Late Valentine’s Day drawing lol. I wanted this to look like something from a scrapbook. Maybe Shimizu and Yachi keep scrapbooks (i feel like Suga will be the provider of the stolen intimate KageHina pics lmaooo) or maybe even Natsu omg

Ultra Basic Super Simplified M16A1 vs M16 A2 guide

In the spirit of my AK Visual ID guide, I’ve again stolen pics from Google images,, and a couple of my own pics, to make my own super easy basic layman visual ID guide for the A1 and A2 style ARs.

This will only cover very basic visual differences and will not get into SP1, or M16 vs M16A1, or any other variant discussion.

There’s a TON of M16 variants as you can see.

We’ll expand on the above pic.

This is a typical A1 style rifle

Now, my personal A2 style build

Some similarities, a few differences.

The A1 stock is roughly 5/8 of an inch shorter than an A2 stock

The A1 handguards will typically be triangular shaped…

 ..vs the A2 style rounded handguards

Original A1 grips are also smooth

A2 grips have the finger ledge

Also note, A1 and A2 furniture are interchangeable on most 20 inch barreled rifles.

The primary visual difference lies in the receiver, specifically the fixed carry handle of both.

The A1 carry handle lacks an elevation knob and has a much simpler windage adjustment.

The A2 style has very distinct elevation and windage adjustment knobs

Super simplified. Ultra Basic. Doesn’t even begin to discuss slab sides and M16A4s.

Oh well. I got tired of seeing the A2 tag on an A1 and vice-versa.

nyutamoony replied to your post “Just sent in like 20 copyright claims”

I don’t know much about it, so I need an explanation. Why is that such a big deal? I mean, I understand when people, for example, start to make products with you art so they could sell it later. It’s not cool. Or they create fake accounts so they could say that your art is their art. Okay. But why does everyone so angry about posting arts somewhere else? What’s the problem if your watermark is on the right place and your nickname on tumblr is also mentioned? People just want to share your art

Great question!

For starters, most art thieves don’t credit (they crop out watermarks, intentionally misspell artists’ names, insert intentionally broken links, etc.). Furthermore, a number of art thieves DO monetize what they steal, and even harass artists. However, even if credit is given, that doesn’t make it ok for people to take art that belongs to someone else.

For example, let’s say you see someone’s car parked on the street. Even if you plan to return it, and you never claim it’s yours, and you don’t damage it, and you fill up the gas tank, and you write “credit to the original driver” on the car, does that make it ok for you to take someone else’s car for a joyride? Of course not. It’s the same with art.

Here’s an awesome post about the differences between reblogging and reposting, and how reposting hurts artists.

Here’s a shorter (more saucy) post which is also great.

TL;DR: artists have the right (both legally, morally, and according to the ToS of sites like tumblr and Insta) to control where and how their content is shared. For example, I have an Instagram. When I want my work on Insta, I post it on my account. No one has the right to make that choice for me (and a lot of the art I find is ALSO on my Insta anyway, so that argument goes out the window). Art thieves steal revenue and views, make it more difficult for people to find the original artist, and cut artists off from potential followers and feedback. Someone who faves a stolen pic isn’t likely to fave the original pic after that (even if they find it) because why would you fave/reblog/RT the same image twice? That doesn’t help artists. Plus, art theft accounts lead to people only following the art thief and not following the original artists. So while art thieves claim to be “sharing” or “promoting” someone’s art, they’re actually eating away at an artist’s ability to be successful. Basically, the artist is doing all the hard work, and the art thief is reaping all the rewards. That’s just not cool. Artists post art for free (can you imagine a chef just giving out free cake every day, or a singer giving free concerts all the time?). All they ask in return is the respect they’re legally owed. That’s certainly not too much to ask.

You can support artists by liking/faving/reblogging/RTing their work, which will put their artwork into trending/front page/suggesteds/etc. and get them more exposure without cutting them off from feedback and without making it difficult to find/contact the original artist.

You can also ask an artist for permission to share their work–some people are ok with it. As for me, I do not allow my art to be reposted, period.

Thanks for asking!

You came home to a drunk and angry Moriarty. You didn’t want to ask at first, but after seeing your ipod out in the open, 

You needed to explain.

JM: You got a lot of explaining to do, [Y/N].You have an ipod. With John’s and Sherlock’s picture on it. But WHY [Y/N]? WHY?

“Because you and Sebastian don’t like your pictures to be taken, and they’re the next cutest gay couple i know.”

JM: I’ll contact Tiger in the morning.

anonymous asked:

You don't support Louis if you don't accept a huge part of his life, him being a dad.

well, you don’t know louis if you think he’s a dad. this all thing is so fake, like if you just look closer and actually pay attention to what’s going on and then logically think about it, it’s a mess. photoshopped pics with his son on louis’ ig?? pap pics on private property?? briana’s flat stomach on 7th month of pregnancy?? 3 possible dates on which the kid was born and even they don’t know the truth?? stolen pics with blonde girls and their babies that briana posted as her own?? i’m sorry, but why do this need so much attention?? they also try to show us everything about this pour kid and his and briana’s life. louis would never let his son be papped every time he sees him, louis would never let the fans make jokes on twitter and tumblr when we all thought the kid’s name will be conchobar. you really think he’s such a bad dad? then you don’t know him. he genuinely loves his family, and now i mean his sister and little brother. do we often see pics with them on his ig?? no. because it’s his private life, he spends time with them and he’s happy, he doesn’t need to share this with world. but when it comes to his son, we always know when he saw him. don’t you think it’s weird?? don’t you think it’s strange that his son appears only when his team need to pomote something?? if you aren’t suspicious of that, than it’s sad. read this article and tell me that you have no doubts that louis is a dad. 

also i support louis as a singer, songwriter and, most important, as a person. and that is why i know it’s all fake. because louis isn’t the person the media wants us to believe. we know him, and i think you know him too, you just need to open your eyes and see this situation clearly without prejudice. admitting louis is not a father doesn’t automatically make you a larry shipper or something, no. it means you are listening to him and you hear him. so yes, i support louis because i know how hard it’s for him and you can do that too if you pay attention to things that just don’t add up. i hope you’ll have a nice day :)

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Hey there, you have the best blog! And you are always so nice answering questions! you said Victoria and Daniel kiss in public. If it's not too much, can you post a few pics? of stolen kisses, I cannot think of any, except the wedding. Thank you.

Of course. They tend to hold hands or hug more but there are some kisses or moments as they lean in for a kiss:


What we ate at Ma Maison, Bugis Junction for @hungryleow’s birthday! (Where I gave her a knife.) 

Ma Maison calls itself a 洋食屋, which means Western Food Restaurant, and serves japanese-style western food. This branch has survived in Singapore’s cut-throat restaurant industry, and has been there for more than 10 years. This particular restaurant has affordable lunch set meals too with drinks/desserts (not pictured).

Top: Hamburg Steak with Egg (ordered by hungryleow)

You can choose to have it with bread or rice. It was soft and fluffy, but hungryleow said that usually means that it has less meat. Bahaha. The demiglace sauce was awesome, however. 

Middle: Roast Beef Don (ordered by me)

This was the day soon after I found out my Nikumi’s Roast Beef Don pic got stolen, and so I was feeling pissy about it in a dozo-take-this-pic-instead kind of way. This is a more japanese-styled one, and the scallions and cabbage made it feel refreshing. The meat was really tender too. Remember, a don is completed in one bowl!

Bottom: Tonkatsu Set (ordered by the Bottomless Pit)

The Ma Maison group has another tonkatsu-centric chain (Tonkatsu by Ma Maison), but unfortunately this one’s taste was no where near it. (Well, the price was no where near it too, so I guess that’s fair). The bottom of the katsu was a little soggy, and the meat was not as juicy as the ones in their other stall. So I think I’ll rather splurge $10-$20 more at their other place for a tonkatsu to die for.