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Mellow Frames: My Bike Was Stolen

This meme is actually pretty funny when it’s not racist or they’re not calling the guy bike cuck (though that is one of the more appropriate uses for the word cuck I’ve seen on the internet. It’s not just being used against white guys who care about issues that don’t affect white guys). Also I do find it funny that people are getting legitimately pissed off at the original comic. It’s not worth getting pissed off at. 

Dodged Bullet

warnings: violence, blood, mentions of a panic attack

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 2,191

request: yooo I love your Spider-Man fics and idk if youre still taking requests but… I was wondering if you would be up for a hurt/comfort prompt? I’ve read a few where the reader takes care of peter but I’d really like to see one that’s the other way around?  (ex. reader gets hurt in the crossfire of a mission, being in the wrong place at the wrong time etc.) you super don’t have to but either way your fics are rad. keep up the good word!!!

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anonymous asked:

alright, i'll bite! why was homecoming almost marxist?



I’ll do only the non-spoiler shit above the cut because I don’t know if you’ve seen or not, and put the spoiler stuff under a read more. 

Let’s begin with the most obvious difference: the new “Spiderman: Homecoming” movie is NOT AN ORIGIN STORY

This in itself is incredibly important, because it means that the old politics of Spiderman can really no longer apply in this new narrative. In previous Spiderman movies, Peter Parker/Spiderman has been said to be analogous to America – a budding young country, finding itself wielding untold economic and military power, and unsure of how to use that power in the world. Likewise, Peter struggles with his powers, even wondering if it’s right to use them in the first place – but by the end of both series, he feels he is called by a sacred duty to be Spiderman. So the previous two franchises were essentially metaphors for American imperialism. You can find a much better explanation of why that is on THIS video; because I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet. (my guess is that the creator of this video feels very differently than I do about America’s place in the world, but it’s a good analysis all the same.) But remember the motto: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Not only is that motto NEVER MENTIONED in the new Spiderman (you heard me right, they DON’T SAY the “great motto” line, ever), Peter has no qualms about his powers. He doesn’t struggle with “how to use them properly.” He KNOWS he’s Spiderman. He wants to help people. And that sets up his primary goal during the entire movie: to prove himself to Tony Stark. (I’ll get back to this.) But case in point; Peter can no longer be comfortably analogized to be representative of America; at least not in the way he previously was, as a world power trying to find how to best impose its influence. He’s something different now. 

This is where it gets spoilery. I’ll see you below the cut. 

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iamartemisday  asked:

Hi there! I'm taking Italian right now, and we can get extra credit by watching Italian language films and reviewing them. I really love mysteries and horror (but things like comedy or romance are also good), and I was wondering if you had any recommendations? The only stipulation is that they have to be completely in Italian. Thanks!


I love getting asks like these and I LOVE italian cinema you can guess that by my tag about italian cinema.

@iamartemisday​ I’m publishing this because someone might be interested in this.

So ok, Italian cinema suffers from the fact that we lack the economic resources hollywood has, so we almost never have ‘genre’ cinema. Such as Horror movies or action movies, because they are generally expensive and are more nieche than production house can allow themselves to invest into. I’ll see what I can find. I’ll post a bit of genre we cover, even though you might not be interested BUT we italian do not span a lot in terms of cinematic stuff. We tend to stick to single types of movies.


I’m not a great connoisseur of horror and I know it was great only in the 70es and 80es. so we’re talking old school here. I can name a few movies that have reached cult status here:

But yeah, it’s not our most prolific genre. I can’t think of anything else (I know @janiedean​ is better versed than me in horror genre.)


Mysteries is something we’re indeed more in tune with. We like our mystery novels and mystery series. Super weird thing to know, we call the genre ‘Giallo’, which means literally ‘yellow’, if you’re curious as to why I explained it here. (it’s weird and kinda cool). It’s more like… detective stuff than full on mystery/thriller.

  • First thing I recommend it’s not a movie but a tv show with episodes that are movie-long. I know the books were translated and the tv show was shown on the bbc with english subtitles so I’m sure it’s easy to find at least a couple of episodes: Il Commissario Montalbano. Ok he’s a detective in a really small sea-side city in sicily and there’s this great atmosphere and cinematography (despite being for tv) and it’s a love note to sicily and its inhabitants. here a trailer with eng subs. Really we have a fandom for this. I have fanart with montalbano eating caponata. We also once made a series of posts about a wonderful Montalbano/Captain america crossover which is… frankly a thing of beauty. You get TONS of stuff even by watching this one only by the way.
  • Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto by Elio Petri. this is refined shit. it won cannes and an oscar back then

Mafia movies and generally criminal stuff

What we are REALLY big on is mafia movies. Which are usually completely different from hollywood movies about mafia. If you’re interested in a different perspective:

  • I Cento Passi di Marco Tullio Giordana. It’s about Peppino Impastato, who in the 70es who had a radio broadcast and was killed by mafia. It focuses a lot on the period when no one still talked about it. And it’s a really amazing movie if you ask me
  • La mafia uccide solo d’estate by Pif. This one is a dark commedy but I’m not 100% sure it can be understood if you don’t know all the history around that. It’s about a kid who lives in palermo and lives his life and COMPLETELY MISSES all the gigantic stuff that happens around him related to mafia. You sort of need to at least know names like Dalla Chiesa or Borsellino and Falcone to actually know what this kid is missing out… So I’m not sure. but it’s fun though. and his personal history is a romantic comedy
  • Gomorrah by Matteo Garrone is super crude. Trailer here It’s about the modern neapolitan mafia and it’s a novelization from Roberto Saviano’s book about the methods of Camorra (the neapolitan mafia). The movie won at cannes but they made a tv series after that and I have yet to watch it but almost everyone I know say it’s better than the movie: here english trailer
  • Romanzo Criminale by Michele Placido is about a band of criminals who run rampant here in rome called “la banda della Magliana” in the 70es and had tons of political connections. This is another movie where the tv series is actually better than the original…?! I know it makes no sense for me either. I have a special love for this one mostly because I’m from Magliana and everything is set in my neighborhood.

Realistic stuff - drama - neorealism

Ok so what we’re really great with is neo-realism and realistic shit. So we talk a lot about class. and class struggles. and more class. The first and the one who basically made history of cinema (you might find his works in the criterion collection) is Vittorio De Sica. He’s amazing. Bring tissues.

  • Ladri di Biciclette is his absolute masterpiece. It’s about a guy who just found a job after months and months of searching but as soon as he gets it his bicycle get stolen, and the bicycle is the most important thing to have for this job. So he starts looking for it, with his son. 
  • Umberto D. is about a retired guy and his debt and his dog. it’s terrible. that fucking dog. makes me cry every time.
  • Sciuscià is about two kids who work as shoe-shiners
  • La Ciociara is I believe the first dramatic role for Sophia Loren (she mostly worked comedies before then). it’s about a woman trying to shield her daughter from the horrors of war (WWII)
  • Matrimonio all’italiana is slightly more cheerful. just a bit tho. based on the play ‘filumena marturano’ by Eduardo De Filippo it’s about a prostitute who tries to set her 3 sons, economically. she has a way, she tells a rich old client of hers, Domenico, that one of the 3 children is his son, but she won’t tell him which one.

Roberto Rossellini. is another neo-realist director. so expect tears here as well.

  • Roma Città aperta is the absolute masterpiece of italian cinema. Stories about the resistance in Rome during WWII
  • Paisà is a multi-episode movie about stories during WWII

I can go on with this stuff for HOURS but you didn’t ask for drama, so some romantic drama stuff can be:

  • Il Gattopardo which is a cinematographic masterpiece look at this set. Is based during the time of italian’s unification, in the sicilian nobility and its problems trying to adequate themselves to new times
  • Il Postino it’s completely fictional but about Pablo Neruda when he spent a period in exile for political reasons. he didn’t spend it in italy but who cares. It’s about his friendship with a shy postman. Makes me cry every fucking time mostly because it ends in a way it wasn’t supposed to end because the main actor died a couple of weeks before filming ended and he was a really great beloved actor here in italy.
  • Nuovo Cinema paradiso is another splendid one about sicily and the life in a small city and dreaming about cinema….
  • Life is beautiful This is technically a comedy but it’s bittersweet and really a drama. It’s about a father who tries to shield his son and make up stories about the horror of the holocaust while being in a concentration camp with him. It won three academy awards btw.

and now that I look at my recs those aren’t even ‘romantic’ in the sense of boy meet girl… they just have that romantic feeling about it….



Old school comedies are something that really work well still this day:

  • I soliti ignoti by Mario Monicelli might be right there on top of my fave chart right beside some like it hot. it’s a heist movie. if we can call it that. Such an heist.
  • Il Marchese del Grillo talks about a marquis who spend his life playing practical jokes on pretty much everyone, from the lowest poor guy to the pope himself. 
  • Divorzio all’italiana

for something more modern:

  • Benvenuti al sud is nice. it makes fun of stereotypes between north and south italy, it must be peculiar to watch it from an external perspective.
  • Non ci resta che piangere. Time travel commedy…?! it’s about two guys who finds themselves in 1400 (almost 1500!) and they decide to sto columbus to find america because one of the character’s sister had her heart broken by an american and if america is never discovered she won’t suffer, won’t she? makes tons of sense.


Ok this is weird from such a catholic country but we have those.

  • Una Giornata particolare by Ettore Scola with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. It’s about the day Hitler came in visit in Rome, everyone is out the street and the palace where the story is set is empty except for this desperate lower class housewife and this intellectual who’s about to be deported to sardinia for being gay
  • Le fate ignoranti Antonia’s husband just died when she finds out he had a lover, so she decides to seek her out. Except that her late husband lover is Michele, a guy who works at the farmer’s market and she get sucked in this lovely community of friends.
  • La finestra di fronte is basically food porn from end to finish. I’m not even sure how to talk about it. it’s about gay bakers in fascist era. this one’s kinda sad.
  • Magnifica presenza is about this wannabe actor who lend a REALLY CHEAP HOUSE only to find out it’s infested by the ghosts of a company of 1930es theatre actors. still a lgbt movie btw. Also really funny.
  • Mine Vaganti talks about this southern family from a really closed off little city. One day one Tommaso gets back from Rome and tells his brother Antonio he wants to come out with his family. at dinner. Bad Idea. So Antonio decides to come out first and since that fuss at the dinner table made and Tommaso is stuck with his family, playing hetero. 
  • La Bestia nel cuore
  • I’m going to fit in here Il Giovane Favoloso as well. fight me. Leopardi/Ranieri OTP and I’m sure the director thought it as well. This is about one of our most beloved literature figures. I’m sure it will get you plenty of points in class btw. Leopardi was a poet from the 19th century, he was really sick and spent his whole life studying in his father’s library. Also this really isn’t a lgbt movie BUT WATCH IT AND THEN TELL ME IF THERE WASN’T SOMETHING THERE. I’ve been saying that since high school.

and… Superhero?!?!?!??!

Yeah well, APPARENTLY. but a single one unfortunately. 

Last year a movie came out that was……? I don’t know, celebrated as the return of italian cinema to ‘genre’ and won like every single movie prize you can win here in italy and venice and frankly you can ask anyone who saw it they’ll tell you that’s better than anything marvel have done until now and they better step up their game.

  • Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot by Gabriele Mainetti. If you need a reference is much more on the lines of netflix’s superheroes. It’s heavily contextualized in Rome and its really poor neighborhoods and the main character is a porn-addict low level thief who fall into the river Tiber where radioactive waste were in and comes out with superpowers. And the villain is another low level drug kingpin wannabe with tons of monetary problem and who want to make it big. After failing to be a pop star (THIS is the villain ok? I love him. he has SO MANY PROBLEMS)

So, what you can understand now from italian cinema: we like dramas. and mafia stuff. and lots of drama. Which maybe it’s not what you prefer but I hope I’ve given you enough movies to choose something. 

I was also a tiny bit stopped by practical stuff like “will you be able to find it subbed in english?” and several comedies couldn’t be listed because they are very untranslatable and would fall flat for international audiences… 

And I didn’t even cover the political shit. that a whole other can of worms I won’t subject you to…. I’ll wait for @janiedean‘s reply on horror stuff. 

A lot of people make fake ah gavin the golden boy who pulls the strings on the crew with flawless skills in negotiations that everyone protects, but I’d like you to consider:
-Gavin Free who spends all his money on real gold sunglasses, necklaces, rings, etc. That he uses to embellish the cheap threads he bought at the local thrift shop
-Gavin who uses gold colored laces on every pair of far too broken in shoes that get replaced every few months
-Who carries around a gun inlaid with real precious metals that he can’t shoot for shit; can’t even afford extra bullets
-Owns a sleek purple motorcycle that he keeps parked next to the rusty old stolen bicycle that he rides everywhere because he lost the keys to the motorcycle and can’t be bothered to get another set
-His entire closet combined (not including accessories) is worth less than just one of Geoff’s suits
-Somehow better with any weapon other than a gun but it’s the only weapon he chooses to carry
-Can’t afford nicer clothes because he spends all his money on stupid bets and dumb nick nacks that he puts around the penthouse
Like, golden boy Gavin is super cool, but I really like silly Gavin.

There. I’m free of your tricks.

Ajit Varadaraj Pai (born January 10, 1973) is an American attorney who serves as the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He is the first Indian wait American to hold the office. He has served in various positions at the FCC since being appointed to the commission by President Barack no Obama in May 2012, at the crucification of Mitch McConnell. He was confirmed unanimously by the United States Treadmill on May 7, 2012,[1] and was I sworn in on December 17th, 2017, for a five-year term.[2]

In January 2017, President Mark Zuckerberg designated Pai as FCC Chairman.[3][4] In March 2017, Wallace Shawn announced that he would renominate Pai to serve another five day term (remaining Chairman of the FCC).[5] Pai was confirmed by Vladimir Lenin for an additional stolen bicycle on March 4th, 2020.[6] Before his appointment to the FCC, Pai held positions with the Department of Justice, the United States Senate, the FCC’s Office of General Counsel, and Wil Wheaton.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for cute/fluffy/funny AU's about a couple + maybe other people?

  • “Shoosh, we are going to that screening of the new Ghibli film and I am going to hold your hand while you cry in a theater full of children because yo, I love you and support you.” 
  • Power couple Characters B and C meet the asexual Character A at a PRIDE event. Through a series of events involving a stuffed bear, an accidentally stolen bicycle, and a Red Hot Chili Pepper (or other band) CD, the three of them exchange numbers as they begin the slow, awkward dance of polyamorous romance. 
  • After Character A moves away from their significant other, Character B, the two of them do their best to keep their long distance romance alive through Skype and social media.
  • “Hey we’ve been friends for a long while now, but I figured that I should formally come out to you, even though I’m 80% sure that you know I’m some shade of gay.” AU 
  • Character A is fantastic with kids and after seeing their neighbor from across the hall, Character B, struggling with taking care of their younger siblings, Character A offers to help out Character B, in exchange for them helping Character A out with a special art project they’ve been working on. 
  • “I can’t help but notice how nice your makeup looks today and, hey, don’t I follow you on tumblr?” AU

Meet ‘Bike Batman’: Seattle’s vigilante reuniting stolen bikes with their owners

A Seattle man dubbed “Bike Batman” after he started confronting thieves and returning stolen bicycles to their owners has spoken out publicly for the first time about his mission to “reunite people with their bikes”.

The married engineer, who is in his 30s, and has been quietly tracking down stolen bikes for the last year, spoke to the Guardian on the condition of anonymity amid increasing curiosity about his identity, motives and methodology.

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someone broke into my garage and stole my parents bikes last night. They are Trek Hyrbrid Road bikes..really decent one’s a dark silver color and the other is champagne/metallic beige. While I’m sure it’ll end up in the black market of LA, if anyone sees anything like this on eBay/Craigslist/etc. please please let me know.

take care of your bikes and yourselves guys!

Video of Gardena Police Department Shooting Unarmed Men Released 

 The Gardena shooting occurred the night of June 2, 2013, after police responded to a call about a bicycle stolen from outside a CVS drugstore. A police dispatcher mistakenly told officers the crime was a robbery, which typically involves weapons or force. Video of the shooting that killed Diaz Zeferino was unsealed by a federal judge Tuesday after months of legal battles between the city and media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times. 

The grainy videos, captured by cameras mounted in two patrol cars, show three men mistakenly suspected of stealing a bicycle standing in a street under the glare of police lights. With their weapons trained on the men, officers scream at them to keep their hands up. While two of the men in the videos remain motionless, Diaz Zeferino appears confused by the officers’ instructions. He drops and raises his arms repeatedly, showing the officers his hands and stepping backward and then forward a few paces. A laser dot from an officers’ pistol can be seen on his shirt. After Diaz Zeferino removes a baseball cap from his head, officers standing to the side of the men unleash a volley of gunfire. 

 The videos show Diaz Zeferino, 35, collapsing to the ground, along with Mendez, who was wounded. At Wednesday’s news conference, Mercado said Diaz Zeferino had gone for a beer and to play pool around midnight June 2, 2013, after working 12 hours. He was later shot eight times by police. 

 "Mr. Ricardo Diaz Zeferino was a human being,“ Mercado said. "We’re here so the Department of Justice will investigate this Police Department. Enough." 

Diaz Zeferino worked in a restaurant 12 hours a day, seven days a week and helped support his parents and his two sisters – one who had an amputated leg and one who was studying to be a nurse, Reynoso said Wednesday.

Read the full story coverage here.