no cake then.
  • Soma: *from another room* Ciel's not eating his cake! I call dibs!
  • Ciel: If you lay a FINGER on that cake I'll chop off your hands, bake them into a soufflé, and feed them to the unsuspecting populace-- Don't you DARE TOUCH MY TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!

Like a cloud☁️💫💫 creamy vanilla oats topped with fresh nectarine, blueberries, raspberries + homemade granola. If you haven’t already noticed, I really (really) like breakfast😌 Gone are the days of leaving the house on an empty stomach ~ nourishment, fuel and energy to tackle everything life throws at us comes first!🙏🏼
Be kind to yourselves💛

IG: @naturally_nina_

You’re gone and I’m trying to fill the hole you left. His lips are touching mine and I try to fake the passion we once shared but it isn’t working. I’m kissing him with everything I have and I feel nothing. Empty.
He’s holding me. I know his arms mean well but they can’t comfort me the same. They feel foreign and strange. They aren’t his.
He’s touching my body. I can’t help but tense up and feel uncomfortable. I try and lose myself in the euphoria but I can’t. Afterwards I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach for days. Empty.
I can’t fill the hole you left no matter how hard he tries.
—  v.m -you just can’t be replaced
Wanna know what having anorexia is really like?

*sleeping as much as possible to keep yourself from binging
*drinking so much green tea or coffee on an empty stomach that your hands shake
*pushing on your stomach to stop the growling
*exercising until your legs feel weak
*peeing 40 times a day
*weighing yourself daily
*having to say no to foods you once loved
*hiding your illness from family/boyfriend/friends
*choking on giant vitamins
*wearing jackets in the summer because you’re always cold
*always being covered in bruises
*binging when you’re alone…
*…and then trying to puke or shit the guilt away
*staring at thinspo literally 24/7
*crying when the number on the scale just won’t move no matter how long you fast
*feeling guiltily proud of all your symptoms

I am so tired of being tired. I’m so tired of feeling that empty feeling, you know? Like, you’re having a great day, and you see that one thing, and suddenly all the emotions inside you just disappear. Your stomach feels empty, like all the butterflies just died. And you do everything you can to feel something, to have something to look forward to, to have one thing in your life that you can appreciate. But you just can’t. And it’s fucking exhausting.