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Inflation after a big belly stuffing [ Full video ]

This was my first time trying to inflate after a stuffing, I was way too confident. It was a lot tighter then I expected on my belly so I stopped after filming after a while. I decided to not continue and try it again a next time. I always have a of unused footage lying around which I’ll post on YouTube ( MariaPhilia ).

It’s not a lot but it’s still a way of saying thank you to all who have supported me over this year.



stomach ache/nausea starters

“Are you okay in there? You’ve been throwing up for half an hour.”
“I think I’m going to be sick…”
“You keep clutching your stomach, are you okay?”
“You look like you’re in pain, what’s going on?”
“How’s your stomach ache? Still just as bad?”
“Here, let me help you to the bathroom.”
“Sometimes it’s better to just get the throwing up over with. It usually feels better afterwards.”
“Let me get you a glass of water and some painkillers.”
“Is it your period? I’ll get you a hot water bottle.”
“I need painkillers.”
“Did you go to the doctor with this? You’ve been having stomach aches all month.”
“Have you been sick again? You look pale.”
“You should eat something. I know you don’t want to, but please do it for me?”
“What’s going on? Why are you always sick?”
“Maybe the doctor was wrong? I’d go back and check again? The pain still isn’t going away.”
“Don’t be scared. I’m here. Throwing up feels scarier than it is.”
“Don’t worry about the rug, I can wash it. Are you okay?”
“How long have you been feeling like this?”
“Do you know what could be causing it?”
“Is it something you ate?”
“Can I do anything?”
“I’m really worried about you… please go and see a doctor.”
“Just try to calm down. The painkillers will start working soon…”
“Maybe you should try to get some sleep and we’ll see how you feel when you wake up again.”
“I can’t stop throwing up.”
“Did you eat something you’re allergic to? What do I need to do?”
“I’m having an allergic reaction.”
“Is it that bad? How bad does a stomach ache have to get before I should call a doctor?”
“You have to keep drinking small sips or the dehydration will make you feel worse.”

stomach ache starter dialogue

Use ‘em however ya want…


• “Ughh, I’m so bloated…”
• “Could you grab me some antacid?”
• “I can’t believe I ate all that…”
• “Oofff ow, crampcrampcramp…”
• “I… think it’s getting worse.”
• “Man, my gut is killing me.”
• “Oohhh, I gotta lie down…”
• “Feels like I’m about to explode…”


• “You’re looking kinda green, there.”
• “Oh jeez, you are bloated!”
• “Want me to see if I can find the heating pad?”
• “Maybe this’ll teach you not to abuse the buffet line.”
• “Are you nauseous?”
• “Where is it hurting? Does it feel like you need to go to a doctor?”
• “Need a tummy rub?”
• “I know it hurts, but you need to drink water to stay hydrated.”

stomach ache starter dialogue (part 2!)

did you think i was out of ideas? ;)

use ‘em however you want:


  • “I… think there was something wrong with that food…”
  • “Aghh, this is the worst gutache ever.”
  • “Okay… ugh… can you actually eat yourself to death…?”
  • “Ohhhhh – I wanna drown in some Pepto Bismol.”
  • Owow- oh great, now it’s cramping, too…”
  • “Shit… does my stomach feel like, hard to you…?”
  • “OoooOOo, I’m never eating again. Never.”
  • “It’s like my guts are imploding and exploding at the same damn time…”


  • “You cannot keep overdoing it like this.”
  • “Hey, c’mon… You need to uncurl yourself so I can have a look…”
  • “Oh man: was that your stomach? I can hear it from here!”
  • “I didn’t know you got stomach aches like this…”
  • “Okay, how bad is the pain on a scale of one to ten?”
  • “Does it help if I rub like this?”
  • “Okay, it’s okay… Just breathe…”
  • “Don’t think I didn’t notice you doubling over…”

(psst - part 1 is here! –>)

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Aiden and Blake go on choir tour in Asia, and as per Aiden wants to try all the local cuisine. Unfortunately, the sudden change in diet doesn't sit well and he spends a miserable night feeling crampy and nauseous

A/N: Guys, this is a CELEBRATORY fic! As I’m a total geek with numbers and everything, it turns out that when I post this fic it will be my 100th sickfic on this blog!!! 😁 Major, major thanks to everyone in this community! I never imagined I’d get to this number! I really hope you enjoy! 😁 💙

Everything was loud.

Bright lights hung above each stall, and strains of different pieces of music caught the boys’ ears as they were jostled through the packed street. Mouth watering smells wafted past them at every few feet, and the sounds of pans clanging on portable stoves and people ordering food in short, sharp bursts of Mandarin that sounded foreign and lyrical at the same time.

“This is insane!” Aiden called out, giving his boyfriend’s waist a gentle squeeze.

“It is certainly that!” Blake responded affirmatively, laughing merrily at the look of wide-eyed wonder on Aiden’s face, like a little kid at Christmas time.

The choir had arrived in Taipei late the night before, and after their first day acclimatising to the humidity, heat and time difference – and visiting the first venue of their tour. When they arrived back at the hostel, the receptionist had advised that they check out the local night market. Now they were here, and it was like an explosion of culture so intense that the group were marvelling in sheer awe. They were drawing odd looks from the crowds, but that could have been expected when thirty white people appeared like a swarm out of nowhere. Blake noticed that Aiden, in particular, drew prolonged stares, and after a few minutes of them walking through the streets Aiden seemed to notice as well.

“Is it just me…” He asked in a low voice which was barely audible over the chattering crowds, “or is everyone staring at me?”

“I thought so too,” Blake laughed slightly, “I think it’s because you’re ginger!”

“Oh… I’d never thought of that!” Aiden said, running his hand ruefully through his hair. “So, what do you want to do first?” Blake asked, once they’d managed to successfully navigate a full circle of all there was on offer in the stalls. Not too far away they could see Ben, the conductor, and Quentin tucking into some strange looking food that they were battling with chopsticks.

“Food!” Aiden replied, and Blake grinned – he’d expected that answer. Whenever they went to a new country, the first thing that Aiden wanted to do was sample the cuisine, and he’d been exited about this trip into the more oriental parts of Asia.

“How did I know?” Blake gave Aiden’s hand a squeeze as they began their next circulation of the market.

“Ben!” Aiden called out, using his free hand to wave at them and when Ben noticed who it was, he beckoned them across to join them. His mouth was still full; Blake looked down into the small tub, similar to an individual ice cream tub, that Ben was holding in his hand and wrinkled his nose.

“What is that?” Blake asked, unable to hide the revulsion from his face, and Quentin broke into a fit of giggles.

“It’s stinky tofu!” Ben explained once he’d swallowed what was in his mouth; he thrust the tub under Blake’s nose. “It stinks but tastes great! Wanna try some?”

“No!” Blake shoved Ben’s hand away as he struggled to keep himself from retching.

“Yes!” Aiden had spoken simultaneously, and Blake turned to look at him. “Of course I want to try some!” Blake simply shook his head as Aiden fished money out from his pocket and began to point at the image of what he wanted. Within moments he’d been handed his own tub and was diving into it.

“Good God…” Blake watched Aiden and tried not to cringe; he hoped that Aiden wouldn’t expect him to kiss him after eating that.

“It’s good!” Aiden told him, nodding appreciatively as he chewed. “You wanna try some of mine?” He offered Blake, who shook his head violently.

“No thanks,” Blake took a small step back. “I don’t want to have a reaction.”

Mmmm,” Aiden gave a small shrug as though acknowledging this as a legitimate reason.

“Oh, have you guys tried the tea?” Ben asked, waving his hand in the direction that Aiden and Blake had been walking. “What’s it called again?” Ben frowned at Quentin.

“Boba!” Quentin supplied quickly.

“Yeah, that one!” Ben nodded. “You guys should try it! It’s like sweet, and has these bubble things in it – oh you should just go and try it!” He finished rather fiercely as he saw the grins on their faces.

“We’ll check it out!” Aiden agreed, snaking his arm around Blake’s waist again as they set off along the street to find more things to try.

“Well that,” Aiden leant backwards slightly on the low grass verge they were sitting on, “was amazing.” Blake had been leaning gently against his boyfriend as they watched the vendors from the market clearing away as the throngs of people had dissipated.

“Is that your compulsion to taste local cuisine quelled?” Blake asked as Aiden patted his stomach looking very satisfied.

“I think that’s a great start!” Aiden commented, nodding. “I’d have love to try some of that mango ice thing though!”

“I honestly don’t know where you put it all!” Blake shook his head, looking at his boyfriend’s midriff which looked as flat as ever, even though Aiden had consumed at least three big portions of noodles, tofu and bread like substances – and then all the additional extras!

Aiden simply gave a nervous chuckle, then said: “Should we get back to the hostel then?”

“Yeah, I suppose we should,” Blake agreed, slipping his hand back into Aiden’s; Aiden leant in to kiss him, but “Blake put his hand in front of Aiden’s mouth very quickly. “If you think I’m gonna kiss you after you ate that stinky tofu stuff, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Aaaw,” Aiden pouted slightly, but he accepted it with good humour. “Come on.”

The streets were so bright and colourful, the two of them could barely walk a few feet without someone spotting something else of interest. They ambled along, talking about the rest of their tour, the other choir members who were there too, and Blake spent a good five minutes worrying over how Jack would be getting on without them. When they reached the hostel they were staying in, Blake felt ready to head to bed – the humidity was beginning to get to him, but Aiden didn’t seem so keen.

“Can we sit in the lounge area for a bit?” He asked pleadingly. “I could do with some water…”

“Oh okay,” Blake gave in. The sofas in the lounge area were full of other choir members, and some of the tables were occupied by other residents who were eating; Aiden had collapsed into one of the chairs at a table, and Blake got them both some water and sat down across from him.

“Thanks,” Aiden mumbled, taking a sip of the water. They lapsed into silence, and Blake watched his boyfriend as those around them carried out their own conversations.

After a little while, Blake realised that Aiden was being unusually quiet; peering across at him, he noticed that there was sweat across his brow. Perhaps that was because of the heat, he reasoned with himself, although the air conditioning inside the building meant that he wasn’t feeling so sticky anymore. Then, as Aiden took a small drink from the water bottle, he noticed Aiden’s free hand was resting awkwardly on his abdomen.

“Are you alright Aiden?” He asked, breaking the silence that had settled.

Hmmm?” He looked round at Blake, then gave a quick unconvincing smile. “Oh yeah.”

“Are you sure?” Blake leant forwards, leaning his elbows on the table top; and Aiden stared across at him.

“My stomach’s a little bit unsettled…” He answered honestly, his voice rather low.

“I’m not surprised!” Blake raised his eyebrows. “With all that different stuff you ate at the market!”

“Mmmm…” Aiden hummed gently, looking a little resigned, and that only concerned Blake more.

“I might have something for indigestion in my case, if that’d help?” Blake offered.

“Nah,” Aiden shook his head, “I think I’ll be alright.” He lapsed into silence again, staring intensely at the top of his water bottle.

Not wanting to press the issue too far, Blake said no more – but he watched Aiden closely for the next few minutes. With some concern Blake saw Aiden begin to shuffle in his seat, unable to get comfortable it seemed; then the colour started to drain out of Aiden’s face, leaving a grey tinge to his cheeks.

“Aiden, you’re not looking so good…” Blake commented lowly, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to him. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Mmm… No,” Aiden shook his head, turning further in his chair to look directly at Blake. At this admission, Blake was utterly concerned – it was unusual of Aiden to admit that he wasn’t feeling well. “Something’s not agreeing with me; my stomach’s really quite sore…” Aiden’s hand moved to press into his abdomen and he began to rub it back and forth.

“Can I do anything to help?” Blake questioned, watching as Aiden grimaced momentarily with pain.

“I don’t know…” Aiden mumbled, he was leaning forwards so his head was nearly on the table top.

“Do you feel sick?” Blake asked.

“Not quite…” Aiden replied, trying to straighten himself up again.

“Not quite? What does that mean?”

“I feel a bit nauseous, but it’s not too bad,” he said, closing his eyes. In the background, the bunch of other choir members who had been occupying the sofas left, presumably heading to bed.

“Shall we go and sit on the sofa?” Blake suggested, standing up from the table, and fastening his hand around Aiden’s wrist as Aiden nodded. Worryingly, his face paled even further as he stood up from the table and crossed to the sofa. When he sat down he leant back into the cushions, his hand still resting on his stomach. Aiden closed his eyes as he sat there, and Blake could see his chest rising and falling as he took deep breaths.

“Oh man, I shouldn’t have ate so much…” Aiden groaned, his voice sounded thicker than usual, and Blake could almost distinguish the nausea present in his tone.

“Don’t worry, take it easy,” Blake soothed, running his fingers across Aiden’s forehead and feeling how clammy it was.

“I really don’t feel well,” he muttered, “I feel like my stomach’s in a washing machine…”

“Come here,” Blake hooked his arm around Aiden’s neck and gently pulled him in. “Coory into me and rest.”

Aiden nestled his head in the groove of Blake’s shoulder, but Blake could feel him moving restlessly every few seconds – his whole body twitching as cramps wracked through his abdomen. Blake stroked his fingers up and down Aiden’s arm, unsure of what to do for his boyfriend but wanting to help. Aiden’s exhales were beginning to sound more and more like whimpers, the pain overriding his desire not to be heard.

“Aiden?” Blake whispered gently, he was going to suggest that they go up to the dorm so he could lie down, but was interrupted.

Hic!” Aiden’s eyes opened wide as a thick hiccup burst from him; instantly Blake knew this meant trouble.

“Are you going to be sick?” He asked quickly, his arm going to Aiden’s elbow, primed to help him up if necessary.

“I think so…” Aiden replied weakly, nodding his head.

“Right, come on,” Blake pulled Aiden to his feet, and with his hand firmly around his waist steered him out of the lounge.

As they were crossing the small courtyard which separated the dorm buildings from the reception.

Hic! I’m not gonna – hic – make it,” he struggled to get his words out and Blake could see him swallowing convulsively.

“You can,” Blake encouraged, “come on.”

But Aiden shook his head, his hand going up to his mouth suddenly as his chest gave a massive heave.

Hhmmmmmrrrrlll!” Aiden buckled forward at his waist as he tried to hold back a retch. Blake’s heart began to pound in his chest as he watched Aiden’s cheeks bulge out behind his hand and he fought hard. “Hmmmmrrrrfffl!” Blake rested his hand in the small of Aiden’s back, just as he saw a sudden dripping of liquid forcing through Aiden’s fingers.

“Alright Aiden,” Blake said soothingly, tucking Aiden’s fringe behind his ear with some difficulty as he was still gagging wetly against his hand. “Don’t hurt yourself, let it out.”

Guuuhuuuuuuuuurrrrrrk!” Blake winced as he heard a renewed gush of sick forcing up Aiden’s throat and landing with a splatter onto the asphalt; Blake rubbed his hand in a circle as Aiden took some shuddering breaths in, saliva still dripping from his mouth. Blake was about to suggest that they keep moving, when Aiden’s shoulders rolled forward again violently: “Hicccuuuuuuurrrrrggghhhlllll!”

Aiden was trembling so severely that Blake had to brace his arm around his chest so he didn’t fall forwards, still able to hear and feel his body convulsing to bring up another wave of sick. The puddle of vomit was growing extensively – and Blake could recognise the partially digested noodles and bubble tea among the mass, which was splattered on both of their shoes.

“Ssshh, sssshhh….” Blake held tight onto him as another gargling heave brought more puke up.

Hhhkkkkkhiiirrrk!” Aiden’s heaves grew drier, and he continued to convulse against Blake’s arm.

“Oh Aiden, I think you’re empty hon…” Blake told him, trying to move the part of Aiden’s fringe which had freed itself as he vomited.

Mmmhmm…” Aiden nodded, breathing raggedly as he tried to regain composure.

“That’s it, take deep breaths…” Blake encouraged, still rubbing gentle circles into his back.

“I think-” Aiden’s voice was hoarse as he tried to speak, “I don’t think my tummy’s ready for local food yet.”

“Maybe not,” Blake agreed, attempting to manoeuvre the weak-kneed Aiden over into the dorm building without stepping in the puddle of sick. “I think I’d maybe stick to plain noodles for a little while…”

Urgh… yeah,” Aiden groaned as he allowed Blake to lead him. “Like for the rest of the trip…”

Another story!!

“Hey Kaiser?” Jackson said, leaning back against the couch.

“Yeah?” he responded, glancing over at his boyfriend.

“My tummy kinda hurts,” Jackson stated sheepishly.

“Aw babe, I’m sorry,” Kaiser frowned, scooting closer to him. He reached up to feel the other boys forehead to check for a fever, but his hand was swatted away.

“I’m not sick, it’s just an upset stomach,” Jackson said.

“Alright alright, I just wanted to be sure,” Kaiser said, throwing his hands up in mock surrender. Honestly, he’s just happy that Jackson told him he wasn’t feeling well as he often keeps it to himself. “Well let me know if you need anything,” he added, feeling bad for the boy. They were on a class trip for the weekend at a science conference. It’s never fun to be feeling ill while away from home.

“I’ll be okay,” Jackson shrugged. Kaiser nodded, giving him a soft smile.

“Alright guys, we should head to the next presentation. Depending on which one you signed up for you’ll be in either ballroom A, E, or F,” their teacher said, standing up to get everyone’s attention.

“Which one are you going to?” Kaiser asked Jackson quietly as the students all started heading off in their various directions.

“I don’t remember, the one in E I think,” he shrugged.

“Me too,” Kaiser nodded, standing up. He held his hands out for Jackson, helping him to his feet. He didn’t miss the wince on Jackson’s face or the way his hand hovered over his stomach for a second before falling to his side. But he didn’t say anything, not wanting to embarrass him.

So he just grabbed his hand, leading him down the hallway towards the presentation. The convention center was pretty huge, so it took them almost ten minutes to walk to the ballroom. By the time they got there, Kaiser could tell Jackson really was not doing so hot. He’d slowed considerably, dragging behind and leaning some of his weight into their clasped hands. He was hunched forwards slightly, a hand in his sweatshirt pocket, probably cradling his stomach.

As they made it to their seats Jackson moaned quietly, relieved to finally be sitting down again. The walking had not done his stomach any favors. If anything, he felt even worse. His stomach was starting to feel bloated, pressing against the waistband of his jeans and the fullness was making him queasy. He stifled a burp into his fist.

“Are you okay?” Kaiser asked, leaning over towards him.

“I don’t know, I’m really not feeling too great,” he shrugged.

“You sure you’re not sick?”

“Yeah. I don’t feel feverish. My stomach’s a mess though,” he groaned, laying his head on his boyfriends shoulder. Kaiser reached up to play with Jackson’s hair, wishing he could do more to help.

“Maybe you ate something weird,” he suggested.

“I’ve eaten all the same things you have,” Kaiser shook his head.

“Oh,” Jackson said.

              “I drank coffee this morning,”

“You drink coffee every morning,” Kaiser pointed out, confused as to why it mattered.

“It was really shitty coffee so I put creamer in it,” he explained.

“Oh yeah that probably wasn’t good for your sensitive stomach,” Kaiser whispered as the lights started to dim, signaling the start of the presentation.

Jackson muffled another burp with his hand, rubbing his stomach as it cramped. He felt Kaiser slide a hand over to rest on his knee, squeezing gently. He really was not feeling good. He whimpered quietly, leaning over to hold his head in his hands.

Kaiser watched his boyfriend, wincing as he heard him burp again. He rubbed his hand up and down Jackson’s leg, hoping to be of some comfort. This had to be even worse since he couldn’t be at home.

“Kai, I feel really bad,” Jackson whispered after straightening up.

“I know honey, we’ll get you back to the hotel after this okay?” he said, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

“I-I can’t. Can we-. Kai I can’t,” he stammered anxiously, starting to panic.

“Okay. Okay, let’s get you out of here,” Kaiser said, pulling Jackson to his feet and walking them quietly out of the ballroom. “Come on, you’re gonna be okay Jazzy,” he said as they finally got back out into the hallway.

“Ooh, my belly hurts,” he moaned, stopping to lean against the wall, both hands coming to rest on his obviously swollen stomach.

“Do you think you’re gonna throw up?” Kaiser asked, wrapping his arm around Jackson’s waist.

“Not right now,” he shrugged, sinking down to the floor as he let out another burp.

“Okay, just tell me if you start feeling sick,” Kaiser said.

“I wanna go home, my tummy’s so upset,” he moaned.

“Hey, you’re okay Jaz, come here,” he said, sitting down next to Jackson and wrapping his arm around him. He slid his other hand up under Jackson’s sweatshirt to rub gently at his aching tummy. Jackson belched into his hand, dropping his head down on Kaiser’s shoulder. Kaiser continued to rub his stomach as Jackson burped, relieving some of the full feeling.
              “Oof,” he grunted, unbuttoning his jeans to help even more. He still felt a little queasy and he really did not want to throw up.
              “You feeling better?” Kaiser asked.

“Yeah a little,” Jackson said, burping again. He was thankful that everyone was in presentations right now. Being sick like this with people around probably would’ve caused him to have an anxiety attack, and then he definitely would’ve thrown up. “Still kinda upset, but yeah, better. Thanks,” he added.

“Of course babe,” Kaiser smiled, happy to see him feeling better.

  • Fiance: hey does your stomach hurt
  • Me: oh yes it does
  • Fiance: oh god mine does too do you think it's from dinner?? Did we catch something??? I don't want the stomach flu omg
  • Me: WHOA OL' HOSS. My stomach hurts all the time. It is one of the Eternal Hurts. You asking if my stomach hurts is like asking if the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
  • Fiance: so I'm on my own with this stomach ache?
  • Me: yup. But I have Sprite and Zantac for you?