stomach ache

Little Life Hacks

Stomach ache - mint gum

Cramps - clitoral stimulation/vibration

Writer’s block - practice dialog out loud to see how it sounds (preferably while you’re alone)

Nausea - suck on lemons

Pallet cleanser - apple or grapes after a meal

Just little things I do to help keep my life sucking a little less.

Loneliness is the most gut-wrenching feeling in the world. Sitting in a room with other people but feeling like something is missing. But it’s healing to know that someone out there is feeling that same exact feeling and it’s because you’re their missing piece. And they’re yours. And someday, the gut-wrenching, inside tearing, heart breaking sensation you’ve been feeling for so long, will be gone.

Stomach Ache

*I’m so sorry this was absolutely awful but I haven’t written in forever! BUT I’m ALWAYS taking requests (1D and 5SOS)! My ask is always open so go in and request ANYTHING YOU WANT! Here*


“Babe!” Liam whined from the bedroom for about the thirteenth time that hour. “Yes?” I shouted back. “Where’s my drink?” He complained. I groaned and grabbed it from the counter balancing it with the soup and crackers I had on the tray. “I’m coming, calm down!” Once I entered I saw Liam sitting up with tired eyes and his hand gripping the remote. “My poor baby,” I whispered as I set the tray down next to him and sat on the edge of the bed. I saw him smile and look at the drink and food and then back at me. “Thank you babe, but there’s one slight problem…” My face grew with worry as I reached out and grabbed his free hand, “what’s wrong? Everything okay?” He cleared his throat and looked at me with sad eyes. “I… I don’t like this kind of soup…”

“Hey, hey, hey!” I heard Harry bounce around me as I sat on the couch. “Harry, please, sit down! You’re going to make yourself worse.” I could hear him pout and huff as his body came into hard contact with the couch beside me. “I’m perfectly fine (Y/N), I want to go out! Let’s go to the park or the shops!” I turned the TV off to face him with a serious face, “Harry, you’re sick and I want you resting and not infecting others!”
“But (Y/N), I want to DO something!”
“Go pick out a movie and we can cuddle and watch it.”
“A little boring but I guess it’ll have to do.”

My cold fingers shakily turned the lock to my boyfriend’s apartment as I opened the door and entered into the warmness of the heated home. “Zayn!” I shouted, looking around for the missing boy while I set by bag down and took off my coat and gloves. “Zayn?” I asked again entering a new room to look. I found nothing but continued on. “Babe?” I heard his voice vaguely. “Zayn, where are you?”
“I…I’m in the bathroom but don’t come in. Could you just get me some ginger ale and soup please?”
“Of course! Stomach ache?”
“Yeah, I think a bug.” I bounced my way back down to the kitchen to begin making soup for my sic boyfriend when I heard someone on the stairs. I turned to see a very tired eyed Zayn bundled in sweats and a blanket.

I heard Niall’s groan as I awoke and rolled over to see his face scrunched in pain and his body laying flat. “Babe?” I said, my body shooting up to get a better look. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Do you need to go somewhere?” I heard him groan again and my hands went to his that were resting over his stomach. “No, I just have a really bad stomach ache.” I rolled my eyes and returned my hands back to myself while I lay down again. “Well you shouldn’t have had so many drinks yesterday. I told you to stop.”
“Oh, c’mon (Y/N), it was Christmas. Lighten up!” I chuckled and rolled my body back to the way it was when I awoke and closed my eyes. “Well, I don’t want to hear any complaining later.” I heard him slightly moan once more before I felt the bed shake and his arms hold me close to him. “Fine, let your loving boyfriend live in pain.”

“How are you today babe?” I asked while I sat myself down next to Louis on the bathroom floor. My hand rubbed his back to soothe. “Not much better.” I sighed and took a tissue from above him, handing it to him so he could blow his nose. “You know, I’m really thinking it was the restaurant we went to.” He shrugged and threw out the tissue, turning to me with tired eyes. “I don’t know but whatever it is, it hurts a lot.” I nodded and helped him stand back up. “I know baby. Let’s go lie down and watch some TV under the blanket.” He smiled at me and nodded, putting his arm around my shoulder and guiding us to the couch.