Raoul in Hussar costume is just a lot of fun! 

1. Jonas Holst and Janine Kitzen, Stuttgart. 
2. Jeremy Stolle, Kaley Ann Voorhees and Jeremy Hays, Broadway. 
3. Mia Karlsson and Tomas Ambt Kofod, Copenhagen. 
4. Alexander Lewis, Australia/World Tour. 
5. Killian Donnelly, West End. 
6. and 7. Christopher Carl, US tour (from a concert). 
8. Steve Barton, West End. 
9. Nicky Wuchinger and Valerie Link, Hamburg. 
10. The world’s cutest dorks Jeremy Stolly, Paul Schaefer, Carrington Vilmont, Kyle Barisich and Greg Mills, Broadway (an in-between photo when making the “My Chemical Romance” parody)

Stolli shirt, summer in LA, 2008. Rob and his sister Lizzy, out to dinner with Nikki Reed (not pictured). Rob, Lizzy and Nikki wrote a song together called Hands. It’s on youtube, Lizzy sings it often when she performs.