stolen bicycles

A lot of people make fake ah gavin the golden boy who pulls the strings on the crew with flawless skills in negotiations that everyone protects, but I’d like you to consider:
-Gavin Free who spends all his money on real gold sunglasses, necklaces, rings, etc. That he uses to embellish the cheap threads he bought at the local thrift shop
-Gavin who uses gold colored laces on every pair of far too broken in shoes that get replaced every few months
-Who carries around a gun inlaid with real precious metals that he can’t shoot for shit; can’t even afford extra bullets
-Owns a sleek purple motorcycle that he keeps parked next to the rusty old stolen bicycle that he rides everywhere because he lost the keys to the motorcycle and can’t be bothered to get another set
-His entire closet combined (not including accessories) is worth less than just one of Geoff’s suits
-Somehow better with any weapon other than a gun but it’s the only weapon he chooses to carry
-Can’t afford nicer clothes because he spends all his money on stupid bets and dumb nick nacks that he puts around the penthouse
Like, golden boy Gavin is super cool, but I really like silly Gavin.

someone broke into my garage and stole my parents bikes last night. They are Trek Hyrbrid Road bikes..really decent one’s a dark silver color and the other is champagne/metallic beige. While I’m sure it’ll end up in the black market of LA, if anyone sees anything like this on eBay/Craigslist/etc. please please let me know.

take care of your bikes and yourselves guys!

Video of Gardena Police Department Shooting Unarmed Men Released 

 The Gardena shooting occurred the night of June 2, 2013, after police responded to a call about a bicycle stolen from outside a CVS drugstore. A police dispatcher mistakenly told officers the crime was a robbery, which typically involves weapons or force. Video of the shooting that killed Diaz Zeferino was unsealed by a federal judge Tuesday after months of legal battles between the city and media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times. 

The grainy videos, captured by cameras mounted in two patrol cars, show three men mistakenly suspected of stealing a bicycle standing in a street under the glare of police lights. With their weapons trained on the men, officers scream at them to keep their hands up. While two of the men in the videos remain motionless, Diaz Zeferino appears confused by the officers’ instructions. He drops and raises his arms repeatedly, showing the officers his hands and stepping backward and then forward a few paces. A laser dot from an officers’ pistol can be seen on his shirt. After Diaz Zeferino removes a baseball cap from his head, officers standing to the side of the men unleash a volley of gunfire. 

 The videos show Diaz Zeferino, 35, collapsing to the ground, along with Mendez, who was wounded. At Wednesday’s news conference, Mercado said Diaz Zeferino had gone for a beer and to play pool around midnight June 2, 2013, after working 12 hours. He was later shot eight times by police. 

 "Mr. Ricardo Diaz Zeferino was a human being,“ Mercado said. "We’re here so the Department of Justice will investigate this Police Department. Enough." 

Diaz Zeferino worked in a restaurant 12 hours a day, seven days a week and helped support his parents and his two sisters – one who had an amputated leg and one who was studying to be a nurse, Reynoso said Wednesday.

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Meet ‘Bike Batman’: Seattle’s vigilante reuniting stolen bikes with their owners

A Seattle man dubbed “Bike Batman” after he started confronting thieves and returning stolen bicycles to their owners has spoken out publicly for the first time about his mission to “reunite people with their bikes”.

The married engineer, who is in his 30s, and has been quietly tracking down stolen bikes for the last year, spoke to the Guardian on the condition of anonymity amid increasing curiosity about his identity, motives and methodology.

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