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wicked games : a fanmix for the suffering game 

“You know the rules: once you sacrifice something here, you don’t get it back!”

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For anyone who needs a break from the news, here’s a roundup of dog stories from NPR.

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

He Rescued A Dog. Then The Dog Rescued Him

A Hollywood Animal Trainer’s Secrets For Getting Dogs To Act On Cue

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A Happy Ending For An Australian Ultramarathoner And Chinese Stray Dog

The World’s Ugliest Dog And The Case Of The Libelous Oozing Sore

Their Masters’ Voices: Dogs Understand Tone And Meaning Of Words

A Generous Dog: Canine Cognition Caught On Video

Police Dog On Payroll: ‘Indiana Bones’ Is Woman’s Best Friend

For Taiwanese Dogs, Being Square Is Stylish

When Dogs, Cats And Rats Come To The Rescue

And if you’re not really a dog person, here a few other animal stories:

Cat Wins 'Hero Dog’ Award

Tiny Baby Goat Stolen From Arizona State Fair, Then Returned

Why am I vegan?

Ethical Reasons:

  • You shouldn’t eat animals for convenience
  • You shouldn’t take a life because you like how it tastes
  • Farm animals and marine life feel pain and DO NOT WANT TO DIE!
  • You have to artificially inseminate cows/goats so they produce milk
  • Dairy cows get their baby calves stolen from them for veal EVERY YEAR
  • When male chicks are hatched at egg farms they get thrown into a grinder
  • All marine life gets caught in nets including dolphins, sharks and whales
  • This means we are losing vital marine life for “seafood”
  • Why do we love cats and dogs, but eat cows and pigs?

Health Reasons:

  • My energy levels have increased dramatically
  • My skin cleared up almost instantly
  • My digestion has gotten so much better due to eating fibre rich foods
  • There is no need to restrict calories on a HCLF vegan diet
  • Dioxin, one of the most toxic substances  IN THE WORLD is found in dairy products (Freedman and Barnouin, Skinny Bitch)
  • High dairy intakes blocks iron absorption (Robbins, Diet for a New America)
  • You eat all the hormones and pesticides that the animals are fed
  • Meat, dairy and eggs are extremely high in saturated and trans fats
  • You are literally eating DECOMPOSING FLESH
  • Eating chicken or fish is linked to colon cancer (American Journal of Epidemiology)
  • Dr Anthony Youn - eggs are almost as bad as smoking: eating 3-4 per week may harden arteries leading to stroke
  • Large eggs contain 210mg of cholesterol (8x more than COW meat)
  • Vegan proteins may reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, and CVD by promoting increased glucagon activity (McCarthy, 1998)
  • Disgusting pus in milk (called somatic cells) -> 180 MILLION somatic cells in an 8oz glass of milk. Pus is a response to an infection e.g. a pimple. YOU ARE DRINKING PIMPLE PUS
  • Meg Wolff reversed cancer, Robert Dew reversed heart disease, Natala Constantine reversed diabetes (Kathy Freston, Veganist)

Environmental Reasons:

  • The business of raising animals for food is responsible for 18% of global warming (Veganist)
  • Animal agriculture uses 30% of the land surface on the planet (Veganist)
  • It takes 10 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie of animal proten vs one calorie of plant protein (Veganist)
  • Methane gas from animal agriculture is 25-100 times more damaging than carbon dioxide (Cowspiracy)
  • UN: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of resource consumption and environmental degredation
  • Raising livestock JUST IN THE US uses 34 TRILLION gallons of water (Cowspiracy)
  • This is because the animals you eat, need to eat water intensive grains
  • One McDonalds quarter pounder needs over 660 gallons of water to be produced, this is two months worth of showers.
  • If overfishing doesn’t stop, we will see fishless oceans by 2048 (Cowspiracy).
  • Marine life does not recover quickly, and the nets used are so big they can catch whales, dolphins and other marine life.
  • An acre of rainforest is cleared EVERY SECOND (Cowspiracy)
  • The leading cause of this is to graze animals and grow their feed crops
  • Palm Oil is responsible for 26 million acres being cleared, however, livestock is responsible for 136 million acres being cleared, making it the leading cause.
  • The Amazon rainforest could be GONE in the next ten years.

Does anyone else realize that the only reason Nyma convinced Lance to take off with her was that she threatened to go with Keith instead?

He knew better, but then she threatened to go with Keith instead.

She threatened to go with Keith instead.

Another important one. 

Remember when TMZ posted “the first photo of Freddie Reign Tomlinson” and it turned out to be the photo of someone’s daughter stolen from a blog? 

This really happened. And here’s the tweet of the angry father. NEVER FORGET. Never forget all the fuck ups and shadiness surrounding babygate from the BEGINNING - including using stolen photos of babies to publicize the birth.


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“You’re fucking kidding me!”  Dean shouted, waking Sam from his bed in the small motel room with a start.  Sleepily he rubbed at his eyes, slowly sitting up as Dean let the window curtain drop back into its place.  “She took my fucking car!”

“Who did?”  Sam asked, voice raspy from sleep as he rose to his feet.

“Y/N!”  Dean was already reaching for his phone.  Pulling up your cell number he dialed it and held the phone to his ear.  “I’m going to kill her when she gets back.”

The Search

Summary: After your baby daddy left you, Reid has been quite the hero, and happiness ensues after a particularly tough case.  

Warnings: Fluffy fluff

Characters: Specer Reid x reader, OFC baby Isaac, the rest of the BAU team mentioned

Beta: @winchester-with-wings my star and my love

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W.C. 1897 (Almost 2000 after not writing for months!! Yay!)

Notes: Be easy on me, please. I haven’t written a fanfic in ages, and Criminal Minds fics in much longer. But I got this idea when I was watching the show on TV and I finally had free time to finish it.

Tears sting your eyes as you look down at the file in front of you. This case is really getting to you. You have a baby at home, barely seven months, and being away from him is really starting to drive you mad. Not to mention this case is about babies stolen from their cribs.

With a shudder, you send your babysitter a text, trying to get her to Skype with you. You want to see your baby, and you want to see him as soon as possible.

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Tonight's Gotham:
  • Nygmobblepot: *look like they were going to kiss but just hug. ~very~ intimately hug though*
  • Baby BatCat: *Bruce tells Selina he loves her* *okay not exactly* *but basically* *and Selina kisses him*
  • Fans: *still dying over Nygmobblepot*
  • Me: this may have been the wrong episode to feature Bruce's undying live confession

I keep having dreams that are uncomfortable enough to be mildly distressing but not scary enough to be nightmares it’s rly tiring. before this period of time I haven’t had regular dreams in years and now this shit?

Giving birth on Once Upon a Time...
  • Snow White #1 - Middle of the Dark Curse, had to send her daughter away.
  • Cinderella - 28 year long pregnancy.  Car accident while trying to avoid her child being taken from her.
  • Emma - In handcuffs.
  • Aurora - Majority of her pregnancy as a monkey.
  • Snow White #2 - Baby stolen.
  • Maleficent - Egg stolen.
  • Zelena - Pregnancy accelerated traumatically.
  • Belle - Pregnancy accelerated traumatically.

So…. anyone want to ask the writers what their pregnancy trauma is that they’ve done this?  Or should we just ask their wives?

I stand with Standing Rock, because we, like you, have had our babies stolen from our arms and our language and history stolen from our mouths. We, like you, have seen our culture turned into costume and our art turned into advertising.

We have all have seen our blood drench this soil in the name of white supremacy, our infant mortality rates climb in a system that aims to keep us in poverty and ill health. We, like you, have seen our men and women die in the streets at the hands of murderous cops. We see your water threatened today by the same carelessness and corruption that has ruined our water and threatened our health in Flint. And we see people look at you today and say, like they say to us: that the poverty and the incarceration and the illness and the crime – it’s all your fault.

But we also see you fighting every day for your land and your history and your families and your future, just like we fight for ours. And as we march demanding that this white supremacist nation finally recognize that Black Lives Matter, you use your bodies as shields, demanding that your right for clean drinking water and for the autonomy of your land be respected.

anonymous asked:

What if Luigi was the baby that the Yoshi found and went on an adventure with while Mario was the baby stolen by Kamek?

It’s an interesting thing to talk about. There are a lot of possibilities but I think the most common one I’ve come across is Mario and Luigi’s personalities get swapped around; Mario becomes the scardey cat and Luigi would be the brave hero instead.

But I believe there would be more to it than that

Let’s look at Mario and Luigi. Now please let me direct your attention to this video; it highlights the important fact that Luigi is often caught in his own world. He analyses things, and is often cautious about proceeding with plans. It’s theorised in this that, under the influence of Kamek, his mindset has got to the point where he dreads something bad is always going to happen. No matter the situation. Everything, to him, always feels a lot better when Mario is there (since Mario is so optimistic it makes Luigi feel so much better).

Now if Luigi hadn’t been kidnapped by Kamek, high chances are this anxiety would never have developed. At least, Luigi would still be an overthinker, it’s just his way; but without the bad influence from Kamek, all that dread he had to suffer under, and instead being under the more positive influence of the Yoshi, there would have been nothing for this mental state to develop negatively. He would still be the sweet, kind, over thinking Luigi, but he would be much more confident and sure about the situation, and his own abilities.

Now what about Mario?

Well to answer that, let’s look at how Mario reacts to negative situations. Sure, we can all agree that in most Mario games, such as NSMB, or even games like Mario Sunshine or Mario Galaxy, if he gets a game over he’ll say “Oh no!” or “Mama Mia!”, with a disheartened tone. Quite tame yes; but then we have games like Mario Golf/Tennis/Party etc, where he gets pretty upset if he loses a game! And sure, every character has over the top losing animations for those games. But look at the ones from the Strikers games! Sure, most of them are still over the top, but they fit very well with each character. Neither of them I feel go too OOC

Until we get to Mario’s

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the few (if not the first time), we see Mario legitimately angry!

Now what does this have to do with his mental state?

Well if we cast our minds back to these posts of mine (and this one because I love this one!) they of which state the fact that Mario hates being seperated from Luigi. When Baby Mario noticed Baby Luigi was missing, what was his first thought? Go and find him! And in other games, Mario’s first thought is to always leap into action! No pauses, it’s just go go go!

Anytime something bad is happening, Mario wants to do something. He wants to fix things, he wants to make everything better. While Luigi often thinks logically before proceeding, Mario is more the physical doer: going in fists blazing because, to him, it’s better than just sitting around. But if it all goes wrong or he can’t do anything to help, he gets very upset.

And that’s interesting to note because, despite Mario being described by many as so optimistic, there seems to be a large amount of anxiety in his head, just as much as Luigi, but a different type of anxiety. He doesn’t want to fail other people and his loved ones. If he’s not doing something to help, or he can’t, he feels hopeless.

Now with that uncovered, let’s imagine if Mario WAS captured by Kamek. Obviously his first thought would be to escape the castle and find Luigi. But Mario is a baby, and Kamek would most certainly keep him under tight reins. Maybe lock him up somewhere. Luigi was terrified, but Mario would still put on a brave face. I mean, this is the same baby who didn’t even freak out when he saw Yoshi for the first time (they’re dinosaurs man, anyone’s first time thought would be they’re meat eaters!). But with being locked up and unable to get up and go, does Mario give up? No he’s stubborn! Mario’s reaction to things is to always DO something. So he screams as loud as he can. Screaming and kicking up a big fuss; surely Kamek would get tired of that? But no, that doesn’t work. Kamek would just ignore him. Probably get annoyed at first, but otherwise learn to ignore him. And remember what I said what happens when Mario doesn’t get positive results? He gets even more upset.

Eventually, his exessive screaming is reduced down to worry, and hopelessness. Worry for his brother. Worrying if he’s safe and coming to get him. And feeling hopeless in the sense that he’s failed. He’s failed in trying to get to his brother and all he can do is sit and wait. It’s an agonising feeling.

I feel like him being trapped by Kamek, would cause his mental state of “not wanting to fail”, to be blown into much bigger proportion. He would spend much more of his life not trying to fail. He would get snappy, he would get even more anxious about if he’s doing a good job. Much like how Luigi’s mental thinking was influenced negatively by Kamek, so too would Mario’s.