hello fire emblem community. there are a lot of user who repost stolen artwork in the tag, and one in particular i’ve noticed this evening is deathgodhunter. i told them about reverse googling to source the artwork they had stolen and they responded with hostility and belief that they had done nothing wrong.

so if you could take the time the report and block the user deathgodhunter, maybe shoot them a polite message saying “hey, this isn’t ok”, it would be very helpful. i am trying to see if i can report them even though they have blocked me.

if you are an artist i recommend that you check out their posts to see if they’ve stolen any art from you. i’ve definitely recognized some of the reposted art from users on this site


Over the past 24 hours I have been notified by several people about pages of Peter & Company and other pieces of my artwork being supposedly “available for sale” through a site called Wallpart (which I will not link in this post, for reasons explained below), and in the same time span I have seen many other artists make journals/submissions/posts talking about finding their own work on there as well. Naturally, the inclination of any artist finding their work available for sale without their consent is to head to the “Report Violation” link attached to every listing and file a complaint to have it removed.


This site already has a bit of a history, and I’ve read several posts from people who dove into their site code and snooped around. Long story short, there are some very devious bait-and-switch tactics going on. Essentially:

- I have not found any confirmation that they are actually selling any of the images/prints that appear on their site. Their “search function” is nothing but scraper software, which essentially just loads up hits from Google Images and displays them within a pre-built “shop” template based on the image’s resolution. This is why every single piece on there has a title that is lifted directly from whatever gallery site (FA/DA/Weasyl) or general website was hosting it. Example: They have my title card from my Kickstarter page for the P&C pilot, with the title lifted straight off the description.
- The dependence on Google Images is also why doing a search for your own name will turn up different results each time, or possibly no results at all, even though the listings still seem to exist if you have a direct URL to them. Their “search” function never actually searches their own listings; it even offers the same real-time suggestions that you’d get from a Google search bar. Confusingly enough, performing the same search multiple times often returns different results at different times throughout the day. I was able to find dozens of P&C pages supposedly for sale by searching my name yesterday, but today none of them show up in search results – even though the direct links to the page forms (which I saved) still exist.
- Their “Report Violation” link is actually a 100% phishing form. If you fill it out, no matter what you put there, you will be sending them a LOT more than you anticipated. This is actually the main purpose for the site’s existence – they completely anticipate artists being upset about their work supposedly being sold, so they developed a system to exploit those who complain.
- Various pieces of malware and other malicious code have been found embedded throughout their pages at different times. This site is just bad news all around.
- The site itself is hosted in Russia, and has already swapped web hosts 4 times in the past few months. The current host is listed as ENOM, and other bloggers/artists have already sent complaints and reports to their contact page, with little luck. It looks like it’s already been branded and caught in the past and is trying to keep itself alive.
- Also, for a site claiming to have “billions of images” available for print, to only have a little over 3,000 “happy customers” should be a pretty big red flag on its own.

So please – DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. Do not attempt to search for your own artwork in its listings; if your work shows up on Google, it is guaranteed to be on that site. They’re even listing “prints” of web banners and other graphical elements that were never intended for printing. Do not give it page views, and most importantly DO NOT FILL OUT ANY VIOLATION FORMS, EVEN IF THE ARTWORK ON THE PAGE IS YOUR OWN. Instead, there is a petition asking for the domain to be stripped and brought down.

Please share the word around as much as possible so other artists don’t potentially fall into their trap by thinking that their “Report Violation” page is actually what it claims to be. These people are pure scam artists, plain and simple. Avoid them at all costs. 


Hey guys. I could really use your help in signal boosting this.

I’ve been seeing this sweater being shared around, and being sold at various sites online. This is my artwork and I never authorized the production or selling of these sweaters. I have been trying to track down all of the sites that sell it to get them to remove and stop selling the item, but I’m afraid it’s spread to a point where it is difficult to control.

Here are a few of the sites I found still selling them, though I did send them Copyright Infringement notices, so hopefully they won’t be up for long:



They are all from China, I think, so it has been hard tracking down the original manufacturer.

Please don’t buy or promote these sweaters. If you can spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in shirts and sweaters with my work on it, you can head over to my RedBubble. I have the Catvengers, Purrlock Holmes, Supurrnatural, among others on there. :3

Thanks so much!

Jenny Parks


This facebook group for Rick and Morty have tons of stolen T-Shirt designs on TeeChip, including mine which has been stolen, you can see the original on my blog or on Redbubble here:

This makes me SO MAD, when I found this I didn’t know what to do, I was just shaking and I didn’t even know where to start. It’s received 12,800 likes and 3,800 shares, which makes me SICK, knowing all that appreciation and support for the t-shirt didn’t go to me. I’m lucky if I scrape 100 likes for my artwork normally on Facebook.

I’ve only just started to make T-shirt designs, I mean I only have 3 designs on my Redbubble, but it’s sad things like this happens to artists, because this has really dented my faith to want to draw, and work hard on my pieces when I know that somewhere out there, some douche shit is taking all the credit like this. I don’t care about sales, I just want the credit like any normal artist would.


EDIT: After some emails, Teechip took down my design thankfully, but it hasn’t stopped them uploading it to many more scammy t-shirt sites!! I’m trying my best to keep on top and report them but some sites are so scummy as fuck they don’t even reply or take it down.

Thanks to everyone’s kind sharing of this post so far though, I feel word has spread around and tons tons more people are aware of this, even though people keep getting banned and comments deleted from the groups page, I still see a lot of comments fighting against them.

If you see this on your dashboard, do not reblog it !! This is a repost and the original artist is hipananus! Here’s their original posts (which you should totally reblog instead!)
Please signal boost since this repost above is spreading pretty fast!


These paintings have been stolen from a gallery in Seattle.  I am reposting this from this Facebook post about the theft, by request of a friend of the artist.  Please reblog this, especially if you are in the Seattle area.


PLEASE Re-post/Share on your wall (especially Washington State residents). Thanks, for any help.

Four of my paintings from my most recent art show went missing and unfortunately, it seems somebody brazenly walked in, took them off the walls, and stole them. The paintings most likely disappeared sometime during the last weekend of April (maybe a day or two before I arrived to pick up my artwork this Sunday 4/27).

The paintings were displayed in Seattle in the main lobby of the:
OK Hotel
212 Alaskan Way S.
Seattle WA, 98104

(Otherwise known as OK Gallery during Pioneer Square artworks.) The building is secured with code/key entry only. I have filed a police report in Seattle, and an investigation is underway, by the police and management. $3,600.00 worth of paintings were stolen. Everybody please keep an eye out for them, especially in the Pioneer Square area, (you’ll recognize my style if you see them) they might be hanging on somebody’s wall right now, or for sale online somewhere. If you have any info about my four stolen paintings please contact me via Facebook Message, E-mail or call or text my phone.

Phone: (Please call/text this number only if you have info about my missing paintings.)

To the thief, if he/she sees this somewhere: I’m flattered that you liked my artwork so much, but you not only stole $3,600. worth of my artwork, you stole over 100 hours of my time and labor. You stole some of my favorite ‘children.’ If you return the paintings in the condition they were in when I had them hanging on the walls then I will not press charges and I will ask no questions. I simply want my artwork back, intact. The art world is competitive and difficult enough, but now I also have to worry about people who lack virtues, swooping in, and stealing over a month of my dedicated time, passion and labor? Shame on you for stealing from a poor artist. Contact me, return the artwork, and no questions will be asked and no charges will be filed against you.

The artworks are shown above:

“The Sun at Midnight”
Oil on Canvas, 24", 30"

“The Language of The Birds”
Oil on Canvas 24", 36"

“Into crumpled paper, hope had collapsed.”
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

“…Our dreams lay still, one wing clutching at air.”
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30", 30"

Please re-post/share this on your wall. Thanks for the help everyone, and hopefully I will have my paintings returned.

I don’t understand these kinds of crimes. Why would you want to hang art on your wall by an artist who fucking hated you?  Do people think artists are rich, that they deserve to be punished by having their work stolen? And why is the gallery so insecure and unobservant as to let multiple, large paintings just walk out the front door?

My very first gallery show was when I was 12 years old.  It wasn’t a school thing or a scholarship contest, it was a real gallery, albeit a small one, above a vintage clothing store in my hometown.  After commissioning a chalk pastel drawing of the Lady Godiva from me, a middle-aged man tried to haggle over the price ($60), and when I told him to go stuff his bullshit, he stole it from the gallery as soon as my back was turned.

So the kind of person who steals artwork from galleries, is the kind of person who cheats a 12-year-old girl out of a commissioned painting and then probably goes home and jerks off about it.  He had a college-aged daughter he tried to use as leverage against me, like maybe I would lower the price to impress her.

Reblog this, and remember these paintings.  When you see them on someone’s wall, you’ll know what kind of person they really are.


I can’t believe something like this has happened to me again.  Last time, some publication in the UK was using my artwork without my permission, and the response they gave to me then was “Well, we don’t see how this could affect you, especially considering that you’re in the US”.  They then proceeded to remove my images, but add me to their mailing list.  Like, wtf??

But today…I was hit up on twitter notifying me that my artwork has been used again without my permission, this time for some natural hair care expo that’s being hosted in Baltimore.  On Facebook, there’s a flyer going around clearly using my image as a main image…almost as if its to supplant their own logo.  

Granted this image is like more than 2 years old, and I’d like to think that I’ve grown leaps and bounds since but still:

Notice that both my signature and watermark are conspicuously left out. No links, not artists contributions…nothing.  So, yeah…thats whats up.  

Then I was like, you know, let me hit up their site. 

And when I get there, my image is on that site too!  Three times to be exact!

Like seriously though??

People need to understand that just because you find something online in a search engine, does NOT mean that its public domain.  Altering an image and then removing the original artist’s signature is an even more egregious action.  Like what…the…fuck man.  

You better believe that I sent them a beyond stern message asking them to remove my images.  I probably would’ve been nicer about it, or even let them to continue using them if they provided link backs LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO AND CREDIT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST, but I was so pissed that they removed my signature (even though it is nigh impossible to read…) that was like damn all of that.  

Images that you find online are not free domain unless it says so.  Images that you find on Deviantart where artists post their stuff in an artistic community is not free domain for people to drudge through and take images for their own promotional purposes.  I’ll be the first to tell you that its hard being an artist.  Like, really hard.  And for someone to just pluck your work out, and remove all source, all recognition, damn.  Thats them pretty much taking money (potential anyway) from you.  All of those people who seen the image have no idea who the original artist is, how to contact them or anything.  

And knowing my luck, there’s probably little to no legal action or recourse that I can take for this, or if it happens again in the future.  Shit like this just makes you want to put ugly full image watermarks all over your images man.

Welp, it finally happened, y’all…

My mermaid artwork got stolen and Pink Queen is now profiting off of my design both on their Amazon and official website. If you’d like to help me out, here’s what you can do:

1) Don’t buy anything from this seller (obviously)
2) Call 1-888-280-4331 (7am-5pm EST) and ask for Amazon’s seller support, then report the seller PinkQueen. If they need an ASIN code for the product, it’s  B010B26JAQ and my design is second from the last option (lovingly titled “ugly mermaid”…wow.)
3) NEVER remove captions from original artwork that you reblog it, or don’t reblog if there is no artist credit. If you’re copying the image from another social media site to share, please please PLEASE credit the artist. This is so important - it may keep things like this from happening in the future.

This is so awful cuz I’m already dealing with a lot right now (no home, no job, no car, massive depression, AND I have to say goodbye to my dog soon) and now I have to deal with this headache. Any support or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks, BBs xoxo


Hi everyone, it’s come to my attention that my Ryoumarx fanart has been taken and is being sold without permission here and here on redbubble. I’ve contacted the redbubble team and am hoping for a response and action to be taken soon. 

This is a warning to NOT buy anything from their store as it’s all stolen artwork. If you already have bought something, I’m not sure how redbubble works but if you can somehow get a refund I suggest you do so and try to find a way to support the original artist instead. If you see anything in this store that belongs to you or a friend please let them know and have them report it, as it seems only the original artist can have the work taken down. 

P.S. In terms of my own work I do NOT own a redbubble, storeenvy, society6 or anything like that. So if you see anything resembling my artwork on those sites it is NOT mine and has no place being there. 

EDIT: So I’m in the process of having my artwork taken down, but please check out the store to see if you or your friends are victims of this user. Unfortunately I alone do not have the power to take down the entire store, perhaps if enough artists report their case it will be. 


Please Help!

Thank you so much again for everyone that helped me find the company that stole my artwork and was selling it through Zumiez! I really appreciate it!

Can you help me again? In the first image is a woman from tumblr sallycinnamonx wearing my artwork on a sweater. Problem is I have NEVER licensed this design titled “Funky Catsterz in Outer Space” to be printed on ANYTHING by ANYONE. I tried contacting the person wearing the sweater to find out where she purchased it but never got a response.

The second image is my post of my artwork on Tumblr 3 years ago.

I also see this image circulating a lot on Tumblr and other sites without any credit to me so I would really appreciate it if you spot this please credit me :)

This is where you can purchase a LEGAL print of this:

Does anyone know what retailer is selling my stolen design on sweaters?


Someone Stole My Artwork

Okay, so earlier I was searching ‘Zootopia Shirts’ on the Internet and I came across my own artwork displayed on a t-shirt. It is the Zootopia Pixel Art by me that is shown above. The only problem with this was that I had no idea that my artwork was being used on a t-shirt. Curious, confused, and unhappy, I promptly clicked on the link and I was brought to the shopping page.

I found out that the user (who I will not mention) was selling shirts along with other merchandise like mugs, stickers, bags, cases, etc. featuring my artwork. I counted the reviews of the t-shirt and multiplied it by the price (which is about $28) and my mind was blown… They had earned more than $4,000 from my artwork that they had stolen (even though a portion of the money goes to the website/company, that’s still a lot of money). I had posted my artwork on tumblr on November 25th, 2015. It looks like they made the merchandise available towards the end of December. I immediately looked for someway to report them. I’ve done the research and I can definitely do something about this scenario.

This is unfair, hurtful, and against the law. I worked really hard on this and I recently come to find out that someone who didn’t even get my permission to use it, puts my art on t-shirts and starts selling them. I also find it disrespectful that they removed my signature and didn’t even mention that I was the artist. They basically took credit for my art. The stolen version looks a little different, but I’m sure that’s what happened to the quality when they compressed the original down for a shirt design.

I’m considering putting a watermark on future pieces of art by me and I really don’t want to. I’m just scared this might happen again. I’m going to file a complaint of copyright infringement and have their account either suspended or taken down so they can no longer sell my artwork. From what I’ve seen, this happens a lot. The bottom line is don’t buy any merchandise that has art on it unless it is confirmed that the seller themselves are the artist or at least have the artist’s permission. Don’t steal art and say it’s your own. That’s just wrong and I do not tolerate it. If you are the seller that stole my artwork, please take it down and have some respect. If you happen to see the above pixel art on any merchandise, please don’t buy it, I’m not the seller. If any of you by chance want this on some merchandise, just ask and I can most likely make it happen (possibly with way better quality and a cheaper price). And if anyone needs or wants to use my art, just ask; I most likely will say yes. Please share so that others can know. Thank you.




This is nothing against anyone, but I’m tagging the tumblrs that I see the most reblogs of this stolen art from. 

Guys, please go back and delete your reblog of this artwork. The artist is likely VERY unhappy about this, and if you haven’t read this, this is exactly the kind of thing that negatively impacts an artist.

@slimshadysasuke@nejis, @inomatsu@sasukeavenged

Again, if you are tagged, please know that this is just a more efficient method of getting rid of the most reblogs and a way for me to track where the most reblogs of this stolen art is reblogged from. 

Please delete your reblog, and shoot me a message or chat and I will remove your name.

If you’re having trouble finding the post, try typing “/search” after your URL and search for keywords like ‘yusui’, ‘54003064′ to locate and delete it.

WHAT FUCKING BALLS THEY FUCKING HAVE. Are you FUCKING serious?????? This fucking group on etsy is claiming MY ARTWORK as their own. (I deleted the link earlier without remembering that it was linked in this convo) THE BALLS they have to say they drew it when I posted this YEARS AGO. WHAT BULLSHIT. I am shaking with rage I am so angry. Please report this group to etsy, claiming my artwork as their own this CAN NOT HAPPEN. I have the PROOF from years back that I drew this. 


Done with the bullshit.

Thank you so much to everyone that reblogged this and helped me to find the company behind this! I really really appreciate your support.

Sirens & Dolls produced my artwork on tank tops without my permission and is selling them through Zumiez. This is a really big deal as Zumiez is a big company. I will be moving forward with legal action.

This honestly is so discouraging. I have been working really hard on my own trying to build my company and make a living from it since 2009. Instead what has happened is all of my hard work has paid off for other people. They are getting paid for my artwork, they are sustaining their companies off of my artwork, they are paying their bills with my artwork. And I literally made $5 this month from sales from my work. I have only 453 followers on Instagram. After all these years. Yet these companies are stealing my work and getting hundreds of thousands of followers from it and making thousands from my work. I am having to go back on food stamps AGAIN. I am a woman artist trying to make it in this hetero-patriarchal capitalist society and I am losing miserably. My artwork has gone viral over the internet through Reddit, Imgur, 9gag, I Can Haz, Tumblr, and other sites like that with absolutely no credit given to me. I have gained nothing from all of my years of hard work. 

Honestly, I don’t give a shit about fame or wealth. All I want to do is be able to pay my bills and do creative things for work. That’s it. It’s simple. But I can’t even do that. This is not the first time a big company has stolen my artwork and it unfortunately probably won’t be the last. 

I constantly am seeing rip offs of my artwork all over the internet and in so many stores. I have contacted so many of these companies asking them to sell my art, the art that they are selling without my permission or ripping off, and NONE have accepted this offer. They would rather hire someone in house to copy my art or just steal it from Tumblr than pay me. I’m so fucking tired of making art and it just getting stolen and making other people wealthy while I’m struggling to pay my rent. If I could turn back time I would have never created Funky Catsterz. It has only benefited liars and assholes. 

If you like my work and have the money, please support me:

Please follow me on tumblr:

and Instagram: funkycatsterz

Thank you <3

I get really tired of crap like this.

See this? It’s my comic and the url has been cut off and it’s been altered.

Here is the original:

I might not have the neatest hand writing but the person who stole this could have maybe tried a little harder to write the single word “books”.

What is so ridiculous about this is that I allow my comics to be used and reposted as long as the url is still there. The person who stole this is so freaking lazy that they couldn’t even write the word “books” properly. BUT they took the time to cut off my url! If they wanted to use this joke so badly they could have made their own comic. They could have drawn stick figures in paint! I wouldn’t have cared. Jokes are reused and adjusted all the time. But to be so lazy as to just take my comic like this? So low.

I can trace it back as far as this I heart books Facebook page (stolen comic is here) from there someone shared it on Pinterest and from there…

…now this is the kicker…

…this publishing company put it on their Facebook page. Their tumblr is here too. Though luckily it wasn’t put on the tumblr.

It then got thousands of likes and shares. Actually way more than previous posts by this FB page. All this generated views for their FB page and potential sales, while my FB page and website got nothing. I posted a polite comment and sent a private message and finally 6 hours later the comic was taken down and I was sent this:

“The comic was altered when I found it – and the art was only linked to a Facebook page with no credit. We ALWAYS credit art when we can. Here is a link to the Pinterest page: We removed the art.”

So no apology. And not being able to find where the artwork is from makes it okay to post it? You are the Facebook page for a publishing company! It is just removed with no apology or acknowledgement that it was an altered artwork and that it was mine. They could have edited the original post and just said “Sorry this comic is originally from this artist and has been altered by someone. Please go check out the original artist”. Nope.

Unfortunately it’s not the first time this has happened to me either. Firstly if you don’t know where something came from - DON’T POST IT. Secondly, if you do make a mistake and post something and inadvertently cut off thousands of potential views for an artist making a living ONLINE, just have the decency to apologise. Thirdly, just doing a reverse image search with the stolen comic shows my website, the original comic and ‘visually similar images’ which are also my comics. Takes just a few seconds.

I don’t mind people sharing my comics! Just make sure my site’s url is there!

AND the final salt in the wound… whoever stole the comic and changed it, wrote “this is me”…. no it’s not! It’s me. It is literally a comic about my life! With my husband in Korea! I make comics about our lives together! Don’t say “this is me”.

Solution to tracking down stolen artwork!

So basically google images has a new function where you can copy the image URL to get a picture! Yay!

So I found this OC on the old Quotev, Quizilla!

External image


So I copied the URL of this photo, and apparently this is Fuuchouin Kazuki from Getbackers. The artist is Papllion10!

So yay, a way to track down stolen artwork!