A forlorn looking 4.7 cm Pak (f) anti tank fun stands impotently over a part of Omaha beach as US invasion forces stream ashore. This weapon was one of a number captured from the French army in 1940 and put to use by the Germans on the Atlantic Wall. It was an effective weapon in 1940 but was obsolete in 1944. However it would have been able to penetrate the hulls of landing craft with ease.

This one may not have been used on the day and in any case failed to prevent the landings that are happening all around it. Its breech is covered by what appears to be a German army greatcoat.

A pair of US Corps of Engineers Caterpillar D7 bulldozers can be seen on the beach as a Rhino Ferry unloads its cargo. A LCM on the left can be seen heading away from the beach.

In the background is just a part of the vast armada that made up the invasion force.