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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a miscarriage (sorry guys :,(


~Did somebody order angst with a side of tears? {-this is long i’m sorry-}

(This subject hits a sensitive spot for me so I had to give them all a nice finish.^^ “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”)

◉ Yoosung

  • He was at the computer playing LOLOL when you approached him
  • He thought you were going to ask him to get off and eat dinner
    • “Just a few more minutes MC, there’s a rare monster.”
    • “Yoosung, I think somethings wrong…I’m bleeding…”
  • His face went pale and he tossed his headset on the desk
    • The baby?…”
  • You nodded tearfully
  • He placed his hand on your tummy before rushing you to the doctor
  • Yoosung is a mess
  • He’s trying to keep it together for your sake but his hands are shaking
  • When the doctor tells you two the bad news he let’s go and cries
  • You both are just hugging each other
    • “You’re still a very young and healthy couple. There’s plenty of time to try again. Please rest easy for the next day or two.”
  • He’s treating you like a delicate flower
  • Cooks and brings you food in bed and makes sure you eat it all
  • Really he’s just trying to preoccupy his mind because he can’t bare to think about it
  • You ask to take a shower
  • Yoosung passes by the door and hears you sobbing through the running of the water
  • He broke down there in the hallway
  • When you get out he just lays in bed with you and you are both crying and comforting each other until you fall asleep
        • -After-
  • He was nothing but ecstatic when you found out you were expecting again
  • He got a mug made with the sonogram picture on it and uses it at work
  • It’s a boy!
  • He’s not a very good sleeper (the baby)((well Yoosung too lol))
  • Yoosung stays up all night holding him
  • Or rocking him with one arm and playing LOLOL with his free hand

◉ Jumin

  • You hadn’t gotten out of bed all day
  • There was a lot of pain in your back and you just wanted to lay down
  • When Jumin got home from work and saw you were still in bed and hurting
  • He was pissed at his staff
  • No one called him?????
  • He sent for a doctor right away and then just laid with you on the bed
  • Stroked your hair
  • Said everything was going to be okay
  • After examining you he pulled Jumin aside
    • “There’s no heartbeat, Mr. Han…I’m so sorry…”
  • When he walked back into the room with tears in his eyes you knew…
    • “Oh God…Jumin…”
  • You just broke down in sobs
  • He met you on the bed and pulled you into him
  • Let you cry into his shoulder
  • He glanced at the bassinet at the corner of the room
  • He was so elated he bought it the day you announced you were pregnant
  • Jumin buried his emotions about it after that day
  • He stepped away from work completely because you stopped eating
  • He turned his phone off
  • which is very unlike him
  • And doesn’t let anyone visit the penthouse
  • Just devoted himself to caring for you and helping you recover
  • Which helps him recover
        • -After-
  • Nothing could wipe the smile from Jumin’s face when it was confirmed you both were expecting once again
  • Kissed you so hard
  • It’s a girl!
  • Literally so spoiled omg
  • She’s a daddys girl from the start, he soothes her instantly when he picks her up
    • “This was your big sisters bassinet…we miss her so much. But she watches over you now.”
  • Sings lullabies to her omg it’s literally the cutest thing ever
  • You stand outside the door and just listen

◉ Zen

  • You had been throwing up all day
  • But it wasn’t the normal morning sickness you had been feeling
  • There was a lot of pain and you just knew something was wrong
  • Zen came home from rehearsals to find you on the bathroom floor
  • He immediately freaked out
    • “BABE! Why didn’t you call me?! What’s going on?!”
  • He ran to your side
    • “I think something’s wrong…”
    • “Oh my god…Ok, let’s get you into bed. C-Can you walk?”
    • “I don’t know, I have a lot of pain right now”
  • He picked you up and carried you to the bed
  • His mind was racing, he didn’t know what to do
  • He kissed your forehead
    • “I’ll be right back, okay. Just rest”
  • His hand lingered on your tummy
  • Stepping into the other room he pulled out his phone
  • He could barely dial, his tears were clouding his eyes
    • “Yes, hello?”
    • “Jumin…It’s Zen. I-I need a favor”
  • After explaining what was going on, Jumin didn’t hesitate to agree to send a doctor right away
    • “Please let me know if you need anything else. All of us will have you in our thoughts.”
  • He was a mess waiting
  • Though he tried not to show it
  • He paced around the living room taking deep breaths to calm himself before planting a smile on his face and returning to you, he wanted to be strong for you
    • “The doctor is on the way. I’m going to get you a glass of water and you have to drink it all, okay babe?”
  • It seemed like forever until he arrived
  • You described your symptoms and he took a good look over you
    • “Yes, these things are to be expected with the loss of a pregnancy early on…Make sure she relaxes for a while and call me if you need anything else.”
  • Zen couldn’t find the words to say
  • He felt so powerless in that moment
  • He got so excited when you both found out that he posted a selfie of you two with the pregnancy test
  • He felt this guilt in his chest, maybe if he hadn’t been working so much…
    • “I’m…so sorry, Zen” you cried
    • “Hey hey hey, cut that out,” he wiped your tears, “everything is going to be okay. I’m here with you…”
  • He let the director know he would be taking a few days off and pretty soon word got out to his fans about what happened
  • Gifts, chocolates, flowers, and sympathy cards all came pouring in
  • You got a lot of letters from fans that had also lost babies, and reading them together at night really helped you get through it
  • Jumin sent over a maid and chef to take care of things for a while, and although Zen grumbled about it to you, he was thankful
        • -After-
  • Couldn’t stop himself from shouting to the world that you’re pregnant
  • This time around he did his best to stay home more, as much as you tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary and you were fine
  • It’s a girl!
  • He’s constantly holding her
    • “You’re the most beautiful child to ever grace this planet. You’re not allowed to date until you’re 45. Don’t worry, daddy will protect you from those beastly boys!”

◉ Jaehee

  • It had only been five weeks since you found out the pregnancy took
  • You were feeling kind of odd and excused yourself to the bathroom
  • When you came out, face red and sobbing Jaehee rushed to your side
    • “MC! What’s going on??”
    • “It didn’t stick…we’re losing it…God, I’m so sorry…I don’t know what I did wrong I-”
  • She cut you off and grabbed your face in her hands
    • “Shh…Don’t ever say that,” she was crying too but kissed you, “You.Did.Nothing.Wrong. These things happen. That’s what we knew going into this, right?”
    • Mmhm
  • She wiped your tears
    • “It’s okay. Are you in pain?”
    • “…Not much”
    • “Alright. Well, let’s get you into bed.”
  • She made some tea and you spent the night watching DVDs together in bed snacking
  • She could be sad but keep a level head and positive mind
  • She spent the night reassuring you that it would happen for you both one day
        • -After-
  • Threw a small get-together when it was confirmed that you were expecting
  • All the RFA members were elated
  • It’s a boy!
  • Jaehee is super mom
  • She’s got this babies schedule down to a science
  • She knows how much he’s eating and how much he’s pooping and when and how long he sleeps
  • If there’s every a change in his patterns she freaks and calls the pediatrician lolol

◉ Saeyoung

  • You two were going to your scheduled check-up together
  • It was going to be the first time hearing the heartbeat and you both were elated
  • Saeyoung was dancing around the room as you laid on the table waiting for the doctor to come in
    • “Stop snooping through the cabinets before someone comes in and sees you!”
  • He had stolen a wooden tongue depressor and put it in his mouth
  • And was now grabbing gloves and putting them on too
    • “Excuse me ma’am I’m doctor cotton swab please spread your legs for me I need to inspect you. Stop laughing, that’s very unprofessional. I didn’t go to medical school for this!”
  • The knock on the door interrupted you and he jumped to your side as the doctor walked in
  • Trying to pull the gloves off before he saw
    • “Good evening you two,” he didn’t glance up from his paperwork, “Mrs. Choi, I’m a little concerned about some declining levels I see from your test…”
    • “What does that mean?” Saeyoung had a lump in his throat and he grabbed your hand
  • The smiles had faded from your faces
    • “Let’s just check one thing here before I go any further”
  • He put the gel on your tummy and placed the device on your skin, rolling it around with a furrowed brow
  • It was silent
  • The doctor sighed and removed it from you
  • He started to say some condolences but he didn’t even finish his sentence before you were sobbing
  • Saeyoung leaned down into you, running his hands over you in a soothing manner
  • It was tearing him apart to see you like this
  • On the drive home it was silent except for your crying
  • You noticed him gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly
  • When you got home Saeyoung pushed his own grieving aside, all he wanted was to be there for you
  • Though his usual way of cheering you up was jokes, and he couldn’t bring himself to make any
  • He only let himself cry when you were asleep
        • -After-
  • He was very very protective of you when you told him you were pregnant again
  • If Yoosung breathed too heavy around you he was smacking him
  • It’s twin girls!
  • Dr Cotton Swab™ passed out in the room when he saw two babies wiggling around on the monitor
  • He’s a master diaper changer
  • He keeps a timer by the changing table and is always working to beat his records
  • Falls asleep in the arm chair with them
  • A lot

◉ V

  • You had some intense cramps and V could tell you weren’t feeling well
  • He was pleading with you to take you in and be seen
  • It wasn’t until it hurt so bad that you stumbled (almost passing out) and grabbed onto him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer anymore and had someone drive you both to the hospital
  • It was hard for him to even get the words out to the doctor
    • “I think my wife is…having a miscarriage” his voice wavering
  • He didn’t let go of your hands the whole time the doctor was talking to you
  • He wished so badly that he could see your face
  • When the sound of your soft cries hit him he brushed your hair to the side lovingly and let go of his own sadness welling inside of him
  • V was so gentle with you when you got home
  • You both kissed each other and wiped each others tears away
  • And fell asleep in each others arms
  • The next day you didn’t want to sit still
    • “Are you sure you’re feeling up to this?”
    • “I’m sure. I don’t want to be cooped up right now… Let’s pack some food and go to our spot.”
  • It was a place you both frequented, a beach
  • V couldn’t see the sunset anymore but the sound of the water and the fresh air was therapeutic for both of you
  • You didn’t want to cry anymore and you both just cuddled and sat together quietly
        • -After-
  • Kissed you so many times when you finally told him you were going to have a baby
  • It’s a girl!
  • He was so nervous about being a new dad and being blind but he quickly adjusted
  • Has supersonic hearing, like, if the baby yawns from across the house he freaks out and runs to her
  • Jumin is constantly over playing with the baby and buying her ridiculously frilly outfits that you and V thank him for but stick in the closet never to be seen again

◉ Saeran

  • You were hurting the night before, and he pulled you into bed and held you close, hoping you would just sleep it off and be better in the morning
  • When you woke up you felt a wetness and sat up to reveal blood
  • Saeran freaked out and immediately began inspecting you
    • “Are you hurting bad?? Oh God, MC.”
  • You shook your head no, you weren’t hurting much anymore…
  • And that thought made you break down in sobs
  • You knew what had happened now
    • “Don’t move, I’m calling the doctor”
  • He was frantic and his hands were shaking
  • When he finally got a hold of him on the phone and explained what had happened, he was furious at the nonchalant tone he had
    • “I’m very sorry but there’s nothing we can really do at this point. There’s no reason to bring your wife in at this point. You just have to let these things run their course and call me if she starts to feel her pain worsening.”
  • He almost threw his phone against the wall and shattered it
  • That’s what he wanted to do
  • But you were more important than his anger right now
  • He found you back in the bedroom trying to clean the sheets while crying
    • “Stop stop stop…I’ll take care of that. Let’s get you cleaned up…”
  • He kissed your head and drew a bath for you
  • Letting you soak while he worked in the bedroom
  • The sound of your crying was like a knife in his heart and he allowed himself to silently sob while he cleaned up everything
  • You both were a melancholy mess and couldn’t even bring yourself to tell anyone
  • You spent the whole rest of the day and night laying with each other, both of your hands rubbing your stomach together
        • -After-
  • He still couldn’t fight that feeling in his chest when you said you were pregnant again
  • He felt at any moment it would be taken from him again
  • It wasn’t until he felt that first kick that he cried and kissed your tummy with joy
  • It’s a boy!
  • He won’t let the baby sleep in the bassinet you bought, he sleeps with the baby always
  • Loves when he has the baby and you both snuggled up with him, you both are his whole world
  • Secretly has the picture of that first ultra-sound still in his wallet, and looks at it often, wondering what it would be like to have both of his children alive in that moment
  • Makes Saeyoung use gobs of hand sanitizer before he comes near your child

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Without spoiling much, what element of Strange the Dreamer did you really dig?

  1. Characters. Lazlo Strange, our protagonist, is a soft, kind, inquisitive young man who looks like a bruiser, with dark features and a broken nose that gives him the look of someone who wouldn’t really be interested in books or dreams or lost cities. My mouth is shut about the others.
  2. Mystery. The city of Weep was stolen from Lazlo’s tongue by magic, and he makes it his life’s goal to find out why.
  3. Journey. Lazlo goes through an incredible transformation throughout the book, physically, mentally, spiritually.
  4. Beauty. The settings and characters and descriptions are so achingly beautiful, visceral, and vivid. 
  5. Villains. I’m not going to expand on that one at all. 
  6. T H E  E N D I N G  O M G  I  D I E D 

I hope this helps!



Craig walks up to the counter, each step so memorized that he doesn’t even need to look up to give his order. The words rolling off his tongue a spell in the form of spices and caffeine.

His fingers dancing over the keypad on his phone, texting replying and posting in seconds as he shifts on his feet, the very core of him designed to move.

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Can I ask for some phone sex with Akashi, Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Kagami and Takao and their girlfriends

Akashi’s voice is smooth and his words are clear. He speaks lustful words drenched in honey, the soothing tone of his voice contrasts with the evident desire and occasional hitching in his breath. He prefers to instruct and imagine, relishing the small gasps you gave through the phone.

His tone is unwavering as he voices his fantasies about you, turning your thoughts into a lustful frenzy as you picture his detailed descriptions.

“___, if only you could be with me right now, I could prove my desires to you.”

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Messy, Romantic Poetry For The Signs
  • To, the signs
  • Love, Aquarius <3
  • Aries: You were bubbly pink, laughter that could echo inside of you and never stop. You were a dangerous kind of safety. Being with you was diving off a cliff and knowing you'd float, and your embrace like meeting a river current. You captured me with the intensity of a lightning storm, and loving you makes the moon reverse its orbit.
  • Taurus: You shake the world quietly and shroud yourself in clouds of gentle mystery. Then, on those rare moments when the fog clears, you're vibrant. Your eyes are late nights and soft lamplight, your arms, spilled tears and hot chocolate, your bearing like a forest rendezvous at first daylight.
  • Gemini: You are lightning when it meets spring air. Your heart is an ever-floating balloon, and knowing it is like an exhale in a rain forest. Locking eyes with you turns mist to rain, and you smirk through the downpour as you set it all on fire.
  • Cancer: Pastel sunrises and snow flaked lashes gather in your smile. You're like the last wisps of some fantastic dream, and yet you're an intense reality, the kind that paints life outside the windows and distracts you. You matter like the sun, without you nothing would breath.
  • Leo: Victorian waltzes and dripping sun rays live in your skin and reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. Danger breathes in your shadow, but your aura says it's worth it. A moment in your sights is a gust of wind to a bird and the craters in the moon. Everyone is a sailor, and you're the one who stole the northern star.
  • Virgo: Your footsteps fall with dusty books in heavy wind, and golden sunlight sleeps in your hair. Your voice is sweet like flower petals when your fingernails scrape at a future of stolen kisses and tongue-tied wishes, and your speeches smile in my dreams.
  • Libra: Palm trees sway in our memories, sending warm waves of purple sunsets into our present. The future is cultivated by your Caribbean eyes that swim with cherry gardens and summer breezes. You were like life and death, and neither made sense without you.
  • Scorpio: Love is something you create, like smoke to a wildfire. Your cigarette smile is smothered by the crystalline tears that rage underneath your skin, and dreams stick to the backs of your eyelids. Ice shards freeze your handshakes, but daisies melt your winter embrace.
  • Sagittarius: Fire. That is all. A love with you could turn heaven to ashes and hell to ice. You were incensed, psychedelic dreams in smoky water, weaving yourself through history. You were eternal, your eyes caught divinity, and together we broke the world.
  • Capricorn: 296. That's how many times I dreamed of meeting you last year. Multiply that by the weight of your gaze and you get how much I want to love you this year. 177,600.If you throw your lemon-zest laugh and nebula eyes into the'll have lost count because you're too easy to get lost in. You remind me of snow capped mountains and angel wings, and every other indescribable beauty that got lost in the weight of this world.
  • Aquarius: You were everything new. Whether it was frostbite in summer or heatstroke in winter, you breathed every second and spare molecule. You lived in spring run off, but winter yearned for you. If I hadn't settled into your light, If you hadn't reached for my shadow, life would still be a cold, hard place. Now it's become a galaxy of surprise, and death is like a cold, hard kiss of wind and stars.
  • Pisces: You brought the world in your inhale, and exhaled its darkness. All the world's light stayed trapped inside you, only to be seen through your laugh, saturated in sun. Together we were breathless, because you were the long drawn exhale of life to crushed winter lungs. You were beauty and rain and stars and purple clouds, but mostly, you were alive.

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Kiss me Lemonhead™

Kiss me between the milky twilight || 2/3

The male approached the swimmer, arm wrapping around her waist once she wa close, pulling her towards him in order to keep their bodies as close as possible. Before she could even utter a word, his lips locked into hers into a passionate stolen kiss, tongue at bay as he guided the pace from the start. His chest close to hers as he had no intentions on letting her go for now. 

I love love LOVE heems’ new album (that twitter fuck up and the vaguely uncomfortable title aside) but i have a bone to pick

i always feel conflicted about his shout outs to us guyanese young people because we never get any and it feels nice to have your existence recognized every once in a while.

at the same time, why it always gotta be about smoking with the guyanese? like i feel like that’s all actual indian folks/youth who actually like us see us as—the Other brown people (but not really) who have looser morals or traditions or something and are nice to chill and party with. And that’s not even talking about most South Asian folks I found growing up who were completely apathetic to our history and experiences (“Oh, you’re just actually Indian” i.e. idgaf about how you identify), condescending (“You’re probably from
Bihar, all the poorest people came
from there.” or my personal favorite “You know your names SHOULD be XYZ, right?”), or outright nasty (and anti-black as fuck) saying things like we’re all so dirty because we were the low-caste scourges or we’re impure because we’re mixed with Black people.

and I’m not saying he’s personally are saying any of that but it would be nice to be seen as something other than excellent partiers (though between chutney and soca and proper wining and good rum and being the people who introduced ganja to the west indies, i get it).

like for instance:

how about talking about how we’re living proof of the immense horrors of British imperialism and how it was not confined to the borders of the Indian continent but transmitted trans-oceanically with the sale and enforced bondage of brown bodies?

how about all the indo-caribbean youth who get told they’re too brown to be american but they’re not brown enough for South Asian folks?

how about all the immigrant guyanese kids who come here talking raw raw, the way they’ve spoken English their entire lives, only to be put in ESL classes because even though they speak English, it’s not “white people speech.”

how about all my queer guyanese/trini/jamaican kids who are violently silenced in their religion, and erased in both their South Asian and West Indian identities?

how about the people who come back-track and na geh papers and are the fucking backbone of this infernal city, working for under minimum wage and living in untenable basements just to scrape out an existence?

how about all my coolie mothers and aunties and grandmothers who don’t only face misogyny and violence from the white people who wield all the power but in their homes as well, due to an ingrained culture of and stigma around domestic violence?

how about all my low-income indo-caribbeans? my single mom indo-caribbeans just barely subsisting on welfare? my brown people on food stamps? my indo-caribbean nannies minding white children in midtown while dem own pickne struggle in schools where white and brown alike look down on and marginalize them?

how about my guyanese who can’t ever go back home and who struggle through and send remittances in barrels of carefully maintained clothing and dollar store school supplies? my guyanese asking dis body or da body to “please kerr dis parcel” because they don’t know when they’ll ever see their loved ones again?

how about all my guyanese kids whose ancestral mother tongues were stolen from them who sing gibberish along to bhajans and bollywood songs, their voices trying to echo a lost India/Pakistan/Bangladesh (because who the hell even truly knows?), one they cannot and will never know?

how about my young indo-caribbean boys being held up by racist cops on queens because they’re only seen as micreants?

how about, honest to god, not knowing which arbitrary box to check off and confine ourselves to to try to explain this nuanced identity?

there is a lot of pain and trauma in this lived experience, and it’s a lot more than smoke. and i know the album is very personal and are his own experiences with people, racism, mental health stigma, etc. these are just my own uncomfortable thoughts really. but honestly some authentic representation of this struggle would be nice. if you wanna give us a voice, tell the stories that deliberately go unheard.

my hands are shaky, tinged with a dash
of melanin, enough to proclaim my title
as a child of the sun

i am rooted in purple orchids
that have been grounded in the west
aching towards the east, my spine
contorted between two different sets of stars

my skin longs for better days, clearer skies
and my ancestors, they don’t recognize me anymore they
see me as a ghost, with my tongue burnt out of my mouth
all i can do is spit out ash and decay, and figure out what to do
with this grey matter that accentuates my scattered blue veins

—in-betweens (s.don)

I have always found comfort in the meaning behind words, in the form of books, poetry, or advice from my mother. The potential for one word to mean so many different things, fascinates me. I find myself up late at night, spellbound over the way a comma in a poem can mean three different things because of its placement, and two others if it wasn’t there. But sometimes, I get caught in the in-betweens. I stumble over binary arguments, whether something is this or that, and half way through my essay, I have disproved my thesis statement and I have contradicted myself. The place I find myself stuck at the most is in between Asian and American.

To be honest I don’t get the typical “Where are you from?” or “Your English is so good!” as often, but I still feel the discomfort of being one of the few Asian American English majors. I feel obligated to try harder than everyone else just to prove that I belong there, that I have a voice. I recall one instance in class when I made a comment and it went unheard, and the girl sitting next to me told me not to worry, I’m just “quiet”. Somehow, I felt offended, and I could feel my eyebrows knitting together under my skin, drawing blood to my face. Part of me scoffed at her assumption, but another part of me was angry at myself for not being loud enough and succumbing to being that docile Asian girl. Every day, I subconsciously try to disprove stereotypes and that has strengthened and weakened me in countless ways that make my head spin.

The problems I face as an Asian American woman don’t just come from non-Asians. A lot of tension exists in our community among ourselves that make my bones ache and lungs burn. For example, there is still this passive aggressive warfare between Asians and Americans, F.O.B.’s (Fresh off the Boat) and (in Chinese culture) A.B.C.’s (American Born Chinese). Entitlement is assigned to where you were born and it is a wicked thing that changes to whoever holds it, and has stolen my mother tongue away from me. I used to be ashamed of my heritage and refused to learn how to read and write Chinese because I thought it would make me more “fobby”, uncool according to Asian Americans. With more hindsight and maturity, I now feel the sting at my fingertips, ashamed and disappointed in myself that I can’t write poetry in Chinese. I can’t share my craft with my mother and I can’t fully comprehend how intelligent she is. I can barely write my own name.

I battle with myself a lot more than others do with each other and I have internalized my identity in a way that has altered my bone structure, the shape of my hips and the way I hold my pen. I used to be a quiet, bookish little Asian girl who never participated in classes but now, I am a woman who is desperately apologetic to the little girl I once was, convinced by the world that she could not have a voice, that she was not allowed to take up any type of space. Today, I am a woman who juggles metaphors with shaky hands, an ocean churning in her chest, trying to bring her mother back to the motherland, and earn back the right to call it home. I am trying to make ends meet, to untangle these in-betweens and to chase after sunrises. To have a voice and take up space that provides more for those who cannot.

Malec AU Best Friend’s Brother - the party scene :3

My medication is working very well so far, which allowed me to get this scene finally written. ^^ It is the continuation to this one and it is for jaceherondalesmango and as always for annlightwood and onmondaymorning as well. Hope you like it. :) 

Magnus is Izzy’s best friend with a serious crush on her brother who he’s also friends with and at a party they attend together they decide to make out to find out if what might be between them, could go anywhere.

The original AU-post is here and the morning after happens here. Not edited.

“A kiss?”
“A kiss.”
“Just one?”
“Just one.”

That was okay, right? No harm was done with just one kiss.

Magnus’ eyes glowed with the hectic lights from the living room. Countless specks of glitter blinked in his black hair which was loose this evening. So many lost stars in the darkness and Alec wanted to find them all. 

“If it’s bad, we will never talk about it again …” Alec tasted the words in his tongue like sour drops. Magnus stayed silent. Green eyes caressing the lines of Alec’s face. At least that was what he wanted to be the case. “… and if it’s good … we won’t say anything either.”

Magnus’ eyebrows went up with surprise and maybe a bit confusion. Alec licked his lower lip and decided to ignore the way Magnus’ eyes flickered down for a heartbeat or less. There were words in his lips and he would loose them if he didn’t say them now. They would fall down on the floor, they would get trampled over by the blasting music.

“Whatever happens … we won’t tell anybody, we’ll keep this moment to ourselves and it will never belong to anybody else.”
Alec knew that Magnus shared everything with his sister, but right now he wanted to be selfish. He wanted to have something that was only between him and Magnus. He wanted a memory that belonged only to them, a part of Magnus that belonged only to him. Just one memory and Alec was wondering if he was already falling.


The air around them was warm. Alec felt the beer coursing through his veins. No, he wasn’t drunk. Alcohol seemed so harmless right now. Magnus took a step closer and Alec bit his lower lip. How could one heartbeat sound so loud? Maybe it always happened when a second one was added. 
Magnus raised one hand. His fingertips lightly danced along the line of Alec’s jaw, a warm palm was pressed against his cheek. Alec was still holding the empty bottle. His hands were frozen in place, his lips were tingling with anticipation. He felt guilty for not moving in himself, but part oft he truth was that it had been so long since he’s last been kissed instead of kissing somebody. 

“One kiss,” Magnus whispered against his lips. Alec’s eyelids fluttered shut. He wanted to drown, he was about to do exactly that. He could feel the depth tugging at his bones, calling him.

“One kiss.”

Their lips met, but it wasn’t that kind of awkward first meeting with the exchange of names and firm handshakes. It was the first hug in a long friendship, the first one that really counted. 
It was over too soon and had lasted too long at the same time. Too long to stay unnoticed. Alec let go of the empty bottle. The ‘clang’ of the glass hitting the ground without shattering bounced off his skin. got drowned by the warmth between them. This time Alec moved in, moved closer. 

The second kiss. There was no harm in two kisses, right? Nothing wrong with wanting to taste again. Humans were greedy creatures after all. Magnus’ lips welcomed him, soft, but with a firm pressure, with a clear intent, giving Alec something to lean against. They moved in fluid motions with each other, understanding the other on a new level. Magnus’ hands moved from cupping Alec’s face to combing through his unruly hair. The warm palm that had been setting Alec’s cheek on fire came to rest on the back of if his neck, keeping him close. He wouldn’t have moved a step away, but it was nice being held close like this. 

The second kiss turned into the third one. Magnus’ fingertips traced little circles, short lines on Alec’s scalp. He leaned into the touch, groaning with pleasure because god, that felt good.

The fourth kiss. Alec’s hands on Magnus’ hips, his back, on bare skin beneath the fabric of his shirt. He nipped at Magnus’ lower lip at the same moment Magnus dared to trace Alec’s upper lip with the tip of his tongue. They kissed each other breathless, stealing little gasps right from the other’s lips, drinking soft moans. This only existed between them, nothing escaped to get into the reach of somebody else who didn’t understand what was happening anyway.

Fifth, sixth, seventh … who cared about numbers? Their meaning became dull, distant, unimportant. 

When their tongues met, they pulled apart, slowly, without any haste, but they stayed close, their fingertips still tasting each other’s skin. The sound of the music came back to Alec, but he didn’t want to listen. His heartbeat vibrated right beneath his skin. He wanted to keep drowning. He didn’t want to open his eyes, but Magnus’ thumb on his cheekbone was a silent request. 
Blue eyes met green ones. A question was asked. An answer was given. A promise was made. 

Alec’s fingers drew lazy circles between Magnus’ shoulder blades. The heat between them drew their lips back against each other. Another kiss. A million words stolen. Their tongues met again, teased each other, got to know each other. Alec’s fingernails dug into Magnus’ back, drawing a gasp from the other’s lips that tasted like stars. Magnus’ fingers slightly pulled at Alec’s inky strands. A new urgency was born between them, setting their lips on fire in the best possible way, consuming them both, consuming them whole. 

When Magnus whispered that they should get home, Alec noticed absent-mindedly that the living room was barely filled with people anymore. What time was it? Who cared? Magnus brushed his thumb across Alec’s lips, he pressed a soft kiss against the fingertip, letting his tongue slip out to taste the other’s skin one last time. He didn’t want to go, at least not to part on his doorstep. But he knew he had to say “Yes.” 

So he did because their moment was over.

One kiss. It killed Romeo. It woke Sleeping Beauty. 

It was just a dare - Luke Hemmings One shot (Dirty)

Sorry if this isn’t as good a quality as the others, it was kind of rushed. I would really appreciate suggestions for the next one shots as I’m finding it hard to keep coming up with ideas on my own, plus your suggestions can help me give you what you guys want. I will also be adding more one shots to my blog by reblogging other one shots that i personally like so look out for those xx

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prayfortheinquisitor  asked:

Just met Zevran in Dragon Age 2! He's a flirtatious mess. He flirts with Hawke in every sentence! What would happen if he and Varlen met someday?

“Well well… what have we here? A Dalish, and so far from home!”

“I ah… what are you trying to suggest?” Varlen frowned, folding his arms almost self-consciously across his chest. But there was something about the way the blonde elven man spoke, with that thick yet lilting accent, that made his cheeks burn. Why?

“Suggest? Why, nothing sinister, I assure you!” Zevran waved a hand, as though the emphatic gesture would somehow reassure Varlen completely. Never mind that he was dressed in black assassin attire. Or that he was one. “I am simply surprised, that is all! This is a dangerous place for our people, yes? We should stick together, you and I. For safety, of course.”

Varlen swallowed, for some reason reading so much more from the benign words of the former Crow that he probably should. He had been separated from his companions, yes. They were much further north in the Free Marches than he’d ever dared go before, yes. But to… journey with him? Zevran Arainai? Varlen could feel his palms sweating. He assumed Leliana had tipped him off to their presence in the area, but… still…

“I-I uh… I’m not sure, I should probably–” Varlen began anxiously, but found his awkward sentence cut off by a chuckle. It was warm. Melodic. Like thick honey mixed with mead as it poured down one’s throat.

“Come now - what’s the hurry? I will not harm you - you have my word as a fellow elf, and as a friend of the Nightingale.” Zevran bowed deeply, but his eyes remained fixed on Varlen for the entirety of the motion. “Besides, harming a specimen as lovely as yourself would swiftly become the most unforgivable crime I committed. There would be no redemption after such an act.”

That was it. That did it. Varlen’s face went bright red beneath that sultry stare, and he shifted from foot to foot. He cleared his throat in an attempt to relocate his voice, which had retreated to somewhere in his chest and was refusing to return. Why was he so smooth? That wasn’t fair. How was he meant to say no to someone like him? Did he even want to? It might not be so bad - having a former Antivan Crow watching his back until he found the others. Leliana trusted him - why shouldn’t he?

“Well, mi amor, have you nothing to say, or have I stolen your tongue with my charm?” Zevran laughed, tossing his head back, his blonde hair catching in the fading light. “If we loiter too long, well… we may become rather easy targets for those who roam the roads after dark. Other than my good self, of course.”

Swallowing hard, Varlen took a shaky breath, tearing his eyes from the shorter elven man to sweep across the area. They were exposed out there. They really did need to move, and find somewhere safe to camp for the night. But… camping? With him? Varlen’s gaze returned to Zevran, who was watching him with an almost mischievous glint in his eyes. Eyes that occasionally drifted appreciatively down his form, before returning to his face with complete confidence. 

“Oh alright.” Varlen eventually conceded, seeing no viable alternative, and Zevran clapped his hands in delight.

“Excellent! You will not regret it, nor is your trust misplaced, my friend! Now, I am of the impression that your horse fled, and it was carrying your supplies, yes?”

“… Yes.” Varlen’s cheeks heated up again, but this time in personal embarrassment. He can’t believe he had been thrown from his horse. What an amateur move. 

“Not to worry, my dear man! We can share a tent. Perhaps… even a bedroll, if it so pleases you…” Zevran winked at him, his voice melting into another musical laugh as he swept around, beginning to head down the road with sure steps. Varlen remained rooted to the spot for a moment, his entire body flushed and sweaty. He had dealt with rather overt advances before. After all, Varlen often felt nothing for the people making them short of disdain and anxiety. But… there was something about Zevran. Something that both relieved and concerned Varlen deeply. He had no intention of sleeping with him - after all, he was with Dorian, and Dorian alone. But the way his throat tightened whenever Zevran spoke… Creators, it was going to be a long night.

The white-haired elf began to move, his feet carrying him in the same direction as his old acquaintance/new friend. He caught up swiftly, his long legs making short work of the distance that separated them. With a lopsided smile, Zevran flashed him a dazzling grin, as though unsurprised that Varlen had decided to journey with him, but pleased nonetheless that he was correct. Varlen offered him a wavering smile in return, willing more than anything for his cheeks to stop burning every time the other elf looked at him.

That damn Crow was too charming for his own good. 

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Gom's scenario when their s/o doing that kiss where they steal the candy(or any type of food) from their mouth

Ahh~ That’s a cute one to think about!  (´ ▽`).。o♡


He had been sitting quietly on the couch beside them, munching on the tofu left over from the bowl of tofu soup they had made him. He had been watching them from the corner of his eye as they bit their lip nervously, and looked in his direction every so often. He couldn’t help but find it rather cute.

As he bit down on another chunk of the soft tofu he watched them move closer, and lean towards him. With a knowing smile he met them halfway, allowing them to take the tofu from his mouth, but capturing their lips in a surprisingly passionate kiss. “No need to be so shy about it ____.”


Laying on the rooftop, propped up slightly on one elbow he tossed another konpeito into his mouth, enjoying the small sugar candies. He had barely noticed them climb up the ladder beside him, and didn’t bother making it known he knew they were there.

“Aomine-kun,” They spoke quietly, catching his attention. With a sigh he tossed another of the little candies into his mouth before turning to look at them. However as he turned he felt lips press to his own, and a sly tongue sneak between his lips, successfully snatching his sugary treat. “I want some too.” They said as they munched on the candy he had just tried to eat.

He rolled his eyes, knowing he should be used to these antics by now, although he certainly wasn’t complaining, and quickly popped another into this mouth.


He plopped down beside them, happily crunching away at what looked like biscuits with chocolate in the center, with some silly images baked into each of them. He watched them look at the pink packaging with curiosity, but he kept it held away from them. “What if I don’t want to share, _____-cchi?” He was grinning, picking up another of the small biscuits and teasingly placing it between his lips. He watched them pout, puffing out their cheeks— although he missed the mischievous smile that spread across their face as he looked down at the packaging.

Letting out a small surprised noise as they leaned up to steal the sweet from his mouth, he jumped back a bit before looking at them. “Ehhhh! _____-cchi, you shouldn’t steal from people!” He reached into the girly package, picking up another biscuit, and he couldn’t help but grin as he looked at the small image baked into the surface.

He turned to look at them, grinning almost childishly. “But… I think I want to share this one with you, _____-cchi!” He placed the biscuit between his teeth, and leaned closer to the person he’d grown to care for so much. He watched their face turn red as they saw the tiny image of a heart with the word ‘love’ in the center baked onto the biscuit. Embarrassed, they bit the biscuit in two so the two could share.


They hadn’t quite noticed he had arrived in the room yet, so he moved in front of his tired classmate, whom he’d recently started a relationship with. “_____,” He watched them jump back before sighing and looking up at him from where they sat, although their face soon turned to one of amusement. “What is it, ____?”

“Kuroko-kun, have you been eating chocolates?” He looked puzzled for a moment— how had they known that? The bag had been behind his back since he came into the room. They motioned for him to lean down, and the blue haired boy complied. However he felt his face go completely red as they slyly licked the side of his mouth. “You’re supposed to eat it, not wear it, Kuroko-kun~” He touched where they’d licked in embarrassment, looking around to see if anyone had been nearby. With a giggle they let him stand back up, and he quietly set the chocolates on the desk. Leaning down again he captured their lips in a chaste kiss, and offered a chocolate to his now blushing partner… he smiled as they giggled at the chocolate’s name; Meltykiss.


He was absolutely reluctant to share as he continued to shove handfuls of chips into his large mouth. It wasn’t anything personal, it was just they were a limited edition flavor, and he was sure they would understand. He continued to snuggle with his special someone on the couch as they watched a comedy (which jokes seemed to be going over his head slightly).

“Atsu-kun, you’re going to choke if you keep eating them so quickly.” They pushed up their body from leaning on the tall purple haired boy. He grunted in response, but slowed his pace regardless. As he placed a chip between his teeth he was surprised to feel them move forward and bite the other half of the chip before he could get it into his mouth. “I don’t want you to accidentally choke yourself~” He tilted his head slightly and nodded, kissing them on the forehead, although a little sour about his limited edition chip being stolen.


He watched them as they set the piece of brownie down on his desk, cutely set up in a little container with his lucky item of the day set on top with a green bow. It wasn’t often they did things like this, but they had bickered the day before. “We okay?” He blushed slightly as he adjusted his glasses, trying to ignore his classmate’s prying eyes.

“We’re fine, nanodayo.” He looked up at them as he responded, keeping his ever serious face. “It was just a misunderstanding.” It had been a silly little argument, and he appreciated the apology, however he was hesitant to show that outwardly. As he took a bite of the sugary treat he watched her grin down at him like a hawk. He knew that look.

Before he could even react her lips had captured his, and their tongue had stolen their gift to him from between his lips. And in public no less! He felt his entire face heat up, and he pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose before stiffly standing up. “You should show more restraint, _____.” He heard their giggle as he walked away in embarrassment, his face serious and his tone more so.

“But I just wanted to share with you, Shin-chan!”

-Mod Fremont (Monty)

They hear the wind kicking from another direction
We whisper about the pleasures of having tongues, 
as if confessing about having exoticised lovers, foreign
even to the taste of their skin—even their hair sways

The slick fingers of the wind, and our tongues are stolen—
hushed silence, as exotic as an evening sun—the sound 
of the exotic replacing the drab—even silence talks 
with a different tone.