this will forever be jeremy’s best phantom vine


First look at the Hunchback of Notre Dame Studio Recording! 

Album out January 22, 2016! Available for preorder on iTunes, and The Bells of Notre Dame is available now!


IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

next up: Heroes of Olympus, probably

Quick sketch ! I couldn’t get this out of my head after reading this chapter of Betsib’s latest fanfiction, in which Travis and Connor Stoll throw a mist-bomb at Nico, giving him hallucinations. Percy isn’t in this part of the story but I felt he would truly understand how bad of an idea that is to give hallucinations to someone who’s been in Tartarus… Also, Jason and Percy bonding over being protective of Nico is my new favorite thing (even though Nico would probably hate it  and yell at both of them to let him fight his own battles ^^; ). I hope this is all right, Betsib ! 

“It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat, forevermore." Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 01 Welcome to New York


So I started sketching Nico as I generally do when I’m bored (top left) when I realized… man I keep drawing Nico looking so static and boring.

Whenever I envision Nico, though, I picture him as a really expressive guy body language-wise so I just did a few practice sketches for fun. :D

Art by me

10 useful youtube art channels

As an artist you never stop improving, there is fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you see it) no end to the learning curve, even the masters were looking at new ways to improve.

With this we always encounter hurdles and challanges giving us the need to find new techniques or simply improve upon the ones we have.

So here I present to you the most useful YouTube channels I have come across in helping me get over those hurdles;

1.Mary Doodles 

Great for fun art tips, fundamental tutorials, and generally a fun quirky character to watch.


Marc Brunet a up and coming digital artist working for Blizzard, gives great tutorials on digital painting from start to finish. Very helpful for those trying to do digital work and general tips.

3.Annie Stoll

Annie Stoll’s channel is another great fun and informative channel. She predominantly uses watercolour and Copics but I find her channel great for helping understand colour also

4.FZD School of Design

The FZD school is the place to be for art in the entertainment industry, specializing in Concept Art and design, 3D art, Painting. The art that this place churns out is incredible. It does come with a hefty price-tag, but luckily they also offer fantastic free tutorials and paid online courses.

5.Level Up!

Much like FZD Level Up! focuses on digital concept design for the entertainment industry. If you’re interested in films, games or even just great paintings you’ll get a lot out of this. They also have a FaceBook page which has regular competitions, critique and advice sessions and if you become a regular (or not) fun art hangouts where you can talk to the guys. Check em out :)

6.Sycra Art Videos

Sycra Yasin has created one of my favourite art tutorial channels containing tips, speed painting, interviews with other influential artists, livestreams etc. The biggest benefit of this channel is Sycra’s simple layout and well organized playlists helping us to navigate to exactly what we want.

7.Sinix Design

I came across Sinix whilst looking for tips on getting anatomy right, and found so much more! They have various art and design software advice from 3d to 2d. And naturally they offer informative tutorials on most art processes.

8.Circle Line Art School

Circle line art school is a great one for technical drawing. Before all the colour goes on and we add our own flare and styles, this is where to start.

9.The Comic Archive 

This one is great for inspiration especially when your feeling glum.

We all get to a stage where we struggle to keep at it, like we’re never gonna learn this - asking “am I just wasting my time” - “should I just give it up and go to a normal 9-5?”. We’ve all been there and probably will do again. 

Luckily this channel interviews REAL people and the people you think are a success and always had it easy, it’s nice to see them talk about their struggles and offer solutions how to get past it and tutorials to help us push on.


Last but not least is Wacom themselves. They offer a few informative videos on how to use their digital software and tips on how t get the most out of it

And they’re my top channels. I hope you find them as useful or inspiring as I do!


Phantom deleted scenes. #phantom #deletedscenes

[Jeremy: (singing) Can it be? Can it be, Christine? 
(quietly speaking) No. No it’s not her.] 

There should be a site for Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ heroes of Olympus like pottermore, where when you sign up, it tells you whether you’re Greek or Roman, who your godly parent is, what’s the best weapon for you, and so on, and rick can write short stories on there and AUs and it will be fun