Fallout 4 AU where your dog was stolen instead of your baby.
No need to force the player into being married and a parent!
“Are you really gonna travel the entire commonwealth just to get your dog back?!”

City lights.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: All these years together, and you had to fall in love before he goes.

Warnings: Angst

Words: 5022

A/N: Real life is taking away the best of me. So I needed to write, even though my brain doesn’t let me. Have fun with this little story. I also recommend you guys to listen to this before or while reading it for a major effect.

A special thanks to Jade (@brighterlights ) for being my beta reader, who has spent a valuable amount of time helping me with my grammar mistakes and poor phrasing. Thank you so much for being this awesome and kind, I appreciate you tons.♥ 

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It was one of those unusual nights where cold beers end up losing their freshness after being left on the coffee table for way too long. Those nights that remain unnoticed on the electricity bill at the end of the month. Those nights when the alarm sounds, you’re already awake. Yes, they were exceptional nights. But so typical when he was involved in them.

His presence in your life was sporadic, but his memory was splattered all around you. You had pictures, stolen hoodies, his old dog tags, and diaries saved in a tiny box hidden under your bed. He even said once that your place was the best for him to hide his heart because nobody would search for it outside the battlefield.

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The Dreamiest Daddy Rare Pair you can think of! And make a cute fic?

technically the rarest pair would be like. brian/craig. but im using this opportunity to spread my love for hugo

In retrospect, Robert should’ve watched where he was going.

It’s not like he can help it when he’s in the middle of a hunt, and although he isn’t chasing cryptids, that bastard dog might as well be one. He doesn’t keep her on a leash, and perhaps that’s the first problem, but he hasn’t ever had a reason to before.

He ends up ‘accidentally’ sneaking through all of his neighbors’ yards looking for her.

Guard dogs, he expects. Maybe some tired kids coming out at night to ask what he’s doing.

Being grappled around his waist and getting wrangled into a chokehold, is not the norm.

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1. I had a thought yesterday that was basically just: like 90% of all their problems would be solved if madara had met tobi at the river and not hashi. And like thinking about it more deeply, it actually maybe wouldn't? BUT LETS IMAGINE. tiny grieving tobi at the river bank watching this loser trying to skip a rock across and blathering about some impossible notion of peace and like, being civil while acting as if they're under a ceasefire until he starts poking problems into the dream like,

u know that no matter what some clans just will not negotiate" “how are you going to get this clan and this clan to make peace they’ve been feuding over a stolen dog for 200 years” and basically madara eventually develops a rep as an extremely violent good-will fairy, solving people’s problems because sO HELP ME GOD WE’RE GONNA HAVE PEACE AND YOU’RE ALL GOING TO LIKE IT!!

Tobi eventually introduces hashi to mada even though mada’s a possessive preteen who doesn’t like sharing so he’s like SUPER AGAINST THIS IDEA but tobi’s just: he’s an idiot, but he’s strong. I think you’ll get along great. (m: WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!? t: you know exactly what it means, blockhead.)

bonus: when they’re like 30-something madara finds out that whenever he started getting good at skipping stones, tobi would use his water affinity to just PLONK pull the stones into the water like a magnet because the boy just doesn’t like to lose okay it’s not his fault madara never figured it out 



It’s been over a week since he took you from me. A week of constant worry and pain; wondering how you are being treated and if you have enough food, treats and play time. I am sorry you have to suffer for my mistakes; the mistake of trusting a man who chooses manipulation and coercion over communication and compromise. I want you to know, my baby Fargo, that I am doing everything in my power to bring you back home to me. I have amazing support, and love on my side from trustworthy people who have exemplary values and who act accordingly and believe in them. You are in so many people’s thoughts, even though some have never even met you yet. You are my baby, my special puppy who continuously brings pure joy to me, even when we are apart. I miss you. I will see you soon, that is a promise. We will not let him use you any longer, you deserve so much more. Love always, your fur mum, who thinks of you every day ❤

If anyone has any ideas that could help me get Fargo back from my ex who’s demanding 1000$ for me to get him back, please feel free to contact me. I am contacting a lawyer today. Hopefully this gets resolved because I just want him home ❤ Thank you for your support.

Colin O’Donoghue and Lana Parilla Panel--OUAT Chicago 6/10/17

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[Note:  I made an audio recording of the Colin and Lana panel, the Colin panel, and the Rebecca Mader panel.  The sound quality isn’t at all good, so rather than post it somewhere, I decided to make a transcript.  These transcripts take a while to make, so it’ll probably be another day or two before I finish the Colin panel and the Bex panel.]

Lana:  Welcome to Chicago. [gestures to Colin] For us, to us.  Welcome Colin.

Colin:  Thanks for having me.  Welcome to Chicago.

Lana:  It’s such a pleasure, such an honor to have you here. How’s everyone doing? [crowd cheers]  I see a wicked witch and Robin…

Fans [from crowd]:  I love you! You’re gorgeous!

Lana:  Thank you so much!  Anything else?  [crowd laughs, cheers, starts cheering for Colin] Colin, you’re gorgeous.

Colin:  Thank you.  I know.

Fan [from crowd]: Your accent’s sexy!

Colin: [points at fan]  Thank you very much.  Oh, it’s cosplay day.

Lana:  It is!

Colin:  A lot of great costumes here today.

Lana:  I should have dressed up as you.

Colin:  I should have dressed up as you.

Lana:  So, I’m starting on this side. [To Colin] Am I blocking you?

Colin: No.

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How to pack light

There comes a time in the life of every traveller when you need to pack light. This may be for many reasons: for example, that you are going to a dark place, that you have a need for public visibility, or simply because you have been vouchsafed an excessive quantity of light and need to take it to an appropriate disposal venue. Although there are some common factors, the strategies required to pack light differ by the type of light that you are packing. We therefore present our five-part guide to packing light below.

1. Since fire was first stolen from the dogs, mankind has cogitated about the best way to transport firelight. Taking it with you on a long journey can certainly increase your warmth and/or comfort. Perhaps the easiest way to transport firelight is to be literally on fire. However, this method has certain disadvantages in terms of personal safety. As an alternative measure, try being metaphorically on fire. Your fellow travellers will probably thank you for choosing this method. They may even clap.

2. The best type of light for taking into dark places is that derived from the torches of rescue parties. You can mix in a little light from a calm dawn if you desire a greater sense of solitude. This light may be held in a closed hand, sealed in a bottle, or carried on the back of a co-operative firefly. Although it is much more easily obtained, try not to adulterate the mix with the light of oncoming trains.

3. There are certain precious lights that stay in the memory, and that you may wish to preserve. You will likely encounter these in the field, and so a portable storage mechanism here is a must. For example, you may wish to hold on to the light of the Arctic’s white nights, or of that sunset that one time over Venice’s lagoon. Interestingly, these lights are already stored at the back of the brain, where they are recycled into the idea-light that shines over the heads of people who are thinking new thunks for the first time. If you can find a way of accessing this facility, you may not even need to pack extra equipment. We have had considerable success with this method by utilising an idea-o-tron, which gently jiggles humans with a caffeine solution until new thunks come out.

4. As consumers of light who are familiar with cartoons will be aware, treasurers are obliged by the law of the high seas to fill in any spaces in chests, caskets and coffers with concentrated light. This light is usually obtained by careful squeezing of the afternoon sun in a suitable juicing apparatus. The process produces a high-stability light which may have a lifetime of many centuries, allowing the light from ancient hoards to shine as brightly as that from the bathroom suites of the nouveau-riche. We do not, however, recommend that you travel with this light unless you absolutely have to. Treasure-light is a Class I dragon risk. It is not permitted on scheduled flights, even as hold baggage, and most shipping companies will also refuse to carry it. Perhaps the safest way is to travel unobtrusively on foot with the light in a cardboard box and plenty of anti-dragon spray.

5. Finally, you may wish to shine a light upon that which prefers to remain hidden. In this case, we recommend purchasing a small torch, some batteries, and a map giving the location of that which prefers to remain hidden. Always remember to state beforehand that you are not playing hide-and-seek. Otherwise you may find that you will have to hide once you have exposed that which prefers to remain hidden, whilst that which prefers to remain hidden shambles off to shit in your car and eat songbirds. That which prefers to remain hidden is unable to count to ten, so you will be hiding very, very a long time in this eventuality.

this is a message to Dan and Phil's old neighbours:

I’m so sorry that you had to hear things like “FASTER PHIL FASTER” (plus many other screamed out innuendoes at various times throughout the day), random screaming and pacing at 5 am along with having your dog stolen by them but tysm for being nice to those nerds and not calling the police on them

You Should’ve Run Away (John Wick X Reader) {Smut}

Fandom: John Wick/John Wick: Chapter 2
Pairing: John Wick X Reader
Word Count: 1,961
WARNING: Poorly written smut! Don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with that!
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if he’s out of character, I tried to make him as in character as possible. Also, idk how long his wife has been dead but let’s pretend it’s longer than they portrayed it in the movies. I basically wrote this because I love John Wick and I was mad at how the movie ended, but I haven’t written in a while so idk if this is any good! Hope you guys like it <3
Disclaimer: I own nothing. (:

When John first started to have feelings for someone other than his wife, he felt incredibly guilty. Helen had been the love of his life and his soulmate, there was no doubt in his mind about that, and after she died, he was heartbroken.

And as hard as it was for him to come to terms with the fact that he was beginning to fall for someone that was not his wife, he knew that Helen would want him to move on and be happy with someone else.

“Hello, John.” You greeted, raising an eyebrow at him curiously. “What are you doing here?” You were a bartender at the Continental Hotel at night, and an assassin for hire by day. You had hoped you wouldn’t see John again after the last time he was here. That was briefly, when he was almost murdered in his hotel room. He had seemed to get back out after that.

He was one of the lucky ones; he had made it out of this life and he had settled down for a while. When you heard about Helen’s passing, you were devastated. Helen was a lovely woman, and John was an old friend of yours, and if anyone deserved to be happy, it was him.

“I have a marker.”

You winced. Markers were binding, and they were impossible to get out of. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Pour me another drink.” John requested, and you laughed.

Before you handed him his drink, you paused. “Seriously, John. If you need any help with anything, let me know.”

He smiled. “I will, __y/n__, thank you.”

You both knew he was lying, he was too proud to ask for help, but you let it slide. For now.

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In the Pet rock comic, you said that they just moved in, and Papyrus was around 18. The dog was also there. In the photo collection, 11 year old Papyrus got his attack stolen by the dog. But at that time period, they weren't living in Snowdin yet. Did the dog travelled with them? Was it another dog? Or he get there just to annoy Papyrus? Kaito, explain yourself! L

When Papyrus was younger, Sans took him to Snowdin to make some tourism. The place was neat enough.

There, they found a dog that decided to annoy Papyrus.

Years after, they adopted that same dog.

Toby really wanted those bones, I guess :P

the keepsake | alfie solomons

@samascara requested a good old bag-of-flour baby test. 

i remember having a realcare baby in high school for my child dev class oh buddy oh pal

You stormed into the office and dropped the loose arm onto the desk in front of Alfie.

“I broke the baby and I can’t work out how to fix it”

“Oh, for fucks sake, darlin’”

“I don’t want to hear it, Alfie. Just fix the damn thing”

He moved his hands up to motion for you to pass him the doll’s body and you sighed, holding them out, dangling by their one remaining arm.

“That’s our child you’re talking about”

“It’s a fucking doll. One I’m going to beat you with”

“This is ridiculous”

“You’re telling me”

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