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Typical conversations with Finn Headcanons

Request: Hello, could I have a headcanon of typical conversations with best friend Finn, please? Sorry if I wasn’t too specific or didn’t make sense.

A/N: hope this is what you wanted anon xx. And a lot of convos are from screenshots of convos I saw in weheartit so credit to them.

Typical conversations with Finn

• Ok they would either be dumb or meaningful there’s no in between
• except for when you ask him about It or Stranger Things
• “ He called her for 353 days Finn… why don’t you do that?”
• “ Y/N.. gO TO SLEEP IT’S 4 AM”
• he would always send u memes or “vlogs” he makes
• “ made anyone cry today Y/N?”
• “ stop quoting 10 things I hate about you. It’s the third time this ten minutes.”
• When you’re away from each other your conversations are so long. Paragraph long. Essay even
• he wants to know everything what’s going on and you are the same
• Suddenly there aren’t any memes and you’re just talking
• Your favorite conversations are at 4 am Anyways
• somehow you end up talking about the future, about being you, about everything
• And it melts your heart because your best friend is such a kind soul
• And you’re so happy he’s in your life
• “ Finn answer I don’t know what to say to this guy”
• “ what did you do today?”
• “ The right thing Y/N. The right thing.”
• “ I hate you”
• “ I don’t know how I would survive without water”
• “ Finn.. you wouldn’t”
• “ haha. I feel like that sometimes too. Glad someone loves water as much as I do!”
• “No, you seriously couldn’t survive without water, it’s something that everyone needs. WE HAVE TO HAVE IT TO LIVE!”
• “ retweet if you feel the same way about water!”
• Talking about the It and ST cast all the time
• they all know you and they sometimes steal his phone and text you
• “ why can’t you tell me what happens in this season?”
• “ this is the 84th time. I’m NOT going to tell you. “
• talking about life when you feel down
• He would always cheer you up in the craziest ways
• Your favorite place to talk is the old building a couple blocks from your house where is so quiet
• in the background you could hear some soft music playing
• And you would look at the sky, and talk about the clouds’ shapes
• You would look at people and make up stories about them
• You would be normal teenagers when you’re talking
• Even if it was for a couple hours only

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