stolen liquor

My little brother is scolding me for smoking cigarettes again
Little does he know it’s a cheap band-aid on a day old wound
Little does he know I’m drinking stolen liquor in the bathtub on weeknights
Little does he know I know he blows the smoke out the window
High and praying the neighbors don’t call the cops

This is how it goes

Funny how we never saw it coming

—  We’re all hypocrites

I walked to our old hangout spot for the first time in months

I climbed up the tree and sat there for a while

I saw the heart we carved into the bark with your rusty knife

Our initials stained on wood

I thought about all the times we spent here

Kissing on the top of the damaged tree

Drinking the stolen liquor from our parents houses

Smoking the cigarettes that you had stashed in your room

Being the rebel teens we were

As I got off the tree I heard faint whispers of our past

The soft giggles I made and the rough voice you possessed

I walked away smiling thinking about what I had

But the farther away I got

I became more sad

minific meme round-up

A belated fic round-up! A little while back I asked for prompts from this lovely list, and I’m thrilled that I got so many. And I’ve got a few left that I might still do, but here are the fics that have come out of it so far:


lips that touch liquor - for the prompt sharing a drink. Solas/f!Lavellan. After Varric’s game of Wicked Grace, they have some time to themselves. And some of Dorian’s best liquor.

stolen - for the prompt an absent look or touch. Solas/f!Lavellan. In that moment, she becomes real.

coming home - for the prompt coming home. Solas/f!Lavellan, futurefic. It’s a new world, and he’s done wandering.

falter - for the prompt under the cover of darkness and a moment’s respite. It’s such a viciously selfish thing, wanting to see her again – wanting one last moment of peace, before he forgets the meaning of the word. Solas/f!Lavellan. 

plenty of dark corners - NSFW, for the prompt an abandoned or empty place. Solas/f!Lavellan. Blasphemy, in the best way possible.

subtle kindnesses - for the prompt subtle kindnesses. Solas/f!Lavellan.

coda - for the prompt music. Solas/f!Lavellan. It’s an ending we have brought.

dreamsong - for the prompt a deafening sound. Alistair/f!Cousland. The Calling is never so loud, as when everything else is quiet.

these hands not fit for holding - for the prompt tears. Cullen/f!Trevelyan.

smaller flames - for the prompt fire, flames, or excessive heat. Fenris/f!Hawke, kidfic. Their youngest discovers her magic, in true Hawke fashion. With an explosion.

on the edge of consciousness - for the prompt on the edge of consciousness. There are worse ways to spend one’s freedom, than for the love of a woman who’ll curse him and kiss him in the same breath. Fenris/f!Hawke.

frostling - for the prompt when it rains/snows/storms. You can grow to love a great many things. Fenris/f!Hawke, kidfic.

Scarlett took another little sip and screwed the top back on, then heard the door open and quickly tucked the stolen liquor bottle under a couch cushion, turning around to face whoever it was. “Oh hey, uh, nothin’ happening here. You better be here to study, though. I want it quiet in here.” she said, hoping they didn’t see or smell anything.