stolen files

  • Who killed Charlotte and why ANSWERED: It was Mona. She threatened her but decided not to kill her but Charlotte started a phisical fight and Mona killed her when she pushed to the wall.
  • Who killed Jessica and why? ANSWERED: IT WAS MARY WANTING REVENGE
  • Who’s Charlotte’s father ANSWERED: IT’S TED!!!
  • Who’s Spencer’s father? It is Peter? ANSWERED: YES, HE IS.
  • Since we already know Spencer’s Mary’s daughter, why Jessica wanted Bethany to call her “Aunt Jessie”? WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • Did Jessica do that just because she had something with Bethany’s father? WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • Why did Bethany draw Jessica’s at her house? How did she know how her house was? I mean, the drawing is exactly the same as Jessica’s house. WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • Why were Noel and Aria’s file stolen from the bunker before the fire? WHY ARIA’S?? ANSWERED: IT WAS AD, HE STOLE IT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ARIA
  • Why was Noel helping Charlotte? Since when? Because of money.
  • How long has been Jenna helping Uber A?
  • Who wrote “He’s going to kill me -M” at the dollhouse closet? Who’s M? Maya, Mona, Melissa? And who is “he”? WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • For how long was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte? Since she disappeared?
  • At Radley (6x10) and in Season 7, Sara tells Emily she was always trying to protect her. From Charlotte? From Uber A? But if she was, why she still helped Charlotte?
  • What were Melissa and Charlotte talking about THAT night? WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • And why Charlotte/Cece was wearing the yellow top? WE DIDN’T KNOW
  • For how long Charlotte knew she was a Drake? She used the Drake name for her “Cece” identity.
  • Who were Wren talking with on the phone in 4x10? WE DIDN’T KNOW, ALEX?
  • Why was Wren painting a family drawing with a brunette hair red coat? WAS HE PAINTING HIM AND ALEX???
  • Why was Wren so shady visiting Mona at Radley?
  • And since Charlotte was a patient, why Wren gave her a visitor pass with the name CECE DRAKE? HE KNEW?
  • Why was Wren shady?
  • Mona was high on drugs so she didn’t recognized Charlotte but she created a plan to escape sometimes?
  • How the blood did get to Spencer’s bag in London? It was Wren or Melissa?
  • Who were part of the original A-Team? Just Toby?
  • If Wilden was paid off from the beginning, then why the fuck was he trying to solve Alison’s disappearance for all those years?
  • What Maya knew?
  • Where’s Eddie Lamb? Why he disappeared like that? 
  • Why Eddie Lamb recognized Aria in Radley?
  • Did Aria went to Radley instead of Iceland?
  • Does Aria know her brother is now a werewolf?

The X-Files: Stolen Lives - coming out October 3, 2017

The division has been reopened, but nothing is as it seems in this electrifying follow-up to The X-Files: Cold Cases, starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and a full cast. 
“In a world filled with shades of gray, we have to carefully choose which cloak we wear….“ 
Out of the ashes of the Syndicate, a new, more powerful threat has emerged. Resurrected members of this fallen group - now shadows of their former selves - seemingly bend to the will of someone, or something, with unmatched abilities and an unknown purpose. As those believed to be enemies become unlikely allies and trusted friends turn into terrifying foes, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully become unknowing participants in a deadly game of deception and retribution, the stakes of which amount to the preservation of humankind. Based upon the graphic novels by Joe Harris - with creative direction from series creator Chris Carter -adapted specifically for the audio format by aural auteur Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Alien: Out of the Shadows), and directed by William Dufris of AudioComics, Stolen Lives further explores the sonic landscape of Mulder and Scully’s paranormal investigations while continuing the epic storyline begun in Cold Cases. 
Demonic possession. Flesh-eating swarms. Mind-altering hallucinogenic trips. Listeners experience it all alongside Mulder and Scully in this original dramatization that reunites Duchovny and Anderson once more with fan-favorite characters: Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), and the Lone Gunmen (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood).The pieces have been set in motion. Those who were once savagely sought after will exact their revenge. Until their victims’ lives are no longer their own.

12x12 Coda: Watching Over You

I think this is the fastest I’ve ever written a coda.  Dean takes Cas to a motel to recover.  For the second coda this season, someone loses their shirt and there’s some bed sharing.  Sort of.

Cas isn’t stupid, not by a long shot.  Even through a haze of growing pain, he could watch.  He could listen.  And he didn’t miss how Mary’s eyes dropped for a fraction of a second when Ramiel demanded a stolen object returned.

He’d filed it away for later.  Well. That is, if there was a later, which at the moment, hadn’t seemed that likely.

Now that later is a reality, he can’t bring himself to impart the knowledge to Dean.  It’s been too stressful of an hour to add that.  So Cas quietly allows Dean to lead him, slowly, to the car Mary had taken to get them here.

He’s also not unobservant.  He doesn’t miss the way Dean’s hand is trembling, however minutely, on his arm.

“Only a few more steps,” Dean says in his ear.  Gentle. Soothing.  Like Cas imagines a hospice nurse would speak.  Dean’s still afraid he’s going to shatter into a million pieces, dissolve into oozing black goo. (Again.  Which recalls a few memories that Cas would rather forget.). “Take it easy, Cas.  This isn’t a race.”

“We’re crawling,” Cas points out, but he doesn’t argue.

Technically, he shouldn’t be tired at all, but there’s a certain lethargy to his bones that he can’t quite shake.  He suspects that there will be some time before he feels normal again.

“Shut up.” It’s said teasingly, but Cas can feel Dean’s eyes lingering on the back of his head a few beats longer than they normally would.

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Two Lives One Person

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, OC Cameron, Laura Barton, Barton children

Warnings: probably some swearing but other than that none :)

Summary: Reader has a four year old son from another relationship but Bucky loves him nevertheless. After dropping him off at Laura and Clint’s, Bucky just has to tell Y/N how amazed he is by her juggling this life and her other.

Word Count: 3,362

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Lingering Stares | Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Request: Hello 😊 I just read one of your Natasha x reader stories and it was amazing! I was wondering if you’d be willing to write Natasha x reader loosely based on the song ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt mainly the one lyric “ you’re beautiful it’s true and I don’t know what to do because I’ll never be with you” where y/n is in love with Natasha but knows they can’t be together for reasons but doesn’t know nat feels the same way. Sorry this was so long but make it into what you’d like. Thank you! 💕

Description: You’ve been crushing in love with Natasha since the start. Due to the assassin’s given “no-romance” code, you decide to just withhold your feelings and hope you get over them. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea…

Words: 1732

Notes: Hope this is something close to what you wanted! I figured the reader would need a wingman in order to get a date with Nat, so I was like… why not a Spider-Man? But ayeee I love his and Nat’s relationship, I have such high expectation for them in Infinity War.

Characters: Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes.

Ship: Natasha Romanoff x Reader


Originally posted by dailymcugifs

You’re beautiful, it’s true. And I don’t know what to do, 'cause I’ll never be with you

Clint knew the ways Natasha and you expressed affection, and both were drastically different from one another. While you were traditional; staring at your love from afar and stuttering like an idiot. Natasha was abstract, with lingering, almost threatening glances to hide how she was staring, and refraining from talking to avoid stuttering.

It was today when this was most obvious. Steve had sent you and Natasha out on a recon, since Natasha’s specialty was recons and you had volunteered to go with her (for obvious reasons). Now, Natasha debriefed the team in the team’s meeting room, displaying the files you’d stolen on the mission on the holo-table. Natasha had gotten the mission’s essence well in her first few sentences, and as soon as she got into the details Stark and Clint were already asleep. You, Steve, Sam, and Bucky had “pay attention during debriefing” drilled into your minds for various reasons… well, except for you, who simply paid attention because of… Natasha.

Her voice carried about the room seriously, in the business/mission tone she used to assert her dominance over everyone. Despite this, she was in extremely casual attire to match the rest of the team— it was breakfast, as the mission had occurred last night and you’d returned in the early morning. After two hours asleep and a bagel, here you both were. Here she was, with her wavy red hair tied into a ponytail, her torso protected by a Stark Industries tanktop and a pair of training shorts.

She had the odd tradition of training after missions, but what with being so tired last night, fell asleep early and never got to it. She must have been planning to do so after debriefing, which concerned you, knowing she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. She’d probably smirk at you and say,”Fighting’s my breakfast, Y/N.” Gosh, you loved how she said your name. There was a distinct smoothness to her voice when she said it, and she said it a lot.

Now, you traced the light curve of her face with your eyes, a lock of red falling down her jaw. You imagined putting it behind her ear, the blush in her eyes instead of her face as she expressed a sweet smile. You found that she smiled at you more than ever, after and before missions, at breakfast, when you seemed upset or bothered. As you focused your gaze on her lips, they parted in a smug smirk, and you blushed in embarrassment; she’d noticed your adoring staring.

She said nothing in response, turning to look at the report you’d filed on the way back. The way she did so was also welcoming to your stares, but you told yourself it was just your imagination and looked to your lap. Here, you flustrated scolded yourself. I thought I agreed that I’d push it down, you hissed internally, It’s not going to go away if I don’t keep trying.

You felt a light tap against your elbow and turned with a muted jolt. Under the table, Peter passed a note. When you raised an eyebrow, he shrugged and gestured a seat over, where Wanda sat and indicated for you to read it.

Don’t hide your feelings, Y/N. Tell her. - W

You had no pen to write back with, and Peter kindly gave you his pen while curiously peering to see what you were writing. Knowing he was going to eventually see it if you passed it back, you let him. It’s not like everybody on the team already didn’t know. You were sure Nat knew, if anything.

Can’t. She doesn’t do relationships. Doesn’t like me anyway.

Peter passed it back to Wanda, raising his brows in surprise, mouthing,”You like Natasha?”. You delivered a light glare, daring the Spider-Man to tell Nat. You’d end him. He passed you another of Wanda’s notes regardless.

Not true. You should see how she looks at you when your back is turned. - W

You wrote a reply, passing it to your spidey-messenger as you peered around the table. Steve was taking notes (which didn’t make any sense, he had a perfect memory. Probably was doodling), Bucky was staring straight through Natasha with a thick hundred-yard-stare, and the others were too wrapped up in their own situations to see your note-passing.

She doesn’t like me back.

When Wanda saw your message she sighed, not bothering to reply as she returned her gaze to the holo-table. But Peter tore out his own piece of paper from a notebook, scribbling something down and returning it to you. Confused, you read through his messy handwriting.

I train with Nat later. Let me ask her for you, I won’t tell her you like her. - P

It was sweet of the spiderling. And… possibly helpful. He and Nat were pretty close, as she was the one that trained him. And it wouldn’t look suspicious, considering Pete ask questions like that all the time. Deciding you were sure Nat, a master super-spy, probably already knew, you wrote down a message in response.


Peter gave you a sharp, almost giddy nod in response. You sighed, berating yourself for risking your (possibly already risked) romantic secrecy. But upon looking back at Natasha, with her beautiful heart and her beautiful… everything, you thought maybe things just might work out. But somewhere in the pit of your stomach, something churned, warning you that you could never be with her.

It was during your note passing did you fail to notice her returning glances to you.

Peter sprung off the floor by his hands, flipping backward and landing in a typical superhero pose. Natasha shot at him in this time of weakness, delivering a sharp blow to his face and pushing him into an even weaker stance on the floor. It ended with her knee pressed against his throat, a gun-prop aimed at his face and the two breathing heavily.”Uncle! Uncle! I’m—” Natasha lifted her knee from Peter’s throat with the cries of finish, and he rubbed at his Adam’s apple as they both stood.

“You’re improving. Took me an extra minute to take you down.” Natasha congratulated, trying to supply Peter encouragement where her Red-Room instructors denied Nat her own. Peter let out a painful laugh, raising his hand in hopes for a break. Nat tossed him his water, Peter catching it effortlessly as he settles down on a nearby bench.

Natasha drank some of her own water, peering at him as she prepared to list things he could improve upon. But Peter spoke first,”Hey, um, Ms. Tasha? Can I ask you a question?” Peter asked curiously. Natasha smirked,”You just did.”

Peter smiled awkwardly, hoping he executed the right words for the sake of his friend. It was kind of odd seeing Natasha joke like that, what with his memories of her fiercely breaking a man’s ribs, but it reminded him that the rest of the team was human. Humans who hopefully could fall in love with other humans.

“Do you um… do you like Y/N?” Peter asked. Natasha’s expression didn’t shift, staying jokingly deadpan as he continued,”Like… like-like. Because, uh, I just think that you would, um, be uh really nice….together? And you seem to… uh, look-look at her a lot? But I mean, it’s fine if you don’t, I was just—”

Natasha knew why he asked. That was clear by the lack of surprise. But if she was right (and she was), then maybe this would be fun to play out. She quirked a brow,”And if I do…?”

“That’s um… that’s great!” Peter smiled. But then he lowered his head,”Do you?”

Nat smirked.”Tell Y/N to meet me at the restaurant she likes at 8 tonight. The one by her apartment.” Natasha orders. Peter goes wide eyes, surprised with his results. Natasha then points the weights,”But before that, get to the weights.”

With a stutter, Peter salutes her and jogs over to the weights.

“So you knew… the entire time?” You winced. Natasha nodded, raising a playful eyebrow,”I’m a master spy, Y/N. Of course, I knew.” Your heels clicked in tandem against the cement, both walking slowly as to spend as much time together as possible. Your stomach was going wild, your heart was having a party, and your legs were doing the chimichanga. The only thing keeping you standing was Natasha’s arm looped in yours… or maybe that was what was making your heart stutter so badly.

“Oh, wow.” You slapped your palm to your forehead, making Natasha smile,”It was cute, if I’m being honest. You know you stutter when you’re embarrassed?” She teased, and you blushed intensely under her gaze,”Y-yeah.” You admitted. You and Natasha laughed, and you looked at her with a grin,”I had a lot of fun tonight, Nat. I really want to do it again.”

“Good.” Natasha stopped before your apartment’s stairs, your blush orange under the streetlamps yellow glow. You both hung there, staring as you realized what Wanda meant. This is how Natasha stared at you; jade gaze narrowed into yours, attention completely taken by your appearance and you alone. Breath hitching, you carefully took your arm from hers.

The silence clung to you both, New York’s cold streets suddenly warm with her attention centered on you. She had convinced you to let her walk you home, considering you lived in Hell’s Kitchen and there was a guy running around in a Devil’s costume. Her hand ran along your shoulder and down your arm, resting to collect your hand in hers. Your heavy breaths fanned into the wind, billowing in clouds of deep excitement.

“Natasha,” You whispered. Biting your lip, you raised your face to hers,” Can I kiss you?” Natasha looked down at your lips, nodding slowly. You both leaned in, her lips falling against yours after so… so long. The wait hurt your chest, now washed away by her taste.

“Nice job, kid.” Bucky congratulated, lowering his binoculars. Peter perched on the edge of the roof, smiling under his mask,”Only took them a million years.” He sighed. Wanda clapped to herself, squealing lightly as your figure never pulled from Natasha’s on the road below.


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bosstoaster  asked:

Microfic: Shiro + Galaxy

By now, Coran has taught all of them to use the star charts on the bridge, and how to locate specific planets or bring up planetary data on any individual location.

Coran claims that it’s to ensure the paladins are all capable of handing themselves with Altean technology, and so they can plot a course accurately in the event that he or Allura are compromised. But all of them know better than that, even if Coran is kind enough to pretend otherwise. Shiro knows Lance sneaks up to the bridge all the time, to look at the charts and find Earth, and learn exactly how far away they are at any given point. He’s pretty sure Hunk does the same, sometimes even joining Lance on the midnight ventures. And he’s pretty sure Pidge uses it too, although she looks less at Earth, and more at the other galaxies, searching through files upon files of stolen data as she tries to guess where her father and brother might be. Even Keith visits the bridge every once and a while now and brings up the holographic stars, although he never searches for anything; just stares around at them all, with a searching, wondering expression on his face.

Shiro doesn’t begrudge any of them the chance to look, and if he heads to the bridge on a sleepless night or during an off moment to get some work done and one of them is there, he leaves them be. It’s a private thing for all of them, most of the time, and he doesn’t want to interfere.

But Shiro uses the charts, too. Late at night, after another grueling nightmare, he often finds himself wandering to the bridge. And if it’s unoccupied, he’ll bring up the charts himself, and the color coordinations filter to show which planets and entire galaxies are occupied by the Galra force, and which aren’t.

There’s always so much red, so many planets that have sent out distress signals and never received help. Millions of planets out there occupied by the Galra, spreading like a plague for ten thousand years unopposed. It’s on a scale so great Shiro’s human mind can barely comprehend it, and the task in front of the paladins is so huge sometimes this is the only way he can even come close to understanding just how much work they have to do. Even with Zarkon defeated. Even with the Empire starting to fragment. Even with the Blade of Marmora and their allies driving a wedge farther into the cracks every day.

Sometimes, after a victory—after they’ve liberated another planet, broken down another splintered faction of the Empire—Shiro will visit the star charts again too. He hunts down the galaxy they’re in, finds the planet, feels a tiny sense of pride when that little red dot changes to blue. He clings to that feeling of victory when he can, because for all their work, blood, sweat and tears, there’s still too much red in those charts.

And still he goes back, many nights, and brings them up again. The swathe of red across the galaxies, across the universe, is like a red storm. It’s so massive and they’re so small, even in Voltron, that they just aren’t strong enough or big enough to stop it no matter how much they try. He’s not sure why he expects to see an obvious, visual change, on those nights. Nothing they do seems enough. This doesn’t seem like a fight they can win. On those nights he despairs.

But then he remembers the little blue marks—the innocent planets that have yet to see the storm, and never will if they keep fighting, or the planets that have been freed because of all their work, however hopeless it seems.

And he gains a little more hope from them. Because it might be a difficult fight, and it might be impossible to free all of those planets. But those blue flecks amongst the stars are still worth fighting for, and he doesn’t intend to give up on it.

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Not Always Perfect

So I saw this post by @fatherhowelter about how most fan fiction depicts some unrealistic expectations for first times. And I COMPLETELY AGREE! I’ve noticed this in books too and movies and tv shows… ect.. the romanticized ‘first time’ always leaves out the groups of girls who have awkward / uncomfortable first times. I remember thinking myself whoa wtf it does not usually happen like that. Pain is subjective and everyone is different, we all have different experiences! So i’m in no way clumping everyone together or saying your first time has to be painful i’m just sharing my take on it and including a different perspective.

Originally posted by kelsyryannisalion

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

word count: 3.7

Summary: (this was supposed to be a short one shot but as you can see i’m a wordy bish and I got super carried away sorry) This is my take on the awkward / uncomfortable first time that doesn’t always end in great sex and mind blowing orgasms and cuddles . Also some backstory would be Bucky pre escape days. So he meets the reader, the daughter of one of the hydra leaders, at the compound he is stationed at and his curiosity gets the best of him and so does hers.

Now a Series: “Memory

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I swear I am going to end up in Radley after this show is finished

I’m not sure if I’m slightly upset we didn’t get to see the dialogue between Aria and Nicole, only because its been so dragged out with Ezra being gone for the most of 7B. Why has Ezra been missing this whole time? I mean it’s so confusing since Nicole is NOT in NY but close enough for Aria to have driven to the clinic, yet he doesn’t even come home to change his clothes and have some rest? Shady Ezra, shady. 

So do all members of the A team have keys to all the liars’ houses just like Mona? The idea of people creeping in and out of a house is so frustrating. You’ve been doing this for how many years? Since you were 16? Why are there no cameras anywhere near your damn houses? SERIOUSLY?! 

Aria is being shady. Honestly no wonder Ezria is a couple, they are both shady. I think I have been completely desensitized to their “shock faces”, all I keep thinking is “I know you’re part of this”. 

Okay so this episode was awesome and the fact that some answers are smacking me straight in the face is amazing. However I have a couple questions because I am genuinely confused after watching it. So now, I am re watching this. Because it’s not like I have 2 essays due *cough cough* - moving on. 

Here we go:

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the package

Clever got me this far, then tricky got me in
Eye on what I’m after, I don’t need another friend
Smile and drop the cliché ‘til you think I’m listening
I’ll take just what I came for, then I’m out the door again

There are things Sam has to remember, every day. Some days are harder than others.

The desk girl for the precinct is smiling at him, coquettish. He smiles back, making sure that his eyes crinkle at the corners. It’s how he looks honest. She’s hot, kind of—blonde hair, green eyes, nice enough tits. Maybe an eight. He thinks he’ll fuck her, once they murder the rugaru.

“Agent?” Samuel says, turning to go.

Sam nods, taps the case file they’ve stolen on the counter. “Thank you for your help, Madeleine,” he says, and she bites the inside of her lip. Good. He’s got her business card, with her personal cell written in curvy script on the other side. He’ll probably have to go her apartment, but at least it’ll be easy to ditch her when they’re done.

In the car, Samuel tugs his tie loose and gives him a look across the seat. “Flirting with the secretary, huh? She’s cute.”

Sam doesn’t acknowledge it. The afternoon’s cool, the sun sinking in the sky. October in Indiana, the days stretching out longer than they should. He’s always thought daylight savings was a joke.

“Okay, then,” Samuel says, once the silence has stretched. “Wait until dark, or wait until he goes to work?”

“Why wait?” Sam says. He flicks a finger at the case file. “He’s probably home now. Let’s ice him, get it over with.”

Samuel props an elbow on the steering wheel, frowns at him. “His wife’s probably home,” he says, after a second. He’s giving Sam one of those… looks. Sam looks out the window again. “Maybe we don’t scare the civilians, huh?”

“Yeah,” Sam says. He puts on another brief smile, meets Samuel’s eyes. Steady, trustworthy. “Of course.”

He doesn’t know why it matters. The woman’s going to have a dead husband either way; what does it matter if she sees the corpse now or later? This is one of those things, though. He forgets. People are—sentimental.

Samuel wants burgers for dinner. Fine. They eat in the car, some old-man music that Samuel wants to listen to playing. Sam introduced him to CDs recently, and wishes now that he hadn’t. But, whatever. They park half a block down from the rugaru’s house, waiting for him to make a move, and Sam folds his arms, cross his ankles, settles in for a long night. Waiting is annoying. Something he remembers doing, from before. He supposes it’s part of the game.

Around eleven o’clock, Samuel starts awake. Sam keeps his eyes on the house’s dark façade. “Oh, damn, sorry,” Samuel says. He wipes his mouth. “Must’ve fallen asleep.”

Sam looks at him, across the seat. What is he supposed to say to that. So many pointless conversations. Samuel’s a good hunter—not as good as Sam, and not as good as Dean used to be—but the storehouse of knowledge, the no-nonsense attitude, that’s what Sam sticks around for. Still, it’s sometimes hard for Sam not to just beat that bald head in. He thinks he’s probably supposed to feel a little more for someone ostensibly his grandfather. He looks back at the house. No movement.

“Not all that far from Cicero,” Samuel says, after a while.

“Hour and a half,” Sam says. The house is totally dark. Maybe this is a waste of time. “Two hours, the way you drive.”

“Ha.” Samuel shifts in his seat, and Sam can tell he’s being watched. “You sure you don’t want to go see your brother?”

Sam bites back a sigh. He wishes he hadn’t told Samuel where Dean was. “Yes, I’m sure,” he says. “I wanted him to have a life, and he has it. He’s out. I’m not going to ruin that.”

Samuel grunts. “Can’t believe he managed to stay out,” he says, but it’s a more dismissive tone. Subject dropped.

There’s a brief impulse to defend Dean, but there’s no point to it. Samuel has no idea. Sam remembers. He made Dean promise. He held Dean’s face in his hands and Dean had stared at him like he was gut-shot, broken-open, and Sam remembers so clearly the shine of wet at his eyelashes, the warm give of his skin, the way he’d come for Sam, had bled and died for Sam, would give anything, even his life’s purpose, for Sam. He remembers the feeling, clearly—wanting something better for his brother. Wishing he could give even a tenth of what he’d been given. The feeling isn’t there, now.

Down the street, the door on the house opens, and out steps the rugaru under the streetlight—Mack Jenkins, age forty, no idea what’s happening to him. Pale and slavering and running with blood on his mouth.

“Whoops,” Sam says, while Samuel’s grabbing up this flamethrower from the floorboards. “Looks like Mrs. Jenkins may not have made it, after all.”

Samuel curses and throws his door open, and then Sam’s running, the hunt beating fast in his blood, finally using his body to its purpose, the spike of adrenaline filling him up, at last—

The rugaru’s burning. Sam stands close to the flames, where it’s warm. Samuel’s coughing, out of breath. Weak. Oh, well. At least he had the intel. Still—sometimes Sam wishes for his brother. Whatever his faults—and they’re many—Dean can keep up, in a way that none of the Campbells have been able to. He douses the corpse with another gout of flame, making sure that the body crisps to ash. “I’m going to wait in the car,” Samuel says, and Sam nods, puts on another smile until Samuel turns around, and then lets it fall off his face. While he waits, he pulls out the girl’s business card, looks at her cell number. Sometimes he really does wish he hadn’t made that promise. If Dean were here he would’ve gotten the hunt done faster, and when they got back to the motel—

But, no. He made the decision, back then. He must have had a good reason, even if he can’t feel it now. He watches the flames. He’ll ditch Samuel, once he’s done here. He’ll call Madeleine. He’ll have to wait through two drinks, maybe three. He’ll have to smile, pretend to give a shit about her, but he knows what he looks like and it won’t take all that long, he’s betting. Her eyes are green, which helps. She was hot enough for him that it’ll be easy to get her on her belly, to make her let him fuck her ass, to push her facedown into the pillow and imagine someone else. He feels like taking his time, tonight. He hopes she won’t cry. He hates that.

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Mr and Mrs Denver

Originally posted by thetriofromuncle

Requested by anonymous:

“Hi!! Can you do a Napoleon Solo where the reader and him have to act like their married for a mission (like in the illya one) except Solo catches feelings for her and starts to love her and then she gets hurt. He starts to panic and confesses his love.”

Warnings: Violence, sexual comments, fluff, swearing

Note: Ah I’m so excited for my first solo imagine, I love him <33

The vacant, still street was completely silent apart from the clicking of your heels on the pavement. The night was cool, cold actually. So cold that each breath became visible in front of you like a wisp of smoke as you exhaled. A breeze picked up on the street causing a shiver to run down your spine. In response to this you automatically gripped onto your leopard print coat, pressing it into your body more.

It didn’t help that underneath this coat all you were wearing was a skin tight, barely there dress. It was designed to attract the attention of a certain sleazy, ex-government official and it had worked. You had retrieved the stolen government files just like Waverly had instructed you to do, now the problem was getting the hell out of here. Waverly had told you to meet him at a certain hotel but the problem was you had no money for a cab (there was no room for you to put it anywhere in your dress, obviously) and no way to call him to get yourself picked up. 

So, you had to walk.

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Ok so a lot of ppl have been tryna figure out if this has a secret meaning or nah, it probably doesn’t knowing Marlene 🙄HOWEVER I’ve only seen u guys google the incorrectly spelt “safley” and find some court thing about two prisoners who wanted to get married! But when I searched “Please Exit Safley” it pulled up this article about BIRTHING TWINS! Which means the theories about the “By By” could Actually mean Bethany Young .. times two, but who would be her twin? ARIA? Is that what’s in her stolen file that she doesn’t want anyone to know about! COULD SHE BE BETHANY! COULD SHE HAVE PUSHED MARION OFF THE ROOF OF RADLEY!? COULD SHE HAVE NOT WENT TO ICELAND AND BEEN IN RADLEY THAT YEAR INSTEAD?! Omg no! There can’t be another twin reveal! I mean how many twins do we need! OAN: Arias file would have to have something in it from season 4 and back.. beside the whole thing of her being a patient in radley for what ever reason it could also have her secret Kiss with Ezra’s Brother!!! That would defiantly piss Ezra off! She never told him about that! Or maybe there could be more to her and Jason, maybe they have more of a past like during her and Ezra’s relationship! She did used to have dreams about him while she was with Ezra. Maybe she cheated on him and that’s why she was dreaming about Jason!

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So next week arias file comes into play. And I seem to remember this tiny tiny hint back in season 2 when the girls were seeing the therapist. When she was looking at everyone's files, 3/4 of the girls names were written out, as in new patients not yet entered into the computer maybe? But arias is the ONLY one that's typed out and on a printed sticker as if she's already been a patient before? I remember this being HUGE for aria is A theorists. Maybe that'll come into play next week? I hope omg

Oh really, next week we find out why Aria’s file was stolen!? Jeez, and I thought who killed Jessica was enough answers for a non-finale episode! That’s awesome. 

YES I pray you’re right. I always thought that that was just a failure to pay attention to details by the writers. I actually never thought much of it. Aria is A theorists loved to use that, and rightfully so, but in my mind, I just saw it as a lazy inconsistency. But.. since her file was stolen, you’re so right that it may actually be relevant! We can only hope. 


Why did Aria lie to Jason? Why did she tell she was with Ali (and the girls) when the fire happened? 

Aria said Ali told her not to say anything about it to Jason and that’s reasonable, but why did she lie? It’s because her file was stolen and she has something to hide?

Mega-Story Ideas #1

Quick Notes: Take it, chances are there are typos galore, I don’t care, just take it. Enjoy. (11 Pages and over 5,500 words went into this btw.)

Story Idea:

Okay, so what if like there were these immortals.

They were just regular old humans, they died, and came back to life with their heart still beating, unable to age. And whenever they die again (ex. Murdered, Drowning, etc.) they’re bodies naturally heal the wounds and they’re fine again, but man it hurts. Especially when you take a bullet to the head as some of them found out, you get a headache for several days.

What if there was this immortal kid (Character A), like they’re in a group, and they look physically the youngest (twelve or thirteen), but actually they’re older than any other immortal. Like, they watched America grow from nothing to this great big land, they met pharaohs, they watched the roman empire fall, they fucking shook Jesus’s hand, and even they once lived in Mesopotamia. Like, they were originally born in 11,000 BC when the first king known to existence ruled. And they’re totally chill about everything, like, “Yeah, I’m 13,000 years old roughly… yeah I totally shook hands with Jesus, cool dude by the way.”

Like they’re chill about their age, but most of everything they’re a smartass that won’t miss the opportunity to say, “Nice job Einstein.” and then say, “He was a cool dude too btw.”

And they absolutely love technology of the 21st Century, and uses it to it’s full potential along with tinkering with it. He draws on tablets he’s created, types on his insanely overpowered laptop that he created himself, creates weapons that are surely 20 years ahead of their time. They’re an absolute fucking genius  and doesn’t mope around about his immortality like some others they’ve met has (they did too for like, the first thousand years then decided they might as well have some fun while they’re there).

And they have a little group too or immortals that they’ve found throughout his many years. First there’s this huge guy (Character B), the youngest of the group looking like he’s in his mid-twenties when he’s like 31; and it’s very comical for the rest of the group because the kid and huge guy are best friends, and they walk around together with usually the kid on his shoulder or in his arms; the guy is like this huge teddy bear, and barely ever talks (exception to the kid, they talk all the time), the kid and the rest of the group know that the huge guy is harmless (unless provoked) and think it’s hilarious when people run away from him.

The next one is the second youngest, this stone cold looking woman who’s around 96 years old (Character C). She was a Russian woman who was working as a spy during the cold war, only to be caught at age 29 and secretly “killed” (they don’t know that she’s still out there and still kinda salty about it). She was born in 1921, is bisexual, and takes no shit from nobody. She can probably kill in nine different ways with her bare hands, so ya might wanna back the fuck up from her (she’s done it before, she’ll do it again).

The next one (Character D) was this younger looking guy who fought in WWII, dying in 1940 (he was born 1917, making him roughly 99 years old, only slightly older than the woman). Easily angered, loose cannon, always coming home with blood on his shirt. (“What happened [name]?” “Some kid thought he could kick the shit out of me, so I kicked his ass.” “Again?”)

Then there’s this one guy who lived in 1700s France (Character E), and he can be a pompous ass, usually. He also fences and has a vast knowledge of early and modern day weapons. He’s kinda thin and tall, and even though he’s french, he speaks with an English accent because before joining the group that was where he spent most of his time, Britain. He’s got this thing with cats too, he loves them. He looks to be in his early thirties.

Then finally there’s the second oldest (Character F) who’s around three thousand years old, no one knows much about her past but, they know she’s hella wise and smart. Though she’s very secretive, she’s like the mother of the group, and looks to be in her mid-forties. Loves to make apple pie, and easily her favorite type of food is sushi. Also, actually likes cooking, cleaning, sewing, and doing other mundane and everyday stuff. Everyone adores her.

And like together they create this weird team of immortal beings with a child looking leader.

Then like one day they find another person like them, this easily scared sixteen-year-old boy (Character G) who had recently died and came back, the kid welcoming him in with open arms while the others take him under their wing. Then they run into two more, a doctor that died in the 1800s (Character H) with a little boy that looked younger than the other kid (the boy’s looks like 7), who is actually a few years shy of being 70 years old (Character I). The boy grows attached of the teenager (Character G), becomes possessive of him and is always following him around. It doesn’t help that the boy can also be a pain in the ass, cynical, mischievous, and pure evil at times (aka most of the time).

Whenever asked, the boy (Character I) would claim that Character G was his “big brother”.

Character G is always too scared to correct people.

The doctor or Character H just watches from afar, smoking a cigarette and reading some more up to date medical books. The doctor or Character H, who looks like he’s around thirty, has a thing for Character C too like holy crap, look at that hottie. The Russian woman just sort of at first turns her nose up and walks away from the doc, then later on when they realize that they’re both talented in killing, enjoy cheesy romance novels, and share common interests you wouldn’t think they would enjoy they basically become BFFs and later on they get hitched.

Just to clear up some confusion about the characters (who I have labeled with letters), here’s a guide for ya:

Character A: The twelve/thirteen-year-old looking leader that’s actually around 13,000 years old, super smart, loves technology of any kind. Character Bonus: Their gender is up to YOU to decide!

Character B: The huge guy, around mid-twenties looking, actually around 31 years old, giant teddy bear, best friends with Character A, and doesn’t really talk much.

Character C: Russian Woman, around 29 when she first died, is around 96 years old, enjoys cheesy romance novels, and eventually marries Character H. Bonus: Bisexual character, because I’m shaping out the ideas of these characters, so why not?

Character D: The loose cannon, looks to be in his mid or early twenties, fought in WWII, constantly angry, will fight anyone, and around 99 years old.

Character E: Pompous, natural at fencing, expert on early and modern weapons, thin and tall, lived in France during the 1700s, and looks to be in his early thirties. Bonus: Cat person.

Character F: Group mom, around 3,000 years old, secretive, loves to to clean and cook, looks to be in mid-forties, everyone adores her.

Character G: One of the newer additions of the group, jumpy, easily scared, kinda reminds you of a mouse, recently died and came back, only 16 year old boy, almost always seen with Character I.

Character H: A doctor who died in the 1800s, loves reading up on new medical and scientific discoveries, very talented at killing people with his medical knowledge, sucker for cheesy romance novels. Also eventually marries Character C, and constantly keeps a watchful eye over Character I.

Character I: Few years shy of being 70, looks like a 7 year old, kinda evil/mischievous, can be cynical, can be a pain in the ass, and is possessive of Character G for reasons unknown to the rest of the group. Bonus: Character H totally knows why Character I is so possessive of Character G but, chooses not to say anything.

(My goodness that is a lot more characters than I was originally expecting!)

So now that we got the characters, let’s go to the conflict!

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Casual reminder

@bioniclereviewer has been stealing other people’s artistic creations. This is a friendly reminder to everyone that this is against the digital millennium copyright act, and that you can only report this user to tumblr @staff if its your own personal work. Last time I checked, art theft is grounds for legal prosecution in US. In addition, all of this is violation of the Creative Commons copyright law. No matter how small or obscure you or your work might be, it is protected on the internet, and the community as a whole will have your back if you find yourself in a position where your stuff has been stolen. It’s not just one person’s rights, it’s everyone’s rights, and no one should be allowed to trample over our individual freedoms, no matter how small we might feel.

In addition, if your work has been stolen, you may file for abuse of tumblr’s terms of service and community guidelines at and if the problem persists, I suggest seeking legal counsel. In addition, to those who have received death threats, that is something I extremely advise talking to not only your local law enforcement about, but also to seek legal counsel, as death threats over the Internet are still death threats, and that is definitively illegal.

As Fourth of July approaches us, I hope that those stateside and abroad will stay safe and for Americans, I hope we enjoy our holiday- and collectively, we be reminded that we all have god-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No matter how disenfranchised we might be over bionicle’s tumultuous existence, or lack their of, this is our collective personal pursuit of happiness, and I urge everyone to act united together in driving out those who would cheat and steal the rewards from those who put in the hard labor for what they’re passionate about.

Stay safe, stay strong.

For anyone asking themselves what I´ve been doing the whole time not updating… it´s a small part, the end of the prolog, the inciting incident if you want to call it that:

Hunter couldn’t believe his luck, finding her after already giving up. Just now, after the bell had rung the one he had been searching for all along got off the bench in the vast greenhouse full of exotic flowers. He had read her file, stolen from one of the doctors’ offices.

She was the holy grail, as close as they had come to complete their mission but even knowing the scientists basically worshiped the ground she was walking on nothing could have prepared him for the almost angelic sight he came to face the moment she turned around.

Waist long blonde hair falling in light waves over her shoulder, the way she carried herself, a little leather book tucked into her arms as she strode towards him in the most graceful way, her airy white dress fluttering behind her as if she was carried by the heavens themselves.

She took the door a little further down and Hunter rushed out of the one he was standing in front of, knowing she would walk down this exact hallway.

Hiding in an alcove he waited for her to float by and took in a deep breath preparing himself for what he needed to do, hands flexing on his side.

If she really was an angel it was time to clip her wings.