Kea are known for being utterly fearless around humans. This can be both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, many tourists fall in love with the kea’s comical antics.  On the other, this fearlessness combined with the parrot’s natural curiosity has led them to cause significant damage to property.  Kea have been known to rifle through clothes, open backpacks, strip windshield wipers and rubber sealant from cars.  They are also unrepentant thieves, flying away with anything that catches their fancy.  One kea flew through the open window of a camper van, making away with a bag containing $900 of a tourist’s money.  And a Scottish tourist got the shock of his life when a kea flew off with his passport!  The tourist in question stated: “My passport is somewhere out there in Fiordland. The kea’s probably using it for fraudulent claims or something. I’ll never look at a kea in the same way.”

Official poster for the short film, STOLEN, about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. It talks about how the system plays a part in the disappearances of our girls and poses the question of who is doing this. Niawenhkó:wa to all of the supporters who made this short film possible - we are extremely grateful to the people that donated and believed this story needs to be told. We have submitted to various film festivals, fingers crossed that we get in.


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My 1972 Harley Davidson Shovehead Project was stolen from me this week .

Bike looks pretty much how it does here. Has no not running or complete.

Motor, shocks & oil tank are a matte/brushed finish. Extended round swing arm. Custom dual calliper set up. WLA fronted with custom rockers and new parkerised springs. Vintage headlight with new internals etc 

Please contact me if you hear of anyone trying to move similar parts .

Reward for any info.. Please repost and share, help me get the old girl home. At the very least it will make it difficult for them to make a quid from the parts.. Cheers. 

Help me find my bike

I live in the Chicago area. The bike that was stolen from me was an extra small black specialized bike that I got from my high school six years ago.

The rim brands don’t match (one of them was a shimano) but if they changed them already, a cold giveaway is a black U Lock I had locked around the frame and a dent on the back tire near the brakes. There was also an equality sticker on the top bar of the frame, an alien sticker on the front of the handlebars and two chicken stickers on the body. I also had lights on the front, but if they’re not smart, there should be a broken piece of plastic hanging on the handlebars from my first lights. It’s scratched the hell up. I don’t have pictures but fuck if I don’t want it back like please

It’s free to boost and look out for bikes c:
This literally happened yesterday (12/29)

To be clear, they had to enter my apartment building to get to it. It was indoors and unlocked, but it was outside my fucking door and some asshole decided, after I begged the day off and was sleeping off a nasty headache and cough, to just come up and take my shit.

Please, help me.

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”  
 ―Oscar Wilde

So apparently some ‘artist’ on the Internet thought it would be very much okay to just STEAL this artwork of mine, put some terrible Photoshop effects on it and upload it as their own, taking all the credit for it. They’ve NEVER ASKED for my permission to use my work and they haven’t even mentioned my name in the description. Instead, they removed my signature and applied their own on top.

I would like to take this amazing opportunity to remind such great ‘artists’ that it is NOT OKAY TO STEAL other people’s artwork and take credit for it man, NOT OKAY. 

If you want to take someone’s artwork and take a huge massive sh*t on it with your mad photoshop skillz then please, at least ASK for their permission first. 

We work hard and put enormous amounts of time, effort and struggle into doing these artworks. It’s only fair that you respect that.