stomach ache

stomach ache starter dialogue

Use ‘em however ya want…


• “Ughh, I’m so bloated…”
• “Could you grab me some antacid?”
• “I can’t believe I ate all that…”
• “Oofff ow, crampcrampcramp…”
• “I… think it’s getting worse.”
• “Man, my gut is killing me.”
• “Oohhh, I gotta lie down…”
• “Feels like I’m about to explode…”


• “You’re looking kinda green, there.”
• “Oh jeez, you are bloated!”
• “Want me to see if I can find the heating pad?”
• “Maybe this’ll teach you not to abuse the buffet line.”
• “Are you nauseous?”
• “Where is it hurting? Does it feel like you need to go to a doctor?”
• “Need a tummy rub?”
• “I know it hurts, but you need to drink water to stay hydrated.”

stomach ache/nausea starters

“Are you okay in there? You’ve been throwing up for half an hour.”
“I think I’m going to be sick…”
“You keep clutching your stomach, are you okay?”
“You look like you’re in pain, what’s going on?”
“How’s your stomach ache? Still just as bad?”
“Here, let me help you to the bathroom.”
“Sometimes it’s better to just get the throwing up over with. It usually feels better afterwards.”
“Let me get you a glass of water and some painkillers.”
“Is it your period? I’ll get you a hot water bottle.”
“I need painkillers.”
“Did you go to the doctor with this? You’ve been having stomach aches all month.”
“Have you been sick again? You look pale.”
“You should eat something. I know you don’t want to, but please do it for me?”
“What’s going on? Why are you always sick?”
“Maybe the doctor was wrong? I’d go back and check again? The pain still isn’t going away.”
“Don’t be scared. I’m here. Throwing up feels scarier than it is.”
“Don’t worry about the rug, I can wash it. Are you okay?”
“How long have you been feeling like this?”
“Do you know what could be causing it?”
“Is it something you ate?”
“Can I do anything?”
“I’m really worried about you… please go and see a doctor.”
“Just try to calm down. The painkillers will start working soon…”
“Maybe you should try to get some sleep and we’ll see how you feel when you wake up again.”
“I can’t stop throwing up.”
“Did you eat something you’re allergic to? What do I need to do?”
“I’m having an allergic reaction.”
“Is it that bad? How bad does a stomach ache have to get before I should call a doctor?”
“You have to keep drinking small sips or the dehydration will make you feel worse.”

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Aiden and Blake go on choir tour in Asia, and as per Aiden wants to try all the local cuisine. Unfortunately, the sudden change in diet doesn't sit well and he spends a miserable night feeling crampy and nauseous

A/N: Guys, this is a CELEBRATORY fic! As I’m a total geek with numbers and everything, it turns out that when I post this fic it will be my 100th sickfic on this blog!!! 😁 Major, major thanks to everyone in this community! I never imagined I’d get to this number! I really hope you enjoy! 😁 💙

Everything was loud.

Bright lights hung above each stall, and strains of different pieces of music caught the boys’ ears as they were jostled through the packed street. Mouth watering smells wafted past them at every few feet, and the sounds of pans clanging on portable stoves and people ordering food in short, sharp bursts of Mandarin that sounded foreign and lyrical at the same time.

“This is insane!” Aiden called out, giving his boyfriend’s waist a gentle squeeze.

“It is certainly that!” Blake responded affirmatively, laughing merrily at the look of wide-eyed wonder on Aiden’s face, like a little kid at Christmas time.

The choir had arrived in Taipei late the night before, and after their first day acclimatising to the humidity, heat and time difference – and visiting the first venue of their tour. When they arrived back at the hostel, the receptionist had advised that they check out the local night market. Now they were here, and it was like an explosion of culture so intense that the group were marvelling in sheer awe. They were drawing odd looks from the crowds, but that could have been expected when thirty white people appeared like a swarm out of nowhere. Blake noticed that Aiden, in particular, drew prolonged stares, and after a few minutes of them walking through the streets Aiden seemed to notice as well.

“Is it just me…” He asked in a low voice which was barely audible over the chattering crowds, “or is everyone staring at me?”

“I thought so too,” Blake laughed slightly, “I think it’s because you’re ginger!”

“Oh… I’d never thought of that!” Aiden said, running his hand ruefully through his hair. “So, what do you want to do first?” Blake asked, once they’d managed to successfully navigate a full circle of all there was on offer in the stalls. Not too far away they could see Ben, the conductor, and Quentin tucking into some strange looking food that they were battling with chopsticks.

“Food!” Aiden replied, and Blake grinned – he’d expected that answer. Whenever they went to a new country, the first thing that Aiden wanted to do was sample the cuisine, and he’d been exited about this trip into the more oriental parts of Asia.

“How did I know?” Blake gave Aiden’s hand a squeeze as they began their next circulation of the market.

“Ben!” Aiden called out, using his free hand to wave at them and when Ben noticed who it was, he beckoned them across to join them. His mouth was still full; Blake looked down into the small tub, similar to an individual ice cream tub, that Ben was holding in his hand and wrinkled his nose.

“What is that?” Blake asked, unable to hide the revulsion from his face, and Quentin broke into a fit of giggles.

“It’s stinky tofu!” Ben explained once he’d swallowed what was in his mouth; he thrust the tub under Blake’s nose. “It stinks but tastes great! Wanna try some?”

“No!” Blake shoved Ben’s hand away as he struggled to keep himself from retching.

“Yes!” Aiden had spoken simultaneously, and Blake turned to look at him. “Of course I want to try some!” Blake simply shook his head as Aiden fished money out from his pocket and began to point at the image of what he wanted. Within moments he’d been handed his own tub and was diving into it.

“Good God…” Blake watched Aiden and tried not to cringe; he hoped that Aiden wouldn’t expect him to kiss him after eating that.

“It’s good!” Aiden told him, nodding appreciatively as he chewed. “You wanna try some of mine?” He offered Blake, who shook his head violently.

“No thanks,” Blake took a small step back. “I don’t want to have a reaction.”

Mmmm,” Aiden gave a small shrug as though acknowledging this as a legitimate reason.

“Oh, have you guys tried the tea?” Ben asked, waving his hand in the direction that Aiden and Blake had been walking. “What’s it called again?” Ben frowned at Quentin.

“Boba!” Quentin supplied quickly.

“Yeah, that one!” Ben nodded. “You guys should try it! It’s like sweet, and has these bubble things in it – oh you should just go and try it!” He finished rather fiercely as he saw the grins on their faces.

“We’ll check it out!” Aiden agreed, snaking his arm around Blake’s waist again as they set off along the street to find more things to try.

“Well that,” Aiden leant backwards slightly on the low grass verge they were sitting on, “was amazing.” Blake had been leaning gently against his boyfriend as they watched the vendors from the market clearing away as the throngs of people had dissipated.

“Is that your compulsion to taste local cuisine quelled?” Blake asked as Aiden patted his stomach looking very satisfied.

“I think that’s a great start!” Aiden commented, nodding. “I’d have love to try some of that mango ice thing though!”

“I honestly don’t know where you put it all!” Blake shook his head, looking at his boyfriend’s midriff which looked as flat as ever, even though Aiden had consumed at least three big portions of noodles, tofu and bread like substances – and then all the additional extras!

Aiden simply gave a nervous chuckle, then said: “Should we get back to the hostel then?”

“Yeah, I suppose we should,” Blake agreed, slipping his hand back into Aiden’s; Aiden leant in to kiss him, but “Blake put his hand in front of Aiden’s mouth very quickly. “If you think I’m gonna kiss you after you ate that stinky tofu stuff, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Aaaw,” Aiden pouted slightly, but he accepted it with good humour. “Come on.”

The streets were so bright and colourful, the two of them could barely walk a few feet without someone spotting something else of interest. They ambled along, talking about the rest of their tour, the other choir members who were there too, and Blake spent a good five minutes worrying over how Jack would be getting on without them. When they reached the hostel they were staying in, Blake felt ready to head to bed – the humidity was beginning to get to him, but Aiden didn’t seem so keen.

“Can we sit in the lounge area for a bit?” He asked pleadingly. “I could do with some water…”

“Oh okay,” Blake gave in. The sofas in the lounge area were full of other choir members, and some of the tables were occupied by other residents who were eating; Aiden had collapsed into one of the chairs at a table, and Blake got them both some water and sat down across from him.

“Thanks,” Aiden mumbled, taking a sip of the water. They lapsed into silence, and Blake watched his boyfriend as those around them carried out their own conversations.

After a little while, Blake realised that Aiden was being unusually quiet; peering across at him, he noticed that there was sweat across his brow. Perhaps that was because of the heat, he reasoned with himself, although the air conditioning inside the building meant that he wasn’t feeling so sticky anymore. Then, as Aiden took a small drink from the water bottle, he noticed Aiden’s free hand was resting awkwardly on his abdomen.

“Are you alright Aiden?” He asked, breaking the silence that had settled.

Hmmm?” He looked round at Blake, then gave a quick unconvincing smile. “Oh yeah.”

“Are you sure?” Blake leant forwards, leaning his elbows on the table top; and Aiden stared across at him.

“My stomach’s a little bit unsettled…” He answered honestly, his voice rather low.

“I’m not surprised!” Blake raised his eyebrows. “With all that different stuff you ate at the market!”

“Mmmm…” Aiden hummed gently, looking a little resigned, and that only concerned Blake more.

“I might have something for indigestion in my case, if that’d help?” Blake offered.

“Nah,” Aiden shook his head, “I think I’ll be alright.” He lapsed into silence again, staring intensely at the top of his water bottle.

Not wanting to press the issue too far, Blake said no more – but he watched Aiden closely for the next few minutes. With some concern Blake saw Aiden begin to shuffle in his seat, unable to get comfortable it seemed; then the colour started to drain out of Aiden’s face, leaving a grey tinge to his cheeks.

“Aiden, you’re not looking so good…” Blake commented lowly, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to him. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Mmm… No,” Aiden shook his head, turning further in his chair to look directly at Blake. At this admission, Blake was utterly concerned – it was unusual of Aiden to admit that he wasn’t feeling well. “Something’s not agreeing with me; my stomach’s really quite sore…” Aiden’s hand moved to press into his abdomen and he began to rub it back and forth.

“Can I do anything to help?” Blake questioned, watching as Aiden grimaced momentarily with pain.

“I don’t know…” Aiden mumbled, he was leaning forwards so his head was nearly on the table top.

“Do you feel sick?” Blake asked.

“Not quite…” Aiden replied, trying to straighten himself up again.

“Not quite? What does that mean?”

“I feel a bit nauseous, but it’s not too bad,” he said, closing his eyes. In the background, the bunch of other choir members who had been occupying the sofas left, presumably heading to bed.

“Shall we go and sit on the sofa?” Blake suggested, standing up from the table, and fastening his hand around Aiden’s wrist as Aiden nodded. Worryingly, his face paled even further as he stood up from the table and crossed to the sofa. When he sat down he leant back into the cushions, his hand still resting on his stomach. Aiden closed his eyes as he sat there, and Blake could see his chest rising and falling as he took deep breaths.

“Oh man, I shouldn’t have ate so much…” Aiden groaned, his voice sounded thicker than usual, and Blake could almost distinguish the nausea present in his tone.

“Don’t worry, take it easy,” Blake soothed, running his fingers across Aiden’s forehead and feeling how clammy it was.

“I really don’t feel well,” he muttered, “I feel like my stomach’s in a washing machine…”

“Come here,” Blake hooked his arm around Aiden’s neck and gently pulled him in. “Coory into me and rest.”

Aiden nestled his head in the groove of Blake’s shoulder, but Blake could feel him moving restlessly every few seconds – his whole body twitching as cramps wracked through his abdomen. Blake stroked his fingers up and down Aiden’s arm, unsure of what to do for his boyfriend but wanting to help. Aiden’s exhales were beginning to sound more and more like whimpers, the pain overriding his desire not to be heard.

“Aiden?” Blake whispered gently, he was going to suggest that they go up to the dorm so he could lie down, but was interrupted.

Hic!” Aiden’s eyes opened wide as a thick hiccup burst from him; instantly Blake knew this meant trouble.

“Are you going to be sick?” He asked quickly, his arm going to Aiden’s elbow, primed to help him up if necessary.

“I think so…” Aiden replied weakly, nodding his head.

“Right, come on,” Blake pulled Aiden to his feet, and with his hand firmly around his waist steered him out of the lounge.

As they were crossing the small courtyard which separated the dorm buildings from the reception.

Hic! I’m not gonna – hic – make it,” he struggled to get his words out and Blake could see him swallowing convulsively.

“You can,” Blake encouraged, “come on.”

But Aiden shook his head, his hand going up to his mouth suddenly as his chest gave a massive heave.

Hhmmmmmrrrrlll!” Aiden buckled forward at his waist as he tried to hold back a retch. Blake’s heart began to pound in his chest as he watched Aiden’s cheeks bulge out behind his hand and he fought hard. “Hmmmmrrrrfffl!” Blake rested his hand in the small of Aiden’s back, just as he saw a sudden dripping of liquid forcing through Aiden’s fingers.

“Alright Aiden,” Blake said soothingly, tucking Aiden’s fringe behind his ear with some difficulty as he was still gagging wetly against his hand. “Don’t hurt yourself, let it out.”

Guuuhuuuuuuuuurrrrrrk!” Blake winced as he heard a renewed gush of sick forcing up Aiden’s throat and landing with a splatter onto the asphalt; Blake rubbed his hand in a circle as Aiden took some shuddering breaths in, saliva still dripping from his mouth. Blake was about to suggest that they keep moving, when Aiden’s shoulders rolled forward again violently: “Hicccuuuuuuurrrrrggghhhlllll!”

Aiden was trembling so severely that Blake had to brace his arm around his chest so he didn’t fall forwards, still able to hear and feel his body convulsing to bring up another wave of sick. The puddle of vomit was growing extensively – and Blake could recognise the partially digested noodles and bubble tea among the mass, which was splattered on both of their shoes.

“Ssshh, sssshhh….” Blake held tight onto him as another gargling heave brought more puke up.

Hhhkkkkkhiiirrrk!” Aiden’s heaves grew drier, and he continued to convulse against Blake’s arm.

“Oh Aiden, I think you’re empty hon…” Blake told him, trying to move the part of Aiden’s fringe which had freed itself as he vomited.

Mmmhmm…” Aiden nodded, breathing raggedly as he tried to regain composure.

“That’s it, take deep breaths…” Blake encouraged, still rubbing gentle circles into his back.

“I think-” Aiden’s voice was hoarse as he tried to speak, “I don’t think my tummy’s ready for local food yet.”

“Maybe not,” Blake agreed, attempting to manoeuvre the weak-kneed Aiden over into the dorm building without stepping in the puddle of sick. “I think I’d maybe stick to plain noodles for a little while…”

Urgh… yeah,” Aiden groaned as he allowed Blake to lead him. “Like for the rest of the trip…”

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Chuuya with a stomach bug that sets in during a mission with Dazai but they can't leave the mission unfinished?

A/N: Drugs are mentioned in this, just a heads up. A keep reading will be put on this in a bit, just about to figure it out now.

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10? S P A C E C O C A I N E??

Heyyyy Jack and all the number 10 people your moment has come (10 is drugs, like, swallowed in bags for smuggling purposes).

So this is something Dash does wayyy less of now, but definitely did more of in his younger days when smuggling multiple bags of space drugs in your guts seemed like “not such a big deal” to him. What an idiot. I’m assuming he’d ingest “dime bags” made of material that couldn’t be broken down by his stomach acid (or he’d put them in the other way but let’s be honest, digestion is more fun).

First and foremost, if there were too many bags, and the trip from pickup to drop-off was too long, there would definitely be symptoms of abdominal discomfort: distension, cramping, tenderness, nausea… and overall general malaise on top of all that. He’d probably get bloated enough from indigestion alone that he’d need to let out a belt notch.

And thennnnn let’s say one or more of the bags does manage to break apart inside of him. That is going to be very, very bad. Drastically worsening abdominal pain and cramping (not just from his insides’ exposure to the drugs but also from the inevitable overdose), sweating, heart palpitations, paranoia, dizziness, shakes, chest pain, vomiting, the whole nine yards. 

Song of Sickness!

Written for an idea that @lickstynine suggested! What a great idea, I know of lots of songs with sickfic worthy phrases but the one I chose was:

Mr Brightside - The Killers

The lyrics that inspired this fic are “now I’m going to bed, and my stomach is sick”. I’ve loosely used this phrase in my dialogue near the end, but I had to tweak them slightly to fit! Enjoy!

“Ste?…” Fae calls out upon entering her flat.

“Mmm in here…” comes the mumbled reply. Fae heads into the lounge to find a weak and sickly looking Ste curled up under a blanket on the couch. His face looks positively grey and he appears to be hugging his tummy as though it’s hurting him.

“Oh darling, you’re not well!” Fae exclaims at the appalling sight of him. He was fine when she left yesterday afternoon… “Why didn’t you ring me? I’d have come home right away!”

“I WAS fine…” Ste groans. “Ohhh my stomach…” he moans again, seeming to forget the rest of what he wanted to say as another cramp grips his stomach and makes him curl up harder, moaning pitifully.

“You look terrible honey… how long have you been feeling like this? Is your tummy hurting you?”

“My stomach is really messed up right now… I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I was fine last night…” Ste grumbles, massaging his upset belly with a pained look on his pale face.

“Oh Ste, your immune system is awful…you must of picked up that bug that Jax had last week…”

Ste just groans miserably, holding his stomach tightly. “I only stepped through the door before Kal practically kicked me out again- he’s so overprotective of Jax when he’s ill! I don’t know how I POSSIBLY could have caught it!”

“Ughhhh…” he groans again, looking highly nauseous and uncomfortable, hunched in on his rebelling body.

“Let’s just get you to bed, you poor thing. I think you’re in for a long night…”

“I can’t go to bed… my stomach is sick… I think I might throw up…” Ste admits.

“You need to rest. I’ll put a bowl by your bed just in case, ok? I’ll get you some medicine to see if that helps your poorly tummy and then I’ll give you a cuddle, how does that sound?” Fae reasons with him.

“I’ll get you sick. I’m probably contagious…” Ste whimpers. He’d never forgive himself if Fae got ill too because of him.

“I won’t.” Fae replies firmly. “I’m looking after you, and that’s that.”

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Maybe a sickfic where yurio catches a stomach bug during Japan visit and yuuko takes care of him? Like she volunteered to. She takes him in (much to the triplet's liking) cooks for him, gives him required medicine and strokes his back when hes puking. And yurio is grateful and almost doesn't admit it cos he's a little shy when it comes to showing genuine feelings? I just love their cute platonic relationship.

Yurio was always sensitive when it came to traveling. Driving was the worse mode of transportation for the ice skater. He was on his way to Japan to visit Viktor and Yuuri, it was a while since he had a break. 

The morning Yurio woke up to head to the airport he felt off, he didn’t feel sick he just felt tired. Yurio knew he could sleep on the plane and hope once he landed he would be able to enjoy his trip. 

When the plane touched down in Japan and Yurio he didn’t feel well at all, he got his bags and moved slower than usual the people waiting to get off the plane were growing impatient, but he didn’t care.

Yurio made his way to the pick up and drop off area, he was dizzy and lightheaded. Maybe I’m just hungry he thought, he hoped.

Viktor sent a car to pick him up and Yurio was revealed this way he didn’t have to hear Viktor ask him questions about Russia and skating and what not. The motion of the car was beginning to make the skater nauseous. He prayed to make it to the inn and go straight to sleep.

A little while later the car pulled in front of the hot spring and Yurio got out and thanked the driver. He headed inside waving to Yuuri’s family and quickly made his way to his room. Yurio’s belly began to gurgle and rumble unhappily, he decided he would unpack later and for now just rest.

Yurio was woken up to someone knocking on his door. He sat up and his belly gurgled in protest. His hand went flying to his mouth and he bolted to the bathroom. Yurio heaved before a rush a vomit spilled past his lips. The bathroom door opened and a hand began rubbing circles on his back.

“Get it all up, you’ll feel better.” Yuuko’s spoke.

“What are you doing here?” Yurio asked in between bouts of puking.

“I heard you were coming in today, everyone has been looking for you.”

“I’ve been in room, I’m not feeling too good.” If that wasn’t obvious enough. 

Yuuko raised the back of her hand to Yurio’s head. 

“You do feel really warm. Let’s get you back to bed.” Yurio nodded and accepted her help. 

As soon as the triplets found out their mom was taking care of the Russian tiger cause he was sick, they headed over to the inn. Yuuko told Viktor and Yuuri she would take care of Yurio, she didn’t mind at all. The girls helped too.

“You let me know if you need anything okay?” Yuuko told Yurio who nodded. 

A little while later Yurio wasn’t feeling any better, they moved out of his room and a little closer to where the common area was so Yuuko could take better care of Yurio.

He sat up and was feeling extremely dizzy, he heaved and his hand went over his mouth.

“Mom!” One of the girls shouted. Yuuko quickly hurried over to the sick blonde and handed him a basin. One nauseous belch was enough to bring up stomach bile.

“I’ll get you some water.” Yuuko told Yurio. She came back and he took the water. “Try not too drink to fast, you’ll make your tummy worse.

Yurio was grateful for Yuuko and her girls. When he was feeling a little better he was able to eat a little bit and luckily it stayed down. He knew if he ever got sick again Yuuko was now the only person he wanted to take care of him.

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U, P, H for Zak?

I might have gone overboard with the torture, idk. Feel better love x

“He’s in his room love, I’m sure he’d love to see you if you have the time…” Zak’s mum trailed off, looking hopefully at the young man shifting foot to foot in her doorstep.

Finn’s eyes, of course, lit up at the suggestion. “Oh I certainly have time, thank you Mrs Khalidi,” he exclaimed.

Mrs Khalidi rolled her eyes as she stepped to one side to let him in. “Finn, please, call me Nadia, or I may have to start referring to you as Mr McGregor.”

Finn stopped at the foot of the stairs, one hand on the bannister. “Good Lord, please don’t! Mr McGregor is my father not me.” He chuckled good naturedly as he started up the stairs.

Zak had been off college since the beginning of the week, and Finn could tell how miserable his boyfriend had been from how erratic his replies had become. After being sent home on Monday, Zak had been conspicuously absent from social media - there had been no strings of whiny tweets, or spamming of memes on Facebook; he hadn’t even logged onto his computer games since the weekend!

Cautiously, he pushed open the door, taking a minute for his eyes to adjust to the gloom. Zak was curled on the bed in only a vest and his boxers, covers pushed back haphazardly like he’d kicked them off in frustration. There was a bucket next to the bed, and the whole room had the faint tang of vomit and musk of sickness, although it was clear that his mother had aired the room out earlier that day. He lifted his head slightly when he heard the door click shut, tight curls splaying unkempt from where they had rested on the sheet.

“Finn? That you?” His voice quavered, husky from nearly four days worth of fever and retching.

“Zak, baby,” Finn was crouched by the bed in a second, one arm cradled round Zak’s back. Zak had always been skinny, but Finn was certain he could feel bones where he hadn’t felt them before - testament to how hard this stomach bug had hit him. “I’ve been so worried about you,” he breathed.

Zak pushed against his shoulder weakly, but Finn wouldn’t budge. “You should stay away.” He croaked. “You don’t want this, it’s -uhhhhhhnnnngg-” He broke off with a groan as pain radiated through his middle. Trying to alleviate the cramps tearing through him, his legs writhed uselessly and he struggled to bite back a sob. If he started crying he wasn’t sure he would be able to stop.

Finn crawled into bed next to him, keeping one arm securely around his back as he did so. Gently, he held the smaller boy to his chest, feeling the shudders of pain that ran through his body. Zak always got terrible stomach aches when he was sick, and Finn had had to get used to the fact that he really couldn’t make them better. “Easy, easy,” he murmured softly as Zak clutched at him, pressing his face into Finn’s chest. Finn could feel a telltale dampness seeping into his shirt where Zak’s face was. “I’ve got you babe, I’ve got you. It’ll pass soon.”

They lay together, in the dark, and the pain ebbed and Zak’s breathing evened out. Every so often, Finn felt his whole body hum with tension as smaller shards of pain lanced through his belly, aftershocks to the initial tremor, and the whole time he kept one hand steadily rubbing circles on Zak’s back, a constant anchor while the boy was adrift in misery.

“You should -” Zak began again, once he was able to speak.

“I’m not leaving,” Finn cut in firmly, “not when you’re in a state like this. Don’t ask me again.”

Zak grumbled something incomprehensible but made no move to push Finn away again, instead opting to cling to him like a limpet, tangling their legs so that their bodies were pressed against each other and he was nestled safely in Finn’s arms. Finn pressed a kiss to the top of his head, still rubbing his back slowly. Zak smelt like stale sweat and stomach acid and bleach and fabric conditioner, and clearly hadn’t showered in days, but Finn was so worried about him he barely noticed.

Ten minutes later when his mother bustled in, Zak had dozed off. He woke as she laid a tray of soup down at the foot of the bed, the sweet, salty smell turning his stomach. He’d been in a pretty constant state of nausea for too long now, and putting things into his belly only made it worse. He was so sick of throwing up, and he was so comfortable just lying there with Finn’s warm body keeping him cosy.

“Mama, please…” he trailed off as she fixed him with a stern glare. There was no getting round her today, he could tell. Finn shifted to sit up, pulling Zak with him, and Zak let his body lol against Finn’s, too exhausted to keep himself steady.

“Just eat something, please sweetheart,” Finn wheedled, all too aware of Zak’s reluctance. “You’ve lost so much weight it’s starting to scare me.”

He pulled the tray towards them, exchanging a knowing look with Mrs Khalidi as he did so. Kissing Zak on one hollow cheek, he handed him one of the bowls, taking the other for himself. Nadia had sat down on the end of the bed as soon as Finn had moved the soup, and now she was watching her son carefully as he swirled his spoon around his bowl.

“Only a few spoonfuls, that’s all,” Finn was practically begging now, and Zak knew that ultimately the guilt trip would work. He lifted the spoon to his mouth and took a tentative sip of broth. Almost as soon as he had, nausea exploded in his belly filling his mouth with saliva, and he squeezed his eyes shut for a moment.

“Babe, you alright?” Finn’s voice rang in his ear, alarmed and echoey. Zak nodded.

“This…this is lovely Mama, thank you,” he forced out bravely, swallowing down another spoonful. Through a combination of sheer stubbornness, and tightly controlled deep breaths, he made it through about a third of the bowl before he pushed it away with a moan, dropping his head back onto Finn’s shoulder. He felt more than heard Finn clearing away the cutlery, his own bowl scraped clean. Then Finn’s fingers were in his tangled hair, combing through it gently, a beautiful distraction from the increasingly urgent nausea.

“You did good Zak,” Finn murmured, as Mrs Khalidi picked up the tray.

Zak closed his eyes, swallowing as his stomach jerked dangerously. “Don’ feel well,” he mumbled miserably into Finn’s collarbone.

As soon as he heard his mum start down the stairs, he lunged across Finn’s lap so that he was hovering over the bucket when the first heave ripped through him. It was unproductive, and he spat into the bucket before the next shuddering retch. His stomach clenched over and over, desperate to be rid of the measly amount of dinner he’d forced down, and he was left coughing at the pain in his chest from the series of empty heaves. His belly twitched again and he belched hollowly, little puffs of air that lodged behind his sternum before bubbling up. Finn had a hand on his shoulder, and a hand on his stomach, and he was suddenly aware that there were tears running down his cheeks, dripping off his nose in the bucket.

Ulllmmmph -hurrrrk’eeuuuurrggghhhh” With loud retch, he brought up a trickle of soup, that dripped pitifully off his lower lip. Sniffing, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Hmmmmmmk” Another strained, sobbing heave hit him, and he tipped further forwards off the bed.

“Zak babe, I think you’re done,” Finn said, somewhat sharply.

“Nooo,” Zak moaned, shaking his head. “There’s still -hurrrk- something le -uuurrrggghh- left,” His speech was punctuated with gags, his head hanging in the bucket.

“No sweets,” Finn responded, gentler now, “no I don’t think so.” He pulled Zak up into his lap, cradling him through the awful dry heaving.

“I think,” he started nervously, “I think I should go talk to your mam about this. You might need to be looked at by a doctor.”

Zak looked up at him tearfully.

“I just want to feel better.“

  • Fiance: hey does your stomach hurt
  • Me: oh yes it does
  • Fiance: oh god mine does too do you think it's from dinner?? Did we catch something??? I don't want the stomach flu omg
  • Me: WHOA OL' HOSS. My stomach hurts all the time. It is one of the Eternal Hurts. You asking if my stomach hurts is like asking if the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
  • Fiance: so I'm on my own with this stomach ache?
  • Me: yup. But I have Sprite and Zantac for you?

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I've seen a lot of 707 taking care of Saeran when he's sick fics but what about the reverse? Sick Saeyoung caretaker a very anoyed Saeran

When Seven began feeling tired that afternoon, he thought it was just from staying up late the night before. Well, it could have been, but it was only just the beginning of the problem. As he worked, hacking away, Seven started to feel hot and lightheaded. Again, this wasn’t suspicious enough for him to question it. The room could have been hot for any number of reasons. Besides, he had been working hard all day, so it was only natural for him to feel a little strange. Seven dismissed all the strange sensations he was experiencing, promising himself a nap when he got home today.

By the time Seven got home, his temperature had gone all the way from burning hot to ice cold. It was the middle of summer, and yet his skin was covered in goosebumps. Seven stepped inside and was greeted by Saeran.
“Did you buy the ice cream?” Saeran asked, expression bright with hope. His eyes searched Seven for shopping bags, and his face quickly fell. Seven blinked in surprise. He hadn’t even thought about Saeran and the ice cream. Had he really been that distracted?
“Sorry, Saeran,” Seven apologised hastily with a smile. “I’ll go back and get it.”
“Really? Thanks!” Saeran chirped eagerly. “Remember, it’s the Melona brand, strawberry flavour. An eight pack like always?”

Seven was only half listening. He couldn’t take his eyes off his brother’s face as it seemed to grow bigger and bigger. It almost seemed to distort for a split second, or was it just Seven’s imagination?
“Saeyoung?” Saeran called. Seven nodded slowly, still eyeing Saeran’s face in confusion. The longer he stared at it, the stranger he looked. Maybe after he finished this errand he should lie down.

Seven nodded slowly and smiled at Saeran. “I know the one!” He assured Saeran cheerfully.
“I’ll go with you anyway. It’ll be nice to take a walk.” Saeran proclaimed. Seven was relieved to finally look away from Saeran’s strange face when he stepped back out the door.

Ten minutes later, Seven and Saeran arrived at the nearest convenience store. Despite the hot weather, Seven was feeling colder than ever. The energy was being sapped from his body, and he felt weak and lightheaded. The two boys went into the store and Saeran grabbed the ice cream he wanted. Seven took the ice cream from Saeran as a display of kindness, but deep down he suspected he was just trying to prove his capabilities to himself.

Holding the ice cream made Seven feel even colder. As he made his way towards the cash register, he began to feel really weak and started shaking. The box of ice cream slipped from his hands and fell to the floor with a loud thud. Saeran gasped and rushed to pick it up.
“Be more careful!” Saeran warned, cradling his precious ice cream.
“Sorry,” Seven replied with a smile, subtly clasping his shaking hands behind his back. With Saeran now carrying the ice cream, they completed their journey to the cash register. Once the ice cream had been scanned, Saeran turned to Seven. Seven reached into his pocket shakily and felt nothing. He checked the rest of his pockets and laughed giddily.

“Did you leave your wallet behind?” Saeran stared at his brother in disbelief. Seven silently turned to get it, no longer able to think of a clever reply at this point, but Saeran placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “I’ll get it.”
“That would be good, Saeran….” Seven replied, then admitted shyly, “I’m not feeling so well.”
Shock flashed across Saeran’s face in an instant. He obviously hadn’t had a clue that Seven had been feeling strange this afternoon.
“Why didn’t you tell me!?” Saeran demanded, confirming Seven’s suspicions. Before Seven could answer, Saeran had already left to get his wallet.

“Sir, you’re shaking. Maybe you should sit down.” The cashier, a young, very cute lady suggested to Seven. He looked down and realised that he was indeed shaking, so much now that it was too obvious to hide.
“I think I will,” Seven replied distantly. He took her advice and sat down on a bench outside the store. He sighed and rested his elbows on his knees.

Seven was beginning to feel dizzier by the second. Much to his relief, Saeran returned after what felt like a few minutes. Seven followed him back into the store and they paid for the ice cream.
“I hope your brother feels better soon,” the cute cashier told Saeran.
“I’m sorry if he caused you any trouble,” Saeran replied in a humble voice.
“Oh, he was an angel. Or maybe an angel statue. You were gone for twenty minutes and he didn’t move an inch.” She explained, and Saeran’s eyes widened in alarm. Seven hadn’t even realised twenty minutes had gone by.

As they walked home, Seven jokingly said “Time sure flies when you’re cold and dizzy.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you’re sick??” Saeran demanded for the second time that day. This time, although Seven had time to answer, he was quite lost for words. He shrugged and then shuddered from the cold.
“It felt wrong.” Seven replied simply.
“Saeyoung, you’ve always been the one to take care of me!” Saeran insisted. “You deserve a break! I am in debt to you!”
“That’s not your fault. Not anyone’s fault.” Seven muttered distantly.
“Just take it easy, okay? I rely on you, so you can rely on me, too.” Saeran assured him.

When they arrived home, Saeran rushed to the freezer to put his ice cream away. The convenience store was a short walk from their apartment but the summer heat left them with no time to waste when carrying frozen goods home. This made it even more unbelievable that Seven had remained cold all this time. Seven went straight to his room, where he wrapped himself up in a cocoon of blankets, fully clothed, and fell asleep immediately.

At some point in the night Seven was abruptly woken up by sharp pains in his stomach. His eyes snapped open and he rolled onto his side, still groggy and confused. Another stabbing pain hit his stomach, so painful that Seven actually cried out. He leapt out of bed, now wide awake and heart racing. Thinking he was going to be sick, his first instinct was to rush to the bathroom. Seven did exactly that, bursting out of his room and staggering through the dark house. Light washed over the hallway from Saeran’s room, but there was no time to stop there when Seven was in this much agony.

He burst into the bathroom and leaned heavily against the sink. He gritted his teeth and stifled a cry as more pain wracked his stomach. If he was supposed to be sick around now, the moment never came. Instead the pain suddenly vanished, and Seven sighed weakly as he was overwhelmed with relief. Dizziness and and lightheadedness replaced the stomach cramps. It felt like there were several layers of blankets covering him. Everything was so hot and the air was thick to breathe.

At that moment, Saeran dashed into the bathroom and grabbed his brother’s shoulder. “Are you okay??” He demanded frantically.
“I wasn’t feeling well….” Seven told the sink in a daze.
“Did you…. did you throw up?” Saeran asked shyly. Seven slowly shook his head. Then he straightened and turned around to face Saeran. Perhaps because of the sudden movement, or maybe because it had been inevitable, the room seemed to spin out and Seven lost balance and fell. Unintelligible yelling echoed through the bathroom.

Seven came around in Saeran’s arms on the bathroom floor. Droplets of sweat rolled down his face. He must have only been out for a split second, because Saeran was still yelling, but it was intelligible now. “You should have gotten me first instead of just going to the bathroom! If you’re feeling unwell you need to let other people know! What if I wasn’t there to catch you just then!? Then what would you have done? Huh?? Don’t stand up for so long if you feel sick! Saeyoung, please say something!”

“Is ‘evening’ good enough….” Seven mumbled. It must have been sufficient, because Saeran pulled Seven into his chest and hugged him tightly.
“How are you feeling?” He asked Seven.
“Just generally awful….” Seven replied weakly.
“Should we go to the hospital?”
“There’s a virus like this going around, so I think that’s it. Just put me to bed.” Seven whispered sleepily. Then he closed his eyes and snuggled into his twin.

“Saeyoung? Saeyoung! Don’t leave me like this! Hey! I’m not strong enough to carry you!” Saeran cried angrily. In some twisted way, hearing Saeran yelling at him and shaking him just increased his motivation to fall asleep on the spot. That would be funny to hear Saeran complain about tomorrow. Seven relaxed and dedicated himself to resting, right there in Saeran’s arms on the pleasantly cool tiled floor.

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Yurio getting sick after a roller coaster ride with yuuko (I ship them platonically!) and she takes care of him. (Ok i love how shes shorter than him but older, so when she tries to pat his head in a motherly manner, he gotta shyly bend his head down a bit while she reaches up. And her back rubs are really good, cos she has kids so she's skilled at these things ;3)

It was Viktor’s idea to go to an amusement park the skating season had just ended and summer was in full swing. Yurio had never gone to an amusement park before so he was really excited. Yuuko was coming along too Yurio was glad to have her along so it wouldn’t just be Yuuri, Viktor, and himself. 

Yurio got up early that morning he was so excited he could even sleep. Viktor got up next, usually he was the first one up so to see Yurio up before him shocked him.

“Good morning” Viktor greeted as he sat down next to Yurio.

“Morning, what time are we going?”

“Are you excited”? Viktor smiled, Yurio just stared back at him.

Yurio tried to hide his excitement, “I was just wondering, that pig better get up soon.”

A few minutes later Yuuri was up and all three of them were having breakfast, Yukko arrived soon after and before Yurio knew it they were in the car and heading to the amusement park.

They went on a few of the smaller rides saving the big roller coaster for the end. Yurio was having a great time he had never had such a great day in life like this before. As the day was winding down Yurio really wanted to go on the biggest roller coaster there.

“Hey, who wants to ride that with me?” Yurio asked pointing at the large ride. Yuuri gulped.

“I’ll pass.” Yuuri replied.

“I’ll go on it with you.” Yuuko said. “I haven’t been on a big roller coaster in a while. It will be fun.” Yurio smiled and they made their way to the line.

Yurio’s heart was beating with excitement.

“Have you ever been on a roller coaster before?” Yukko asked.

“Never, this is my first time at an amusement park.”

“Wow that’s so exciting!”

Soon Yurio and Yukko had made their way to the front of the line. They got in the car and the ride began. The car moved on the chain up and up. Yurio had no idea the ride was so high he was getting a little nervous. The car went down the hill really fast and Yurio started to feel a little sick and sharp turn came next and a loop, then another loop. Yurio’s stomach was doing loops. The ride then ended a few minutes later and he couldn’t move he felt like he was going to be sick.

“Yurio? Are you okay?” Yukko asked, she was already out of the car and waiting for him. Yurio nodded he was afraid if he spoke he would throw up. Yurio got out of the car and followed Yukko. He was dizzy and severely nauseated. Before they got to Viktor and Yuuri, Yurio had to stop. 

“Hang on a sec” Yurio called to Yukko.

“Are you going to be sick? You look pale” Yukko replied.   

“I hic think so, my stomach is flipping.” Yurio felt something rise in his stomach, he let out a sickening belch. 

“Let’s get you to a bathroom.” Yukko led Yurio to one of the family bathrooms so she could be with him. She closed the door behind them. Yurio sat down on the floor his stomach was gurgling and sloshing. 

“Agh I really don’t feel good.” Yurio rubbed his stomach mixtures of hiccups and burps erupted from him. Soon enough he was going to throw up. Yurio’s stomach shifted and he felt warm liquid rising in his throat he quickly moved to the toilet let out a rolling belch and a surge of vomit expelled from him. Yukko rubbed his back as he coughed and stomach bile splashed into the toilet. 

“You’re okay just breathe and let it out.” Yurio felt lightheaded and dizzy he wanted to just curl into a ball and go to sleep. Yurio burped a few more times and spit into the toilet.

“I think I’m done.” Yukko took some toilet paper and Yurio wiped his nose. 

“I’ll get you some water before we leave” Yurio nodded as he flushed his stomach contents.

“Thank you.”

Was It?

Was it the bread

That got to your head?

Or was it the butter

That made you stutter?

Maybe you think it was the salt

That made it your fault

I know that the berries

Didn’t make you marry

But what was your deal

With the oatmeal?

Was the grapefruit too tart?

Maybe it’s why you had to fart

You gave a nickel

For a fried pickle

Maybe the pie

Was the reason that it felt like you were going to die

I mean the honey

Did seem to taste a little funny

Did the steak

Give you a stomach ache?

Was it the chicken soup

That made you have to go poop?

Or was it the icing on the cake

That made your stomach break?