stolen watches


if i could begin to be half of what you think of me
i could do about anything

(to avoid confusion, teal dialogue is felix and apple-green dialogue is adrien ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/)

felix’s anxiousness and hidden inferiority complex is aggravated by being split up from adrien while his twin makes new friends. adrien can’t understand why felix is so reluctant to break their exclusive bubble and make other friends as well, especially because his own inferiority complex stops him believing he’s good enough to be the only person felix is happy with

The Tide

Here’s my latest fic! It’s very long but screw it, might as well post it here too.

Cross-posted from AO3.

Summary: Lance doesn’t know whether or not he can trust Keith to have his back. But now that he’s stuck under a tree, with broken bones, and on the verge of drowning, it seems he might not have a choice.

4k+ under the cut!

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Please don’t watch Skam on Youtube. Either watch them with the link provided by @shametv or the ones provided by @myklaineobsession
They are the only official clip translators and none of them have given permission for anyone to upload their work to Youtube. So if you are watching it one YT you are watching stolen translations and giving thanks and credit to people that don’t deserve it. The orginal ones are not hidden, anyone can watch them. So please do. 
Don’t watch the channel “The wanderer” or “ColetivoTM’ or “Love Koop/ Love Gay”.  They do not own these videos and are breaking the rules of Youtube by uploading these videos. 
Give credit and thanks where it is due please. Cause if they decided to stop doing it, all of us are effected by it. 


I could feel him staring at me, eyes burning into the back of my head. I turned ever so slightly, pulling my lower lip between my teeth as I looked back at him. He smiled softly, and I felt my lips turn up at the corners. This had been happening a lot lately. I would catch him staring at me, only to receive a smile when I looked back. At the sound of Jack clearing his throat I broke the stare, going back to the files I was sorting. Danny and I had never been particularly close. We were more apt to fight than get along, but after awhile, we were able to develop an easy if not slightly complicated friendship. That’s when the staring started, the looks when we thought nobody else was watching, the stolen smiles and lingering touches. I’ll admit I was starting to have feelings for him, maybe I even loved him. I never thought he’d feel the same though, so I never mentioned it.
“Y/N. Can I uh, can I talk to you?” I turned to see Danny staring at me, scratching the back of his neck nervously. I nodded, following him to an empty room down the hall. When he closed the door, I turned to him.
“What’s up Danny?” He stood there, shuffling nervously, mouth opening and closing like he was looking for the right words to say. I stood there patiently, simply waiting for when he’d figure out what it was he wanted to say.
“I like you, I really like you Y/N. I know we fight a lot, but I was just trying to hide what I felt for you. I understand if you don’t feel the same but…..”
“Danny shut up!” I laughed, watching him look away in embarrassment.
“I like you too.” He looked up then, a smile on his face and without another word he pulled me close, arms around my waist as he slammed his lips against mine. My arms wrapped around his neck, one of his hands splaying across my back as the other cupped my face. Our lips danced together like we’d been together for years, fire spreading from everywhere he touched. The hand on my back moved to my waist, his fingers caressing the band of exposed skin below my shirt as he deepened the kiss. When he pulled away our foreheads were pressed together, both of us breathing heavily as we held each other close.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.” He breathed, making us both smile. Just then, we heard cheering from the door and turned to see Henley, Jack, and Merritt clapping.
“It’s about damn time you two. Watching you two tiptoe around each other was getting exhausting.” With that, the three turned away, leaving Daniel and I still stuck in our embrace, and we both knew we wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

The Hobbit DoS is on TV right now and as I watch it I am reminded how much ‘Hollywood’ is in this. LOTR was made as a beautiful tribute to the source material and handled with such care. Now, while I believe the Hobbit movies were handled with care, these movies were made more for the money and it shows in the bloating of the story so much that they turn it into three movies.

I’m not saying there aren’t great things about the Hobbit movies (Thrandy) and beautiful moments (Thrandy), but it doesn’t pull at my heart like the LOTR movies did. The LOTR movies for me were truly magic and were near perfect for me even though things had to be changed/cut out of the film.

lovely queers of the voice s12

someone asked for this, so here it is (also sorry i’m supes lazy and this is way delayed)

First up, we’ve got Stephanie Rice, a classic preacher’s daughter from Texas (TBH I am SHOOK there were no “Son of a Preacher Man” jokes since Dusty Springfield was bi, but ok). She actually had a beautiful and kind of emotional backstory, but I don’t know how to internet, so I couldn’t find it. Even though Blake also turned, obvi she went #teamgwen. Her and her fiancee are both wearing cute, semi-matching hats, which, like, ok. 

Next up, Sammie Zonana, also from Texas. I saw Sammie and was like I would bet she’s on our team, but there’s already a wlw. No way there can be another. Oh, how glad I was to be wrong. Sammie’s rockin a sweet vest (hint #1) and her adorable fiancee watches from backstage. BTW she’s also #teamgwen (which makes it 20% wlw, fun fact, and really makes it come full circle for all of the ladies like me who were wayyy too into that no doubt look)

Finally, we have Sheena Brooke, from my home state of Florida (wow where else have there ever been three Southern queers on one mainstream show) who may just have my fave voice of our trio. I must admit, I also got Vibes when I saw Sheena, but again, I was like 2 ladies already? No way we’re going to get spoiled with a third. And then she introduced her adorable wife… Thanks to Adam hitting his button, our Sapphic S³ is complete. 

Congrats, the Voice, on NBC, may be the gayest show on TV, or at least cable. Stay strong my southern sapphics, and best of luck in the battles to come. TBH I never expected to blog about the voice on my queer-fangirling blog (or however you categorize this mess) but here we are. Crazy world. 

Watch your fanfics

I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but please reblog so this can get enough motion. Some jerk-was Magnus Payne has been going through FF and stealing it to sell on Amazon. Phanatic01’s Turning From True Beauty along with Broken-Vow’s Ten Months Previously have both been stolen.

Please review the books poorly on Amazon and give this thief a piece of your mind. If they get enough bad reviews maybe they will stop.

This is the problem with writing fanfiction as you cannot truly copyright it. Please help out your fellow writers!


Merlin should have put that wand in a secure and locked case if it was that powerful! Well, thanks to Calista’s thievery skills, Morgana makes herself known -and snatches the Dragon Claw wand for herself! Ahhh! ( LOL, Morgana and her eavesdropping on visitors, she really obsesses over her revenge on Merlin, huh?) I like how instinctively Cedric tries to shield Sofia and Calista when Morgana fires some magic their way! Awww, so protective! :)  It’s interesting too that Sofia is usually holding Cedric back in a scene like this, but this time he was doing it for once!

A quick Drunk! GMW college au

Okay yall don’t hate me but I’m gonna have to delay Girl Meets the Inevitable Part 5 a bit longer because surprise! I apparently have a series of exams happening in the next few days! And pretty much I can’t do anything but study right now. 

HOWEVER I found a drabbly AU thing I jotted down in my iPhone notes last week after the whole watch-stealing fiasco (click here for context) and I think it’s pretty hilarious so I offer it you guys as temporary compensation until I can finally get GMTI Part 5 out!! (Hopefully you enjoy this omg) So here it is:

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dating ashton would include:
  • him teaching you how to play drums
  • late night talks about anything and everything
  • him being very protective over you
  • watching cooking shows and then trying to recreate that dish, but just ending up making out with you on the kitchen counter and him between your legs
  • him trying to braid your hair
  • short stolen kisses 
  • giggles
  • watching movies cuddled together on the sofa
  • yep, lots of loooong cuddles
  • him taking pictures of you while sleeping or wearing his clothes and posting them on twitter or instagram with a really cute caption
  • him being sometimes dominant in bed 
  • him massaging your feet or your back after you’ve had a long day
  • always waking you up in nice ways like kissing your neck or squeezing you so tight to his chest you run out of breath
  • him just saying “I love you” at random times, like in the car while you’re singing along to a song or when you’re cooking dinner 

 michael / calum / luke

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