[Closed RP] Greetings

It was no surprise, Loki have been watching this man from the distance for quite a while. He had taken him once, years ago, with the scepter in his hands. It’s unfortunate he can’t use them anymore. Loki had dwell into the man’s mind, Clint Barton was his name, and he was fascinated by the man’s regular lifestyle. Loki sometimes wondered why he is even here to study him. 

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I know that tumblr and Facebook are like enemies or something, but I have a fanpage in fb and the other day I posted one of your edits, and as I included the source (your blog), someone quite rude told me "What happens in tumblr stays in tumblr, bitch", and, despite nobody should tell the other what one can post and what cannot, I must ask for your permission this time, because I loved that last manip and I'd like to share it there.

I don’t mind if you share my work as long as I am given credit and you post a link to my blog, and also a link to the exact post on my blog would be better. if you just post the picture, then people are more likely to save it from your page, then upload it on tumblr. I would rather have a direct link to the post, so that they can reblog it. Thank you for asking permission though, I appreciate it.

Clint whimpered when Natasha let his hand go. He was able to survive Laura’s death because he had something to do. He gave her a coffin, a funeral, and a burial. But now with Loki he can’t even see her body. He can’t mourn her properly. If Natasha were to leave him, he would never be able to recover. He already wants to die but he knew Natasha was his partner for a reason. 

Thor smiled and slowly pet her hair. “Good slave, not rest. The Allfather does not know that you are up here but it does not matter. You need to eat so that you can be a proper pet to me. I will get you food.” He leaned down and kissed her head. “Dream well. Your freedom is with me, pet.” He held her until she fell asleep.

hiddles-bitch answered your question: ughhhh i hate how people always like try to start…

Which one? o.o the one I have as a icon or..?

Oh no not that one!! :) that ones adorable although i think it is from the Facebook thing when someone took his pics idk. I meant this one though  I couldnt find the original post but thats the picture.

stolenrelicloki answered your question: ughhhh i hate how people always like try to start…

With Fernir? It’s so beautiful, but really, who can get confused? It’s an obvios manip.

Yeah that one!! Thats what people think but theres always SOMEONE who doesnt see that it is

hiddlememes answered your question: ughhhh i hate how people always like try to start…

and how about that Tom in a kilt pic? I’m guessing that is a manip, but everyone responds to it like it’s real.

I SAW THAT ONE TOO! The other day and someone fell for it too! Its crazy like seriously yall just no

ETA: Here it is!!!