common tags

it occurred to me I should probably make a post of tags I use on the blog! 

#noponcho: poncho being naughty or silly 

#poncho: the general tag for poncho pictures!

#video: the general tag for poncho videos! 

#foodie: poncho eating!

#speepy: sleepy lizard

#egg alien: the particular angle that is called egg alien

#fashionable: poncho with accessories like bows and so on

#blue feets: pictures of poncho back when she had blue feet 

#fanart: drawings, video tributes, photoshops, etc dedicated to the ponch

#not poncho: beardies that were submitted by followers! 

#spot the ponch: find poncho in pictures (like where’s waldo etc)

there will probably be more added to this in the future but that’s all I can think of for now! 

about submissions

hello! as many of you know I get a lot of submissions of everyones’ adorable little beans and blarps and I really do love seeing them even if I don’t post them all! (because if I posted them all it’d be a lot of spam and I don’t want to spam everyone!)

BUT there’s something important I should say. if you submit pictures of:

  • reptiles on sand that should not be (ex: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, etc) (excluding proper bioactives)
  • reptiles/amphibians/any prey animal interacting with cats or any predator animal (ex: beardie + cat etc)

  • reptiles/amphibians that should NOT be kept together (ex: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, pacman frogs, etc)

then there’s a good chance your submission will NOT be posted. sometimes I post them but I point out the dangers of what I see in the picture, but I’m thinking maybe I should start pointing it out privately, that way people don’t feel attacked over it or upset that it’s out in the open. 

I’d like to explain something

yes, we did get two new geckos today. my mom bought them. in total they cost $40 for their entire setup and them. I can’t control what my mother does, she’s a grown woman with her own money. they didn’t have enough hides, they have stuck shed, their tubs were filthy. I think my mom wanted to give them a good home, so that’s what she did. two leopard geckos also don’t cost very much to manage once you get them.

the donation money from yesterday that I said I needed for buying poncho’s roaches DID go to buying her roaches. I ordered them as soon as I got it. I bought 100 large dubias ($25) and a cup of phoenix worms ($6). plus $7 for shipping. the money we get to the donation fund has and always will go to all of the things I originally said it’s for. our bills, pets, and other items we need. here’s a screenshot from the paypal summary:

we are very grateful for the donations we have gotten. it has helped a lot to pay for our bills and other needs. we do NOT spend that money on luxuries so I wanted to clear that up in case anyone thought that.