stolen fursuit


Tonight my Fursuit was taken from my yard. It was inside the tub seen in the photo, and when we came back from dinner, it (along with my sewing equipment) was all gone. 

He was taken tonight in Louisville Kentucky around 7pm.  

I’ve been absolutely devastated at the loss of my suit and I’m hoping other Kentucky Furs can help get Pastel back to me! Please PM me if you have any information regarding my suit

It is a partial by Menagerie Workshop, and contains a head, tail, hands and hooves as shown. I’m pretty sure it would still be with the tub. I don’t care about the tub I just want my suit back.

This is the only solid photo I have of my suit as I was really shy about wearing it. If you see this suit worn at any cons, PLEASE KNOW THAT IT IS NOT ME AND THAT PERSON IS WEARING A STOLEN FURSUIT. PLEASE ALERT ME IMMEDIATELY IF SOMEONE IS POSTING WEARING IT. I’m furious about it being taken from me. I paid a lot for it and it means a lot to me. 

Fursuits can cost a lot of money, and where´s money unfortunately there are also scammers and fraudsters nearby.

Here you see an advertisement of a premade fursuit using stolen photos from the web and the video shows the suiting up of what you finally get - a poorly fitting rip-off from somebody else fursuit and character. There are a lot of negative comments to this video accusing the person suiting up of “stealing a fursona” - considered a very rude act in the fandom.

BUT PLEASE, be aware that the fraud in this case is not the buyer, she most probably didn´t know that such a fursuit and fursona already exists and trusted (maybe too much) the used images (also she and the owner of the original fursuit are already in contact to find a solution).

THE FRAUD is the online-seller who steals from the maker and the fursuiter and sells poor quality to unaware people who want to join the fandom.

So what to do?

Harassing the victims of such a fraud is no solution !!!

What to do:
Report such sites whenever you stumble over it or post reviews on the site stating that the photos are not what you will get and also that the design is stolen!

Alert people who want to join the fandom of possible frauds and scam and such sites!

If you already got a fursuit by a trusted source, offer advice to people who want to get a fursuit!

If you want a fursuit don´t be afraid to ask, there are sites, blogs and online videos and groups (including this blog) dedicated to the topic, they will help if possible or give contacts to professional and honest fursuit-makers!

SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! The suit is not mine nor do I know the owner. BUT HELP THEM FIND THEIR EXPENSIVE BABY!!!! Even if you’re not a furry PLEASE share this. YOU MIGHT BE DOING SOMEONE A HUGE FAVOR.

Today at the Mass Furbowl in the Cape Cod area, Mox’s fursuit head was stolen. Please help her get her suit back as quickly as possible by

1) Reblogging, tweeting, anything to get the word out

2) If you see anything, please contact Mox and the local police department. ( (508) 775-0445 )

Look out for anyone who may be showing off their “new fursuit” online or someone trying to sell it on sites such as eBay, Furbuy, or Craigslist. Let’s get this dog back to her owner as soon as possible, okay?


Hey guys, my friend sent me some pictures to share. Skitch got his fursuit head and paws stolen during San Diego Comic Con. He’s a local.
It was stolen while he was at a bar in the gaslamp district in front of con. Basically fifth street. The bouncer told him someone ran off with it.
If anyone knows anything or saw someone with it please message me.