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I’ve never really cared much when a show does a devastating cliffhanger because in the end, you know everything will resolve itself.



I low key know everything is gonna be fine and happy in the end but I’M HIGH KEY IN NERVOUS, HORRIBLE PAIN BC OF THIS DON’T DO THIS TO ME.

I’ll tell you what I want, what i really really want in season 4 and that would be a real obvious sexual tension scene between Bellamy and Clarke. Like walking in on him coming out the shower, or having to touch his bare stomach to patch up a cut and her face turns red and she stutters and hesitates and has to shake her head and you just know that she’s been looking at him differently and I’ll never have to hear the word “platonic” again.

Mama’s Boy: Tom Holland x Reader

Requested:  since I know for a FACT that Tom is a huge Mama’s boy, could you write a funny imagine about how Tom sometimes abandons reader at random places for his mom, and after a while reader’s not having it so she and Tom’s mom end up hanging out and abandoning Tom?

You were visiting Tom’s family in London and you were enjoying yourself, except that Tom nearly left you every second to talk to  or hang with his mom. You admired the fact that he adored his mom but it was a bit frustrating when you wanted to spend time with him and he would randomly leave. 

“Tom!” You called him into his room, “Yes love?” he walked in and quickly shut the door. “You look so sexy.” He licked his lips and walked toward your lace covered figure. He placed rough wet kisses on your bare stomach causing you to moan. He hooked his fingers on the sides of your underwear and slid them down. 

“Tom!” You heard his mom call. “Yes?” She didn’t respond. “Yes!” he yelled again. After not hearing anything he groaned , “I’ll be right back.” He kissed you and adjusted himself. 

After laying on the bed for an hour you sighed and put some clothes on. You walked down stairs to see him helping his mom cook. “Oh hey babe.” He smiled looking up at you. “hi.” You responded back sarcastically. 

“Sorry dear. I just needed him to reach something for me but he wanted to help.” His mom smiled at you. “No problem Mrs. Holland.” You smiled back. It’s not like he got me all hot and bothered and then just vanished.

“Lovely day here in London with my mom and my lovely girlfriend…” Tom was recording. He had his arm draped over your shoulder while his mom took pictures of the scenery. 

“God these bridges suck.” He laughed leading you the not so sturdy bridge. He pointed out some things to you. “So what about this?” You looked behind you and he was gone. “Tom?”

You squinted and saw that he was all the way down the street showing his mom the best angles for her to shoot at. You sighed and walked over o them, “Hey love, where’d you go?”

“I was under the bridge, you were right-”,“Awe that’s good. Look mum!” He pointed to a cloud. 

“Where is he?” You huffed. You were walking alone in the busy shopping district. Your phone was on the almost dead so you didn’t want to waste your battery on him not answering. 

“Honey where is Y/N?” Mrs. Holland asked. “Oh, I-I don’t know.” He looked around for you. “You can’t keep leaving her! Stay here I’ll go find her.” She shook her head at how rude her son was acting and searched for you. 

She saw you bundled up on a bench, “Awe honey.” She ran up to you and saw that you were on the verge of tears. “I’m so sorry about Tom.” She hugged you. 

“You hungry?”, you nodded. She looked behind her, “Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine.” She giggled and grabbed your hand. 

She stopped at a nice small restaurant. “So besides my son being a dick how have you enjoyed it here?”

You laughed not really expecting for her to say that, “Besides that, everything has been nice.”

“Well good.” She smiled and picked up the menu. You two laughed over drinks and ate. Tom was panicking and kept trying to call you both. “Fuck.”

He literally searched every shop and restaurant but by time he reached the place you were eating atr ,you two went to get mani/pedis. 

“He used to wet the bed terribly.” His mom laughed. “No! When did he stop?”

“He’s going to be so bloody pissed but he was 10 when he finally stopped.”

You gasped and giggled, “That’s some toxic information Mrs. H.” You fist bumped her and smiled. 

“What do you want to do next love?” She asked. “Well I could use some new shoes.”

“There you are. I was looking every where for you!” He ran up to you and tried to kiss you but you moved out the way and kept walking. His mom shook her head, “You need to apologize to her, now.”

“W-what did I do?” He asked. “You kept abandoning her!” She pulled his ear, “Ow, mum. Stop.”

“Now you listen to me Thomas Stanley Holland, you apologize to her now. That girl loves you and you kept running to me like she wasn’t here to be with you.”

“But-”, “But nothing, do it now or-or you’re grounded.”

He laughed ,” Ground me. I’m not a kid any more.”, “We’ll just have to tell you father that then.”

“Ugh yes ma’am.” He walked up behind you an placed his around your waist. You jumped up and let out a little scream, “Christ Tom.” He helped carry your bags. “Are you mad at me?”

“That’s like asking if the sky is blue.” You retorted. “Well today it does look a bit grayish-” He stopped when he saw your face. “I’m sorry for leaving you-”, “You need to add for leaving me in a very unfamiliar place.”

“Baby, I am really sorry! I didn’t mean it and it will never happen again.”, “Yeah right.” 

“I’m serious.”

“How about for leaving me in your room naked and horny!” You whispered loudly. “Oh yeah. Shit, I’m really sorry about that.”

You stopped and folded your arms, “I might as well go back home.”, “No. baby please, I swear I’m sorry. I’ll stop leaving you and abandoning you.” He begged. 

“Do you promise?” You asked. “I swear on m-my mom.”

“That’s terrible! Don’t swear on her.” You slapped his chest. “I forgive you, jeez.”

He smiled and leaned in for a kiss, you sighed and kissed him. You two heard a snapping sound and saw his mom snapping pictures of you guys. 

“You guys look great!” She smiled scrolling through the pics. “Oh let me see!” Tom started running over to her but she shook her head and looked at you. “Oh right, sorry.”

Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include...

Requested by two anons

  • Automatically thinking that Veronica was going to be some stuck up, rich bully when you first hear about her
  • But once Archie convinces you to talk to her
  • You find out that she’s actually one of the most amazing (and beautiful) people you’ve met
  • Veronica making the first move
  • Veronica making an effort to make your dates perfect
  • Pop’s being your go-to spot
  • Every time one of you was feeling down, you’d meet up at Pop’s and share a milkshake
  • Going on lots of shopping sprees
  • Ending up making out in the changing rooms
  • And just lots of making out in general
  • Which usually led to sex
  • And while Veronica seemed very classy in everything else
  • She was very rough and dirty during sex
  • Leaving hickeys everywhere on each other’s bodies
  • Having trouble walking the day after
  • Veronica loving to kiss your bare stomach
  • Sending each other nudes
  • And dirty texts during class
  • Making out in the janitor’s closet/locker room when you’re supposed to be in class
  • Sneaking into each other’s rooms at midnight
  • Hermione loving you like her own
  • And your parents loving Veronica too
  • Getting mani-pedis
  • Going to all of the games to see Veronica cheer
  • Being super close with Archie, Betty, and Jughead
  • Both Archie and Betty being lowkey jealous of your relationship
  • Veronica always sending you elaborate gifts whenever you have a fight
  • Like roses
  • And chocolates
  • And necklaces
  • And you always end up forgiving her
  • Not just because of the gifts
  • But because you love each other
  • No matter what

Okay but elf prince Jimin with his beautiful pink hair and in his ruby red and gold elven dresses walking into his shared room with human Jungkook as he gets ready to head off to war. Jimin frowns as he watches his soon to be husband tie his boots up and normally he would appreciate seeing Jungkook shirtless with his muscles on display but now it just makes him worry.

Would Jungkook return with more scars?

Would Jungkook return at all?

The smaller of the two sighs as he walks until he’s in front of Jungkook and he reaches down to help Jungkook tie the strings on his pants. Jungkook chuckles before speaking.

“Are you not going to wish me well?”

Jimin frowns again and looks up as he places his hands on Jungkook’s bare stomach.

“You will come back to me right?”

It’s times like these Jungkook hates being a warrior. Moments like these made his heart hurt ore than the death of any friend. The warrior let out a shaky breath as he cups Jimin’s cheek. Jimin’s shining white eyes are filled with unshed tears and sadness and Jungkook can’t help but pull the elf closer to his body as he presses a kiss to the cotton candy pink hair.

They just stand in their room holding each other. Jimin’s head is pressed right above Jungkook’s chest and he can hear Jungkook’s heart against his ear. He honestly never wants to let go but before he can even think about it Taehyung is walking in alerting him it’s time for Jungkook to leave.

Jimin lets one tear fall and Jungkook wipes it away before pressing one last kiss to Jimin’s lips. The warrior quickly pulls a shirt on and turns to look at his soon to be husband before heading out the door.

“Of course i’ll be back, we have a wedding to plan.”

Also Jimin’s face as he dines in the great hall with Yoongi when suddenly the doors slam open and Namjoon is staring at them with wide eyes. Both elves stand with worry as they near their friend but before they can even ask what’s wrong Namjoon is taking a deep breath. 


Jimin and Yoongi are out the door and running for the front of the castle before they can even think. 

The elf prince watches with a happy smile as the archers arrive first and Yoongi runs straight past him into Taehyung’s awaiting arms with only the ends of his black elven gowns making him look like a shadow. It’s a beautiful sight to see, Yoongi’s blinding smile, as his elven brother holds Taehyung so tightly it actually looks painful for a moment. Since his parents death and Jimin’s father had taken him in the elder had been a dull shadow of what he was. Yoongi had no longer helped the flowers bloom the way he would as a child until Taehyung, the loud archer, had entered his life. 

Now it seemed like flowers bloomed faster through the castle. 

The smile grows as Jimin sees Namjoon nearly trip on the steps in front of the palace as the swordsmen arrive next. A giggle falls from his mouth as he watches the human blush as his husband Seokjin drops his sword just in time to catch him. 

Namjoon never liked to admit it out loud but Jimin could tell he felt it the hardest out of all of them when Seokjin had to leave for war. Although Jimin didn’t know much of Namjoon’s and Seokjin’s relationship he knew the two humans had been allies of the elves for over thirty years and had been together for even longer than that. It was beautiful really. Jimin hoped he and Jungkook would be like that one day. He hoped he and Jungkook would pass the two hundred mark and still be in love the way Namjoon and Seokjin were. 

“Where is Jungkook?” 

Jimin is pulled out of his thoughts and his eyebrows furrow at the question. He notices it then; the main line had arrived and Jungkook was no where in sight. 

Panic clenches at his throat the moment he turns to Seokjin and the eldest shoots him a sad smile. 

“He’s been injured they’ve taken him to the house of healing.” 

Jimin burst through the doors of the House of Healing, ignoring the shouts of his name as servants and healers bow to him. They’re anger surging through him as he looks around for his soon to be husband. 

Park Jimin, prince of the elves, was the best healer in all of the land. Why hadn’t they gotten him dammit? Where the fuck was Jungkook?

Jimin grits his teeth as his fist clenches around the ends of the blood red sleeves of his dresses. He’s so ready to burst when he hears it. 


There on the bed closest to the door Jungkook lays. There’s a nasty deep gash on the warriors stomach and if he looks hard enough Jimin can make out the insides of Jungkook’s body. His heart drops at how pale his lover looks. 


Jimin shoves at healers and places his hands over the gash. His white eyes glisten with unshed tears and focuses on the healing spell he conjures. The healers around look with wide amazed looks as Jimin’s hands glow red enough to match his dresses and the normally white pupil filled eyes of the elf prince shine golden as he begins speaking old elven language even Jungkook doesn’t know. 

When he moves his hands the wound is closed, leaving only a pale pink scar its past. Jimin lets himself fall onto Jungkook’s chest as he gently smacks at the warrior. 

Jungkook chuckles. 

“I told you i would be back, what color do you want your wedding dress to be?” 

“Your skin is so fine I can see the blood moving beneath it,” Jamie said, tracing the path of a sunbeam across my bare stomach. “I could follow the veins from your hand to your heart.” He drew his finger gently up my wrist to the bend of the elbow, up the inner side of my upper arm, and across the slope below my collarbone.

“That’s the subclavian vein,” I remarked, looking down my nose at the path of his tracking finger.

“Is it? Oh, aye, because it’s below your clavicle. Tell me some more.” The finger moved slowly downward. “I like to hear the Latin names for things; I never dreamed it would be so pleasant to make love to a physician.”

“That,” I said primly, “is an areola, and you know it, because I told you last week.”

“So ye did,” he murmured. “And there’s another one, fancy that.” The bright head dipped to let his tongue replace the finger, then traveled lower.

“Umbilicus,” I said with a short gasp.

“Um,” he said, muffled lips stretching in a smile against my transparent skin. “And what’s this, then?”

“You tell me,” I said, clutching his head. But he was incapable of speech.

- Outlander, Chapter 24

  A Morning Kiss

Juvia let out a peaceful sigh as she woke up from her slumber. She blinked her brown eyes before giving them a gentle rub. Sitting up carefully, she turn to observe the two still sleeping boys. Gray laid flat on his back, the covers pulled up to his hips. He had his left arm resting on his bare stomach and his right tucked underneath the pillow. Their almost three-year-old son, Silvur, laid beside his father in the exact same position. She smiled as she crawled out of bed carefully so she didn’t wake them.

Quietly, Juvia went to the bathroom to do her morning routine before she headed to the kitchen. Her stomach gave a soft grumble and she laughed, placing a hand on her swollen stomach. She was currently seven months along, and though she didn’t care what she would be having, she was secretly hoping for a little girl. But if she happened to have a little boy again, she would be fine… Her and Gray could always try for a little girl later on, anyways.

“Yes, Mommy knows your hungry,” she told her unborn child with a soft laugh as she searched the fridge for pancake mix.

She heated up the oven and began mixing the ingredients for the pancakes, eggs and bacon before she turned on the coffee maker. She wasn’t a huge fan of coffee, she much preferred hot chocolate; however, her husband loved it. She knew the smell would wake him up.

The pot of coffee was almost completely full, and Juvia was on her third pancake when she heard the familiar footsteps.

“Mommy,” Silvur’s sleepy voice greeted as he rubbed his dark eyes.

Juvia turned around with a wide smile to see both her boys. Even in the cold of winter they were only clad in their boxers.

“Good mornin’,” Gray yawned, walking over  to Juvia. She smiled, meeting him halfway for a good morning kiss before she turned and kissed their son, too.

“Good morning,” Juvia smiled, turning her attention back to the food.

Gray placed Silvur in his booster seat at the table before fixing a cup with warm milk in it. He placed a secure lid with a spout on it before handing it to his son. He soon fixed him a cup of coffee before fixing Juvia some hot chocolate as she finished the breakfast.

With the help of Gray, she set the table and soon they began eating. Their table was small, and with Silvur in the middle of them it was a little cramped.

“I guess we’ll need to be buying a new table before the new baby gets big enough to eat at it too,” Gray commented, thinking the same thing Juvia had.

She smiled at him, “Juvia thinks so too. Is it good?” She asked her son, who by the sticky mess on his face, she would say he was enjoying it.

“Mmh…” Silvur hummed, shoving more eggs into his mouth with his fingers. He picked up a piece of pancake that Juvia had cut up for him and dipped it in his syrup before making a trail with the sticky sweet liquid to his mouth.

“It’s Gray-sama’s turn to bathe him,” Juvia spoke, giving a sly glance at her husband.

He let out a small groan, “Come on, Ur…did ya really have to make this big of a mess?”

The boy just simply nodded, stuffing his face more and Gray laughed softly. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped, your Mommy’s cooking is delicious.” He caught Juvia’s sparkling eyes and he sent her wink that made her grin. Their life wasn’t perfect, and that was fine with them because they knew they’d be okay as long as they had each other.

*cries into my pillow* give me domestic Gruvia, pls. 


You hear your phone ringing. You know exactly who it is, you made the ringtone your favorite song from his old band.

“Hey babe,” you answer.

“Hey, uh, Y/N?”

“Who is this?” you snap, confused by the female voice on the other end.

“It’s Kaya, from Dylan’s-”

“Why are you calling from his phone?”

“Something happened,” her serious, sad, almost pitiful tone makes your stomach drop. You barely hear her next words.

“It was an accident, I’m not even completely sure what happened exactly. But they took him to the hospital-”

“The hospital?” you repeat dreadfully.


“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

Kaya tries to calm you down on the other end, but you hear nothing but your own short, rapid breaths. It takes almost 10 minutes for your brain to start functioning again.

“What-what hospital is he at? How long has he been there? How badly is he hurt?” are just a few of the questions that you begin spouting.

Kaya says again how she doesn’t really know anything but she does give you an address. Immediately you grab your keys and rush to the hospital. You get there as quickly as possible and fly to the receptionist’s desk.

“Hi I’m here for Dylan O'Brien, can you tell me where he is?”

“I’m sorry, we cannot give out personal information.”

“But I’m his-”

“Y/N!” you hear a familiar voice shout.

“Oh my god, thank god,” you say as you run to hug Julia.

“Hey Y/N, we’re all over here. He just got out of surgery, the doctors say he’ll be fine-” she says walking you into his room where his parents and a few friends are waiting.

“Hi honey,” his mom greets, wrapping you into another O’Brien hug, “he just woke up and he’s asking for you. He’s a little groggy, but we’ll give you the room for a few minutes.”

You wait as patiently and politely as you can outside the door as people leave his room. As soon as everyone has piled out, you rush to Dylan’s bedside.

“Dylan,” you say breathlessly. 

He looks at you dreamily, definitely still feeling the medication the doctors pumped through him. “Hi,” is all he manages, taking you in.

He looks so small and fragile lying in the hospital bed. It scares you how weak he appears.

“I was so worried,” you cry, tears streaming down your face.

His eyes are closed, but he squeezes your hand when he says, “It’s allll good. I’m great. The docs really know their stuff here.”

You laugh, but it doesn’t sound like your normal laugh. This laugh is mixed with too many tears to be recognizable to you.

This time when Dylan speaks, his eyes are open, trying very hard to focus on you, “Babe I love you.”

“I love you too,” you reply, tears still rolling but forcing a smile. “Get some rest, you must be tired. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Good,” he smiles blissfully, already falling asleep. 

Dangerous Woman (Part 6)🌙

A/N: I’m finally back with Part 6 after what seems like forever! I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting, so I hope the moodboards I posted kept everyone satisfied last night hehehe (there’s more to be posted, not to worry!). In this part, there is a lot of emotional manipulation, so please be warned! Take everything lightly, okay, my babes? Enjoy, and please leave some feedback when you’re done! x

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Emotional manipulation, mentions of firearms, slight violence, asshole Chanyeol

Genre: Thriller(?)

Summary: Just Chanyeol being an asshole and Luhan freaking out.

Word Count: 6976

Soundtrack: Bad Things // MGK, Camila Cabello

Originally posted by darkcaeol

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | PART 6

Luhan is awakened by incessant meowing in his ear, accompanied by the soft pad of paws across his bare stomach. With a groan, the drug lord rolls over onto his side and buries his face further into the pillows, drowsily ignoring the meowing which just seems to increase in its volume.

Something soft and fluffy swishes across his face, tickling his nose and he emits a startling sneeze, bolting upright as a result. Rudely jolted awake from his dead-like slumber, Luhan glances around him grumpily, searching for the source of his disturbance. A ginger cat is seated on his hunches beside him, tail flicking from side to side urgently while repeated meows spill from him as he gazes up at the drug lord with murky eyes.


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